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  1. Simple quistion will does or will astroneer support the Steam Cloud services?
  2. Swat1801

    Dedicated Servers - Community Hosted?

    OK, What kind of server hardware do I need to be thinking of if I wan't to host a dedicated server for ASTRONEER 24/7?
  3. Will the community be able to host Dedicated Servers in the future? I am currently hosting game servers for a variety of games and would like to start doing this for ASTRONEER to but will this be possible in the near future?
  4. Swat1801

    GPS Satellite

    Hi, I started playing Astroneer on the 21 of January after a session of three hours i build my own car but unfortunately, i got lost and had to kill myself to get back to my base. The next day i found out that there was a compass if you press on your character but still i would suggest adding some kind of Sattelite with a GPS feature into the game so you can set a waypoint and then your GPS will tell you how to get there