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  1. In any good exploration game, it's possible that you may stray too far from your base and not be able to find it easily. While you are able to keep yourself alive with filters and mined oxygen as you search for your base, this still pushes you to find your original base. I believe you should be able to create new bases should you find yourself lost and without a habitat in tow (or should you simply want a relocation). The ways to implement this given the current crafting system are not too clear. I DON'T believe that a habitat is the solution here because it doesn't work well with how habitats are currently implemented. The ability to make a new base anywhere needs to be available when the game starts, not later once you've researched habitats. Additionally, the habitat's production cost of 2 compound would be too cheap if you could simply make one without having a printer available or having done the research. So, my suggestion leaves habitats alone and introduces a new way to start bases: My Solution What I have in mind is that you could create a platform anywhere. As these platforms would probably provide oxygen, the cost of making them should not be too low so as to prevent players from simply plopping them down every time they're about to suffocate. However, the cost needs to be manageable enough that a lost or otherwise base-ready person could decide that it's time to settle down and then have started the base within a reasonable time-frame. I figure around 3 or 4 pieces of resin is fair - this cost is higher than the typical cost of such a platform when you're expanding an existing base (1 piece of resin) and it may take some effort to gather up before the base can be started, but it is certainly doable. The next thing to worry about is how to craft a 3 or 4 piece item with only yourself and the environment available to you. I believe I have a solution for this too. Since the crafting slot in your inventory only permits 1 item, the item you craft would take 1 resin and turn it into some item (called "platform-base" or "platform-node" or something). When placed on the ground, this item would prompt you for 2 or 3 more resin (in the way a generator prompts you for organics or coal) and would then turn into the platform. At this point the platform could either become active, or alternatively it could be picked up and moved as a non-active platform (perhaps being able to place it on a vehicle might be too overpowered) before clicking the "plant into ground" button like on a habitat. Devaluing Habitats If the changes I have outlined are implemented, habitats in their current state would become rather useless. They would cost less, but they have to be transported by vehicle or spaceship to where they will be used, making them undesirable. To counteract this, habitats would have to be made more valuable than a base spawning from a platform (a habitat-less base). As it stands they offer a home beacon, but since a beacon can be crafted from 1 compound this is not a tremendous advantage over a habitat. If a habitat-less base did not provide oxygen, habitats would become a meaningful part of a base. However, I hesitate to suggest this as it seems a little harsh upfront, and it is overcome somewhat easily by having a vehicle present. I leave it then to this forum to discuss - and hopefully to the developers to decide - what additional features habitats can provide. A Final Word Allow me to end be stating that I believe the ability to spontaneously create bases is vital to any exploration game. Being hopelessly lost is one reason this feature should exist, but I personally enjoy the freedom that comes from knowing that if I walk over a mountain and a fourth of the way around the world from my base, I can decide that I like it where I am and leave the old base behind. Deciding to settle new places can feel a great deal more and exciting if you don't depend on returning to old bases again before setting up anew.
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    Axis tilt would be neat

    I feel like axis tilt would make choosing a location for a base more interesting than it is now. The days will no longer be equal length no matter where you go (or constantly day at the poles), making choosing a location near the equator more consistent and choosing a location near the poles quite varied (constant days at one point in the planet's year, constant nights at another point in the planet's year). As it stands, the planet's years mean nothing due to the lack of axis tilt and I feel like this is one more way that the game can add a level of dynamicness to the environment. I suspect that the years are a little short right now to make interplanetary travel less frustrating, and they may have to be slowed down if this change was implemented (say 30 min for the closest planet, 1.5 hrs for the furthest planet). This may make travel tricky, but perhaps with either free flight or fuel use by distance rather than planet-to-planet-jumps this could be overcome.
  3. southernPotato

    combine resources, pik up tethers.

    I'd like to show my support for the need to be able to combine non-full stacks of resources. In the case of drills this is especially annoying because it ties up the trucks inventory (thus the need for being able to pick up a non-full stack), and if the truck is full you get a bunch of little fragments of resource that are now useless (these could be combined into a partial or full stack. Also, if your matter tool thing has a nearly full stack of oxygen, I feel like this should be allowed to count towards your oxygen supply.