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    The 3-seat version in the game, does not match, the main screens showcase
  2. Ljorius


    During a long play with a friend, he got disconnected from my hosted game. No issue so far, but the problem is the respawn or re-entering the game. He was in a shuttle, now this shuttle is orbiting the planet unreachable for everyone.
  3. Ljorius

    weird crashes

    For some days, i know encounter very different crashes. Sometimes in a vehicle, then again while running around. Not quite sure, if it is the game or Windows causing those crashes. Logs.zip
  4. Update to this topic: same issue happened now, with 2 truck towed together, but the difference there was now, i only had to remove the seat once and put it back onto the truck, then the truck can be moved again. additionally, when drills are attached to the big truck in front and turned on, the truck sometimes becomes unsteerable, like if the steering has been disconnected from the truck itself.
  5. So now i created a video, just to show, what is currently really annoying about this vehicle bug, i also attached the savegame, to help fixing this bug. in this current state the bug prevents me from playing and issues that prevent players from playing. This vehicle behaviour gets more and more annoying, even on plain ground. SAVE_1$2019.02.13-11.42.55.zip
  6. also the truck shakes sometimes, when digging in near vicinity, movement can be compared like if you put something on the truck itself.
  7. This bug or this bug version is totally new. i did now some tests, but i cannot say what is causing it or when or why it is happening. 3 large trucks Version #1: driving leaving seat truck not moving anymore disconnect trucks re-connect trucks from back to front driving again possible Version #2: driving leaving seat truck not moving anymore disconnect first truck with seat drive truck forward, then backward reconnect driving again possible Version #3: driving leaving seat truck not moving anymore do steps in #1 and #2 driving again possible what is weird, sometimes, the truck is not moving at all, sometimes it feels like sliding, sideways. one time the last truck was behaving like a flag in the wind, had to leave the seat and do all of the steps above twice, till control was regained.
  8. Ljorius

    Power Extenders not working

    ok thx, i was used to the former handling solved
  9. you can build them, but even when you have then in your inventory, they do not work.
  10. i noticed this issue during my first digging into the surface, i found a space ball, attached it to the front of my transport vehicle and was surprised, that it did not move at all. so i thought that space ball is the cause, so i removed it/dropped it. for some time everything was working fine, till i had the resources to build a drill. i attached it onto the front of the truck, tractor, does not matter. it works to some degree, but once i get out of the truck, tractor etc. and re-enter the seat, it is glued to the postion. it is no power issue, it is the position in front of the vehicle. once your vehicle is stuck like that, you have to disconnect any connect trailors or trucks, remove the drill from the front side, re-connect the additional trailers,trucks etc, then you can put the drill back onto the front and continue driving. this has to be repeated every time you leave the vehicle. it looks like the drill converts the vehicle to static objects, when it is connected to other vehicles and/or when you exit it. once the drill is removed and the vehicles are disconnected once, the parts get back their original state and then drill can be used attached again.
  11. i did this already, but it would be nice, not only to recycle the remains of the thruster.
  12. Step by Step Feedback for Systemera and open for discussion ? At first, when ever i play the game, i get the feeling, that the game does not like me or i get an extra boost of challenge 526 hours, so far #1 Required resources for different platforms Platform A : 1x Resin Platform B : 3x Resin Platform C : 3x Iron Medium Platform A : 1x Resin Medium Platform B : 2x Resin Extra Large Platform A : 4x Iron Extra Large Platform B : 2x Resin + 2x Iron The Platform C and the Extra Large Platform B seem to be out of balance, since they require Iron. On the earth like planet, i was not able so far to locate any iron, possible that there is none, on the moon, i found one field, which gave me 3 nuggets of hematite = 3 iron block. Exploring other entrances or digging very deep, did not provide extra iron to me, i found more Astronomium than iron so far. #2 Thrusters The solid fuel thruster is waste after it has been used. the more you have to travel for example between moon and the planet, the more burned thrusters you have. you can only put them into the big shredder and try to trade the waste to get something for it. In my situation i had 5-6 burned thrusters on the moon and on the planet laying around, because i was not able to build a big shredder for a long time, due to lack of enough iron. So i had to waste more Aluminium for Solid Thrusters, which was also not that much available, as i hoped for. At the very first start the Hydrazine Thrusters are beyond your reach, so you have to build the Solid Thruster. #3 small Resumee Now i managed to research everything, but a few things i have not build yet and i will not build them, because they require resources which are quite scarce or hard to obtain. Large Platform C Extra Large Platform A & B Crane Drill Head Mods As for the Chemistry Lab that building is a great idea and can be extended in many ways. The requirements for some constructions should be at least reviewed once. Because of the lack of some resources, like in my case, only 3 Hematite nuggets, but 2 Astronomium Nuggets on 2 planets while digging to the core. In this game try, i have been to the moon, the radiated world, the exotic world and the starting planet.
  13. Ljorius

    some issues

    Metal Bar Ejection Any vehicle becomes glued to the floor, when near scrap items
  14. like on some devices a switch would be nice to select which nuggets it should allow on it. for example: you place a small storage on the truck and drill and the nuggets simply search for a new free space. would it be handy, that you can select on which storage which nugget gets his place? either a switch or a wheel like on the mouse could do the trick