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  1. What's up Astroneer community. I've been playing a lot since the most recent update and have been discovering new bugs with a friend of mine. We are playing the pre alpha version on Xbox one with an Xbox one controller. 0.3.10182.0 first bug: when you are face to face with terrain of any kind, take out your terrain tool and zoom in, your view changes to seeing underground (through the map) to then seeing all the planets in space. Once you exit zoom you back to normal. Not a huge bug, actually kind of helpful but a bug all the same. Second bug: while the map loads when driving the ro
  2. Update, I was able to gain power while connected to my tethers only during the day but as soon as I disconnect I lose power and gain nothing even with solar panels on my person. I also added power cells and they are drained immediately while standing still. I do not gain power from my tethers at night
  3. Hi all, I am having an issue with my power. Even with two solar panels attached to my person I continuously have no power. It doesn't regenerate at all, not even moderately like it usually does when you don't use power. I tried connecting myself to tethers that transfer power to me, I tried not being connected to anything I still have no power all the time. Please, if anyone knows to fix this issue message me/reply. Thank you!
  4. Hey Staymighty, Thanks for the quick reply! I reinstalled the game last night and hopefully that fixes the issue. If anything I'll repost and try to take pictures of the error code that comes up and what my screen and Xbox looks like
  5. Hello all, I have just experienced my game freezing, where the screen froze with a continuous buzzing background noise but I was still able to access my Xbox's dashboard and navigate without a problem. After I tested that out the game automatically closed itself out and sent me back to the dashboard. I hit the start button on Astroneer and closed it. I waited a minute or two and tried to open it back up. The title picture of Astroneer would stay and up then it would crash out, automatically bringing me back to the dashboard and gave me an error code (which unfortunately I did not write do