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  1. Are you sure you’re looking in the right place (after you’ve unlocked them)? I play on Xbox (not that platform matters, other than controls/keybinds, the game is essentially the same across platforms). Those items should be printable from the backpack iirc. You’ll notice in the catalog items are sorted based on where they’re printed. From left to right: backpack printer>small printer>medium printer>large printer (at least I think that’s the size “names” of the printers; I’ve played so long, and so much, I’ll admit I don’t even look anymore ;P) Hope that helps! P.S. I’m enjoying the glowsticks now that I’ve tried them
  2. I really REALLY hope y’all meant you fixed all the vehicle and platform sinking when terrain is modified anywhere nearby, with terrain tool, or in combination with tool mods applied (such as painting terrain, using Inhibitor to remove decorators, and whatnot). It makes sense y’all would fix it for all vehicles and platforms and not just the large rover, but just want to make sure. I know most folk are wondering about this as well, it’s been a commonly encountered (and frustrating) issue. While I don’t mind there being recreational-focused objects in the game, and perhaps it’s too early to assess the potential for many of the new items just added (I haven’t even made them myself) it seems many of these are best suited for co-op play. First of all, not everyone plays with other people, for a variety of reasons. Secondly, as of right now, co-op still needs some major fixes, the issues with terrain desync being high among them. I’m sure that’s a really difficult thing to tackle, and I know you’re working on it best you can. Still, I agree there’s a lot of focus on the recreational/co-op aspect. At least there are a number of other cool things introduced with the update, specifically the jetpack, and we now have storage galore I do think it’d be better overall if much requested features and some QoL improvements (such nav assists and tools, cartography stuffs, anything which helps players keep from getting lost, marking paths, visualizing compass while in vehicles, etc) were dispersed along the way rather than “saved up” for lump updates. Hindsight being what it is, and given the roadmap and it’s updates now are all being rearranged (have been, just not announced) presumably with some updates being shuffled, delayed, who knows what all has changed (Wanderer clearly was delayed a significant amount from when rumored to release, some time late spring) it seems even more apparent it would’ve been better to go ahead and implement some planned improvements, bring out a few new features along the way rather than holding back so to speak. Hard to know for sure, we don’t know yet how the roadmap is being rearranged nor what will be coming in the future, but it’s a concern. Why? Because unlike the more recreational-focused items, these sorts of things (nav, etc) will appeal to or benefit ALL PLAYERS, not just a subset of them. Going back to the recreational/co-op focus, there are still a fair number of folks (so it seems) having issues connecting and playing with their friends at ALL (like session not found, or session kicking them and can’t rejoin, etc, there are some tips and tricks at least I know there are posted on the Discord, but they don’t work for everyone). Even with playing co-op, based on my own experiences, the terrain desync can be bad enough to hinder, even obstruct progress. So if you were planning to have help in actually doing constructive things in Astroneer, things may not work out for you like you’d hoped. It’s unfortunate one can’t rely on what many consider to be a core feature of the game. Many consider co-op, being able to play the game with friends, a requisite for their enjoyment of the Astroneer experience. I’ve played solo almost exclusively. I’m not a person who considers co-op necessary for my enjoyment of the game, but it’d be nice from time to time so overall I’ve been waiting for performance to improve for Xbox as well as for dedicated servers to arrive. Since servers seemed to be a long time off, I chose to start participating in co-op recently (also, it’s worth noting performance has also improved a great deal for Xbox players, both in solo and co-op play). The lag, especially for the host, isn’t horrid anymore. If it’s a fresh save, the game performs rather well I must say. By and large it’s the terrain desync that’s causing major problems for most folks. That’s why I’ve avoided playing co-op with any significant game “goals” in mind, like making significant headway towards the big achievements, unlocking the worlds, that sort of stuff. I simply don’t trust the game’s desync in co-op to not mess up the save or block my ability to reach vital areas. I’m sure this wouldn’t be an issue in every scenario but once you’ve encountered severe desync it’s enough of a deterrent, at least it was for me. You can remove some of the desync’d terrain but it’ll just come back. Not good when working in tight spaces. Until desync is fixed, I don’t trust co-op to help “solve” the game, which is unfortunate. I mean yeah, as host I theoretically shouldn’t encounter issues but I’ve played so much I’ve experienced enough odd bugs, one-offs, and such, I just don’t wish to take that chance. And I’m not sure how well, even with the improvements in performance, the Xbox can handle unlocking everything in a single save. That might’ve been a bit much to ask, in terms of achievements, idk. For a long time, people couldn’t even make it to watch through the credits. Even after the fix, some had continued issues with crashes during credits, idk how things are going now though. Summing up, there’ve been quite a number of recreational-oriented or -themed items released over the last several months. I don’t have any issue with that specifically, only pointing out that such things (after the cool factor wears off) I’m guessing only continue to retain some significant use/value for a fraction of players. That’s fine too, but then you realize, only a fraction of THOSE players are able to play with their friends online, to use and enjoy those items. On top of that, it’s doubtful they use them all the time, plus it’s hard to know how many of them find them worthwhile to unlock, much less craft, etc. So I can understand comments about these items on the whole not being the most thrilling. I also agree, it has nothing to do with the design, that’s always top-notch. We’re very spoiled with how amazing everything always looks, and functions xD I know the jetpack will be a hit, bugfixes are always awesome, and who doesn’t want QoL improvements? Keep those coming! Hope we’ll see a return to monthly updates. I’m guessing the delays were at least partly related to prep for the upcoming PS4 release (I cant imagine folks being surprised about this; after all, Gearbox said they wanted to bring Astroneer to more players, so really was a no-brainer y’all would make the game available for PlayStation). While I’m sure work continues on that front, I’m hopeful we’ll see more regular updates resume, maybe some performance/bugfix patches in the mix as well. Whatever y’all have time to send our way, we’re always grateful to get it I know I’m hyped for the PS4 release, mine has been needing some love lately and this is just what the doctor ordered! Smart move, I’m guessing that’s the biggest market Astroneer has yet to tap into, now you'll have all the bases covered so to speak (most who own the Switch, according to articles I’ve read, already own either one of the major consoles or a PC, and that doesn’t even take into account possible technical limitations). As much as I love the Switch, I have to say I’m doubtful but no one really knows, except Nintendo and SES perhaps That PS4 trailer, omg, so frickin’ CUTE! Genius! Bubbles bongos P.S. Did y’all realize it still says in the game menu: “Lunar Update is now LIVE”? Y’all missed my Tomes, I know you did
  3. I’m not sure it’s worth updating the page, probably just need to start over. As I said somewhere else on another thread (the Crafting Megathread I think) most of the threads prior to the full release likely need to be closed as a lot of them either won’t be relevant or will require significant adjustment to reflect current state of affairs (but what do I know, lol). Best for a fresh start perhaps, a clean slate maybe with discussions etc but I’m guessing (as I stated elsewhere) Wyv and any mods he has helping him are completely swamped for now so we’ll have to manage with what we’ve got. The Devs are likewise busy trying to patch/update the game. I haven’t left the starter world but so far the pods I’ve found really don’t match well with any of these, I guess that’s what I was trying to say in the first place (plus Bytes are very low overall, so far anyway that may change on other worlds though).
  4. It did, but hey that’s ok, we all live and learn I’ve played untold hours and I’m always discovering new stuff it’s true!
  5. I agree with the “most people didn’t like storms” opinion because that’s what was expressed here on the forums by and large. There were many aspects of storms that lead to this opinion, it wasn’t just wanting to avoid some difficulty in the game or some nonsense such as this. I don’t mind adversity in games, I grew up with games far more challenging than most we have available today, games that certainly didn’t hold your hand, and with no internet yet available there were no YouTube vids, streams, or online guides to walk you through games either. No, I’m not saying I’m entitled to a cookie for that lol. Just saying it wasn’t that storms proved to be too difficult or something that caused so much “hate” (although I think that’s a bit too strong of a word, most just didn’t like them and wanted options to turn them off or adjust their frequency, but in the short term it was easier I’m sure for SES just to remove them). The problem with storms (and we’re only talking about the dust storm, the only thing that existed in the game) are s follows (and again, this is my opinion but many shared a similar view): (1) the frequency could be annoying, making it difficult to do things (2) you were left with basically no choices during one (hide in base, vehicle, cave, or impromptu dig out, build dirt around you, etc) or else you died (unless you were in the edge of a storm devoid of the UPS boxes of death) (3) while you hid, unless you were in a cave, you sat on your butt and couldn’t do anything; granted some took a break from the game but that’s less than ideal, most value their time gaming and want to make the most of it (aka it was a bit disrespectful of the player’s time) (4) it was an unbalanced mechanic from the start. In most games, ok idk about “most” but you’d like to see something like this have pros and cons. So if you had to hide, and it blew stuff away, why not have it blow some new cool things in as well? Or provide some other positive effects? Even if things were somewhat random, having some potential for something novel to happen is better than just sitting and hiding. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The bottom line as I see it, people tend to confuse the issue of what players really want to see in the game. Imo I think players want to see cool weather “systems” developed, and it sounds like SES is going to take more time to develop that (and hopefully test it properly as well) rather than just drop in a storm or two. While I generally love snow/snow effects (don’t see it where I live in Texas) I really hope they won’t incorporate direct copy paste weather effects like we have on Earth because frankly that’s pretty boring. I know they have the imagination and creative ability to come up with far better than that! After all, we have dust storms on Earth, and really wasn’t that imaginative. I will say I have a ton of respect for the Devs (regarding the work they did on dust storms) so major props for that. I hope they can still use the models and such for future weather, shame to let all that work go to waste. I do think some ideas like comets, meteorites and such are cool ideas, but again I hope we’ll see them put their own Astroneer “flavor” on it, and these systems will have checks and balances, possibly complex interactions and cycles like our own weather maybe even seasonal or other variations. Anyway just some quick thoughts P.S. if it’s not obvious, yeah I’m glad they’re gone, they didn’t add to the game and needed to be pulled. I think SES made the right call, behind them all the way on this 100%
  6. “Backpack” (small) printer, uses 1 compound to make it, there by default, and once placed (with power supply) uses 2 resin to make the medium storage just like before
  7. Performance on Xbox is pretty bad, but posting in an old thread like this won’t help anyone or anything. Tbh most if not all Alpha-related threads probably should be locked at this point, but I’m sure Wyv and others mods he has helping him have their hands full with not only this forum but the Discord and other places as well, Reddit and whatnot, so be patient and courteous it’s not easy but it helps. The Devs know performance is bad, they have a patch ready I have no idea what sort of hoops they have to jump through tho to be in accordance with Microsoft’s policies a lot of this issue is on them not SES. I don’t know anything about game dev but it’s easy to be a player and sit back and judge and say “how could they release a game in this state” do you really think they did that? With so much of their success hinging on how it’s reviewed, appraised, accepted and advertised by sites and players alike? That just doesn’t make any sense now does it? No, I don’t think it’s fair to judge it or them that way. No amount of testing can compare to releasing a game to thousands, millions in the wild and that’s what they have on their hands. They’re a small studio, give them the benefit of the doubt, some patience, and they’ll get things into shape. Beautiful game, they really did a nice job and I know they’ll get the performance and bugs settled eventually. Won’t be to everyone's satisfaction but then again what ever is?
  8. It looks like there’s power supplied to the platform, so I guessing it’s hooked up in some manner to the rest of your base or at least to the main hab. When you’re ready to print, you may have to re-orient it because it likely won’t have enough room where it is to print some things and certainly not with you standing in front of it, but I realize that’s getting ahead of myself... Have you unlocked anything you can build with the Vehicle Bay? That’s what it looks like to me, you have a blank blue screen which appears in my games when I’ve yet to spend Bytes to unlock something I can print. Nothing shows up iirc unless you’ve spent Bytes. If you haven’t unlocked anything, try spending Bytes on something like the small rover (now called the Buggy I believe) and try again. That’s my suggestion if you haven’t done this already.
  9. I lost roughly 40 minutes of time spent on Exotic the other day. That really sucked because I’d gone off-Terran the first time that save to get mats, and I found stuff I was going to take back to home base. Hematite, wolframite and sphalerite, also some lithium. I was using my small shuttle seat as well as a salvaged seat to make saves about every 5-10 minutes (plus hiding from storms, geez they’re way too frequent on Exotic) thought I’d be covered. I play Xbox One and I know from experience the game is very prone to crashing once leaving Terran and trying to play on other worlds (even in just single player). When the game finally did crash (because it always does, never had it keep going long on another planet at another base) when I got the game going again I’d lost about 40 minutes and lots of progress. I know this problem has been reported many times before, but it’s the first time I can say definitively it’s happened to me. I will say I’ve noticed Microsoft has been having a lot of issues lately, especially with online status. I normally appear offline so I don’t get inundated with game invite requests, but sometimes if I stream or something I need to change my status back to online. Recently when I try to do so, the Xbox refuses to acknowledge the change in stasus, saying “online status unknown” and reverts to showing me offline. Could be coincidence, and I’m not sure exactly if this issue was occurring at the same time I lost progress from game not saving, but thought it worth mentioning. Online status seems a little bit weird still, but most of the time it changes like it should now. There are still some ongoing issues on other parts of the platform (some technical issues with clubs for example) so who knows what all could be causing this? I frequently restart my Xbox (which also clears the system cache). It’s the best I can do to help the system work better.
  10. Back to the original topic... Everyone has their own playstyle amd comfort zone when it comes to how much detail and complexity they enjoy in their games, especially those centered around activities like crafting and building. I lean towards the more organized side, but I wouldn’t enjoy the game if I were “forced” to make some chore out of base planning as someone suggested. This isn’t an electrical engineering project or whatever lol. The game has become more than a bit grindy as is, and doesn’t need more imo. The Basebuilding update issued last December was an amazing one, bringing unparalleled amount of freedom and flexibility to the game (in comparison to the far more rigid tube and node-like system used throughout Pre-Alpha) even mobile bases became a possibility. To take a step back from that would not only anger many players, it would be a poor decision imo for the game’s design. Some players like myself would like extenders to have a bidirectional function, perhaps a switch to change the mode, or maybe an alternate craftable version. I’ve argued before on behalf of extenders becoming bidirectional same as platform connections but I see that isn’t a great idea, because sometimes you want/need directional power. I don’t think SES will offer something like that, but it would be nice to have for certain circumstances. I too don’t use the splitter in the game. Only thing I ever used one for was to measure power output of the various devices like solar, wind, etc. Anyway, not going to touch the tether argument. But as for the power cables, no need to make some complex electrical design challenge out of the game. Who spends time just sitting around their base, marveling at how clever it’s designed anyway? Some people really enjoy planning every little detail about their base, and the game allows for that. Some just don’t care, and the game allows for that too. That’s the beauty of the sandbox and how things are set up. I understand wanting things orderly and just so. I can’t stand playing on a base that’s got ground clutter everywhere and not flatttened out. But I’ve played with some others, and seen plenty of videos of gameplay, where people just aren’t bothered by that sort of thing. It’s not a priority to them, and that’s ok. It’s their base, their playthrough, their time, their world. Some people forget this is meant to be an E for Everyone title (I think it is anyway). The kind of game families and kids can enjoy. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated (and it’s already getting quite complicated, you have to know a good bit about the game to figure out what you need to spend Bytes on, what those things in the catalog actually do, and many things changed recently with regards to recipes and crafting so it’s almost like learning the whole game again, well not all of it but a significant portion). As they say, I think basbuilding is in a really good place right now.
  11. I don’t mind them getting rid of power nuggets or oxygen so much as it would’ve been better perhaps to decrease their amount (a wean basically), and then discontinue them. Going cold turkey was a bit harsh when in addition to that so many other changes were implemented at the same time. I’ve said before, in terms of raw power, was stupid easy to get. As for oxygen, I was already using filters and had been for a long time. They’d been misunderstood for far too long, and imo misnamed from the start. Not surprised a lot of players never took to using them, and with them not functioning correctly (they’re not meant to run continuously, they’re supposed to fill your tanks, stop running, and re-engage when you’re low again, much like the power cells do now, an “on-demand). It’s a little bit different of course when talking about filters because oxygen consumption is a constant, power consumption generally won’t be. Not sure I’m understanding the point about the Soil Centifuge and how that relates in some direct manner to the Trade Platform and scrap. Ive never been a huge vehicle person, but I don’t find much issue powering them (I drive to a location, one I’ve usually marked via foot travel with beacon, and pick up important cargo and continue on my way). A mix of small wind and solar is typically enough without need of batteries, but an organic generator can pick up slack if need be. I don’t find the organic generator a graceful or feasible power solution for my own character though. I hope the Inhibitor and the Power Cells are brought back to where they were, something easier to craft (with materials on Terran). I think it’s unreasonable to lock them off to travel offworld. Power cells have a very small footprint and when placed on a top slot don’t interefere with my sightlines. The organic generator, which I don’t like leaving in my pack (if I do it’s difficult to tell at a glance if it’s just a piece of organic or a generator), is too tall and obstructive in a power slot. Small solar at least pivots and has a thin “satellite” construction (whatever you call it, the solar cell panel itself), and the small wind turbine is also not a solid construction, plus it’s mounted on a bit of a stem. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer any of these over the organic. Hard to argue though the power cells have the smallest footprint of all. They’re also the most reliable in all circumstances. Wind is preferable to solar though, for me anyway since I’m often making trips below ground or working at night. I disagree strongly though with the vehicle beacons. Those were extremely useful and I never really had issues with that system before. Now I’m having a lot of trouble with beacons. Imo the Devs just messed everything up in terms of keeping track of your vehicles and anything you mount a beacon on. They don’t stay activated. Even within the same game (meaning, without saving and leaving) they’ll deactivate themselves for no apparent reason. You move a beacon from a top power slot above your pack into your pack or vice versa and that changes it’s activated state, like wtf? Why would that change anything? It’ll reset its color as well, sometimes. So the way I see it, we went from a dependable system where we always knew where vehicles were when they were crafted to not knowing for sure (and being required to “pin” them ourselves). Even if we know we pinned them, we can’t be sure they’ll remain pinned because the beacon may not stay activated (I’ve seen my vehicles’ beacons deactivate during gameplay). Makes no sense! I’ve printed medium storage pallets underground in caves to hold ore precursor so I can retrieve later, and put an active beacon on those pallets only to save my game, exit, and return with no active beacon on them anymore. What’s the point of placing a beacon if it doesn’t stay active? I appreciate them allowing us to finally put them on items like storage and activate them, but seems to me they haven’t worked out all the kinks yet. It’s a buggy mess from my own experience. I’d really love to see vehicle beacons come back so I know at least those won’t deactivate and I can keep track of them. The Devs can’t even fix stuff falling through terrain, including vehicles, so I believe they owe it to us to keep a tracking system in the game (for now). By removing vehicle beacons before they addressed this issue, they’ve let us down.
  12. Mentioned on the (now official) Discord but we REALLY need some sort of running lights for vehicles. To me, running lights aren’t same as for most of the world (I remember my first car had “running lights” in the car manual, which I dutifully read, I think for Canadian versions; described as fog lamps or dimmed headlamps that otherwise are on anytime your principle headlights aren’t on, the ones you use in dim or dark conditions etc). What I’m talking about would be more for enhancing our ability to see our vehicles (primarily terrestrial craft but it would be nice to have for all craft, for unifying design) so we can see them more easily when they’re out there in the terrain especially in the dark of night. That can be incredibly hard sometimes! So here are some suggestions. -front and rear running lights (like most cars have now that are constantly illuminated regardless of ambient light levels) -a high visibility band or undercarriage lighting system (similar to the neon blue band that lines the circumference of the platforms) I would use a different color, not the blue used for platforms. Maybe a high-vis yellow for the terrestrial craft, similar to power color, and violet, similar to the color of hydrazine, for spacecraft. Most important, it needs to be a neon glow type color similar to the blue one for platforms, something that is easy to catch your attention from fairly long distances, like I said something high-vis. Particularly important to be able to pick out in the darkness, distinguish between it and the surrounding terrain, or find underground. Right now it’s easy to lose sight of one out in a mixture of rocks (boulders), trees, hills, grass (and other decorators) etc. I find beacons are disabling themselves sometimes and thats another worry, so I implore the Devs to add this feature. Really should’ve been added shortly after inception, but I’ve thought about it awhile (keep forgetting) so I’m adding it now to the QoL thread. They may have some upcoming changes to look of the vehicles idk, they’re always working on new stuff, but this should be incorporated nonetheless . If you bother crafting a vehicle, chances are you’re using it to haul some important cargo at some point. Not fun losing it! Rovers can be hard to spot even during the daytime I’ve found (on Terran anyway, ymmv, also depends on the background esp the planet and it’s colors). Thanks
  13. We’re all subject to bias. What really matters is how we handle it, particularly in our dealings with others. A biased person alone isn’t really doing much harm one might argue. When you’re biased and carry a lot of responsibility, such as to a community, that’s a big problem. Most people in positions of authority, which means they hold great responsibility, hopefully recognize their bias and try to compensate for it, for their own sake but mostly for the good of the community. When a person cares only that they’re right, when they argue continuously about how they’re right, when they threaten or throw their weight (power) around to prove it, they’re not only not serving the good of the community very well, they’ve become part of the problem, not the solution. Just saying. I’m not perfect, far from it. I have bias same as anyone else. I do my best to look at other sides of a discussion. Not always successful, but I try to put myself in others shoes a lot more than I ever did when I was young. People don’t do enough of that these days, try to think from another’s perspective. Most don’t try at all. I sure wish I knew a lot of what I know now, especially when it comes to dealing with people, about 20-25 years ago. A lot of people, those getting older, probably feel the same. But demanding your way is right and no one else’s, that your vision is the only right path and so on, that’s no way to be and others know it. Many have seen people who believe and act that way, and it tears up communities rather than unite them. It’s a sad thing to watch. Again, just saying. As for the retro design, I hope it won’t stay that way, I don’t mind the current old style suits like the PJ Astroneer but if it’s set in however many centuries in the future, it should be you know very futuristic lol. Too much retro these days imo. I already live much of the retro period, it wasn’t that great tbh. Speaking more about the retro game craze of course, and yeah some nostalgia is good now and then but it’s been overdone. Stick the fork in. I agree, if we can use some sort of mystical “Jedi powers” or whatnot for levitating platforms and pods, we certainly should be able to do much more. No reason I can think of for crafting rubber tires or being restricted to some teeny tiny tank that lets us live only few minutes before suffocation. I don’t mind the oxygen requirement just think it’s too restrictive atm. I know there’s a lot more to come, hope it’ll all be great. I think we’re in good hands.
  14. I remembered a good one, bothered me for ages. When you’re sitting in hab, vehicle, whatever, the game doesn’t (and don’t think it ever has tbh) take into consideration passage of time and how that should affect certain things. Specifically, charging your power and refilling your oxygen. Drives me nuts! Not expecting everything to charge up and fill up instantly (though, if that we’re the only way to do it, program it, I’d be fine with that of course! It’d save a lot of time lol). I’d be plenty happy if they’d fill based on whatever the equivalent rate would be (calculated based off how much time you’ve been inside whatever you’re in, using whatever the charge or fill rate is from tether or whatever standard the Devs find appropriate). Whatever is chosen, the passage of time should be evident in the state of your equipment i.e. tanks filling, batteries charging. Batteries may charge, can’t remember for sure, but I know tanks aren’t being filled and that’s annoying, and more important now than ever. It’s just illogical not having them fill while inside your base, or sitting in equipment that provides life support. Unless something changes in provisioning life support, PLEASE fix this. Always frustrates me to go into a place, my oxygen tanks mostly empty, yet after being stuck in there for a few minutes (like IRL minutes) due to some stupid storm or such, I come back out and nothing has changed. Tanks still same unfilled state, it makes no sense. Thanks P.S. Oh and the pack on your dead body still has items in it backwards (mirror image) and also rotated 90 degrees I guess (if you look at a tether pack for example it’s not oriented the way it’s supposed to be, same for anything that’s rectangular or whatever, hopefully that made sense I don’t feel I’m making much sense right now lol sorry)
  15. Yes I agree. There does need to be much better visual cue. I happened to turn down the volume too much, had been watching a TV show with someone then switched back to gaming so overcompensated without realizing, and my oxygen got too low and I died before made it to tether to base. Luckily I was just smoothing (flattening) around base, and was almost right next to the main hab, so it wasn’t a big deal for me at all. That’s not the point though. Some people are deaf or hard of hearing. Some need to turn down the sound significantly because they aren’t allowed to or don’t want to disturb others when they play. While some can use earphones, that’s not always an option (and for some like myself, no matter the earphone or style, nothing is comfy past an hour or two anyway; I’ve looked at getting custom-molded plugs but that’s again not the point, no one should be required to use earphones to work around what’s clearly a UI issue). To accommodate needs of both hearing and visually impaired players, a system should be in place that provides clear means of notifying players of all vital information as it pertains to the game (in this case, that which is related to survival elements). This includes not only oxygen, but also damage with directional indicators as well. That’s beyond the scope of the thread, but I’m just putting that out there (not everyone can hear where acid plants are popping and know the threat is coming from etc, when they’re out of sight). I liked the old oxygen text notification, it was simple, unambiguous, and pretty much impossible to miss. I wouldn’t mind an oxygen bar as part of a minimalist HUD but some don’t want it (just make it an option, seems silly not to). The color change isn’t a bad idea but won’t be seen for supplemental tanks, not sure that’d work. In a 3rd person game like this, especially when much of your focus isn’t on your character but rather on what they’re doing or where they’re going, you need these cues and vital info “out in the world” where you can see them, not in your pack imo. The biggest issues with the current icons are (1) focusing on the wrong info, like the big “O”or the lighting bolt, and (2) the overall construction and audio cues don’t convey urgency. On Xbox One for example the light blue oxygen indicator is so easy to miss, ignore. Doesn’t look important, doesn’t seem to convey what is critical info vital to survival. For power icon ,the lightning bolt is very thick (thicc, no not really lol) you can’t really make out the plus or minus on a 65” TV at reasonable viewing distances (many play on couch or in bed, for me it’s the latter and I measured 15” away screen to eyes roughly). I’m sure it’s fine on some monitors playing on pc, but it’s terrible for console with big TV. Things were much better before, you knew EXACTLY what info was being delivered and took action accordingly. Having said all that, I’d be surprised if they’re not working on it. Kind of stuff best mentioned in the QoL thread, now that we have it.
  16. Yes indeed, it is official! Yay? Congrats SES and the Astroneer Discord team I have noticed, if you engage the (beta) Dark Theme for this forum (at least using iOS) it actually does show the Discord address. Interesting. No one put in white text did they? Hmm? Only problem is, when I tried to write this up, it was slow as molasses. Couldn’t tolerate it. Had to switch back to the default light them. Very sad, I like dark themes they’re much easier on the eyes being up late at night so often *cries* No one has kicked me out of the now official Discord place...yet Nice place, everyone’s been quite nice, and since I’m new I’m trying my best to be nice and learn how things work and are organized. So if someone has thought about trying it out but has concerns about using a Discord place, I say go for it. Haven’t seen any Devs though, other than Joe pops in randomly but really hasn’t said much about the game that’s post-worthy, and basically the rules state “don’t ping the Devs” so seems we’ve not solved the communication issue really at all. The folk who (including ones here) who advocate the position of “sorry but the forums aren’t where the Devs are, you need to go to the Discord to interact with them” are promulgating a bit of a falsehood, as that’s not what really happens on the Discord from what I’ve both heard and seen (haven’t seen much tho). Not saying the Discord doesn’t have value. If SES didn’t think so, they never would’ve made it official. Maybe they do “interact” there form time to time, but when they do, it’s only on their terms, and those terms are strictly defined. From what I read in the rules, and I also interpret based on what I have both been told and see others told, the Devs are treated like they’re incredibly sacred, which not gonna lie it’s a bit weird I don’t mean people talk about them like that, it’s just this attitude they’re too fragile to be bothered. Yeah, weird. We’ve been over this, so don’t want to roll on about it, but there is this thing called “turning off notifications” and such. Or just being invisible. Lots of ways to manage it I’m sure, rather than act like it’s a bit cultish lmao. We all have stuff we do, most of us consider our own time important. Why should the Devs be so different? I think the main issue with this is they shouldn’t be appearing on when they’re not really willing, able, and most importantly available to engage in the community (here, Discord, wherever). They want to be invisible they can still monitor the Discord and post a reply if relevant. People ping back, so what? Since when did that necessitate a reply? Seems a bit silly. Invisible, do not disturb, away, whatever the choices are, don’t recall, varies by platform anyway. Now the Discord folk will come say I’m spreading lies, so before that happens I’ll say (1) I’m likely exaggerating a bit, and (2) I’m also new, only been there 2 days, I’ll reasily admit I can’t draw hard and fast conclusions. But the rules are indeed clear on no pinging, no way they can argue that one, that just doesn’t come across as a very open and welcoming system when this is supposed to be the place you go, the one place really, to interact with them. I don’t see how anyone could argue that, it’s not open to interpretation that’s how it is and you accept that as part of the rules. There simply is no direct interaction. It’s at their discretion, whenever they choose to make and appearance, to come and go. When one does show up, it doesn’t sound like there’s much opportunity to interact either. Idk how long they usually hand around, but from what I’ve heard when a Dev shows up on the Discord to chat, it turns into a feeding frenzy. Good luck getting your question seen much less answered. That’s not really any different than trying to speak (chat) with them in a livestream, almost impossible. Anyway y’all get the idea, it’s not really what I’d call quality “interaction” if it’s even much interaction at all. Don’t know yet if they do any scheduled interaction, that’d be the way to go if I were to suggest something. Short but very frequent, and at as many variable times as they could support to afford as many an opportunity to interact with them as they could. Could be any of them, it’s cool to talk to different team members about what they do. Again a lot of this feeding frenzy behavior is on them. We all know they are busy and have work to do, it’s not that. Really, it’s not. Sure there are some who don’t care, and I’ve seen some come here and post their ridiculous notions (we all probably have) that, just because they bought the game they have some right to speak with the Devs, have some say in how the game comes out. For real huh. Sure, we all have our ideas how we might like things to be, we have opinions about what sucks and what’s good, and we give feedback as is our duty. It’s still not our game to make. We only paid to play it, and atm we agreed that when purchased, it was unfinished (and might not ever be). I’m not sure at this point what they could or should do, because they brought so much upon themselves, this whole communication and interaction issue. I think they should do much more regular things as mentioned, frequent too. Things like livestreams and other many methods of reaching out, including much more integration here (you get so much of that on Discord, but ALL of that should be here as well. It’s shameful it isn’t tbh and again shows there’s so little interest at SES in doing so. It’s extremely disconcerting. Maybe they’re just, well, n00b about it idk. At this point I have no excuses for them. This is about the most barebones website to you can have nowadays. Even basic functions, editing a post, searching, etc are just so painful! The Discord is a nice place, seems to be so far. Haven’t been there long, and of course I write too much there as well lol. At least they know it’s me and not some imposter!? So if anyone has held out on going there, I wouldn’t. They don’t go around muting and banning people. Haven’t seen that happen to anyone yet. Mostly people are just, you know, people. They chat. Show pics of Astro stuff. Talk about life things (in off-topic). Help others with playing Astro (like answer questions when someone is stuck). It’s a social place in general, just one that’s focused on Astroneer. Not much different tbh than places like Slack or BAND I’ve used for gaming purposes (because clans and such used them for communication and organization). But if you’re hoping to find the Devs there, hoping to catch them and ask questions, yeah it’s not really like that. And you’re certainly not allowed to direct a question to them (by way of pinging them to ask), if they’re not there atm, and they’re really not just hanging around like that. They might on occasion. Just saying that’s not what I’ve found (in my admittedly very short time there). Whenever they have some downtime (hehe if ever) it’s probably a bit more relaxed and some may hang out. Hope I’ll see that one day.
  17. Beacons need a lot of improvement but they’re nice to have. I remember a time when we didn’t have anything at all! It was a bad time. I don’t use the crane and drill. Last time I made them, one of the few times I even bothered, was back near the beginning of Pre-Alpha iirc. Not everyone finds them useful. They’re certainly not necessary. I’ve never mass-produced anything, so what I’ve been able to mine (especially with an Inhibitor) has usually been more than adequate for my needs. As for the update, I think they introduced too many recipes, and certainly too many “complex” recipes, all at once. This update would’ve been received better if it had been divided up over 2-3 updates, and not been introduced at the same time they also changed default platforms, removed the oxygen and power supplements, and changed some basic crafting recipes like resin for medium storage and filters. The thing that’s frustrated (and angered) me most has been the ridiculous “artificial gating” this update forces on players. The Devs have absurdly tried to pass it off as “meaningful progression” yeah like I’m going to buy into that. The game has been plenty meaningful for me, and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I don’t need the Devs to decide for me what’s meaningful. I’ve only made it to Barren twice. When you realize I play several hours a day, and I have well over a thousand hours played so far, that’s saying a lot. I don’t care for their new system. In fact, they can have ~90% of it back. If they’re wise, we’ll see a lot of changes come time for the next update. Specifically, here are a few things I’d like to change. The Inhibitor (and maybe other mods) should be craftable from resources found on Terran (no offworld trips required). Filters should return to using compound to craft (Devs have shifted too far into resin use, it’s now a problem finding at times). I don’t mind the Soil Centrifuge but like someone else posted for the love of science and all things sacred please balance the damn centrifuge it’s so triggering!!! You’d blow that rotor so fast letting it run that way omg does no one actually look at how stuff really works IRL? Oh yes let’s spin stuff all lopsided yes that’ll work our great! No NO NOOO! Anyone who’s used an actual centrifuge knows you’ll have “balance tubes” lying around for the inevitable “odd load” which brings me to another point about the centrifuge. Please let us CHOOSE how much resource we want to create, meaning spin down. Maybe I don’t want or need 8 clay. Maybe I’d rather keep some soil in reserve. Maybe that’s much more important to me, creating something else as well, but the soil’s already loaded and I can’t do anything about that. The UI suggests we’d be able to pick a number off the bar display, so let us. We have use of a cursor, both for Xbox and PC, why not let us use it? We could use the cursor to fill or empty the colored graphical bars representing how many of a resource we want to have spun out (obviously this won’t offer much selection for something like Quartz, which iirc you get just 2 from an entire soil load, not many options there but you can still choose just one if you’d like, guess the “balance” notion will have to be an exception there unless they put in a “phantom” load to match it lol). I tried to choose how many clay I spun down from soil in this manner and was disappointed this interface didn’t exist. It appears as though you have this option, the interface seems to suggests you do, and I think it’s misleading. Why bother showing the bars at all if we can adjust them? Why not just put a number instead? It’s little things like this, where the design is good, but actually fails in delivery. It’s like the artists who design the machine have a great concept, but those who code the interaction and usage just don’t get it (or give us wonky interactions, like holding buttons down ahem). Curious, we don’t need to hold any buttons down on the Switch. Nintendo gets by just fine for Zelda Breath of The Wild and you can do lots of stuff in that game! But that brings up yet another frustration. Something the Devs have completely ignored when it comes to controls for console. It’s beyond comprehension actually. The Devs have squandered the D-pad, totally wasted it in Astroneer. What does it do? Absolutely nothing in terms of gameplay. It emotes, that’s it. Most games take advantage of this rich control interface. Console is already at an extreme disadvantage compared to kbm and here we are, with the Dpad used for nothing but emotes. I just don’t get it. Players don’t use emotes, most of them anyway. Absolutely ridiculous. Co-op is pretty bad for console to begin with, so unless you just love emoting to yourself, there’s little purpose for it (certainly not enough to piss away it’s use for controls). Put emotes on a button hold, how about that? That way we can have 4 Dpad functions that actually work well? Sounds like a winner to me! This is mind-boggling. The Devs have willingly sacrificed playability for fricking emotes? Makes total sense, right? PC gets kbm but despite gamepad limitations the Dpad is delegated to emotes. Someone spent too much time playing Destiny. Power cells, like the Inhibitor, should be craftable from a common (ubiquitous I mean) Terran resource and not require visiting another location to acquire (even more so now, given power crystals have been removed). With the removal of oxygen crystals, fixing filter duration should be a top priority. Tungsten and iron are needed in too many early-mid game items. From what I’m hearing, a lot of people just aren’t interested in this “progression” or going though all these recipes. Many didn’t bother unlocking and/or crafting everything in the catalog to begin with. Plenty of folk were happy to exist solely on Terran without leaving (or maybe venturing on to Barren to avoid the storm nonsense). I’ve always considered Terran “home” because I like how it looks, I’ve always found interesting stuff, and console performance made it a sucky experience going elsewhere by the time I was ready to do so. Had performance not consistently been an issue, I’ve always liked Tundra the most, with Exotic a close second. Barren is fine, I certainly like not having to deal with storms. I don’t like the bland color scheme overall (there are some nice blues here and there, but it’s mostly neutral tones and some earthen ones as well). It has a very isolated and lonely feel and aesthetic, but that also gives it the most authentic space-like abandonment and isolated feel too. Some may favor this environment, but it’s not really my thing. I also don’t really like the rapid spin it has. Luckily it doesn’t bother me, I don’t get vertigo like some people do, but that doesn’t mean I really enjoy it either. I must say this is the first update I’ve noticed a significantly smaller “peak” interest as well as the fastest decline in member activity for the Astroneer club on Xbox One I assist in. In recent months I’ve seen upwards of 130 even 150 people visiting the club in a single day following updates. This update however, I think the most I’ve seen is about 50, and hardly anyone has been posting clips or pics. Can’t be sure, but it seems people aren’t interested in learning all this stuff over again, jumping though hoops, having all the stuff they’ve known and had access to before suddenly locked away for no apparent reason. It doesn’t give one a sense of progression imho, instead it sends the message you don’t deserve these things anymore and you have to grind for them. If there was a story explaining why we needed to go to other planets, I’ve been saying all along that would make a difference. We don’t though. I’m not expecting the game to be like some easy creative mode, but I don’t like artificial challenge and gating either. I agree we don’t need 3 spacecraft. All spacecraft should have cargo space as well. No sense in taking off with just a backpack for cargo. Would anyone do that, I mean really? No way. I have a worklight, hopefully a power cell if I’m lucky to have found one on Terran, a couple of soil canisters on my tool, and 3 oxygen tanks so I can explore off tether without suffocating. All these things (except the power cell perhaps) will be going back with me. I still need to gather zinc precursor and tungsten precursor. Now, given what I already have on me, and how limited my pack space is, does this sound reasonable? It’s not. No one who travels space would travel this way. It’s ridiculous. You simply wouldn’t strap yourself to a rocket with a chair on top and plan to return bringing only what fits in a backpack. We never needed the new little shuttle, so let’s just pretend it never happened. We also don’t need rocket fuel to be something complex, but the Devs are often too stubborn to admit they made a mistake so let’s assume they won’t fix that part. So what else can we fix? Let’s make the disposable rocket a rechargeable, reusable one instead. No fancy means either. No needing a chem lab or atmospheric gases to recharge, just simple stuff you can craft with resources found on Terran. No one wants to be some Astroneer polymer chemist. As for 3 vehicles, I would say the same thing except the small rover (now the “buggy”) does make sense as a scouting vehicle. You’re often not going that far away from your base, and even if you are you should be using beacons to mark your way (although again, we need to add more info or iconography to beacons to prevent getting lost; it’s still too easy to lose your way especially on a big planet like Terran). For spacecraft it’s a different story. We aren’t near our home base. We’re leaving and going somewhere far, far away. I don’t know why anyone thought it a bright idea, a neat challenge, to have us leave for Barren or wherever with just the cargo space in our backpacks but in practice it sucks. Yeah yeah, you can build a base using your pack, if you want to. I’ve been there, done that, it’s not very exciting. Was fine when I had to do it to survive, when I lost my base the first time or two. But I’m on the moon, I haven’t lost my base, I know where it is, and I want to get back to it ideally with a bunch of crap someone arbitrarily thought I needed to make stuff I’ve made before, made a thousand times over, and enjoyed the hell out of the game just fine. Idk who they thought anyone “needed” this sense of progression. I certainly didn’t ask for any. Most want Terrain 2.0, and a fair number want the story as well. Introducing all these changes (basically requiring you to learn the whole game again) this close to launch wasn’t the wisest thing they could’ve done, that’s for sure. I’m sure the Devs will say “oh gosh, no one likes change, you’ll get used to it” yeah that’s true of people who lose a limb as well. Doesn’t mean anyone wants to be an amputee, or that life is better as one (I suppose it is if it’s a lifesaving procedure, but not if you’re brutalized by another person and lose an otherwise healthy, functional limb). I’m not trying to be insensitive here, I’m only making a point. Not all changes are necessary or good. Some are necessary. Some are good. Some of this update is reasonable, but a fair bit isn’t. There’s time (thankfully) to change a lot of it and make it much more reasonable. Just hope the Devs will listen this time. Their track record on fixing updates (balance-wise) hasn’t been so great. They often ignore player input. They seem to think oh well it’ll be ok in time. When the game releases, they can’t afford to think that way anymore. They make unpopular changes, their game and their studio will suffer. As someone else pointed out, a lot of changes the Devs have made over the course of development seem haphazard at best. There have been some great ideas, concepts and updates to be sure, but not much of it has seemed to fit a unified whole or plan. It’s like they keep coming up with great ideas, but keep reinventing the notion of what they want Astroneer to be like, or about. Truth is no one really knows what it’s supposed to be about. At this point I’m running out of reasons to play without some meaning, some rationale. The Devs haven’t providing any notion, nothing that makes sense. Every few months it feels like the game reinvents itself. That’s getting more than a bit tiresome, especially when the game doesn’t perform well, still crashes all the time, co-op remains virtually unplayable, and there are too many serious bugs too count. Won’t bother going into UI and lightning, covered those extensively elsewhere.
  18. I wonder why they added in the visible wind wispy things? Is this part of the beginning stage of work on wind they’re planning in doing? Like many things, there wasn’t any mention of it in the Patch Notes (quite frustrating). If it was discussed on Discord, it really should be referenced here as well. Gets old hearing “oh well they talked about it a bit on Discord” so who cares? They should be talking about here first. If that’s the way they want to play at it, Joe should write up some summaries of the discussions from Discord and post them on the forums. That way everyone can be on the same page. Haven’t seen anything like happen though. Guess we’re supposed to be psychic... On a separate note, stuff still just falls through the ground on a regular basis. Vehicles still just disappear (mostly into caves below). These are things that shouldn’t happen in 1.0 release version of a game. Anyone think these major bugs will be fixed? What about filters, now that we all rely on them? Think those will be fixed too? For the better part of the last 2 years many of us fans have chosen to protect the Devs from criticism (including myself for a fair bit of time) thinking hey, it’s Pre-Alpha, or Alpha, they’ve got time to work stuff out, this isn’t the time to be nitpicking on this and that, they’re working on core stuff etc. Well that time has come and gone. They’ve spent that time. Now the game needs polish and needs it badly. It’s a mess in so many ways. They should already be done with all core stuff, not introducing new and drastic overhauls. We should’ve already seen the storyline, Terrain 2.0, and dedicated servers. It should be about tidying up, finishing touches now, a “beta” period. Not sure how others feel but most players I know don’t have much faith this game will be anything remotely resembling a “finished game.” I can’t say I do either. I still love it, but it’s a mess and don’t see it coming together in just 2 months. I’d love to be proven wrong of course, but they’ve put off too much. Too many core items left to stick in, those will have bugs and balancing issues not to mention problems with performance and optimization, the lighting is a major issue on Xbox One as well as the UI, anyone can see the QoL thread mentions so much more than “simple items” up for adjustment at their leisure. A lot of things mentioned are impediments to gameplay. This sort of thread should have been ongoing (as well as work to remedy topics of discussion). Size of a studio doesn’t alter the schedule or deadlines. The game, at least for Xbox, just isn’t stable. I’ve played a fair bit of the update, but not much of the new stuff it’s not worth the trouble imho. I did visit Barren last night, my 2nd game this update in which I’ve done so. There’s no sense of progression for me, it’s jusr a bunch of senseless gating imho. By the time I got there, my game was struggling so hard to save I prayed each time it wouldn’t crash. I was literally shocked when each time it didn’t (well I’m pretty sure it did eventually, I rarely quit on purpose unless it’s due to a storm). Almost always the game ends up crashing, causing me to quit. That’s extremely sad for a game this close to release. I certainly wouldn’t buy it that’s for sure, not if I knew ahead of time this is how it behaved. I’ve never known a game to be this unreliable (actually it’s very reliable, in terms of crashing). I accepted it as part of a game in Pre-Alpha, and Alpha as well, because they were changing so much and had a long way to go until they were done. I figured based on their progress the game would release end of 2019. I still believe that’s how long it would take SES to do this game right, to be truly finished with it, and get it polished and up to snuff. They’re not going to take the time to do that though, and I find myself agreeing with those who believe it’ll end up in a perpetual dev cycle hell. I hope not, but I fear that’s what will happen. People will play this game, see how much it fails to measure up and what a mess it is, and I think they’ll drop it just like they did the Pre-Alpha. Most people aren’t patient beings. They want a game to run perfectly, and it should run that way at release. Some games have become infamous for not doing so over the last few years, and they’ve paid the price. Just don’t want to see Astroneer become one of them, it can’t afford too because it’s not a AAA title to being with. It needs to be incredible. Don’t think being an incredibly buggy mess is going to work out though Sorry, guess this didn’t have anything to do with storms after all. Think we’ve covered most of what can be said about those anyway. Still hoping for an option to turn them off. If you haven’t experienced them on console, especially after playing for 1-2 hours, you don’t really understand how bad they really are and how adversely they affect gameplay. I’m pretty certain the Devs don’t play on console (Xbox with an actual widescreen TV; using a gamepad with a monitor isn’t remotely the same experience). Even if one of them tried playing occasionally on console, there’s no way I’d believe they play on console for hours. You need to play on console to understand console play, to do a great job designing for it. You have to know your audience in other words. Having one or two people go test a few things on occasion doesn’t cut it. One wonders if they even do proper testing. Just looking at a comparison between lighting balance on console vs PC is enough to leave anyone highly skeptical imho.
  19. The Discord shouldn’t be the ONLY place to find answers to anything Astroneer-related. It has an audience, just like any other third party, social platform. The official website/forum is still the gold standard, the place players know they can depend on for finding information. As I’ve said before, I don’t have a problem with the Devs wanting to interact with players on the Discord above and beyond the forum they created and invited us all to participate in (with them I might add). That doesn’t mean they should neglect this site in favor or other places or fail to provide the same information as they do elsewhere. They want to discuss things on Discord, make announcements on Twitter, etc, those need to be integrated here where everyone can see what’s being said and so on. That way no one is missing out, including those of us who aren’t involved on social platforms for whatever reason. A website still does the best job of meeting the “common denominator” for a game’s audience.
  20. It’s silly we now have 3 spacecraft. We don’t need 3. I don’t mind having 3 rovers. They’re distinct enough in their uses. Having a spacecraft with no cargo (beyond your own backpack) is horrible design imho. Wasteful to unlock, build, and the entire idea behind the disposable rockets just doesn’t fit overall with how I think SES will develop the game long-term (although idk really, you have to go to Discord to have any chance at talking with them?). I’ve yet to get past that “mini shuttle” stage though, with the disposable rocket boosters. I just want my Inhibitor back, at the start of the game (close to it, so I don’t need to gouge ugly holes around my base, can clean up around it as well, etc). If the Devs haven’t received that message loud and clear from others as well they’re not listening. Back to the issue being discussed. I just don’t see them holding on the notion of littering the planets (and universe in concept) with trash. We should be recycling. Why not take the useless little shredder out of the game? They said in the VLOG about the Shedders they were bringing in another module later, the Scrapper or something like that right? Idk what that’ll end up doing, maybe that’s the long sought after module to recycle our own platforms or modules, stuff we don’t want anymore. That’s a incredibly ill-thought out notion though. What players need (and want) is an elegant all-in-one solution. No one wants to carry around (or have on hand) two separate modules to process different types of junk. Don’t want to separate out types either (and I know I don’t want another module to do pre-sorting either thats ridiculous as well, takes up space, and I’m sure would have its own crafting requirements and unlock costs). If you find a wrecked platform/module combo, why run it through two separate machines? Or a pre-sorter? I certainly hope they’re not going to implement something like that. A lot of players are already tired of the scrap mechanic. They’ve also complained how the trade platform is now tied to scrap as the sole currency (idk, haven’t been able to craft one much less use one, can’t even craft a Shredder). If they force a completely different module on players for one type of salvage or another, no one is going to be interested in using it is my guess. What would be I’m guessing is scrapping the idea of the smaller shredder and the single use rockers in favor of a module that’s a “recharger” sort of like for rechargeable batteries, something like that. You load up a rocket (max 2 at a time) and some resource (stuff you get on Terran, anywhere), and shortly they’re ready to use again. Cost to unlock would be fairly low, but higher than the booster itself. You’d be able to recycle them, but not use Hydrazine or other fuel. Sound like a possible solution. Maybe it could be a multirole station. Plug batteries in for a faster charge using some comsumable resource (like a quick charge) that has a higher “cost” in terms of resources, but you can still recharge batteries the way we do now using power producing units (solar, wind, generators). Not sure I like this idea, but it might give an additional use for the recharging module. Still think these disposable boosters don’t fit well in the recycling idea of the game, and right now the Shredders are locked off for most players. They definitely need to do a lot of rebalancing and reconfiguring recipes (and some costs as well) in the Crafting Update. It’s new of course, but the closer to launch the less time we get with these big content updates so it’s conerning to say the least. How much time will we have with Terrain 2.0? The story? I agree, too many things “artificially gated” behind materials you can’t get without traveling elsewhere, and that’s IF you can even find them once you leave Terran. A huge IF.
  21. That’s not negating them for Xbox players. Iirc you play on PC. For those who play on Xbox, there are serious performance issues. The degradation of FPS is profound. It’s not too bad in a fresh save, but the slowing of using anything around your base (even underground, which having storm effects at all there is dumb) make the whole experience horrible. It’s wasted time. That’s why many just leave the game, or try to play on Barren. The longer you play, the longer the storms last and the more frequent they tend to come. I’ve seen storms last in excess of 5 minutes. It can take 10 seconds or more for a hold X or Y action to complete. Same for printing from the backpack. That’s ridiculous and if they wanted to make storms work they should’ve fixed them long before now. They’re not an interesting weather mechanic anyway (imho) but that’s beside the point. Most PC players don’t have any idea just how bad storms are on console and how much they break the experience. I don’t see performance improvements overall being the solution either. As another player posted, we shouldn’t need to build walls or hide. The game is beautiful. Those things defeat the purpose of playing. Also, allowing to do more from our hab won’t work for Xbox that’s likely to worsen the performance issues not improve our experience. I think a slider option in the menu allowing us to adjust storm frequency (including down to zero) is the best way to go if some want storms left in. Everyone wins.
  22. I have to say there’s little difference between ignoring and prioritizing other things when most want storms (as they currently exist) gone or at least an option to turn them off (or slider perhaps to dial frequency up or down, including to zero), I’d be happy with the slider if the chose that, as long as it went to zero. If they don’t include this, there will be mods developed that do, but playing on Xbox One I doubt those mods will be developed for console given how small a studio SES is (there are a few games that support mods on console right now, the only ones I’m familiar with are Bethesda titles but there may be more). Bethesda is a huge studio so they can make it work (for the most part) and I’ve enjoyed being able to use mods for the first time in Skyrim SE. I’m sure some who still cling to the notion of “PCMR” would try to argue “just switch to PC” but that’s not only not feasible for me, I have no interest in doing so (console play is just fine, and it’s much more comfortable with my back pain). The storms are just a symptom of the overall neglect of serious performance issues on Xbox when it comes to Astroneer. Enough hasn’t been said about it because there aren’t that many console players who come here and speak up about it. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, hasn’t been a major issue since the beginning (the forum is full of threads and posts about it, one only has to search, well if you can stand using the forum search function and wading through all the results that is) because it has. I don’t blame console players for not bothering with this forum. A lot of players here act like the game is designed solely for PC, and it comes across as very offputing. No one cares about PCMR anymore. In this age of tech people should play on whatever they find enjoyable, and no one should judge them for it. There’s no wrong choice, no lesser choice. I certainly don’t care what PC players think, let them pay huge chunks of money upgrading bits here as there. Soon there won’t even be consoles as we think of them, could all be in the cloud for all we know. We may just access some Echo or other assistant-type portal and stuff automatically goes to some holo-interface we don’t really know. It’s likely our gaming experiences will become more cohesive either way. These notions of this platform vs another are archaic and self-defeating. We should be focused on improving the experience for all gamers, not squabbling amongst ourselves. Some people are just jerks though. Tolerance is the way to go. Anyway, back to performance. Storms are awful for performance. Been saying this, preaching feels like, for ages it seems. I know they’re a small studio and can’t do everything at once, but doesn’t mean a lot of players have felt a fair bit of Alpha has been squandered. Many updates have felt less than meaningful. I know I saw a VLOG where (not sure how he spells his name) Reilly (the engineering guy, awesome fellow) talked about performance and optimization and how when new updates are issued it’s not feasible to optimize them 100% when releasing them especially for new content. You could he said, but that would be a monumental waste of resources for updated content that is likely going to change, some may not remain in the game, etc. This makes complete sense, and it’s this sort of explanation of how stuff works in the development process that’s incredibly helpful for someone like me (who really doesn’t know much about it, but I’ve been learning). Still, as most players know, there are big differences between high end PC and an Xbox when it comes to performance and I feel they’ve really let things slide for the console player. That’s inexcusable. They’ve announced a few (precious few imho) performance passes and while things got a bit better in the past, every update since that has added stuff has completely obliterated any improvements there were. The game lags more now (for things like when stuff like a storm loads in, even one I can’t see or hear because it’s farther away or perhaps even underground, I won’t even address how totally absurd that is) than it did 3, even 6 months ago. That just defies logic. They should be working on performance upgrades all along same as they work on content. I’m not taking about optimizing the update contents, I’m talking about continually optimizing, improving overall performance with each update. Maybe there’s something fundamental I’m missing, something I don’t understand, but this seems like a no brained to me. If performance isn’t a high priority, we’ll I can’t imagine the game being any good at release. Can’t imagine Terrain 2.0 being playable on Xbox One when we manage to see it (someday). And with no story whatsoever, things are looking grim. So yes, it does feel they’re ignoring the problem. We’ve also discussed how they don’t communicate here as well. If they did, we wouldn’t have need for all this speculation about what they’re doing, not doing, ignoring and prioritizing. At least I know you agree with me on that Io. They’ve brought the communication issue on themselves imho.
  23. Wow, seems I’ve hit a sore spot. More glass houses. All good though. What doesn’t kill us... As for you Wedge, stop stalking. It really doesn’t become you. Have a nice day
  24. Couldn’t agree more regarding some of the ridiculous material changes in Crafting Update. These should be revised ASAP (next update), and I’m not the only who thinks so. Inhibitor: incredibly useful tool mod from the start. Not a requirement for sure, but it was often the 2nd item I unlocked in the catalog (behind filters, which are now default unlock). That means I spent 1600 Bytes (old cost) before unlocking small solar, small wind, any other modules, yes that’s indeed what I did. Why? It’s that valuable and useful. The Devs clearly intend for us to all make use of organic generators, not just in the beginning but throughout the game (if you get lost, if you need power in a pinch underground, whatever your situation might be). It’s quite obvious their intent. The removed all other power sources from the game (plinths, now the crystals). They still need to reskin the power “seeds” at the base of hostile flora to make them greenish I suppose, hopefully we’ll see that next update (otherwise it’s comfusing as it still looks like you’ll get raw power out of it). The Inhibitor will mow your base providing plenty of organic, remove pesky boulders, unstick your vehicles (ever had your vehicle crafted and just won’t budge or load a save and same thing it won’t move? Run an Inhibitor under it, even it you don’t see an obstruction, it should move when you get back it, always has for me. I think it’s similar to when your character’s feet get stuck on something “invisible.” Idk for sure, but I suspect there’s something the game engine detects, some collision detection or some hit box we just don’t see, and passing the Inhibitor over the area clears it so to speak. Try it and see if it helps. I like using it for farming resources as well, no more pits around my base, no more ugly grey patched holes ruining the beautiful landscape either. They’ve ruined the beauty enough as is, putting too much stuff into the game now especially debris. It’s a million times worse in caves, no room to walk and evade acid clouds or spikes much less drive anything. The Inhibitor was as much for allowing passage as for collecting anything. Also made quick work of cleaning up ramps and paths where stuff grew back (that shouldn’t). Power cells: I use these quite a bit. I remember back when a research pod, once evaluated, wouldn’t yield an unlock but once. After that, it gave you something instead (a prize, or as many thought of it, a booby prize lol). Most just chunked the results into open pits (which in turn often ended up falling into caves below, funny the Devs still haven’t fixed that either I still find all sorts of stuff in caves and many complain their vehicles go missing below, one wonders if the Devs will ever manage to fix the most basic issues in Astroneer). Things these pods often yielded were compound, filters (so often misunderstood) and power cells. No one wanted any othe these things back then. Oh how times have changed! I mixed the use of power cells with power nuggets (have to admit, power was always stupid easy to get in the game, and I’m not surprised the Devs took it out given they’re been slowly removing the “training wheels” so to speak, removing plinths awhile back). I don’t agree with going cold turkey, they could’ve dialed back how common both oxygen and power crystals were, not sure it was necessary to remove them completely at all (the rationale for their existence is what you make of it, the lore is what you create after all as a Developer). Whatever. Still, power cells shouldn’t require such a rare resource. While there are a few hither and yon (abandoned bases will have 1-2 sometimes, plus explorer packs may have a few but not all will) it’s unreliable even if you’re a hardy explorer like myself. The rarity of sourcing them and zinc leads one to naturally hoard them rather than use them, and that’s just a bad. We should feel free to use them (wisely but freely. I’ve spoken about how ridiculous the whole notion of artificial gating is, and how I deplore it’s use in this update. If we’d seen the story implemented, and the crafting limits explained in context alongside the story, that would’ve been fine. I want to know where the story is. When we’ll see it. There can’t be a game without the story. Well not a good one. It’ll be just a space Minecraft then. Fun for something, not fun for long imho. So here we are. Two important examples where the crafting materials have always been readily available (as they should be) but no longer are (now being artificially gated for no other reason than that, at least other items aren’t needed so early like a crane or drill). The cost of an Inhibitor has dropped from 1600 to 800 but that neglects the additional costs of the Vehicle Bay (1000 iirc), single use booster (500) the small shuttle (1500 iirc) and technically the smelter as well (I include that as well). Some will argue the other Inhibitor also needed the smelter, but I almost always found copper ore (not precursor, actual copper) from surface wrecks to do my crafting. It was exceedingly rare I needed to smelt malachite for copper to craft an Inhibitor. What about finding an Inhibitor? Fat chance. The Devs could increase the odds of finding one in the overall loot pool (dead explorer packs) but I’m not holding my breath. As for zinc being using for other mods, idk. I don’t think they should use zinc at all tbh, and someone else suggested using a different material for each. Maybe, idk. Don’t have strong opinion on that one, don’t use the others really. The wide mod is helpful but given the power issue the Devs created I don’t favor the boost mod (guess I’m also patient lol). I’ve never fancied the boost mod even when it came out. Some like it though, and that’s fine. The Terrain Analyzer is a bit of a different story though. It’s not what I’d call a typical mod, a creative implement more than anything else. Not so much a utilitarian feature, although I’ve heard some manage to use it as such. Many use it for amazing creative purposes to outline race tracks, paint a replica of Titanic, I’ve seen outstanding creativity on display in the Xbox club I assist with. The TA however has suffered greatly in previous updates, largely being ignored due to a high relative cost to unlock. The Xbox club offers me the opportunity to observe how people play and choose to unlock things. As for the TA, people don’t tend to bother unlocking it, esp early, because they’re focusing on other more important things they need. By the time they have excess bytes and have unlocked other stuff, they’ve long since forgotten about the TA and any creative notions they might have had. Placement in the catalog has always been an issue for the TA as well. It’s still tucked farthest from sight in the catalog, even in this update. Out of sight, out of mind. For something related primarily to creativity, something the Devs should be ACTIVELY encouraging use of the TA and that starts by making it unlocked by default. Why should they do this? Because it makes their game look better, the gameplay look better, it looks much more fun overall and will appeal to more types of players. In short, TA should be advertised more and be readily available. It should be placed somewhere far more visible to players and as I said it really should be unlocked by default. It’s incredibly telling that, creativity-wise, Astroneer with associated TA use hit its peak back when all tool mods were unlocked by default in the player’s backpack (sometime last year I believe). I realize this had something to do with some bugs or issues and as such, was never meant to be permanent thing. I’d argue when you’ve seen the outpouring of creativity I’ve seen, and it’s subsequent abrupt halt (well, almost) after all these mods were locked away again (specifically the TA), it’s hard to argue denying players access to the TA is a monumental mistake. They won’t use it otherwise. The game, and as a result the community, suffers for it. Bottom line: Inhibitor should not be locked behind a material not available from Terran. Nothing makes sense about that. The TA should be available to all players. It’s not some OP mod it really has little to do with general gameplay but it makes the game more fun for creative types an makes the game more appealing aesthetically which can only benefit gameplay overall so I see no reason to either gate it behind an offworld material or lock it away in the catalog (much less charge the most cost for it). Let everyone have it. It’s not going to “break” anything.
  25. @icebird That’s a great start! You’re 11? Incredible! There weren’t computers (or tablets or phones) back when I was your age, so my advice is learn whenever you can to draw on whatever tech is available. Wish I knew? Almost everything is designed on computer (or some interface) now, although learning to do it with old fashioned paper, pencil & paints is a lot of fun too! I took art in middle and high school and enjoyed it, spent my summers as well at our local museum in classes and just roaming around. Sadly in America most kids don’t get to take art & music anymore. Too much emphasis teaching for standardized tests and such. Kids are bored because school is not fun, big surprise. Our kids are still behind most of the world. We haven’t accomplished anything by failing to stimulate and enlighten them. School subjects like math, science, etc, of course they’re important but all kids should have fun as well. Don’t ever stop being creative. Don’t let a few people criticize you and get you down. Dream P.S. I have shaky hands sometimes too. If you drink much caffeine, bad habit, I’d stop now. No good for kids (sorry, I’m not trying to be preachy, but you shouldn’t need that at your age). I’m just thinking of some possible causes. I grew up drinking a Coke for breakfast not because my parents didn’t care, back in the 70s most didn’t think so much about what was bad for kids (both mine worked very hard as well). It was a very different time. Stuff you wouldn’t know much about. The Cold War, gas prices high & shortages, a lot was going on. Anyway, I was feeling these extra heartbeats (arrhythmia) by the time I was in high school I saw a doctor, they did a bunch of tests on my heart. I was ok, but it was a bit scary. I stopped drinking caffeine straight up for about 20 years. I rarely drink it now (helps I don’t like coffee lol). My shaky hands is more an older person problem; some have it run in families. This type doesn’t affect kids. Mine isn’t as bad as it used to be. Hated it when it caused me to mess up playing tap rhythm games on my iPhone though Just relax when you draw, don’t worry and take your time. With pencil you can always erase. If you start working on computer it’ll be even easier because you can use tools to help make your lines and such, plus guides for placement and a lot more (idk what all is out there, a bunch I’m sure). Just some thoughts. Best of luck!? As for you, wonder if you could do better at that age. Doubt it. Even if you could at that age, ever heard of glass houses? If you’ve got nothing nice to say...we’ll I think you get the idea. If not, unlikely I’d have any luck explaining. Good day (tips hat)