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  1. After loading a saved game where the place you saved from is the rover, the vehicle will not move. You must exit the rover and then renter in order to drive. Xbox One, large base nearby, on surface
  2. Jasksie


    Since it takes a while to drive from one major outpost to another, it would be useful to have a slightly faster method to get there. The trade off would be faster travel but only from point A to point B. It could feed off of either outpost power supply and be unaffected by storms to make it more efficient. Perhaps 2 aluminum and 1 copper per segment of rail? Also titanium for the train pod?
  3. Jasksie

    Mine shaft tool

    I thought it would be cool if you could build a mineshaft that would excavate down an then create a open room to branch out from. It would make it easier to go deeper straight down without having to worry about falling to your death. Might be cool if you had to use a winch on it to go down and up. Would also need a power source attachment.
  4. I have also seen this problem. Typically happens in caves while there is a large amount of lag. Sound usually stops once the tank completely fills for me. Xbox One
  5. After placing storage onto a module, the back four storage spots will not auto select like the closes four when it is full of items. You have to manually set the cursor over the back items to pick them up. Xbox One