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  1. Are you sure you’re looking in the right place (after you’ve unlocked them)? I play on Xbox (not that platform matters, other than controls/keybinds, the game is essentially the same across platforms). Those items should be printable from the backpack iirc. You’ll notice in the catalog items are sorted based on where they’re printed. From left to right: backpack printer>small printer>medium printer>large printer (at least I think that’s the size “names” of the printers; I’ve played so long, and so much, I’ll admit I don’t even look anymore ;P) Hope that helps! P.S. I’m enjoying the glowsticks now that I’ve tried them
  2. I really REALLY hope y’all meant you fixed all the vehicle and platform sinking when terrain is modified anywhere nearby, with terrain tool, or in combination with tool mods applied (such as painting terrain, using Inhibitor to remove decorators, and whatnot). It makes sense y’all would fix it for all vehicles and platforms and not just the large rover, but just want to make sure. I know most folk are wondering about this as well, it’s been a commonly encountered (and frustrating) issue. While I don’t mind there being recreational-focused objects in the game, and perhaps it’s too early to assess the potential for many of the new items just added (I haven’t even made them myself) it seems many of these are best suited for co-op play. First of all, not everyone plays with other people, for a variety of reasons. Secondly, as of right now, co-op still needs some major fixes, the issues with terrain desync being high among them. I’m sure that’s a really difficult thing to tackle, and I know you’re working on it best you can. Still, I agree there’s a lot of focus on the recreational/co-op aspect. At least there are a number of other cool things introduced with the update, specifically the jetpack, and we now have storage galore I do think it’d be better overall if much requested features and some QoL improvements (such nav assists and tools, cartography stuffs, anything which helps players keep from getting lost, marking paths, visualizing compass while in vehicles, etc) were dispersed along the way rather than “saved up” for lump updates. Hindsight being what it is, and given the roadmap and it’s updates now are all being rearranged (have been, just not announced) presumably with some updates being shuffled, delayed, who knows what all has changed (Wanderer clearly was delayed a significant amount from when rumored to release, some time late spring) it seems even more apparent it would’ve been better to go ahead and implement some planned improvements, bring out a few new features along the way rather than holding back so to speak. Hard to know for sure, we don’t know yet how the roadmap is being rearranged nor what will be coming in the future, but it’s a concern. Why? Because unlike the more recreational-focused items, these sorts of things (nav, etc) will appeal to or benefit ALL PLAYERS, not just a subset of them. Going back to the recreational/co-op focus, there are still a fair number of folks (so it seems) having issues connecting and playing with their friends at ALL (like session not found, or session kicking them and can’t rejoin, etc, there are some tips and tricks at least I know there are posted on the Discord, but they don’t work for everyone). Even with playing co-op, based on my own experiences, the terrain desync can be bad enough to hinder, even obstruct progress. So if you were planning to have help in actually doing constructive things in Astroneer, things may not work out for you like you’d hoped. It’s unfortunate one can’t rely on what many consider to be a core feature of the game. Many consider co-op, being able to play the game with friends, a requisite for their enjoyment of the Astroneer experience. I’ve played solo almost exclusively. I’m not a person who considers co-op necessary for my enjoyment of the game, but it’d be nice from time to time so overall I’ve been waiting for performance to improve for Xbox as well as for dedicated servers to arrive. Since servers seemed to be a long time off, I chose to start participating in co-op recently (also, it’s worth noting performance has also improved a great deal for Xbox players, both in solo and co-op play). The lag, especially for the host, isn’t horrid anymore. If it’s a fresh save, the game performs rather well I must say. By and large it’s the terrain desync that’s causing major problems for most folks. That’s why I’ve avoided playing co-op with any significant game “goals” in mind, like making significant headway towards the big achievements, unlocking the worlds, that sort of stuff. I simply don’t trust the game’s desync in co-op to not mess up the save or block my ability to reach vital areas. I’m sure this wouldn’t be an issue in every scenario but once you’ve encountered severe desync it’s enough of a deterrent, at least it was for me. You can remove some of the desync’d terrain but it’ll just come back. Not good when working in tight spaces. Until desync is fixed, I don’t trust co-op to help “solve” the game, which is unfortunate. I mean yeah, as host I theoretically shouldn’t encounter issues but I’ve played so much I’ve experienced enough odd bugs, one-offs, and such, I just don’t wish to take that chance. And I’m not sure how well, even with the improvements in performance, the Xbox can handle unlocking everything in a single save. That might’ve been a bit much to ask, in terms of achievements, idk. For a long time, people couldn’t even make it to watch through the credits. Even after the fix, some had continued issues with crashes during credits, idk how things are going now though. Summing up, there’ve been quite a number of recreational-oriented or -themed items released over the last several months. I don’t have any issue with that specifically, only pointing out that such things (after the cool factor wears off) I’m guessing only continue to retain some significant use/value for a fraction of players. That’s fine too, but then you realize, only a fraction of THOSE players are able to play with their friends online, to use and enjoy those items. On top of that, it’s doubtful they use them all the time, plus it’s hard to know how many of them find them worthwhile to unlock, much less craft, etc. So I can understand comments about these items on the whole not being the most thrilling. I also agree, it has nothing to do with the design, that’s always top-notch. We’re very spoiled with how amazing everything always looks, and functions xD I know the jetpack will be a hit, bugfixes are always awesome, and who doesn’t want QoL improvements? Keep those coming! Hope we’ll see a return to monthly updates. I’m guessing the delays were at least partly related to prep for the upcoming PS4 release (I cant imagine folks being surprised about this; after all, Gearbox said they wanted to bring Astroneer to more players, so really was a no-brainer y’all would make the game available for PlayStation). While I’m sure work continues on that front, I’m hopeful we’ll see more regular updates resume, maybe some performance/bugfix patches in the mix as well. Whatever y’all have time to send our way, we’re always grateful to get it I know I’m hyped for the PS4 release, mine has been needing some love lately and this is just what the doctor ordered! Smart move, I’m guessing that’s the biggest market Astroneer has yet to tap into, now you'll have all the bases covered so to speak (most who own the Switch, according to articles I’ve read, already own either one of the major consoles or a PC, and that doesn’t even take into account possible technical limitations). As much as I love the Switch, I have to say I’m doubtful but no one really knows, except Nintendo and SES perhaps That PS4 trailer, omg, so frickin’ CUTE! Genius! Bubbles bongos P.S. Did y’all realize it still says in the game menu: “Lunar Update is now LIVE”? Y’all missed my Tomes, I know you did
  3. I’m not sure it’s worth updating the page, probably just need to start over. As I said somewhere else on another thread (the Crafting Megathread I think) most of the threads prior to the full release likely need to be closed as a lot of them either won’t be relevant or will require significant adjustment to reflect current state of affairs (but what do I know, lol). Best for a fresh start perhaps, a clean slate maybe with discussions etc but I’m guessing (as I stated elsewhere) Wyv and any mods he has helping him are completely swamped for now so we’ll have to manage with what we’ve got. The Devs are likewise busy trying to patch/update the game. I haven’t left the starter world but so far the pods I’ve found really don’t match well with any of these, I guess that’s what I was trying to say in the first place (plus Bytes are very low overall, so far anyway that may change on other worlds though).
  4. It did, but hey that’s ok, we all live and learn I’ve played untold hours and I’m always discovering new stuff it’s true!
  5. I agree with the “most people didn’t like storms” opinion because that’s what was expressed here on the forums by and large. There were many aspects of storms that lead to this opinion, it wasn’t just wanting to avoid some difficulty in the game or some nonsense such as this. I don’t mind adversity in games, I grew up with games far more challenging than most we have available today, games that certainly didn’t hold your hand, and with no internet yet available there were no YouTube vids, streams, or online guides to walk you through games either. No, I’m not saying I’m entitled to a cookie for that lol. Just saying it wasn’t that storms proved to be too difficult or something that caused so much “hate” (although I think that’s a bit too strong of a word, most just didn’t like them and wanted options to turn them off or adjust their frequency, but in the short term it was easier I’m sure for SES just to remove them). The problem with storms (and we’re only talking about the dust storm, the only thing that existed in the game) are s follows (and again, this is my opinion but many shared a similar view): (1) the frequency could be annoying, making it difficult to do things (2) you were left with basically no choices during one (hide in base, vehicle, cave, or impromptu dig out, build dirt around you, etc) or else you died (unless you were in the edge of a storm devoid of the UPS boxes of death) (3) while you hid, unless you were in a cave, you sat on your butt and couldn’t do anything; granted some took a break from the game but that’s less than ideal, most value their time gaming and want to make the most of it (aka it was a bit disrespectful of the player’s time) (4) it was an unbalanced mechanic from the start. In most games, ok idk about “most” but you’d like to see something like this have pros and cons. So if you had to hide, and it blew stuff away, why not have it blow some new cool things in as well? Or provide some other positive effects? Even if things were somewhat random, having some potential for something novel to happen is better than just sitting and hiding. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The bottom line as I see it, people tend to confuse the issue of what players really want to see in the game. Imo I think players want to see cool weather “systems” developed, and it sounds like SES is going to take more time to develop that (and hopefully test it properly as well) rather than just drop in a storm or two. While I generally love snow/snow effects (don’t see it where I live in Texas) I really hope they won’t incorporate direct copy paste weather effects like we have on Earth because frankly that’s pretty boring. I know they have the imagination and creative ability to come up with far better than that! After all, we have dust storms on Earth, and really wasn’t that imaginative. I will say I have a ton of respect for the Devs (regarding the work they did on dust storms) so major props for that. I hope they can still use the models and such for future weather, shame to let all that work go to waste. I do think some ideas like comets, meteorites and such are cool ideas, but again I hope we’ll see them put their own Astroneer “flavor” on it, and these systems will have checks and balances, possibly complex interactions and cycles like our own weather maybe even seasonal or other variations. Anyway just some quick thoughts P.S. if it’s not obvious, yeah I’m glad they’re gone, they didn’t add to the game and needed to be pulled. I think SES made the right call, behind them all the way on this 100%
  6. “Backpack” (small) printer, uses 1 compound to make it, there by default, and once placed (with power supply) uses 2 resin to make the medium storage just like before
  7. Performance on Xbox is pretty bad, but posting in an old thread like this won’t help anyone or anything. Tbh most if not all Alpha-related threads probably should be locked at this point, but I’m sure Wyv and others mods he has helping him have their hands full with not only this forum but the Discord and other places as well, Reddit and whatnot, so be patient and courteous it’s not easy but it helps. The Devs know performance is bad, they have a patch ready I have no idea what sort of hoops they have to jump through tho to be in accordance with Microsoft’s policies a lot of this issue is on them not SES. I don’t know anything about game dev but it’s easy to be a player and sit back and judge and say “how could they release a game in this state” do you really think they did that? With so much of their success hinging on how it’s reviewed, appraised, accepted and advertised by sites and players alike? That just doesn’t make any sense now does it? No, I don’t think it’s fair to judge it or them that way. No amount of testing can compare to releasing a game to thousands, millions in the wild and that’s what they have on their hands. They’re a small studio, give them the benefit of the doubt, some patience, and they’ll get things into shape. Beautiful game, they really did a nice job and I know they’ll get the performance and bugs settled eventually. Won’t be to everyone's satisfaction but then again what ever is?