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  1. Shadow Echo

    Trucks disappear into planet

    Smart! I do think most people are having more serious issues that such measures won’t address. It seems a lot of folk encountering these issues will be off, out & about, driving a bit further away from their base(s) and then they’ll experience the “falling through terrain” bug. They lose not only their rovers, but everything on them which sometimes can be a lot (especially now that we can build mobile bases as well). That’s why I explained the force quit & Xbox restart (which empties the system cache) so people can hopefully go back to where they entered their vehicles if they can’t readily recoup their vehicles from the bug. Sometimes vehicles will fall into a cave right beneath you and it’s a rather simple affair to retrieve them, but often it’s not so straightforward. Other times it’s a total catastrophe, a complete loss. You and your vehicles end up tumbling into the “void” essentially the cuboidal near-nothingness that is the under-rendered inner workings of Terran In a situation like that, it’s nice to know there’s a least something you can try to get your stuff back. Your suggestion as I said is a great one; it never hurts to take some preventative measures
  2. Well it’s still Alpha, so we don’t have anything yet added in terms of storyline or quests, but I’m sure we will! Those of us that have been playing a long time (game came out December 2016, I started playing latter half January 2017 so awhile now) are really looking forward to having more “aim” or direction and purpose in the game, like you said, things to challenge us. I still love to play and do so daily, mostly because I enjoy the relaxing calm nature of it . Something I don’t have to think too hard about, it’s non-competitive, there’s no shooting (thank goodness, glad there won’t ever be, there’s enough shooting enemies and aliens games out there to last a lifetime, lol) so it’s my chill game
  3. Shadow Echo

    Trucks disappear into planet

    This may or may not help you (it may help someone else I don’t know) but I’ll throw this suggestion out there just in case it does. Be warned, if you do this and lose progress, I told you so. It won’t help if you dive underground in a vehicle and you jump out (never sure why people get out, but oh well). When something weird happens (game glitches out, such as you’re driving and vehicle floats to outer space or dives to center of planet, or what have you) don’t do anything like exit. If you’re playing on Xbox try this instead (idk what to do if playing on PC). -hit the big Xbox button that brings you to Xbox home screen; do NOT exit from Astroneer using the in game menu -Click on Astroneer game’s icon with the controller Menu button (the three vertical dashes button) to bring up the game menu options, and select Quit from the options for Astroneer -Next you need to restart your Xbox One. There are a few ways to get to this option, and it doesn’t matter which way you choose. The simplest is head to Xbox System>Restart Console (this step is very important, actually it’s critical, because this resets the system cache clearing out any save the game may have created of this bogus crappy scenario where things glitched out for you) and wait for your Xbox to reboot. With any luck, it’ll set you back to the point where you last saved intentionally meaning when you got into your vehicle last. You can also go fully into your Xbox Settings (the gear wheel, System) then Power & Startup>Turn off or Restart>Restart Now. This isn’t a hard reboot necessarily but it does the job. If you are having other issues with your Xbox like games aren’t working or other console issues, it’s best to perform the traditional hard reboot (turn console off holding the console face power button for ~ 10 seconds, then unplugging the console for another 10 seconds or more, then plugging it back in and rebooting). Don’t reset your console to factory settings for this sort of stuff, that’s not only overkill it’s definitely not recommended! You’d lose much more than a glitched out save point Ok, back to where you’ve done the system restart... -You’ll know the restart has completed when the Xbox display its characteristic green loading screen xD. Log back in & relaunch Astroneer. Find your save (the EXO “wheel” should come to a stop on the savefile you last used if you have more than one gamesave) and load it up. See what’s there No promises, but chances are you’ll find yourself back in the seat of your vehicle where you initially hopped in. Used to be, the game didn’t “create” saves on its own, like when you died or in this case when a vehicle glitches out. I’m not very happy the Devs changed this behavior, not to mention the fact it wasn’t ever put in Patch Notes that I recall. Then again, a lot of changes are left out of the Patch Notes, it’s quite frustrating tbh. They really should take a look at Warframe (it’s also console & PC) and follow their example. It has among the best patch notes I’ve ever seen for a game. They’re well written, extremely detailed, and major kudos to the Warframe’s devs for using language the average gamer understands. SES leaves out a ton of changes to the game with each passing update, they also use way too many technical terms many gamers aren’t familiar with which decreases the value and impact of what little they cover. Their “notes” are more like “highlights” and while I agree that’s what most people want to hear about, it’s still incredibly incomplete. I mentioned to Adam a long time ago about the overly technical terms and how offputting that is to many gamers, he said they’d try to do better but sadly I’ve not seen any significant improvement. The unfortunate consequence of getting a lot more people involved (overall it’s a great thing, but when it comes to communication with the players often that’s what suffers the most). We’re not all devs/programmers after all, especially those of us who play on console. I’m a highly intelligent person, but that has nothing to do with me understanding what voxels are. I don’t need to know in order to enjoy a game or provide good feedback, and I have no interest in reading up on stuff just so I can decipher the Patch Notes each update. Making use of technical language only does one thing in the long run, it alienates players. You have to learn when dealing with a diverse community you must adjust your speaking (or writing in this case) to accommodate everyone. Anyway, enough ranting about that, sorry. Back to this need for resetting system cache. It really was convenient when just force quitting & restarting the game if something glitchy occurred was all you needed to do. Sadly, thats no longer good enough, and we have to resort to the whole restarting the Xbox and dumping the system cache along the way, rather extensive means if you ask me. I really wonder if the Devs thought this through tbh. It’s a hassle for sure. I just hope they don’t try to take this last remaining method of recourse away from us as well. I’m not sure they could, but I don’t know enough about games and programming to be certain so I guess it’s possible. I don’t think they should though, after all it’s still Alpha. We must have some method to ameliorate catastrophic glitchy outcomes (I haven’t fared too badly with vehicles but that’s because I don’t use them too often but I’ve suffered my fair share of “bogus” deaths from stupid causes lol). I hope this helps someone recover their things when the game throws you a harsh curve Happy Astroneering all!
  4. Shadow Echo

    Terrain smooth tool bug

    Long time issue, think it’s been this way since launch . There are many more planes, or polygons, on Terran and that’s what makes smoothing much easier (it’s much more likely you’ll find a plane to align with and smooth out along). It’s very difficult and extremely annoying to smooth an area anywhere other than Terran (if you get far away from your spawn on Terran it can also skip around little, but it’s nowhere near a bad as it is for all the other locations). For over 6 months thr overwhelming desire to avoid this issue caused me to remain on Terran. I avoided spacetravel of any kind, the terrain experience was just that bad. I’ve now resumed travel, but it’s to the point all the skipping about, combined with the amount of focus and concentration employed plus all the attempts smoothing terrain along with the immense frustration of it, it has actually triggered my migraines It’s been awful. I don’t think the Devs realize just how terrible the experience on other planets is, even more so for Xbox players like myself who are using a controller not a mouse to try and fight this glitchy mess of skipping cursor and terrain that refuses to be smooth. Really hoping the Devs fix this ASAP, it’s certainly not acceptable once the game reaches full release. Crossing my fingers that when Terrain 2.0 is finalized and released, they’ll upgrade all the planets and we’ll finally have a smooth terraforming experience everywhere. Goodness knows, they mentioned Terrain 2.0 eons ago. They’ve had plenty of time to incorporate this and “smooth” the smoothing experience (pun very much intended lol)
  5. Shadow Echo

    Small Rover Stuck

    I always carry an Inhibitor, as it’s incredibly useful for all manner of things. One of those things happens to be fixing this. Inhibitor removes rocks and boulders (almost all of them anyway. It basically scalps all stuff from terrain surface but leaves the underlying terrain intact. It might bump your vehicle up in the air a bit, don’t be alarmed if that happens. I try to just scoot the margin of terrain tool reticle over gently to just barely nudge the rock so I don’t send my vehicle flying lol (the Devs really need to fine tune this response so objects don’t overreact to the Inhibitor) but you can definitely fix your issue with this tool mod and get your vehicle unstuck. The Inhibitor May seem a bit costly (think it’s 1200 Bytes) but trust me it’s awesome to have. Love it for scalping (mowing) my base which yields plenty of organics for generators early in game, it makes fast work of harvesting oxygen and power in caves, and if you don’t like mining out holes in the ground near your base (and having to cover them over so you don’t fall in or drive into one of them in the dark lol) it’s great for that too. It’s one of the first items I unlock every game. It’ll remove the top half or so of a resource pile (which is generally spherical in-ground) but if you need more later you can come back as the sign for the stuff (say “compound” pile) remains in place. You’ll have to dig a bit deeper to collect what’s left behind. Be aware, there is some power consumption when using mods like the Inhibtor. I keep a power cell on my pack, easy to make from 1 compound, cost 600 Bytes I think to unlock, but it's easier to just grab a power nugget from a cave tbh. Sometimes you’ll find a dead explorer pack with several power cells as well. Rarely I’ve found an Inhibitor in a pack, but that’s not something to rely on. Hope this helps!
  6. A lot of times I’ll be exploring a cave (I think the Lures can be on any planet other than Terran) and not only will I see them hanging from the ceiling with their little light lure trap, I’ll also see them “glitched” through the cave floor terrain. You’ll see them as a small dark purple “bulge” but they can be hard to see depending on the color of the cave floor’s terrain (also, caves are still way too dark, yes I do adjust in-game brightness, that’s not a “solution” though because as soon as I move elsewhere above ground or whatever I’m blinded because daytime is very very bright; the Devs need to balance overall game brightness, while I’m sure they'll get to it, I’m still waiting patiently) Afaik they don’t present a danger to you when you see the top of them in the cave floor, but I always try to zap them with the terrain tool just in case I’ve run into too many issues overall, being killed or seriously hurt by hidden buried hostile flora like Pumpkins that spawn completely hidden inside walls or mini Spikers found completely out of sight underneath cave entrance floors. Too many bogus deaths. I just don’t trust the mechanics anymore, so no way I’m gonna trust these lures I see in the floor. Better safe than sorry. I still don’t see why we can’t have a power outlet on the spacecraft. We used to have a base extension node (iirc, which basically offered the same sort of function) from the old spaceship and shuttle back when the old base building existed, so why is there no powerlink? It doesn’t need to be OP, just set it up as a trickle charge similar to how the RTG assembly for our large central habitat we start the game with works. Instead of being designed like an RTG, the Devs should design an inbuilt solar panel for all the in-game vehicles. Think about it-at this point far in the future, don’t you reckon solar panels would be pretty darn ubiquitous? I can’t imagine these things, in a practical sense, not having some kind of solar inbuilt. It makes sense for the game as well. We don’t need anything OP, shouldn’t have anything like that I agree, but we should have a readily available power-generation source on all vehicles including the spacecraft along with a powerlink (terrestrial vehicles have them, it’s mindboggling why spacecraft don’t, seriously no one is going to get established on a planet without a standalone habitat they’ll make one eventually, but even if they just visit with the spacecraft who cares?) Honestly there’s no reason to deny a powerlink to spacecraft even if they choose not to add a trickle charge power supply. Another point I’d like to make-we don’t need to be overzealous about crafting requirements. No sense trying to enforce some bizarre realism that’s completely ridiculous (if you’re wondering what I’m talking about, see Patch Notes discussion where some have mentioned how Rovers, with their inbuilt batteries, don’t require lithium; some have said they should require it, some have simply wondered if it should or should not be required, others like myself believe requiring lithium at that point is too heavy a burden especially for newer players who are trying to craft their first rover, who may not know where to find lithium). On any playthrough you may find yourself unable to leave Terran for planets that have more abundant and easily accessible deposits of Lithium, it all depends on a number of factors such as availability of research nearby for Bytes to unlock craft, and resource availability (not counting stuff like Trading or soil farming). Now that the “loot pool” for dead explorer packs has changed significantly (lithium and titanium are no longer commonly found, in fact they are very rare) and the incidence for these rare materials from crashes has decreased dramatically as well, it’s increasingly likely a player won’t be able to find enough Lithium to craft both a vehicle and spacecraft (should these require Lithium in their recipes, not talking about current play) and that doesn’t even take into consideration Lithium used for battery crafting. I don’t consider mining dirt and using the Mineral Extractor to dupe Lithium a viable alternative here. That’s an incredibly boring way to play (IMO) and duping resources isn’t what the Extractor was meant for in my opinion, not in “this” manner. As I see it, the Extractor is best used to provide the layer with resin and compound on planets where those resources are difficult to locate especially within short range of establishing a primary offworld base. Optimally you’d bring a small supply of resin and compound with you, possibly some laterite and malachite as well although I personally don’t dupe those because in my experience I’ve been able to find them with reasonable ease on the other planets. I also carry a storage pallet of filled soil canisters with me to give my Extractor a head start. Tbh I wish the Extractor only duped resin, compound, ore precursors and Ammonium (it helps making rocket fuel, although the Fuel Condenser is a bit faster because you don’t need to collect the Ammonium first, then again it’s plentiful on Terran it’s really down to personal preference). I don’t think Lithium and Titanium should be accepted in the Extractor, although I’m sure others will disagree (which is fine, I doubt anything will change with its design anytime soon so I wouldn’t sweat it). Rare resources can be traded (rather generous if you ask me) and the trade cost is the balance that’s needed to prevent overuse (again, imo). There’s no balance in using the Extractor for duping Rares, other than the mind-numbing process of gathering soil itself. Still, if people want to farm dirt that’s their business. I’m not about to tell people how to spend their time. I think the Devs should remove rare duping, but I’m not about to go so far as to tell people how to play. I take issue with the mechanic, not with the playstyle. Seeng crafting requirements as something specifically, and often literally, “itemized” (for example, if a vehicle has an inbuilt battery then Lithium MUST be a part of the crafting recipe) is incredibly short-sighted. Getting all nitpicky, demanding it conform to IRL “crafting standards” sounds like sure fire way to kill all the joy of your game. It’s a fictional Sci-Fi world! You (as in the Devs) have the freedom to make it what you want. There are no preset rules, it is what you make of it. The fictional nature, with all the imagination and wonder found within? That’s what makes a game like this so special, unique, and worth enjoying. People say they want games grounded in realism but the truth is often the exact opposite. Most of us play games, especially ones like Astroneer, to escape the reality of our lives, and the stuff that goes on around us. We don’t get to escape all that stuff, so when we have downtime we escape any way we can. Games offer us that chance. The more games try to base themselves in reality, the worse they become, the less they innovate, and the less enjoyment players derive from them. I don’t think adding a powerlink, or something such as a “very small” solar panel to vehicles (terrestrial and spacebound) would necessitate any adjustments to crafting recipes. It definitely doesn’t mean copper should be required. Some people need to stop being such sticklers for the details. I’m actually a detail freak IRL, but wow when it comes to games I don’t want that, not in something like a Astroneer. Sometimes you need to let go, enjoy the moment It’s easy to overthink things. Keep it simple.
  7. Shadow Echo

    Vision for the blind

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean by customize controls, but on Xbox One you can remap buttons on any controller unless it’s some weird modded controller (most of those have mappable buttons as well), but regular Xbox controllers can be remapped in the Accessories settings iirc. Idk if that helps but hopefully it does. It won’t help the somewhat awkward use of cursor in game on Xbox but the Devs have diminished it’s use somewhat (although I’m not sure holding interaction buttons is the best replacement, but it is what it is). I will say the visibility of the X and Y buttons is really poor, I couldn’t tell them apart well I finally just memorized which situation called for what button.
  8. I’m glad you got it sorted. I forgot about the Lure Plants-and that they could drop the purple organcs lol! But I’m really glad they did in this instance I’ve seen it happen so many times (the Lures drop the purple stuff) and yet I’ve never tried running that odd organic through a generator (never had the need myself) it’s good to know it does indeed work. Best of luck (and next time don’t forget your fuel). I always carry a couple of canisters in my backpack, “just in case” 😜
  9. Shadow Echo

    In search of new challenges

    I don’t have any idea how much I’ve played the game, a “ton” I know, but despite Xbox trying to keep track there are “problems” I have a lot of medical issues (chronic pain, fibromyalgia and the like) not to mention I have a sleep disorder as well. I tend to nod off a lot when playing. I’m somewhat nocturnal from my severe sleep phase delay. I not only fall asleep when playing, sometimes my game just sits and idles while I sleep (maybe just 5-10 minutes when I’ll briefly doze off then wake back up and resume playing, occasionally it’ll be more like a 1-3 hr nap, rarely a full 6-8 hr stint of sleep). So my numbers aren’t very useful. I’d say somewhere around 50% (at least) is sleeping time not spent playing but beyond that I have no idea tbh how to adjust. Even the 50% is a guess, could be less but I’d rather overestimate. I do play everyday (although I have multiple accounts, so I no longer play everyday on the account tied to this “Gamertag”). It varies some, how much I spend playing other games on any given day as well, but I always spend several hours playing Astroneer each day as well. For this account the Xbox has tallied (including my idle time where I’ve slept, mind you) 88d 11h 51m lol I do love the game, started playing latter half of January 2017, and I’ve never grown tired of it. Its my chill game I can relax while playing. I don’t try to rush around or set specific goals. It helps a lot I can take my mind off of my discomfort and not worry about playing a game that’s competitive in nature or that I have to worry about solving puzzles or focus a lot of attention on (at least not yet anyway, but I’m excited for what the future will bring). I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s spent a lot of time playing Astroneer as well. There aren’t as many people on Xbox who’ve spent a lot of time with the game, at least that’s the impression I get. Some of that may be related to the co-op experience. Many people on console enjoy playing games with their friends (not implying PC players don’t, so don’t jump on me please) and co-op is “difficult” to cope with for very long at the moment. I know it will get better, I’m not big on co-op play anyway (being an older gamer myself), but a lot of young folk prefer co-op over single player so it’s crucial SES get the experience running smoothly in the long-term. I have faith though. It won’t be easy, but I’m sure it’ll come together. All things in due time
  10. Shadow Echo

    Weird Storm texture

    If you read the Patch Notes you’d see the Devs knew about this at release. I’m sure they’ll fix it as soon as they’re able. The pixelated appearance is actually kind of helpful. The barrier represents the storm’s “rock wall” so to speak. If you think it’s going to cross over you then you’d better seek shelter beforehand (the rocks are inside this pixelated part of the storm). Just FYI based on my own observation. Outside the pixelated mass it’s just wind and blowing dust as far as I can tell. If the storm is underground (in a cave, which is totally ridiculous I know but sadly it happens, hoping the Devs will remove this as it makes no sense) there aren’t any rocks associated with those storms just winds and dust. Also the slowing effects associated with storms are massively overdone, no matter where you are. Sometimes I’m slowed when the storm is nowhere near me, and doesn’t even come close by (go figure). But the pixelation? That was something known in advance of the release.
  11. There really should be a power link on both spacecraft imo. Just make it trickle charge (much like it is for main hab on Terran).
  12. Shadow Echo

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    I’m not sure where to start... Been playing the new update since it came out, I play on Xbox One. This is probably the buggiest update I’ve played so far, and I’ve played since latter half January 2017 so that’s saying quite a lot The following buggy, glitchy stuff has been observed in NEW saves, created in version 0.7.0: (1) Terrain seams. Normally I don’t see these develop except when I’ve loaded an old save world after a new update has come out. I know to expect stuff like this for old saves, but it’s happening in NEW ones now, and that’s not ok. It won’t happen of course when I first land, I don’t see torn terrain “seams” at that point, but for some of my saves I’ll just pick a world that looks promising, land, launch the starter habitat, re-enter to save then immediately exit the game. When I eventually return to play that game, that’s when I’ll see seams appear and I’ve not changed ANYTHING to the game, it’s terrain, nothing yet which is why it concerns me so much. In those games I haven’t even launched in the starter platform and fabricator so I’ve really done the absolute minimum one can in a game save, and yet the terrain is tearing (it continues to progress even while in-game). This is a very bad sign I believe and I’m not sure what has happened to the game to cause, but I hope the Devs will look into it (or already are) because it needs a fix. Some seams are like thin cracks, not an issue at least not at present, but some are much more wide and my character could fall into them (or a vehicle) especially at night (game is still so very dark at night, please, why do you have to make it so dark?) I know how to “treat” seams, the way Adam showed in one of the early streams (using terrain tool & flatter, you can cover them but when facing the wide tears, it’s not so simple or quick). It’s not that I’m concerned about it as a cosmetic issue, it’s the underlying problem in the game’s terrain generation I’m really concerned about especially in combination with #2 (2) Grass (organic ground clutter, but grass is easier to say) seems out of whack. I can’t be more specific because I’m not sure exactly how to describe the problem. I always make a glass-smooth surface around my base, beyond the “tarmac” area that’s generated when the initial habitat is formed. Often that ends up undercutting a good bit of soil (terrain) along with its overlying grass which is nice, it gives me a good supply of organic to power research modules with so I can get started building my base, setting things up, etc. I also frequently use the Inhibitor (I consider it essential, craft it early on, and always carry on hand on my terrain tool) so I “mow my base” as soon as is feasible. However, I’ve found several times when I’ve returned into a saved game where I’ve already flatted & smoothed my base, and cleared it of grass, it’s all returned. Now having some come back isn’t unusual. Tbh it’s very annoying when you cover over an area with soil, the grass comes right through which makes no sense (I really hope the Devs will fix this soon, “decorators” or ground clutter should not reappear on terrain we’ve cleared either by covering with soil, or by undercutting and removing the top portion, just putting a little reminder in here; there’s also issues with cave stuff like stalagmites, even Pumpkins, growing on ramps and other terraformed items in caves, it’s frustrating and shouldn’t happen please fix!). But this is very different. The grass comes back at a very weird height, not the ordinary height of the terrain it would normally be on (like the smoothed surface) and not at the height of surrounding non-flattened terrain either. It’s like a new set-point has been generated, at which this “new” grass has spawned. I’ve also seen this occur in old saves after new updates have been issues, especially ones in which terrain features have been tweaked (for example, the update that removed the plinths- I saw this sort of odd ground clutter re-setting behavior back then). So in conjunction with #1 I’m concerned something has been altered in the terrain & ground clutter generation programs (maybe as a prelude to Terrain 2.0, installing some prerequisite stuff, idk anything about coding and programming so I have no idea tbh but I guess that would make sense) but whatever is going on, it’s causing issues and may be further related to some of the other issues myself and others have been experiencing. (3) Idk if there’s an official terms for this (unless it also fits under “rubberbanding” not sure) but myself and others have had problems with our Astroneers “bobbing” up and down, in and out of the terrain. Now I think we’ve all experienced a little of this on occasion, but it’s happening much more often now, and it’s very problematic when it happens to you. The other night it was happening on my base, including the tarmac area around the hab, I basically couldn’t play consistently. I had to save/exit & reload the game, which fixed the issue at least for the remainder of time I played that save. But this isn’t a rare occurrence anymore, so it’s worth mentioning. (4) While it hasn’t affected me so much (I don’t build vehicles all that often, I don’t find I really need them) I’ve seen this happening in the Astroneer club for Xbox One I help out with. Quite a few people are having their vehicles drive right into (as in, through) terrain and are completely gone, buried. Obviously these people are not happy. Of course we understand it’s Alpha, but this wasn’t happening, at least not like it is now, prior to this update. This isn’t the case of vehicles burying themselves partially in soil (I think that may still happen on occasion I’m not sure though) this happens while driving the vehicle. (5) This isn’t a new problem, but still warrants attention. There are hostile flora spawning completely INSIDE walls of caves (I play mostly on Terran, so I find Pumpkins inside walls; this makes it unusually dangerous as you can be killed by acid coming from a place you wouldn’t expect). I’m always listening for the sounds Pumkins make, but that doesn’t mean the issue shouldn’t be fixed. When I’m on other planets (where Spikers are frequently choking the cave entrances) I’ll find after I’ve removed the visible offenders I’ll start trekking down but get “spiked” and take damage when nothing is left around. I’ll dig around, and sure enough there’s a mini-spiker buried under the cave entrance floor, not just a tiny bit either, it’s a decent little dig to get it out. Again, it’s not that I’m complaining “oh game’s too hard” not by a longshot. In games we come to accept there are certain rules and behaviors inherent, these shape our expectations & thus our behavior, and then stuff like this happens which is outside that. I give feedback and report, so it can be fixed (6) I’ve saved the worst thing for last. This is not just a glitchy issue, but also one in which I’ll give my opinion, or what I consider to be feedback. Storms. Wow, I’ve watched storms evolve a good bit since January ‘17, and with considerable thought I’ve decided they shouldn’t be in the game at this point. I’ve deliberated over time, been on the line about it, but I really just hate them now. I’m sorry but I feel it’s my duty to get that out there. I don’t expect the Devs will remove them, but I hope they’ll listen to some feedback. Storms don’t add anything useful to the game. They don’t add immersion, they don’t compel the player to perform any useful behavior. Want players to explore caves? I think the purpose of exploration alone, in combination with the need for ore precursor materials, is plenty enough motivation. I realize there’s probably a lot of people who have worked long and hard on the storms, and I’m not the kind of person who’d ever want to suggest trashing someone’s work for a game, but right now as storms exist they’re nothing but a severe hindrance with nothing good coming from them. Sure, I know, someone is going to say “almost all games have negative factors, punishment, etc” yeah I understand that. I’ve played since I was a kid, Atari 2600 generation etc. I’m not looking for a way to make the game easier, that’s not it. Storms used to be rather simple affairs, not very large either. You hid out from the rocks, you were only slowed a bit when it was right on top of you, it moved on quickly, and there really wasn’t an underground effect (not that I recall). It worked fine, it was manageable. That’s not what we have now though. They’re bigger, move extremely slowly, you can barely move at all and now when you do it’s like you’re moving in slow motion! It’s so frustrating it’s beyond words! It’s taking 5 minutes sometimes for the slow effect to leave my screen and character. Sometimes the slow effect ever leaves my character at all so I have to quit and reload, but that’s not a solution. That only helps as long as it takes for the next storm to come somewhere near (it doesn’t even have to be visible, the ridiculous slow effect occurs even when I can’t see any storm in sight, even when I can see clearly all around me on Terran which is a huge amount of visible terrain). Used to be, you were only slowed in the centermost part of the storm (very brief amount of time). Now this slow effect has not only increased in magnitude, it’s increase in duration as well as exponentially in the AoE from the storm (doesn’t have to be anywhere near you, like I said often I can’t even see it). Seriously, the storm is on another part of Terran and I’m still slowed! What the heck is going on here? It’s horrible, it’s just so miserable it’s actually worth quitting the game and reloading that’s just how bad these recent storms have become. Undergound it’s just inexplicable. Why hasn’t someone turned off storms underground yet? Has no one been assigned this task? Seriously the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever seen in a game. I really didn’t understand the magnitude of the issue until the storms had the pixelation bug. I thought it was just a matter of some dust, and no one had fixed the slowing that came with it. Now I can “see” what’s actually happening-there are storms completely underground when I’m in caves exploring, and I mean in the deepest levels. These aren’t surface storms that have some penetrating underground effects (although that shouldn’t happen either, I’m tired of being struck or killed in a cave or dugout tunnel near the surface by stray boulders that magically “penetrate” terrain when they have no business doing so; they also shouldn’t “blow” into a cave entrance unless they’re following a flight path that operates according to predictable, meaning somewhat realistic, physics so they only enter at certain angles that align to say a cave tunnel’s entrance instead of slicing through a cave tunnel roof unpredictably at any angle). Back to my point. Storms and other forms of weather have no basis for existing in deep caves. There should be “wind” because caves “breathe” meaning air tends to flow in and out to equalize air pressure throughout cave systems. This is seen in real cave systems. Storms? No. That shouldn’t be so hard to comprehend. There shouldn’t be dust at lower levels, shouldn’t be any slowing period, none of this nonsense. Also please get rid of the blowing items around in the caves. It’s bad enough as it is keeping track of items across huge cavernous expanses, without these ridiculous storms and their winds coming along scattering stuff all over the place. Yes I can dig holes well enough, that’s not the point. I shouldn’t need to put a bunch of holes in the ground of an underground cavern and stick a beacon in them because I’m afraid the Mighty Lame Cave Wind Beast is gonna blow them all away. Or perhaps the Pissy Underground Storm Dust Monster will come and make it to where I can’t even see my holes or beacons when I’m down there, which makes all that effort pointless. Yeah I seriously have no idea why it’s taken this long to fix these things, but it’s only getting worse and there’s no reason for that to happen. Xbox One was supposed to have received performance upgrades. If anything we should be moving faster during storms (because storms are one of the biggest culprits degrading performance, generating the worst FPS drops consistently in single player experience across a gamesave’s life span). Sorry Devs, this stuff needs to go. This is already long, so I’ll stop here. Maybe I’ll write some comments at some point about the vehicles and batteries. I don’t really see a problem. I don’t carry batteries with me (but then again I gave up using the large rover, aka truck, back when it got slowed down so much). I only use the (now medium) rover to pick up items from far away, places I’ve usually visited on foot (I travel a lot on foot, don’t appreciate how much oxygen tanks have been “nerfed” from explorer packs tbh, cutting back I agree with but it was too harsh a cut imho, again maybe I’ll write more about that another time). Power is one of the easiest things to find or generate in the game, so yeah not really seeing a huge issue here. The game doesn’t require you use vehicles at all anyway, most of the time I don’t even craft or use them (largely because they’ve been a very buggy feature of the game so I’ve adapted my play accordingly). I’m not telling anyone how to play their game, but no one can say vehicles are the backbone of the game, they’re not required to do anything (other than spacecraft are required to visit other planets). I’m also enjoying the little racer-buggy. It’s a lot of fun. The only thing I’d like to see added is a hardpoint of some kind, something we can use to anchor it to a platform. Not a power link, it’s obvious the Devs didn’t want to go that route and I’m fine with that. I’m thinking more like a point on the chassis where you could attach something like a chain, just something to anchor it to a place on your base (or maybe another vehicle to tow) where it won’t be blown away by storms. That’s the real reason, I don’t want it blow away in high winds, and I think the Devs need to add something to allow us to anchor it. Doesn’t need to be a power link. Thanks to all for reading, especially the Devs (the intended audience). Thanks! Love the game always! P.S. Sorry about typos, grammatical errors and such. I’m just not up to checking all of this^
  13. Shadow Echo


    As mentioned above, this is a long-time, well-known issue. Luckily it’s only an aesthetic one (it happens only when viewing a planet from another one, such as from Terran). It primarily affects Tundra, but as the screenshots demonstrate it can affect other planets as well. Also mentioned, if you travel to the affected planet, it will be normal structurally (because it’s only an aesthetic issue). You can land, build a base, explore, all of that without worry. I haven’t noticed any particular rhyme or reason as to when and why this happens. It doesn’t seem to affect only old saves. I’ve seen it occur in fresh saves after I’ve played on them for awhile, perhaps a couple of hours, although it may be more prevalent in older saves I’m just not sure. I believe I’ve seen it resolve during gameplay as well, although again I can’t say with 100% certainty (it’s not like I had the foresight to take “before and after” screenshots lol). The appearance of the “sliced gumdrop” or “gumball” is even more pronounced now that the Devs have added a tinted atmosphere-like layer to planets (with the exception of the moon, Barren) when you observe them in the sky above whatever planet you’re on. I really like the added effect, it looks cool and make the game look even more spectacular. The game has many incredible, gorgeous moments. I’m always taking screenshots of such moments, and I’ve axcumukated a large library of images that, in a way, chronicle my journey throughout the development of Astroneer. Many great times, and I eagerly look forward to the future of the game as well! Do they stay permanently fixed after traveling to them? The poster above seems to indicate they do. I initially traveled to all of the planets and moon after I started playing back in latter half of January 2017. I have remained on Terran for over 6 months. It has everything I need, and dealing with the many issues affecting vehicles plus the poor performance that acrues as you build bases on other planets (especially on Xbox One) I decided it just wasn’t worth the frustration (I genrally play Astroneer to relax and chill). With the last few updates though, the game has become much more flexible and exciting, so I’ve returned to space travel. Recently I made my first moon base in almost a year I’m guessing. That’s just the beginning. I plan to continue exploring and creating additional bases (performance improvements, especially for Xbox One, will also encourage me greatly to return to traveling the Astroneer universe). It’d be nice to know if, after visiting a planet, it no longer appears in its “sliced form”
  14. Shadow Echo

    Died inside habitat

    In my experience, when I’m launched above the habitat like this, it means there is an object stuck “within” the habitat itself. I guess it’s causing some sort of collision to occur, the game registers this, and causes your character to “eject”above the habitat instead of leaving the habitat normally on ground level. I think the Devs will need to address this at some point, and I suspect they do know about it but haven’t had a chance to remedy it yet. When this happens, sometimes I will be able to save and get an odd view of the interior of the habitat, which will clue me in to what object is stuck so I’ll know what I need to be looking for. I’ve never had an entire body (as in the contents of an entire backpack) to deal with thankfully, but I have run across the “disappearing item” bug where you’ll attempt to place a small item like small solar, organic generator, small wind turbine etc on the ground but something goes awry and the platform doesn’t properly generate or some anomalous movement causes the item to get flicked into mid-air instead (so the game thinks you’re trying to place it into an invalid location I guess?) so it often doesn’t reappear right away, but when it does it may appear “inside” the habitat which isn’t a good place for it to be. There is a way to fix this, at least most of the time in my experience, but it certainly helps if you know what you’re looking for and exactly where to look. Most of the time as I said I’m missing one small item, and I’m able to see it “inside” the habitat when I save the game because it generates a very bugged view you normally don’t get of the habitat interior. Luckily these small items tend to have their platform carts sticking out of the bottom of the habitat (at least in my experience) so here’s what I do. I angle the camera low so I can inspect under the habitat. I usually will spot the “wheels”of the cart underneath for the offending item. Here’s where it can be a little tricky. You need to grab the item and pull it out from under the habitat, but you need to line yourself up with it so you’re not facing one of the sides that has the power cord or else you’ll end up grabbing and pulling the cord in and out, over and over again, which won’t help at all. If you face one of the other sides where there isn’t a power cord, hopefully the “select” ring will catch on the upper portion of the item (this is only applicable of course if it’s an item like small solar which is what I’m talking about, if it’s a resource or other type of item then I suppose the orientation doesn’t matter but then again I haven’t encountered that sort of problem so I really don’t know) and you can grab it and pull it out (into your backpack or just to place somewhere secure). I hope this will help someone to clear their habitat of an object that is causing them issues when trying to get in and out. Of note this hasn’t been an issue that’s actually interfered with the game save process, but it can be annoying for sure.
  15. Shadow Echo

    Love the new "Disco Lights" version

    That’s interesting. Reminds me of a screenshot posted in the Astroneer club on Xbox I assist with. I went and looked for it, was shared exactly 120 days ago The club member who posted it plays Astroneer purchased through the Microsoft Store although I doubt that matters but who knows. It says version 0.5.0 at the bottom of the screenshot (which is just the EXO station launch screen where your saves are visible). They say “this glitch occurs when the game is set to Ultra, High, High, Ultra in the graphics settings” I don’t know exactly what they meant by this caption, if they reset the graphics settings four times or they mistyped what they actually did, but the screenshot displayed the same (or very similar) sparkly luminescence present in your images. It was very cool, but I have no idea if the origin is similar (if it has something to do with changing the graphic settings while in Astroneer, or changing them in some particular sequence; I play Astroneer on Xbox One). Anyway, thought I’d mention it as I've seen something similar before.