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    Xbox multiplayer

    I play on Xbox One maybe I can help understand why you’re having issues. Both players must own the game, have active Xbox Live Gold memberships (iirc) and they must also be friended to each other. Check and make sure all these things are active/true, then see if one of the persons interested in co-op play can invite the other to their world. I always recommend two people start out with a fresh save (avoids issues if it’s someone you’re not familiar with, so they don’t end up wrecking something you’ve worked on a long time in case they end up not playing nicely with others). Anyway once friended, the person who plans to host the game (and who’s already in their game) should go to their friends list and select the name of the person they’re going to host and invite them. The person who receives the invite accepts and the game should try to join them to the host’s world.
  2. Idk if this has happened to anyone else, I searched but couldn’t find any other info. I play on Xbox One, and since 0.9.0 but also in 0.9.2 (I’m playing on fresh saves for this update) I’ve encountered a strange audio bug when I’m harvesting resources (like compound, resin, the like). I’ve noticed it specifically when using the Inhibitor which I unlock very early so I can clear the area around my base after I’ve flattened and smoothed it. I don’t recall hearing the weird audio when otherwise using the terrain tool to dig out resources normally. It seems to develop over time after using the Inhibitor and I’ve not associated the bug with anything else that has occurred in the game (other phenomena or stuff I’m doing at the time, not yet anyway). What happens is, as I’m harvesting resources (“mowing” them off the terrain) using the Inhibtor I’ll notice gradually there is a change in the pitch or tone of the sound made by the resource that’s collected (often the tone used for the sounds are somewhat musical in nature, those used for ore precursors are more musical than others). The sound morphs into a warbled, disharmonious sound, almost like it’s being duplicated but not fully (like it’s partially overlapped but not the sounds aren’t in tune idk). It reminds me a bit of what we’d call a “trilled” note in music except not a constant held trill, more like just trilled once (sorry, that probably doesn’t make any sense, but it’s not an easy thing to describe). Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this. If it were just the odd sound, it might not be so bad. But clearly something else has gone wrong in the game because once this weird sound occurs the game starts to freeze. Not just a little either, I’ve never seen Astroneer freeze like this. Lag, sure. Hitch up a bit when a storm forms or you’ve printed something or you save, yeah again I’ve seen all that before. But actually freeze up for a few seconds, not like this anyway. I thought it was just an audio bug and kept going, but the game clearly doesn’t like it and I wasn’t right by the habitat when I first noticed it so when it first froze up I thought oh well the game is going to crash. It didn’t, so I kept going but it froze again....longer. I started back to my habitat which thankfully wasn’t far, but I almost didn’t make it. It froze for about 10-15 seconds, thought for sure it would crash. Not sure why it didn’t, but once it released my character I saved and exited the game. Since then, it has happened several times, in other saved games. Now when it happens, I know to stop harvesting resources immediately, save and leave my game. Unfortunately just leaving the game and reloading back in doesn’t fix the issue. I have to close Astroneer completely and reload the whole game itself. I don’t know what this bug is, but it’s a pesky one. The way the freezing behavior was going, I’m concerned it would’ve locked up my Xbox for who knows how long, and I would’ve been forced into a manual shut down (since it didn’t crash, which is what Astroneer usually does). Anyone using the Inhibitor (to clear their bases of clutter or for harvesting resources) who notices a strange sound when doing those things, one that is almost like a duplicated but warbled or garbled sound (trust me you’ll know, it doesn’t sound right at all) you should stop doing that and save your game right away. Save and exit, shut down Astroneer, then reload into it. Should be ok at least afaik. Hope the Devs will look into this, the freezups are concerning.
  3. This has been a long-term issue for me, well issues I should say (lighting and font size, the whole UI actually). The light levels need rebalancing overall in the game at least for Xbox One. I have an Xbox One X but it’s operating more like an Xbox One right now. I don’t have it hooked up via 4K setting to my 4K TV because my receiver is older and doesn’t have the more modern connections. I can’t remember a time when the underground areas and nighttime weren’t too dark, the daytime too bright, and I’ve been playing since January 2017. The ingame brightness menu adjustments are really only good for fine tuning to one’s comfort or liking. They aren’t satisfactory for fixing this issue because adjusting the brightness while underground makes the sky blind you when emerging during daytime, it’s not acceptable by any means! I’ve also tried adjusting all sorts of TV settings without much success. I play 15 ft away from my 65” Sony Bravia (I don’t have any choice to be any closer) the font is way too small (even my teenage son says it’s very difficult to read, so it’s not just my old bifocaled eyes that have issues) and to make matters worse the Devs choose the absolute worst color schemes to present information (the absolute worst choice for contrast, using weird color combinations in the case of the catalog, and now with all the UI card pop ups everywhere they have extremely minuscule text most of which I don’t need anymore but I’d never be able to read it anyway if I had to learn them now, it’s all just too tiny). Why they don’t give us some font size options in the menu idk. Instead of assaulting our visual fields constantly (and unnecessarily) with the card popups, it would make much more sense imho to have a simple icon (such as the one that shows up for compound, looks a bit like a snowflake to me) that we’d hover over if we actually wanted, needed more information. Once we decided to interacted with that, it would open up to maybe a half-screen page using a nice chunky font (or at least one using a selectable size font, maybe even some different contrast options too) that was actually legible and used a reasonable color scheme (such as black text that’s not too thin on a standard white background). No need for anything fancy, no weird colored stuff or grey on white or vice versa, seriously who does that? Obviously not someone interested in having players actually read the info they’re putting on there, I guess maybe they just want it to look pretty? Thanks for including the PC images, I’ve often wondered about this myself. I’ve long thought the Devs probably sit in their offices coding and designing away on high-end PCs, and rarely if ever spend any time whatsoever actually playing this game on an Xbox One (other than for brief testing purposes, to check and see if something works or not). It’s not enough to use a gamepad with a PC, or go home and boot up Astroneer on the Xbox for 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there, maybe a few times a month. No, that’s not acceptable. If SES doesn’t have several dev team members who are dedicated Xbox One console players (they can play games on PC too, but I’m talking about people who play not just Astroneer but other games on console as well, that spend most of their gaming time on console) they don’t have any business developing a game for console. You have to know your platform to develop for it, to do a good job. That’s my opinion anyway, fwiw.
  4. Shadow Echo

    Frame Rate Drop and Severe lag (XBOX ONE)

    I’ve played hundreds of hours on X1, believe me the performance issues are annoying. They’ve been long-standing as well. I tend to avoid co-op, it’s a nightmare. I also stick to Terran for the most part. By the time I get ready to launch, my game is usually running too slow to enjoy gameplay on another planet. That’s a shame, because I do enjoy the other locations in the game, Exotic and Tundra especially (plus Barren, it has no storms!). There have been some performance tweaks along the way, but since the last “bump” many other things have been introduced to the game (most recently, the Shredder, new resources, the harvestable research items, plus other gameplay tweaks). All of these things erased any performance gains we may have seen in the past. In fact, I would say the game runs worse now than it did just a few updates ago. We lost progress on performance, and likely won’t see any improvement unless/until the fabled release of Terrain 2.0. I just hope it packs some serious performance improvements and overhauls to core systems especially for Xbox One. For multiplayer (which has suffered serious issues with lag from the start) there really is no hope for improvement afaik until the Devs get dedicated servers online which I have no idea when that’ll be, I don’t know if anyone does. Could be before or after the launch of 1.0 in December. Let’s just hope whenever we do finally get our hands on Terrain 2.0 (surely before launch, we know it needs extensive testing) the Xbox One will be capable of running it Other than multiplayer issues, or having bases offworld (off Terran)-because we know those things cause serious performance issues already-I’ll mention some things I know are associated with poor performance on Xbox One (based off my own experience). There are two dynamic things which occur in the game that cause performance to tank the most: (1) active acid production from pumpkin clusters, and (2) storms. I won’t get into my personal rant about storms and how pointless they are, needless to say I don’t like them. They waste player time, and serve no function. The spewing of acid clouds in response to your proximity to Pumpkins is why you experience poor performance after entering caves. Once you’ve cleared a good many of them you may experience some improvement but that’s not guaranteed of course ans they’re often numerous and there’s a certain risk involved (they’re not difficult to remove, but there’s often so much cave clutter on the floor it can become difficult to maneuvering, such that jumping free and out of range of their pursuing acid clouds can get tricky at times, more so when you are in the more open areas where multiple clusters may surround you and “pop off” at the same time which can quickly overwhelm you before you’re aware of the danger, or when there are two clusters totaling 6 pumpkins instead of the usual 3 or the worst, the “hidden 3rd” where one is beneath terrain or inside a cave wall. Besides those two things, overall accrued time in game worsens performance as do the following : tethers, beacons, vehicles, and large areas of terraforming (suspected anyway, because the game must keep track of everywhere you go & everything you’ve changed at each location; this is further amplified when one makes satellite bases on Terran or offworld). Sometimes the game crashes on me just because I’ll go off exploring far distances from my base (which I do quite often). I guess it becomes too much for the game to handle in the savefile or perhaps has something with limitations of playing on console, I’m not sure. I save frequently when I do go exploring, but it’ll still crash despite incremental saves. I hope the Devs can fix this soon as well, because it’s reliable (the game will crash after a certain amount of time exploring). I don’t think I’ve been able to play for more than ~2 hrs at a time without the game crashing, ever.
  5. Shadow Echo

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    My communication style is just that...a style. Many times I’ve wished I could be more succinct. I’ve tried all sorts of things, but nothing has worked for me, I’ve been unsuccessful in that regard. It just isn’t in the cards for me, and I wish more people could understand that. I’m no stranger to other complaining about it. Some try to be nice about it, some will offer suggestions (it can come across condescending though, as if I wouldn’t have “fixed” the problem already if I could have). Others are not so nice about it, rude even bordering on harassment. It’s a part of who I am. I’m am extremely detailed person by nature. In the end, everyone has a choice. No one is forced to read anything I write on this forum (except maybe the mods, they have to check everything I suppose) and I make that abundantly clear quite often. I don’t go critiquing others for their writing style and I certainly don’t expect others to read through my “lengthy diatribes” but my last post has everything to do with the game and how the Devs communicate about it with the community. Perhaps we should agree to disagree about that but I certainly don’t want to argue about it. I think the mods would agree, there’s no sense offering up personal opinions about the writing style of another member. I don’t write often, but when I do the matters I write about generally do pertain to the game and issues I’ve experienced all with the hope of helping the Devs improve the game. If you’re speaking about the previous post, the one about PC gamers versus console gamers which included some of my history of gaming, yes that wasn’t related to Astroneer directly but I included it as part of an overall discussion about whether many people played on console. It’s not easy to play this game on console, and I think that’s poorly understood amongst the PC part of the Astroneer community. I was trying to discuss this but only because someone posted about it, may have been you I don’t remember. Obviously many of us are frustrated with how things are going, only because we would like to see the game do well in the long run. I hope this clarified a few things, and again I have no interest in arguing. Definitely agree we should focus on how to help improve the game.
  6. Shadow Echo

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    It’s abundantly clear most people agree with many of the sentiments I expressed in my (lengthy) post. Many of us have grown frustrated with these minuscule updates, receiving minimal info about the game’s overall plan for development. It doesn’t feel we’re being made useful to our maximum potential, which begs the question why we’re here in the first place? We love playing the game, that’s a given, but we come here to do more than just that, we come here to be involved. Instead of testing out these very small additions to the game, many of us have wondered why we haven’t been be evaluating far more significant core items of the game all along. I’m talking about signiviant core items, ones that have, or will need, lengthy period of bug testing, some hefty rebalancing, and quite possibly some unforeseen tweaks as well. Even smaller less complex systems added recently like the new harvestables have had significant balancing issues. These issues haven’t been resolved either as far as I can tell but more importantly the magnitude of the harvestables system pales in comparison to items like Terrain 2.0 or the core story/quest mechanic (which I assume will be in the game at some point, but I haven’t heard a single thing about when that will make an appearance). With regrds to the harvestables, it’s incredibly disappointing the Devs haven’t done anything I’m aware of to address the issues of their over-abundance. I haven’t played much on the new update yet, but so far it seems thereve been no significant changes to nerf them (reduce the overall number of availability of the parent objects that spawn them, they’re way too many, as well as significantly increase the cool-down period so they cannot be harvested as frequently). Then there’s the issue of aesthetic, one I haven’t seen others mention but it’s also worth bringing up imho I noticed it immediately when they were first introduced. Too often the parent objects are glaring eyesores, they don’t fit in with the surrounding environment at all, fail to match with the overall color scheme. I don’t think players will have any trouble identifying nearby harvestables, after all the card UI pops up in our faces assaulting our visual fields every second we play the game now, I doubt players will miss this info often. I know I’d prefer not seeing odd pink and brown striped spike plants in the middle of a green and orange, or purple and orange background terrain I’m just saying it looks incredibly tacky (ok fugly tbh). There are plenty of other color combos that look terrible. I realize lots of players won’t pick up on this, but I have a bit of an art background, nothing very formal just middle school and a bit in high school but I’m also a very visually attuned person I know when things don’t look “right” when colors seem to clash etc. These plants look like an eyesore imho. Please return to a more harmonious color scheme, it would be easier on the eyes. The game is so beautiful, I don’t understand why things are changed which disrupt this, one of the best features of a Astroneer imho. Same with cluttering the UI with all these card pop ups ugh! The parent objects in cave systems are even more garish, seriously who thought bright magenta rocks placed against a green backdrop really worked well together? Again, strive for harmony, colors that compliment each other, don’t try to make things stand out so much it’s taxing on the eyes. Go for something a bit more natural, but for goodness sake don’t make the same mistake as with titanium and pick a different shade of green (smh). Don’t use a color already used in something else, like a resource. I’m sure it’s not an easy process, but with so many colors in the rainbow, I have a hard time believing bright magenta (a color I like overall) is really the only option y’all can come up with. To be fair, there are some that are much more reasonable in their coloration, so I guess what I’m saying is why not choose those? Why is it necessary to have the magenta ones at all? They stick out so much they look out of place. And there are way too many. The long winding tunnels that go really far down and often end in a item of some kind? There are often 3-5 sometimes more of the parent objects lining these tunnels all the way down, it’s just ridiculous! No one needs that many. One tunnel like that, and of course there are several of these within a cave system often they’re not far apart from each other though it can vary, procedural gen and all that, but imagine with that many rocks spawning harvestables and on average 2 harvestables per rock with average value of 50 Bytes each, that’s 300-500 Bytes right there for EACH tunnnel, not including the dozen or so of these things found literring the lower cave levels, plus dozens on the upper levels as well. No one can can far without running into the these things in caves, and I do mean literally running into them. They’ve only added to an increasing problem with cave clutter. There’s now so much stuff on the ground especially in the higher levels of caves, it’s become a significant issue to walk around or drive in caves now. I’m glad I carry an Inhibitor with me at all times, besides filters it’s oje of the first things I unlock but it shouldn’t have to be. It got much worse when Hydrazine was removed (I’m was actually fine with that) and Ammonium was added and redesigned. I like the appearance of Ammonium it’s very unique, but it’s terrible in terms of navigating. I’d love to ask the Devs to consider re-allocating Ammonium to the sidewalks of caves instead. Please remove it as a floor resource, there are too many resources cluttering cave floors now, I’ve died to Pumkin acid clouds only because I’ve been blocked in from escaping by a combination of crystal ore precursor formations, Ammonium formations not allowing my character to move or jump free, and those stalagmites that have the collision detection occurring in pairs extremely close together. That’s another thing we could use less of, the huge stalagmites, they also impede vehicles. I like the Inhibitor and use it frequently but it’s tiresome to constantly “mow” paths through caves and it leaves a lot of resource nuggets in my wake which also become obstructions themselves. I don’t need all those resources that are generated as a byproduct. It’s would be much simpler to have less clutter to deal with in the first place. I don’t think anyone is going to face shortages of resources if y’all cut back some on the resource spawns in caves and reallocated some like Ammonium to sidewalls. I think the overall player experience and QoL would improve significantly. Please improve the lighting as well, caves remain too dark and the headlamp still needs a buff it’s so dramatic once you get a worklight and have used it try turning it off and realize just how dark it is inside caves. You’ll wonder how you ever managed to find anything, or were able to navigate at all. It’s not acceptable the level of darkness and dialing up the brightness isn’t the answer because it’ll be too bright once you return outside. Light levels need to be balanced within the game, not rely on the user to adjust things (only minor adjustments as they need for their own comfort, but that’s not what I’m talking about here). This reminds me of one particular issue I REALLY wish the Devs would be much more open (ahem, transparent lol) about, and that’s the true names they give to stuff, i.e.the specific formal terminology they use for the many objects, terrain formations, etc, in the game because those of us who play the game a lot and especially those of us who try to help other players as well would definitely find such info incredibly helpful. It would improve player communication a lot, knowing how to refer to things by their true designated name the Devs use rather than making up terms which will vary somewhat from user to user. Here are some examples where I’ve taken to naming some of the research pods: the one that looks like a cross between a tomato and strawberry I call a “strawmato” there’s also the cupcake/cheeseburger, the nut and red nut, the red and green spike virus, the pink and green bubblegum, the orange and blue pyramids, the purple onion (it has layers), the red-orange pebbled one, the Christmas ornament lol, and so on. There are multiple terrain features like the trees which often have research pods (not the same as the mushroom biome “trees”), the Stonehenge clusters (they don’t resemble Stonehenge of course lol they’re just small clusters of structures of structures some of which spawn research pods underneath). Now we also have isolated somewhat larger individual structures that are somewhat similar, sometimes they also exist in clusters as well but not as many as the Stonehenge ones, there’ll be just a few grouped together and they’re also shaped a little bit differently. These are often parent objects for harvestables but only some of them will spawn them, not all. I call all of these terrain structures resin-like structures because they resemble the nodes that used to spawn resin for harvesting in older versions of the game, not because they’re made of resin. I wouldn’t know what something would look like if it were made out of resin anyway. There’s also what I call the Christmas trees in reference to the tallish resin-like structures resembling the outline of evergreen trees which also occur in small clusters, sometimes with research pods underneath. In the “hills of Terran” (a name I chose for the area of Terran where there are indeed hills, lots of caves, frequent crash sites although that varies considerably) there are a few notable finds like the mutant corn, the rare small sessile pumpkins (not to be confused with the volatile acid-spewing cave pumpkins) and the cyclopean alien beings which appear as if they’re gonna say “Imma Firin’ Mah Laz0rz” at any moment should I make any attempt to claim any research they’re guarding😝 So you see Devs, this is what happens when players feel they’re left with no alternative, no input from you to guide them in understanding this incredible world you’ve created. Sure, we understand what the core mechanics are and their names and descriptions, but there is so much more here we wonder about and want, need to convey to others when we play. We’re often left to our own devices and imagination because we’re given no alternative. There is no interaction, no transparency here, so that’s another important suggestion for you Devs, a great opportunity for y’all to be much more involved with this great community you have here. Please consider making a glossary of for Astroneer on this site, your players would benefit so much from it and it would improve communication in game a great deal imho. And please cut back on all those “freebie” Bytes from harvestables and declutter caves, it’s out of control I agree the whole “transparency comment” makes me chuckle as well, ok I’m not sure laughing is how I responded but it’s definitey not something I agree with by a long shot. They’ve been anything but transparent. They’ve not been involved with the community at all, so I’m not sure how that comment is in any way justifiable. Transparent imho would mean they come to this site, they one the actually created for the purposes of “joining in the discussion” with people like myself who play their game and test it for bugs, people who enjoy playing Astroneer and want to see it get better, see the bugs fixed, etc, letting us know what’s going on in a manner that’s consistent, predictable, ongoing, and interactive. I believe that’s how most players here would define transparent. Ideally the Devs would be participating regularly in discussions with the player base (again here), post frequent blogs about how things are progressing specifically from the different sections working on the game about how their division or whatever is working on stuff (within reason of course), future plans (again within reason) and interacting with people perhaps some scheduled chat sessions and the like plus more streams as well, instead of putting out a VLOG once in a blue moon which I’m sure wasn’t an easy task and of course the content was generally great but that sort of content offers no means of interaction with players. Perhaps they do interact on some places like Discord, but that’s not enough and it certainly doesn’t meet their own criteria set forth in the loading page of the game which invites players to come here, to interact with them here. That interaction is not occurring here, in the place they created, where they specifically invited everyone who bought the game to join in the discussion. This clearly suggests an open discussion with the Devs. I doubt most players thought it implied a discussion simply amongst other players. Why would we need an invite from the Devs to do that? People discuss games across the Internet all the time, we don’t need a Dev’s approval much less an invitation to do such a thing. We also shouldn’t need to search all over to find this discussion (with the Devs), to find a way to interact with them. I haven’t used Discord before, and I don’t belong to social networks (I have no need for them, no purpose exists in joining one), although I have used Reddit before. I hope the Devs don’t make a big mistake and rely too heavily on social media networks to communicate with players and make announcements after the game is fully released. Not everyone uses social media. This website should always remain the primary source for news, info, and communication between the Devs and players. Otherwise there’s no reason for this place to exist.
  7. Shadow Echo

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    At this point old saves made in 0.9 should be deleted and new ones started, that’s what the Devs recommend. Old saves will likely suffer terrain seams and other major issues. The game generally flags old saves with an orange exclamation mark to let the player know those saves aren’t likely to be compatible with the new update (if a save it runs, it’s expected to have major issues as I mentioned). It will ask the player if they’re sure they want to load the old save game, accepting the risk of doing so (at least that’s how it works on Xbox One). Starting fresh is always advisable when a new update becomes available. Once the game enters full release (and after Terrain 2.0 has been put in place) I’ve heard this may no longer be necessary, old saves may be able to survive the update process intact, but I don’t really know anything about that sort of stuff we’ll just have to wait and see.
  8. Shadow Echo

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    This’ll be long, so I certainly don’t begrudge those who pass on it. Most is directed towards the Devs anyway, so feel free to skip on by lol With regards to the quote above...I could get into more specifics about this, but I guarantee it’d be lengthy and quite boring. Having said that, there are quite a lot of console players for Astroneer. No idea how many, and any number I tried to come up with would be meaningless, impossible to back up. Truth is I’m skeptical of player numbers for any game, on any platform especially these days (I remember how Bungie used to brag about the millions that were still online everyday back when Destiny’s popularity clearly was tanking, same for Destiny 2 lol). I will say it does gets a bit offputting when I see a lot of comments on this forum from people (who play on PC) who act very much like Astroneer only exists on PC, and the controls need be adjusted specifically with (only) the PC player in mind. It’s incredibly narrow-minded. I’m not saying you do that. I certainly don’t bother keeping track who says what on this forum for the most part. I have health problems, suffer chronic back pain everyday, to say I have other things on my mind is an understatement. My health issues are one of the biggest reasons why I don’t, can’t, game on PC. If I could I would’ve tried it (at least for Astroneer). I’m limited to gaming while reclining in bed. Even my laptop isn’t comfortable to use for any significant length of time, so console and portable gaming are currently my only options. I hope my situation will improve. None of my problems are considered “curable” but on the bright side, they’re not terminal either so there’s that When I first started playing back in January 2017, I thought to myself “wow this is the weirdest control scheme I think I’ve ever had to learn” lol. Granted, I’m sure there are some real oddball ones out there, it’s not like I’ve played all kinds of games in existence not by a long shot I’m sure. I’ve played some FPS games, a few racing games, some RPGs as well, puzzle games, platformers, and sandbox games including Minecraft. Like many I grew up on the Atari (2600 & 5200), played Zork on the IIe back in middle school, and I became really good at Tetris on the Mac my parents got when I was in HS (I later took it to college). Throughout life I kept a Nintendo handheld nearby to fulfill my gaming needs. I still have my collection of devices (purple GBC, glacier GBA, cobalt GBA-SP, plus my more recent additions an aqua blue 3DS, special gold Zelda 3DS XL). My husband & I got a SNES while we were in medical training to relieve some stress. Later we got a Wii (perfect for family gaming, our son was about 4 at the time and demonstrated a knack for it). I got an Xbox 360 not long after that. When my son was old enough to handle the Xbox controller, I began raising him in the ways of a gamer But wow, Astroneer really hurt my hands, wrists, and fingers (doesn’t help I have arthritis I’m sure, or that I played it every waking moment for 2 weeks solid no lie, I really did!). Even now, with a lot of adjustments like the context action holds etc, the entire cursor movement scheme is bizarre. I’m used to it, I don’t even think about it having committed it to muscle memory long ago and having played hundreds of hours at this point. A few months ago I was trying to help someone who’s never played the game. They were having an incredibly difficult time using the cursor method on contoller to select things to pick them up (materials on the ground, research pods, selecting to grab and releasing them with any sort of precision was almost impossible for them to do, and they became quickly frustrated as well as developing some hand fatigue because it’s so awkward). This person is an experienced gamer, not a young kid or newbie, so I’d expect many players new to Astroneer on console may feel the same way when they start to play. In fact, the contols were so odd I actually broke out my Xbox One Elite controller which, at that point hasn’t been used, and set up a custom control scheme (back then iirc most Xbox One controller’s couldn’t have buttons remapped, but the Elite still goes further in terms of customization-you can adjust trigger sensitivity and more). It helped some, but ultimately I learned to live with the weirdness. I know people who play on PC can often hook up a gamepad and see what it’s like to play Astroneer using it, but trust me that’s not the same as using it hour by hour, day by day. Anything can be tolerable when you know you have a choice, that you can switch back to the preferred method. If you want to know what its really like, switch over to a controller for 2-3 hours, maybe a day or so, whatever you can manage. Only then can you judge how it feels. Does it still feel ok? After getting a more substantial does of the controller experience, I wonder if maybe you’ll think “wow, this isn’t very intuitive, it isn’t very comfortable either” If you want to know what it’s like, it takes more that just a quick try-out. I remember back in the beginning there was a place on this forum where players could share their screenshots. Some had posted so me incredible sculptures, works of art, really amazing stuff. I think I wrote a comment about how all of those must’ve been done by PC players. I wasn’t trying to be rude, I was just pointing out how much better a mouse obviously was in terms of fine control for the game (I was jelly of course, but it was a good kind of jelly, a wishing I could do that sort). It still is I’m sure, though I must give a lot of credit to the Devs. The game is much smoother now in terms of using the terrain tool with a controller. Its nothing like how it used to feel, it was so clunky when I started in back in early Pre-Alpha. I think there is still room for improvement, almost always is, and I’m sure the Devs will continue to refine the process. Realistically I know things will always be smoother, the control tighter, using a mouse. As for comments regarding hotkeys, bindings, etc, I would just like people who make those sorts of comments to remember PC isn’t the only platform playing Astroneer. The Devs have certain goals in mind, certain restrictions they intend to keep in place with regards to PC and console versions (probably has something to do with SES being a small studio so they can’t be developing completely serparate versions of the game for console and PC, so compromises must be made). I think that’s why we end up getting things like the context action (hold to interact) which is partly meant to alleviate some of the annoying cursor manipulation on controllers (it is very annoying believe me, better yet try it yourself). The downside of this, it often ends up being a rather haphazard crappy experience for everyone. You know what they say about good intentions and all that... I can’t say I like having the hold buttons either. It doesn’t save me any time or effort. It takes just as much time and effort to make sure my character is lined up properly. If I don’t, something else will happen instead, such as the camera shifting at the last moment and opting to do something else. The most annoying thing I think for me is when I’m trying to get the research chamber to investigate but instead it decides to pull out the damn power cable for the platform instead Seriously Devs, I wish you’d remove the hotlink, whatever you’d call it, for the platform (and other cables) on console and make it something we have to intentionally hover over with the cursor. It’s a perfect example where I’m always wasting time and effort because this scheme you’ve forced on us doesn’t help in the long run imo it wastes far more time and effort than it saves. Come on Devs, how many people need to run around adjusting their platform cables? Is that something players spend a lot of time doing? So much that these cable links need to be permanently hot-clickable? I don’t think so. I’m not buying it. Turn that off, it’s so annoying. Anyway, yeah they’ve decided the versions must be the same to keep the workload manageable so that’s why a lot of stuff is the way it is (in other words, wonky). Often that means it’s an odd compromise, one that may not work quite optimally for either console or PC. It also means PC players need to understand why its often not so simple as they seem to think it is when they tell the Devs “just add this like so many other PC games have/do it.” The Devs probably can’t do it if controllers (gamepads) can’t do it, or if a comparable control scheme can’t be programmed for controllers. That’s what I’m trying to say. I’m not picking on any PC players, and I hope that’s obvious because I certainly don’t want to be picked on. We’re all part of the Astroneer community, we all love this game, and we all hope it’ll continue to do well going into full release and beyond. Anything that benefits console or PC, benefits us all. Getting along, considering how the challenges we face differ as well as having a mutual respect for differing points of view regardless of what platform we play Astroneer on, all these things help us forge a stronger community ✌️ In terms of the update, haven’t had the chance to play much so I’ll only make a few comments. Well one is a bit of a rant sorry about that. I agree, what the heck does it mean “positively adjust” the harvestables? There were already way too many of those things in the game, I hope they’ve been rduced in number, and can be collected less often. There’s no need for them to be everywhere, in 0.9 there were so may of them in caves you could literally trip over the harvestable rock sources! Please cut back significantly on those! I can’t imagine “positively adjusted” is supposed to mean that. If y’all think that’s what it means, perhaps someone at SES needs to revisit clear and effective communication🤔 Storms-ok here’s where I rant a bit, sorry I feel I must. Get rid of storms , at least for now, you’d be doing all of us (and yourselves) a huge favor. They’re a complete waste of time, not to mention pointless and poorly programmed. It’s not about “challenge” don’t try to sell it to me as that’s the purpose because it’s not, and I’m not challenge averse. So yeah don’t give me that. The mechanics are ridiculous. Richochet damage? You’ve got to be kidding me right? Some block that is rolling around at 2 FPS all across my entire base then mosies its way over to “nudge” my character in their booted pinkie toe, suddenly manages to deliver a lethal OHKO despite having lost almost all of its momentum, you’re crapping me right? Not to mention these “rocks” still fly through cave ceilings, walls, you name it because the game doesn’t have any idea (still) of what a boundary is in most contexts. It’s so broken, it’s been broken, there’s been no improvement in the system and no purpose whatsoever. All storms do is waste my time while forcing me to be slowed, all for no reason whatsoever. I’m not the only one who feels that way. It’s reached the point many players admit they prefer to just leave the game when a storm approaches, it’s faster to save, leave, and load back in. When it reaches that point Devs, when your players actively avoid something like that by choosing to leave your game rather than put up with a crappy mechanic, I can’t imagine any greater clue that you’ve screwed up and need to fix something. Remove storms until you can fix them. Others people leave Terran as soon as possible and spend the remainder of their game time on Barren, the one place a player is guaranteed refuge from freedom this abomination, where you can play in peace without being disrupted constantly. If you want to include space weather, make it purposeful. It should be interesting to observe, and if it altera the environment it should be in a neutral or positive way. I’d like to see things like meteor showers, phenomena like our own aurora, places like snow biomes, etc. This isn’t a hardcore survival game where we’re supposed to run around and fix structures. I’m definitely opposed to the idea of storms doing damage to base structures and other similar ideas. If I wanted to do that sort of thing, I’d play Save The World or CoD Zombies (ugh). Astroneer is about exploring, discovering things. Like someone said elsewhere, it’s basically a “survival lite” game. I don’t need more busy work, that’s what repairing a bunch of crap like storm damage would end up being. If the story ever gets implemented and we need to restore equipment to get rescued etc, that’s different. That has a purpose, there’s a reason behind what we’re doing plus there would be stages involved, collecting stuff, putting it together, refining materials, sending a signal perhaps, reaching a rendezvous point. Sitting around a base while storms repeatedly bash your stuff, going out to collect more junk to repair said stuff, having to hide while more storms come knowing it’s blowing your stuff all over and breaking kore stuff, that imho is pointless and disrespectful of a player’s time. Game weather, no matter the type, shouldn’t force me to seek shelter just to sit on my butt for 1-2 minutes (that’s being optimistic; on X1 storms are the worst offender when it comes to poor performance). After creating a new game save, the generation of a storm, not even one that’s close just anywhere really, causes the game to hitch or freeze for a second. This didn’t happen until a few updates ago, the game is supposed to perform better over time not worse, this is totally unacceptable! Storms cause more performance issues than they did back in early Pre-Alpha. I suspect this is caused by several things. They’ve added more graphical detail to storms, really unnecessary considering storms don’t do anything, they don’t even serve a purpose. I can’t be sure but they seem bigger overall, they also seem to last much longer. After I’ve played on a save for maybe 10+ hours sometimes a storm will last over 3-5 minutes, I’ve even had to shut down a game because of storms that didn’t want to stop the performance was so bad. They also occur too frequently, one appearing approximately every 15-18 minutes or so in real time. That’s too often imho. It can vary quite a bit, and occasionally storms will occur 20-30 minutes a part, but on average they’re more frequent than that (I know because I’ve tracked them, in fresh game saves). Players have been saying for months (myself included) storms absolutely should not occur underground; this includes storms effects as well. No slowing, no dust no blowing our things all over the place, any storm effects penetrating underground is the dumbest thing ever. Many are fed up with it, this must be cleared up before the game launches. I also think I’m not alone in getting a bit tired of the old “wait until Terrain 2.0 and ‘x’ issue will be fixed” yeah T2.0 was hyped up back in spring 2017. Later on it was on the Road Map slated for Q2 (yes I realize it’s not a release calendar, but if it’s not meant to be some sort of a timeline guide, there’s really no point in listing it for players to see is there?). I think we’ve all heard enough about T2.0 and need some solid info about when we’re actually get our hands on it. Saying it’ll be sometime at or prior to 1.0 release doesn’t cut it imho. Terrain 2.0 is going to be (at least many of us think it’ll be) one of the biggest updates Astroneer will have to date. That means it needs very thorough testing, months worth. In order to accomplish that we need to get our hands on it ASAP. Tired of so much stuff falling through terrain (including stuff I’m trying to get into the Shredders). Patch Notes don’t say anything about fixing debris so that everything can be shredded now (like modules on top of platforms). I’m not the only one wondering why the Shredder was added if the Devs knew a lot of debris wouldn’t be accepted, couldn’t be processed. Lately there've been several items in updates that just don’t seem on par with previous work, stuff left in a very unfinished state and I don’t mean just “alpha” I do understand that concept. Whatever happened to hotfixing issues Devs? Just because you’re working towards release doesn’t mean you don’t fix things, including inbetween monthly updates. Sometimes we really need stuff fixed, and not seeing hotfixes released anymore well it can come across like you’re just not interested in putting in the effort anymore Devs. Not saying you’re not all working hard because I’m sure you are, but the game still is being played, and players still encounter some nasty bugs which need addressed in a more timely manner than the monthly update, so all I’m saying is we need y’all to pay attention and put those hotfixes out when possible please. There’ll always be something going on, a gaming convention, this that or the other, you might as well start making it standard procedure to build these things into your work schedule. It’s a bad habit letting yourself make excuses, let deadlines slips, postpone things that need attention. I know I don’t understand much of anything about your work, but I know small teams, and when they plan appropriately they can manage the workload efficiently across the board so that when events do come up they’re covered with a minimal disruption of workflow. Not everyone attends every meeting. Hotfixes go a long way imho to show you care about the player experience. Some bugs can be really bad, and many have gone on way too long! We’ve all been kept in the dark for over a year it seems, only to be told recently to not worry about stuff because the almighty T2.0 will fix it all. One thing I do know, T2.0 is likely to be full of bugs. I can certainly understand not giving out a specific release date, but many of us have waited patiently for a very long time. Imho it would do a world of good giving us some idea when we might expect to get our hands on it. A lot of us aren’t feeling so optimistic. Frankly T2.0 has been trotted out so much lately, it sounds more like an excuse than anything real, tangible. Like a delay tactic. Let us know we’re going to see it soon, like how soon, at this point Devs you really should be able to offer up something in terms of time frame. I don’t think that’s asking too much, it’s not like most of use would be asking for a specific date. Finally (if anyone is still reading that is), why oh why did you change the Titanium shape? NOT COOL! Devs do you ever consider how things LOOK in your game at all? I really am beginning to wonder. First, you ruined so much of the beauty with the horrible grey dirt, I don’t know if I can ever forgive that nonsense but if the E3 trailer is to be believed the 1.0 release will remedy this (guessing its more “wait for T2.0”?). Then you took away many of the nice bright colors for resources (I’m ok with compound and resin, but malachite blends in too much with cave green, laterite too much with cave orange, although I really like how coal was redone it’s ingenious how it’s lighter when light doesn’t shine directly on it, darker when a light source is pointed at it, amazing!). The ore bricks themselves are fine, they are better than they were originally when it wasn’t easy to distinguish between the two of them. Now it’s easy to tell the difference between copper and aluminum, but I missed the pistachio titanium and snowflake white lithium when you made all the changes. I just don’t like the color of lithium at all now, and always felt titanium should have a very shiny metallic sheen (after it was changed). Now you’ve ruined titanium completely! You took away its lone defining characteristic, it’s shape! How could you?! Now it’s just a plain brick, same as copper and aluminum. I was confused for a moment when I had collected some stuff from a crash. As I sorted through things on a platform back at base, I realized I had aluminum and some darker grey bricks as well. I had to hover over them to see what they were. Titanium? NOOOOO! This is terrible. Don’t you realize many people play this game on huge TVs, they’re not sitting in front of a super crisp monitor? Not only am I playing on a 65” TV that I’m 15 feet away from (I think that’s quite far, seems like it to me), I also wear bifocals (which aren’t anywhere near strong enough to read a lot of the increasingly minuscule fonts many games use these days, but it doesn’t help when games like Astroneer decide its better to start placing placards everywhere on everything in sight using tiny font to display everything imaginable about stuff. Instead I’d recommend giving the player some font options in the menu, or even better, allowing the player to hover over an icon which, once interacted with, opens up a much larger display or interface that uses a nice sizeable font that’s easy to read, even for old farts like myself who sit back in their adjustable beds with their bifocals on lol. I play a lot at night. To avoid eye strain, I have the brightness turned down a fair bit, and colors are also muted somewhat somewhat. These changes are not going to go over well with me, but I forsee other problems which may affect other player groups as well. I don’t know enough about the different types of colorblindness to know if different shades of grey pose issues, but I do recall seeing some posts on this forums asking for colorblindness settings in Astroneer. It’s common nowadays for games to offer colorblindness settings for the 3 most common types, so I hope the Devs will keep this in mind and include those settings as options. Astroneer is a great game and everyone should have the ability to play if they want to. I realize items are labeled, but I often pick up things without having to wait for the label to come up. Until now, most resources had an easily identifiable shape as well. That’s the primary reason it bothers me Titanium has been changed into a drab, generic brick. I dont have trouble distinguishing colors, but I still think it was a mistake to make it a similar shade of grey. At some point you have to abandon this “realism” goal and go with what looks better and works for the players. Instead of changing the color to make it a very similar shade of grey (and what an ugly color by the way, maybe you’re trying to get all blocks of ore to fit somewhere that’s my guess but omg you don’t ever make stuff the same overall color, different shades isn’t different enough imho, that’s gotta be covered somewhere in art and design right? Surely it’s a big no no). Please go back to the defining shape if at all possible. If it’s not possible (due to some other design choice y’all have made) please make it a completely different color, and while you’re at it (keeping colorblindness in mind) maybe you could add a visible pattern to the brick as well. For example, maybe aluminum could have a checked pattern, copper could have idk a prismatic appearance, titanium could have a repeating hexagonal pattern inscribed on it, something like that, I’m sure y’all could come up with something. I always figured it wouldn’t be so bad for those who had mild issues with colors because the resources all had very distinguishable shapes. Now that you appear to be doing away with some of that, maybe this is the first step in doing away with all of it idk, so please consider adding some other means of identification. Patterns or something else. Relying on more labels-ugh just no. We need less intrusive labels int he game not more. Let us please not have UI cards popping up all over the place telling us the same stuff all the time. I’ve always enjoyed the beauty of Astroneer, it’s been my go to game to relax and chill. It’s hard to relax when there’s something popping into view, constantly assaulting my vision every 1.2 seconds. Please fix this. Even new players will learn all they need to know quickly. They’ll soon tire of having all this info literally thrown up at them constantly. It’s the antithesis of user-friendly. And finally, thanks for letting beacons be active on vehicles. It was unacceptable when your vehicles would fall into some cave somewhere and you wouldn’t have any idea where to look, even to start looking. It’s not like you’d know to deploy the beacon because it would often happen between saving and leaving a game, and reloading into it. Seriously hope Terrain 2.0 fixes a massive amount of things. Otherwise this game isn’t going to be anywhere near ready to launch come December (that’s coming from someone who loves this game, and wants nothing more than to see it succeed). From the bug fixes listed, looks like you’ve fixed the cursor dissociation on death issue that sometimes occurred (X1) I haven’t tried to verify yet but I sure hope so, it was incredibly annoying I’d have to leave the game and reload in order to fix. Game was unplayable when it happened, all functions were nearly impossiblefrom walking around to manipulating or interacting with objects. As far as new recipes and new resources, I understand the concept (people have to continue working on things for the game no matter what the overall schedule is) but performance on Xbox One is already terrible it pains me greatly to see anything new added without seeing any performance tweaks accompanying them. The performance bumps that supposedly were implemented a few updates ago? Yeah those didn’t do a whole lot at the time, and they’ve been completely obliterated and beyond (meaning the game runs even worse now than before) because you’ve added Shredders, Scrap, and retooled other things, and refused to remove stupid storm effects which continue to be a massive resource hog with performance tanking unlike ever before so the game becomes quickly unplayable, faster than it ever did. I don’t deploy massive tether systems (I travel on foot mostly using oxygen tanks, crafting filters as needed). A filter fix would be greatly appreciated, a bigger main tank as well. I agree with many others, the main tank of oxygen doesn’t last a sufficient duration to accomplish anything, and relying constantly on a tethered existence (to a tether network, vehicle, platform, or habitat) is not the sort of freedom the game expresses in the trailers or the overall design (the goal, loosely put for now, is exploration but you must have oxygen to explore or you’ll die). It wouldn’t hurt (I promise) if you’d kindly put some more oxygen tanks and titanium back into the world (especially Terran). I use some beacons but not excessively (would like to see more flexibility in their use as well, and let’s get some better functionality in marking death locations please, the current system imho is awful). Co-op for console is almost unbearable even in a fresh save with just 2 people. I know, dedi servers are coming. Heard that for well over a year too. I’m a very patient person, but at some point even patience wears thin. Still love the game, still eagerly await Terrain 2.0 even though I’m tired of hearing nothing solid about it. I’m sure the full release will be amazing too. Sorry for writing a book✌️
  9. Shadow Echo

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    I’ve only checked out one wreckage, the one with the checkered tile-like appearance with a rocket engine on one end that’s split along one side. It has a center column with several resources lined up in a row along with the single open seat. The pieces in the crash site’s surrounding debris field, once you’ve dug it out of the terrain, can all be picked up. I don’t have any vehicles yet, haven’t gotten that far, but I can interact with the pieces like I said (I picked them up and stored them all together in a pit for now). This crash site is close to base, but I’m hoping eventually we’ll be able to haul these back using attachment points on a vehicle train, in addition to being able to take a Shredder to them (although now that I think more about it, moving the Shredder around to the wrecks may make more sense in the long run, still it’d be nice to have the option either way). I haven’t checked Extenders yet. Saw some in a cave (on an explorer’s pack) but I generally don’t use until later in game when I’m prepping for launch (when I’m using the Platform D’s to arrange my solar production, batteries, and also my resource storage pallets making sure I have everything I want to take with me to establish offworld bases). It’ll be awhile before I need extenders in my games, hopefully not too long though.
  10. Shadow Echo

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    Haven’t played much of the new update yet, so I’ll only share a few impressions. AS-3097 I think it is, the one where I’d always see the base’s landing pad in the corner of my character’s camera flickering? I hope that’s taken care of as that was a low impact yet annoying little bug! I’ll have to check that out. As for the new iconography for power and oxygen, sorry Devs not liking this one. While I’m glad the very large text has been rethought, these icons are just too wide, yet small (squatty I guess?) to convey much meaningful info. I’m terms of oxygen status, the icons just don’t convey the proper sense of urgency. Maybe they work out ok on PC, but they aren’t discernible on my 65” TV. I’m playing in the master bedroom (in my bed, because I’m severely limited by chronic back pain) where I struggle to read any of the text in game. It’s difficult to see the Byte values on the research module. I memorized which actions require holding X or Y, because it’s almost impossible to discern which letter it is at the distance I’m playing and viewing from. I wear bifocals and while I do need a stronger script, it isn’t just that. My son (14) says he can’t read them either, and he’s used to reading small print on screens. I just don’t think the tiny new icons are as effective overall in communicating to the player, especially when it comes to the urgent SUFFOCATION warning, which is the most important notificarion imo. Not trying to nitpick here, just providing some feedback. I’m always interested to hear what others think. As for power indicators, I’m not sure the new iconography is necesssry at all. The old plus and minus indicators seemed fine although I can imagine (based on the VLOG) there’s a goal to have unification across the display system. I don’t remember in my limited time so far if the auditory cue for battery full in backpack is still there, but I hope it is. I relied on that heavily. Again, I’ll need to go back and check on that. Maybe we’ll end up with some sort of option for a minimal HUD (I wouldn’t be opposed to this notion, but the Devs have seemed reluctant to include a HUD and most players seem to prefer a HUD-less design). While I do enjoy the clean look of the UI, I wouldn’t be averse to a menu option for oxygen display, at a minimum. The floating O2 indicators don’t help me, not as an Xbox One player using a 65” 4K TV. They don’t tell me the critical info I need to know, at least not that I can readily view and discern, like the following: (1) what percentage of oxygen I’ve reached (50%, 25% etc) and (2) when I’ve reached critical “suffocation” level. Some may ask, why not just listen for the suffocation sounds? There are a couple of issues with this, but it boils down to personal reasons. I play mostly at night, and I okay for many hours at a time. I don’t like having the game audio turned up because I don’t want to disturb others. I have headphones and earbuds, but none of them is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time (more than a couple of hours or so, and I play way more than that in any given day). Whether I use headphones or my speakers, I keep the audio low regardless. While there are several reasons, including my wish not to disturb others, I also find the suffocation warning sounds rather unpleasant. I’ll admit they’re not as bad as they used to be. The extremely realistic, harsh gasping noises we used to have were downright awful, bringing back memories of my father’s emphysema before he ultimately succumbed to the disease While the suffocation sounds have been dialed back and tamed a bit, they’re still too much imo (just my opinion, nothing more) so I prefer to not have them very loud. I realize there’s a point where it’s impossible to mimic suffocation without gasping. I’m not sure the suffocation warning must include realistic (or somewhat so) auditory simulations of respiratory distress, but that’s up to the Devs. I guess I would suggest the Devs consider the general audience (including children) who may play this game especiallly after the full release of 1.0 and ask themselves if these noises or sounds might be frightening to young children, or otherwise potentially traumatizing to people. Again, it’s only feedback, not saying it should be changed. I often wonder if the gasping, the loud thrumming heartbeat, bother anyone else? Even stranger, it’s accompanied by musical notes. Seems very bizarre. I’m still deeply psychologically conditioned to one of the audio pieces in Astroneer’s soundtrack whenever it plays, reflexively checking my oxygen status. The audio track was used for awhile as a musical cue for suffocation. It’s been disassociated for months, longer perhaps, but it still causes me to check my tanks reflexively😜 One thing I noticed with this update and the last (0.8) and perhaps one or more updates before, but I’m not sure why this happens, when I logged in on my Xbox One only some of my old saves were flagged not all of them. I’m not sure why this would be the case? This may be a bug in the flagging process. I don’t have any way of knowing when I started each save (I hope at some point, either by 1.0 or some point beyond) we’ll be able to view some info about our game saves (including for those of us on Xbox) maybe it could be incorporated into the game save itself somehow as an “Astroneer’s Journal” so we could see our save’s start date (journey start date), hours played so far, total accumulated Bytes so far, Bytes spent, planets visited, etc. I think that would be a really cool feature! I’m guessing it’s been suggested before, just never looked. Anyway, looking forward to checking out the rest of the update👍 I will add to others who would like to be able to transport the debris to our base for scrapping in the Shredder. I don’t make mobile bases, and didn’t have any plans to load a Shredder onto a vehicle and use one that way (my impression from the VLOG was that all debris would not only have interaction “rings” but attachment points as well, I’m reasonably sure that’s what was intended). If the debris doesn’t have attachment points in this update, I’m sure the Devs can add that in for the next update (or hotfix, if one ends up being needed for any reason). Seems like a very reasonable thing to do. Not everyone will want to mount up a Shredder to a vehicle, and expecting all players to do so in order to reap the benefits of the Shredder via trading salvage as a resource doesn’t seem like something the Devs would go and force players to do. I’m sure the system will continue to be fleshed out, just like they said they intend to continue balancing it as well. However, this does seem like a good time to revisit the vehicle beacon issue. I understand the desire to decrease clutter, but after using the vehicles sans beacons (and I don’t use vehicles all that much, only about mid-game onward and limited to 1 small rover and a medium rover 2-chain on Terran, that’s usually all beyond a large shuttle and maybe, maybe a rover or two offworld if I make it offworld) I’ve come to the conclusion it’s just such a pain to remember planting a beacon along side my vehicle it’s not worth the hassle. I usually forget to put one down, thinking I won’t stray far, but inevitably I do. I may go harvest some resources, but then one of the storms comes along (please don’t get me started ugh) and I’ll end up surfacing somewhere else with no idea where my vehicle is (and they’re impossible to see at night, which is still way too dark). No matter what comes of the vehicle beacon issue, please add some reflective stripes something to make all vehicles and spacecraft high visibility at night! I’m surprised no one has thought of this before. At least spacecraft usually have some bright purple hydrazine in their tanks which makes them much more easy to spot, but vehicles don’t. They should have some highly reflective stripes or something on all sides, maybe glow-in-the-dark tires (lol) anything to help a player find them in pitch darkness or down in caves. I’m confident the Devs can come up with something to help us out. Still think vehicle beacons should be added back. I’d suggest making it to where if vehicles are in a train, attached together, only one vehicle beacon per train is “activated” to reduce skybox clutter. So 1 vehicle= 1 beacon, 2 vehicle train = 1 beacon, etc. If you separate them though, the return to 1 vehicle = 1 beacon. Idk that may be too problematic to code for, but if it would work, it would be great. Hope someday we can get additional options for beacons (to broaden their utility by expanding the info they can convey) such as adding icon shapes (icons within the beacon itself, like choosing to display a treasure chest icon, a wreck icon, an exclamation mark, etc) maybe even displayable numbers for beacons. Just some ideas regarding beacons. Thanks so much for fixing the “hard terrain” issue around the main habitat. That was incredibly frustrating, but I knew y’all would fix it. So happy!👏👏👏 It’ll be awhile before I’m ready to go offworld exploring, but thought I’d mention there may be a bug with shuttles and how people are ale to use storages with enclosed seats on top. Afaik, the Devs intend players to mount an enclosed seat (1 or 3 seat) directly to the shuttle frame (no storage in between shuttle and seat) in order to launch and control said shuttle. I’d heard (at least I thought I had) the single open seat could no longer be used. I’ve been informing Xbox One players in a club for Astroneer about this, but one player stated this was incorrect, that the open seat has worked all along to launch shuttles. I’m not sure, I don’t use open seats for shuttles anyway. I read the Patch Notes above stating the printable hab (dropship) shouldn’t deploy anymore when placed on a shuttle, but that doesn’t specify about launching a shuttle. I thought a prior patch specified these habs, or dropships, could no longer be used to launch shuttles regardless of placement (directly on shuttle frame, or atop a large storage). It would be awesome to have some clarification from the Devs but short of that, perhaps next patch could see all of this cleared up. I thought I recall hearing somewhere the Devs intended only enclosed seats to be used to launch, and only if attached directly to shuttle frame but I could be mistaken. If that’s correct, the small shuttle shouldn’t have an option to add large storage, and the large shuttle should have the option to add only one large storage. Again, this is all entirely up to the Devs to figure out, I have no idea what their intent is ultimately I’m just seeking clarification once and for all. Just pointing out there were some past patches where I thought certain things were no longer allowed, but now that’s been questioned so yeah I’m confused. I haven’t tried to build all the possible combinations myself, not in 0.8, and it’ll be awhile before I can try in 0.9. In a previous thread here on the official forum, someone demonstrated they were able to place 2 large storages on their large shuttle and were still able to use the enclosed seat mounted on one of the storages to launch and control the shuttle. Just wanted the Devs to clarify if that was indeed the intended behavior. If it’s not, I guess we’ll see some revised launch and building guides. Thanks (and sorry if that was confusing). Looking forward to checking everything else out
  11. Shadow Echo

    UPDATE 8.0 xbox one x crashes

    That’s interesting. I recently bought an Xbox One X (was playing on regular Xbox One previously) and I play on average about 4-6 hrs a day of Astroneer, sometimes more. The game crashes to dashboard sometimes, but I’ve never had the game cause my entire Xbox to crash with it (knocks on wood lol). My Xbox One X hasn’t had any issues either, but then again I haven’t been able to set up 4K stuff yet plus I don’t have an HDR compatible 4K TV. So maybe the fact I haven’t had the 4K and HDR settings enabled (because I don’t have mine set up such that they can be enabled) has protected my Xbox from these crashes. Hope the Devs can look into this and fix it for those who are suffering these console crashes, that’s not only frustrating but very worrisome as well!
  12. Shadow Echo

    Oxygen tanks not being used upon login

    This just started happening to me, so I came to check and see if anyone else had reported it. I had 2-3 supplemental tanks in the different saves (each one was created fresh in 0.8, they weren’t old saves carried over from a previous update version). The first time it happened I loaded in and received a 50% oxygen warning which I knew was odd because it was too soon. I checked my pack and saw my main tank was at 50% but all supplemental tanks were full. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I removed the supplemental tanks and put them back in my pack, which seemed to resolve the issue. This happened once more on a different savegame, and again resetting the tanks resolved the issue. It’s like the game doesn’t register the extra tanks as being present. I play on Xbox One. Most games I don’t experience this issue though so overall it seems quite rare.
  13. Shadow Echo

    O2 vs Storyline & Funtime

    While not a perfect solution, certainly not one that would appease people wanting their oxygen supply to last a certain amount of time, I know I would be happy to see them incorporate some menu options similar to those seen in Subnautica. I’m sure other games have menu options like that as well. I haven’t played many games with survival features. I’m generally not interested in those types of games, and overall I don’t consider Astroneer a “survival” game. It’s more of an exploration and discovery game, with some survival elements. Anyway, as others have suggested and described, I could see menu options such as “Creative” (similar to that of Minecraft, suited for making awesome custom designs without limitations, including provision of oxygen and power even when using tool mods etc), “Novice” (oxygen tank large capacity, slow suffocation, could be other more forgiving parameters), Intermediate (medium capacity oxygen tank, increased oxygen consumption with increased effort such as running, sprinting, climbing, increased fall damage, etc), and hardcore (small oxygen tank, no craftable supplemental tanks, no tethers, no initial habitat just dropped into the middle of a planet), and perhaps down the line a more robust survival mode could be added with hunger and thirst but idk that’s not my thing it’s what I’ve seen some people request. While I didn’t mention for each one, these different menu options could be further asjusted to have specific oxygen consumption rates (most wouldn’t change but as difficulty increased you’d see more oxygen consumption with increased exertion, possibly increased power consumption as well, and perhaps less resource availability overall). This might make the task of allowed player customization of the game experience more manageable for the Devs as opposed to managing a menu slider system. I don’t know anything really about developing a game, but I wonder if having a bunch of sliders in the menu would be too problematic. The game is already complex in terms of its systems and mechanics (not the gameplay, I’m talking about how it’s set up, the procedural generation, the mix, or overall balance of resources, stuff like that, and how much a slider system could potentially wreak havoc with that, again though idk). Just a thought.
  14. I’ve witnessed this, but long before Patch 0.8 came out. I’ve seen all sorts of multicolored beacons as well, sometimes a dozen or more (I use several colors to denote different things, and while I don’t generally use more than a handful, it’s hard to say I there’s a 1:1 correlation). It is very strange indeed, but then again other interesting things occur (like how planets sometimes appear “sliced up”) harmless but some sort of visual, rendering bug. I’m sure the Devs are aware, but it’s not a high priority for now.
  15. Shadow Echo

    Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

    I haven’t encountered any issues saving that I can verify beyond the shadow of a doubt (I’ve suspected on occasion a game may not have saved, but could never prove) and I’ve played Astroneer on Xbox One for a year and a half. Also, I’d like to point out that while I used to advocate turning off the Xbox and holding the power button in order to reset the system cache (accomplishes the same thing in the end the above recommendations do, whereby you unplug the console for a period of time) I no longer find this necessary and just wanted to pass along some info. Now on the Xbox System menu you can choose “Restart” which does the same thing (aka resetting the system cache) but is much easier. This will clear out any bad save data etc and hopefully remedy any issues an Xbox One player might be experiencing✌️