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  1. "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    Actually, I know that "somehow" the Devs get info & feedback from this forum, otherwise there wouldn't be any point in them having the forum at all. This is "their" forum after all, not a fan forum. Do I think they read every single word of every single post? Nah, and I wouldn't expect them to either. But I think they pay attention, on some level anyway, though I haven't a clue by what means (as in who reads what, how many read it, do some of the Devs read the forum directly or do they hire people to collate data & info from the forum, yeah idk). As to mods, that's a lot like achievements. As another mentioned above, not practical to put those into place or have people developing them until after the game is ready for full, final release. No one knows exactly when that'll be. Alpha just started back in December. There's the road map, sure, but nothing is set in stone.
  2. It’s FEBRUARY!!

    I don't use Imgur a lot, so I can't say if this is typical behavior of links. However when I try to click on Imgur links like the one posted above, most of the time I get sent to the main batch of pics and have no idea whatsoever how to find the actual image the individual hoped to link to. Do I need to have an account to get a direct link? I've thought of making one, because right now I don't have any method to share screenshots or clips of my own, which would make explaining some of the issues I've encountered along the way much easier. Maybe that's just how Imgur works. I did try search function, but I'm guessing for something like Imgur it's only as good as the tagging system is, and relies on the individual(s) posting the material. Didn't see anything tagged System Era, and at a glance nothing under Astroneer looked like it was related to new content but I could be mistaken. As to the Twitch Stream, I'm glad indeed they have seemed to return to the format. I would imagine, as I mentioned previously, that live streams are more difficult (or at least more time consuming) for the Devs to do, but much more interactive and overall informative. Steaks also have the additional benefit of promoting a sense of "good faith" I guess I'd call it when it comes to the player base, and stimulates continued interest which encourages people to talk about the game more with others, expanding knowledge of the game etc. I know I always enjoyed being able to "see" the team in "live" format (well, back when I saw streams it was just Adam, and I didn't know there was a stream recently idk who was on that one I'll have to look it up) but it's great when you can ask a question and get a real-time response (chat does get crazy, and there's no way everyone's question can be answered or the stream wouldn't get done) still it's much better than VLOGs which aren't interactive at all, and the forum really doesn't see any Dev input. I found this disappointing at first, but I figure they're too busy to respond, so I just have to hope they pay attention to the feedback. Overall it seems they do, at least some of it. Sometimes it would be nice, though, to see more instances of direct response. All in all, I'm glad to hear there was a stream. Sad I missed it, but I'll definitely have to check it out and see what all is going on & planned. Thanks for the update!
  3. Storms as an Option?

    I don't always quit when a storm comes, it depends on how long I've been playing, if I'm at a sort of lull in gameplay, if I'm frustrated by lack of progress, etc. So lots of variables for me, but that's just me. But I do often quit on a storm event, that's for sure, and I wouldn't miss them if they were to up & vanish I do know some enjoy them and they're seem as adding some "realism" to the game (for what its worth). Doubt there's any chance of them being removed, even optional in the "main" game experience. The Devs have put a lot of effort into refining storm mechanics & effects, plus they've talked about further developing the storm experience. That means adding in more varied types of weather and other "hazards" (open-ended concept at this point, but you can check the road map for more). It might include storm damage, but that's not afaik a given, or might be included as an option if there's a survival mode developed for the game (some are interested in such a mode, with hunger, thirst, fatigue, etc, but other mechanisms would need developing for the game as well, like cultivating some form of foodstuffs, potable water, although I do believe water or at least liquids are on the road map when terrain is updated not 100% sure though, but overall a survival mode would require several ancillary systems to be developed beyond the core game). That doesn't mean its out of the question. For the core game, expect the storms to stay. But many players have expressed interest in a creative mode, and Astroneer seems well-suited for such a mode of gameplay at least in theory (some players have indeed demonstrated amazing creativity in Astroneer already, however this has become more difficult due to recent updates, most notably "limitations" placed on terraforming, which went from complete freedom in use of the terrain tool to very restricted use bound to mandatory use of soil canisters and soil collection, something that becomes much more of a nuisance if creative endeavors are more your thing). In such a mode, typically one can toggle off (or the default simply doesn't include) impediments to the creative process. For Astroneer, surely this would include game mechanics like storms, hostile flora, and anything else added later to the game that might meet that criteria. Overall I would imagine it would operate similar to Creative in MineCraft, where again the game basically removes mechanics that would otherwise hinder your ability to craft to your heart's content. While in Creative, for example, you no longer need to cower in bed or keep yourself surrounded by plentiful light at night, lest the monsters come attack you (and destroy you hard work) while you build your temples, secret away untold treasures, and so on
  4. "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    Whenever the update does hit, I sure hope there is something in there that works on the brightness/darkness issue. I love this game, play it to pieces, but fed up constantly turning in-game brightness up & down every single "sol"rise and "sol"set or every time I go inside or come out of a cave. That's just beyond reason! I do use tethers, worklights, but what I've found is, when in a cave and using a worklight or even two, is the area beyond my worklights is still incredibly dim (I'm almost always exploring off-tether, at least I do as soon as I have unlocked Filters which is usually one of my first unlocks, and I get tanks off dead explorerers quickly if possible as well, combined they greatly increase my exploratory range early on without need of tethers or vehicles). Anyway, the worklight creates an almost blinding halo of light under and around my Astroneer when I'm down in the "putty green" Spiker levels (which is where I spend majority of my early cave time looking for explorer packs and other useful items like satellite crash research) I mean it really is so intense it hurts my eyes and casts so much glare I have to turn down the game brightness but then the rest of the cave beyond that very small circle cast by the worklight is just so dim it's hard to make out things. Another issue, I guess unrelated, is the extremely delayed render of objects in these low levels of caves. I can no longer sprint much at all down there, even on a completely new game. The game cannot keep up, and I'll run into a group of Spikers (or come very close to it) by the time the game decides to render them in. This only started happening this last update when all the visual changes were made. I think it may be related to the excess ground clutter I'm seeing in caves (I mention this in another post, anothe thread, in another section, in response to someone else's post about how they also believe there's just too much "junk" in caves). I have to agree. As to what exactly is this junk? Too much ground "clutter" (rocks & rubble largely, the stalagmite clusters seem to be about the same at Spiker level however they do appear overgrown & too populous on higher levels of the caves where the cave "organic-like" material clutter is also much more "overgrown" than it used to be, leading to many areas of cave systems where I can't even see the cave floor anymore and between ore crystals & clutter I can barely maneuver my Astroneer around unless I have an Inhibitor equipped, yet another reason I think the Inhibitor should be an automatic unlock). Other junk includes way more space marbles, thrusters, and dynamite (both isolated spawns sitting on bare cave floor and inside Hubble wrecks) than I've ever seen exist in the game, and certainly more than any person could ever manage to use or need. I think the procedural generation might need adjusting, idk anything about those things but there's something wacky going on and it looks terrible, not to mention I suspect it's impeding the rendering process making it very slow as well as hindering Astroneer's ability to maneuver. I'm quite adept at jumping and such getting away from acid-spewing Pumpkins and avoiding getting spiked, but it's getting ridiculous! There's way too many Pumkins as well, they seem to have undergone a population explosion! This can't all be coincidence. As others have mentioned, with implementation of the new lighting and graphics, the days are extremely washed out. There's just no contrast at all. I can barely make out beacons, and especially home base is difficult to discern from cloud cover (the stalk being the only thing that's sort of discernible). Maybe consider a drop-shadow or some sort of darker-toned outline effect for the beacons; white is not an effective outline color for the beacons when you background is mostly white cloud cover if you think about it? Take the same beacon and give it a black or navy outline, it's much more visible. I don't think we necessarily need something that harsh but you get the idea. And PLEASE consider my idea of replacing existing death marker system with the beacon system (it would still be a "death beacon" but it would operate using the beacon code, meaning it would persist though leaving the game via saves, and still be there when you returned so if you had to leave your game you could still have a chance of retrieving your items when you came back). There are so many advantages, I really can't imagine why this hasn't been implemented but perhaps there are reasons. Here are more advantages: you can have multiple death beacons active at once (can't count how many time I've died trying to reach my items, and been so frustrated because I wasn't carrying anything essential the 2nd-nth time I died, but of course the game only saved the last location, a useless-to-me location, when what I really needed to know about was that now-lost first death location, because the death marking system that exists now is probably what was designed as prototype for the game and hasn't been updated since, my best guess). Once a pack has been opened/retrieved, simply have the beacon deactivate (as opposed to us collecting it). Also, the current beacons allow us to go right up to their location, and are visible from much further and can even be seen to some extent underground (I know, I use them often to mark staches of good resources collected & grouped together from backpacks in caves quite frequently). Right now the death mark is of poor range, very misleading as to the exact location, and it completely disappears from your view as you draw even remotely near it! How this as considered a good "solution" for recovery, is kinda beyond me tbh So yes, at some point in the near future, because I know it won't make it into this coming update, please PLEASE consider revamping the death mark system. I'm sure it would make a lot of players happy, even if they don't really talk much about it. You've already done most of the work on the existing beacon upgrades, so I'm hoping it won't be too much work to use that coding to improve the death mark system drastically. Adding a contrasting outline to the beacon icon would be icing on the cake, ok maybe not that extreme, beacons can still be difficult to see in bright daylight especially on the horizon, more so if clouds are obscuring them, but I think this might help. Beacons are also suffering color washout and color variation, and this has worsened with the update and excessive brightness. In darkness, there is better contrast, but overall things are just too dim, and increasing game brightness is the worst possible recommendation because day is already overbright and washed out, so yuh can see the frustration I'm having always dialing up & down with time of day or moving into or out of caves. Just really not a sustainable pattern. And please don't call the system's star "Sol" lol. I appreciate the similarities to "The Martian" I enjoyed the movie very much myself and have felt the similarities as well, but Sol? Pass. Same with "Bytes" Y'all are way more creative than that. I know you can come up with a better, novel name for your currency than Bytes, and same for Sol. Maybe have an in-office naming contest? Still waiting patiently on space snail & other space pets to make an appearance in game But for the love of all things sacred, please turn on the gosh darned lights!!! I can't see in the caves, or at night! Give us a daytime built in visor or turn down daytime brightness it's ruining all those gorgeous colors your artists have labored so hard to create for our enjoyment. At the very least, think of us older gamers. Be kind, you'll be there one day I say!!!!
  5. It’s FEBRUARY!!

    I really miss the Twitch streams they did in the beginning (although tbh they didn't do too many back then, the team was very small only a handful really. Adam headed up the streams and appeared to be in charge for the most part. This was back in the first month or two of release as pre-alpha, also around the time they were struggling to grow the team, adjust to moving into a new office, and cope with the loss of two team members-one a tragic unexpected death, the other a planned career change. Despite the smaller staff, they still managed to pull it off, in fact I wonder if that made it all easier?). These streams back in the beginning really gave SES a "face" and personality, if you know what I mean. Of course the VLOGS are nice, and I'm sure they're able to communicate much more, and get more team members on camera, than they ever could realistically using a streaming format. It's probably much easier to control content thru the VLOG approach, as this is recorded and can be screened to make sure no one does in fact "spill the beans" (using their words, lol) on content, plans, etc that's not set in stone, not ready to be revealed, or what have you. I get that, they don't want to throw stuff out there while we, the biggest fans, are hanging on every word, gesture, pic and image, and not only could but would take them at 100% of what they said when truth is everyone screws up from time to time when "live" and says things they probably shouldn't, "leaks" ideas & such that may not even be team ideas just their own imaginings and "cool thoughts" etc and then that runs through the fan base, gets blown all out of proportions, eventually the fans realizing that wasn't something ever planned or likely to be delivered upon, and it just leads to a lot of unintentional disappointment & perhaps some hard feelings with a few fans. I can understand their viewpoint, the Devs, to use a unified delivery system like the VLOGS, something that can be planned out prior to creation, then edited & reviewed prior to distribution, so they know exactly what's being provided to players & fans while not showing all of their cards so to speak, because development is quite a fluid situation as I've come to understand it, with each step of the way significantly affecting what's to follow, a domino effect essentially. Sometimes there's a need to backtrack, which will alter whatever plans "had been made" for going forward. I know several times I've wished they would alter how they've moved forward, but it's not my game. They've invited all of us players here to give feedback, which is cool. But they don't have to do what any of us say, and we aren't entitled to have them do so. We aren't making the game after all, it wasn't our idea, and we aren't the ones there working on it each and every day (well, you know what I mean). In terms of holiday stuff, I wasn't implying I expected such things, nor was I implying I thought the team should spend lots of time away from their core duties on it either. Someone had replied about that, but I'm 100% in agreement their focus should be on the game itself, and I believe that's what they've been doing. The only thing I said (in response to a topic that was somewhat Valentine-centric) was "IF" there were something done in the spirit of the holiday, I would hope it wouldn't be some overly cutesy or mushy thing. I also gave 2 reasons why I believe the Devs don't bother with most holiday stuff, the first being it detracts from overall work on the game, and we all want to see MORE progress on Astroneer with more frequent updates, not less. The other had to do with their not being many suitable globally observed holidays, but the first one is really the primary reason. As to the whole "entering into Alpha, now we'll be sticking to monthly update" schedule plan? As someone who has played since latter half of January 2017, I can say it's been a bit frustrating in terms of slow update releases for Astroneer overall. However, I've enjoyed the game immensely, and there's no doubt I've received well beyond my money's worth in entertainment. I probably play in excess of 20-30 hrs a week, and I play other games as well! (Note: I'm disabled and can't work, so gaming is about the only thing I can do, and it helps me a lot by taking my mind off chronic pain, so I have a lot of time anyway with which to spend gaming, most people won't have that kind of time). I remember mentioning that to Adam in a "creative stream" he was doing, and he said "well at least someone is enjoying our game" It was a hilarious moment, one of those interactions between the Devs & the players in the community that is missing when only VLOGS are used. As mentioned above, I know why they use them. Just wish they could manage some streams as well. Adam was lots of fun when he did the streams! He played some cool music too! Back during the first few months of pre-alpha, the reasons given for slow updates (and the reasons I passed along to others who complained about the same) were several: they'd just moved to a new office, they were a very small team (still are, but they're gigantic now in terms of where they started), they'd lost 2 of their closest friends and co-workers, they were in the process of interviewing and hiring a bunch of more people to do the work. we are, a year later, and there's been really no significant change in the pace of updates that I can perceive (perception doesn't always correlate well with reality, I know some have listed before the dates of updates that have been issued in the past, with intervals inbetween). And while updates seem larger in terms of the changes they've made lately, they haven't been what I think most players would call "new content." I think there's a sort of disconnect, for whatever reason, between what many (not all) players deem "new content" and what Devs do. For example, the "Excavation Update" was, prior to release, labeled as a "huge content update." When I saw it & started playing it, I was really disappointed. The new Bytes system, meh. I think nearly all of us were glad to be rid of the old rng based research system. I got so fed up with getting, out of my first 3 research results, always a crane, drill, or winch! Those were so worthless for a starting base! I disagree with those who call Astroneer a game based on tech-tree though, it still isn't. Why? The backpack catalog isn't organized with any dependencies. I'll explain. If there were a true tech-treee or research-tree in Astroneer, this is how things would work. You wouldn't be able to unlock something without first unlocking the items necessary to build it (that's what a dependency is). I run a clan dojo in a game called Warframe, where we do research for weapon blueprints, and once those blueprints are finished any & all members of the clan can purchase them for in-game credits and craft them on their own ships using their ship foundry system. The clan dojo has 4 types of labs, each does research on a particular type of weapon (biological, energy, etc) and within each lab there is a hierarchy of sorts, a "tree" with dependies. Now, that dependency system isn't as clear cut in terms of making sense all the time as it would if implemented in Astroneer, but nonetheless it's there in Warframe and you must abide by it. So when you open the lab menu, you'll see you must start off completing certain weapon research "unlocks" before moving on to other ones, and so on. There are usually several groupings, or perhaps you could call them loosely "families" of weapons, you must proceed through their research in a dictated fashion or else you can't get through them. So what's this have to do with a Astroneer? Not a lot, other than to demonstrate a point. Before I describe how it would look in Astroneer, why do we even need this? Why limit our freedom? Well, it's not about limiting freedom at all, and anyone who has played this game even a little bit, once they think about this, will realize they would need to follow certain steps anyway. People these days get their feathers rustled anytime they have ANY perception someone is trying to limit their "freedom" especially in a video game. Omg get over it, and yourself. I grew up with old school games, Atari 2600 etc. You had very limited options, unless you were breaking into the game code or something lol. I was 7, I wasn't doing any of that You played Pong? You moved the paddle back & forth, trying to hit the little ball, and that was it. No special moves, no extra lives, that was the game. Period. The reason a tech tree would be preferable in Astroneer is to avoid the new and inexperienced player wasting their bytes on unlocks they can't use, at least not yet, because they don't understand the game and it's mechanics (it's basically a tutorial-less game, which I think is fine actually, I think too many games try to hold the player's hand and too many players believe they need it held, even demand to have it held or else see a game as "too challenging, hard, difficult, confusing, etc"(said in ultra-whiny voice) Now I'm not against individual experimentation, trial & error, but I think the game has plenty of that on offer, and the research system as it currently exists is already chock full of tedium, so I say let's not frustrate the new/-ish player with more frustrating than necessary and save them the angst of wasting their hard-earned "crypto" I envision the catalog "tree" (dependencies would be a more apropos term imho) would look something like the following: Until Printer is unlocked, all items requiring it would remain locked and unavailable for purchase: larger solar panel & larger wind turbine, the medium storage, the drill, the coal-using larger generator, single seat, larger battery, etc) Until Vehicle Bay is unlocked, all items requiring it would remain locked and unavailable for purchase: all vehicles & spacecraft, all their additions, etc There might be some further dependencies considered in the future, but not necessarily atm. Many of us have discussed the unwieldy nature of the crane on the small rover, and it is worth considering the crane as a dependency to having the large rover unlocked, not to mention making the vehicle bay unable to print a crane onto a small rover as well. In a similar situation, the shuttle should NOT be eligible for the crane to be added on to it, as there is absolutely no purpose for this (same goes for adding on large storage to the shuttle unless the situation has changed and that is now functional; I haven't flown a [small] shuttle in ages, so I could be operating off of outdated info there, but I know it used to be if you built a large storage onto the [small] shuttle, you ruined it and it couldn't fly, because if you placed a habitat onto the storage it wasn't able to manipulate the takeoff and landing controls, but again I recognize the situation may well have changed on that I haven't left Terran in well over 6 months, lacking a compelling reason to do so). These aren't really "tree" dependencies anyway, and would be more along the lines of refining or fine-tuning the crafting flow of the game, so players don't build useless or extremely unwieldy combinations. Its fine to have some experimenting in crafting in Astroneer, to get the ideal set-up you'd like, but I don't think we need to reduce the level of experimentation to a complete free-for-all experience a la some space version of Lincoln Logs or Weeble Wobbles What I don't see necessary-horizontal restrictions in the catalog. For example, take batteries. I know most people don't purchase the power cell unlock. I myself, usually don't but sometimes I do if I have excess points, it's easy power for 1 compound but I think it should be a bit more powerful, more bang for you buck so to speak. Next up, small battery. Again, weak sauce! I also tend to find several of these during my many cave explorations, so I wouldn't need to craft them anyway, and without space travel is limited on Lithium as it is (I don't exploit the resource machine to craft it either, and I don't build trade platforms, I don't see these as necessary, I only use resource machine in the beginning to craft some extra resin maybe compound if it's a bit scare near my spawn, but to each his own). The small battery also should be way more powerful to be of any real use, unless you're planning to amass a whole panel of them. I know myself and a few others in the Astroneer club have taken to placing them in storages near but not linked to base (I half-bury the storage pallet in the ground to keep it from blowing away, and keep unlinked from base otherwise it would never stay charged because of greedy power-streaming research machines, at least until we can get something like power toggles for nodes so they will leave certain battery supplies intact for "emergency stores" something like that anyway, we need something as a work around). The largest battery is a major sore spot for me with regards to this update. It's so crucial, and yet, it's way overpriced imho. It cost more than the large rover, and almost as much (iirc, not looking at the game atm) as a large spacecraft! That's just ridiculous for something so key (I'm sure some will say that's exactly why it should cost so much, but I disagree, that's the wrong reasoning, that's the sort of thing that genrates frustration in the game not satisfaction upon earning it). I don't go into each play-thru, and the ones where I manage enough points to unlock the battery I'm like "omg I feel so accomplished"! No, it's more like if find a battery in a cave tunnel (the dead end ones I call "item tunnels") I'm like "W00t!" and feel like I won the lottery or something, like I beat "the man" that's how I feel, because I feel cheated all the rest of the time by exorbitant overpricing on the battery & other select items in game. While I'm sure the Devs gave significant thought to the pricing, it's still just a first iteration, and imho they need some rebalancing. Some things shouldn't cost at all, because you can't do anything with them anyway (printer, vehicle bay). In fact, the Devs went down this path last spring and I'm surprised after that huge debacle they dared try it again. They locked away these in research, admittedly it was quite different then as it was rng and some very unlucky people were going hours into their games with all sorts of stuff unlocked but no printer or bay to craft them with, but people were in a major uproar. The situation has changed considerably. No one is unable to craft anything this time, no more rng. But I would argue there's simply no point to slapping a purchase cost on these items. We should be able to craft them whenever we choose, it just adds to the tedium and a degree of frustration in the early game, that all you're doing is running around gathering organic, compound & resin, and being a grand babysitter for research. It's not fun, it's not exciting, it's not anything like what the game experience used to be, and it's not an improvement by any means other than the removal of the rng and having a choice in your order of unlocks. I despise TAR, I always have, I've always said that, I do recognize how the resource module is very much invaluable when venturing to other planets where it's hard to find resin & compound (I haven't traveled in so long, not since TAR released, but I remember well having to truck tons of resin, compound, etc with me, wherever I went, because they were so scare or else down in tunnels choked with Spikers at the entrance, acid spewing pots too, just very inhospitable all around not to mention I was far less experienced back then lol, so I'm not saying I think it's all bad just it's a nuisance needing canisters & soil to flatten/smooth base specifically in the beginning that really sucked, but also to terraform like when I need to get out of a cave system urgently and must build bridges and I run out of soil mid-bridge, situations like that, yeah that's very annoying and not "stimulating" in an adventuesome sort of way). I was drawn into the game by the trailer that was in place around the time I started playing, back in patch 118 I think it was. The trailer showed a bunch of co-op players running, bouncing along across a variety of planetscapes, having a great ol' time, using their terrain tool freely with limitless COLORFUL terrain (none of this grey garbage) building amazing bridges and all sorts of structures, deforming as well, building cool bases and craft, zooming about, it was a grand adventure I saw, an amazing premise and promise. And when I started playing, I didn't have others to play with, but I was drawn into these worlds, and was lost for hours on end. I still am, but only because I have an underlying "need" to be lost, to escape from my pain. The fun and excitement of the game, a lot of that spontaneity has become very dogmatic, rhythmic, grindy, basically rinse & repeat, and I hope that with coming updates, that will change. I know much of what has been related lately has been changed to underlying structure (hence the disconnect-it's been lot of "content" from a Dev's perspective, because it's been a lot of work on their behalf, overhauling the research & power systems almost completely there's still other modules not using streaming power atm, but overall by their terms it is huge content). From my perspective & many players, mechanics isn't really "content" although that's not necessarily fair and I recognize that. When I think "content" I think new gameplay. Research is a backbone of Astroneer, so it's not new, even if it gets new mechanics, it's not new. A simplified way of thinking, but if you ask many players, you'll find deep down that's how they think as well. "New" means something not currently in the game in any form or fashion, completely de novo. I wouldn't even include new hazards, as demoed in VLOG aka bomber Pumkins and so forth as "new" content, just updated, more varied content. Doesn't mean players won't like it, or be please & happy to see it, I won't for sure because I've already written how there's two items in game which slow the Xbox One down miserably, those being storms and Pumpkins when discharging their "acidic gas blooms" and it's only become worse with time & updates. I think the addition of more hazards will only create more performance problems for Xbox One players. If I had to choose between Terrain 2.0 and more hazards, well that's a no brainer, I want better looking and more varied terrain, not hazards! I think most people would. In addition, Xbox players have been waiting patiently for some performance improvements, for a very long time now, and I don't know when we'll ever see them implemented. I'm sure they're on the road map, I've looked at it, but without Devstreams, VLOGS + road map feel extremely detached. They're better than nothing, but they're not interactive. Anyway, I feel like my comments here have run all over the place, and I'm sorry about that. Not my most cohesive post, by far. I always write a lot, so not much I can say about that As always, I love this game, and wish nothing but the best for it. No matter how critical I may sound, I continue to support it, defiantly at times against those who might whine and moan about its development or lack of progress, because ultimately it comes down to having faith, and I've been around long enough I'm willingly to hold out and see where this all ends. It's my first game I've ever played any significant time as Game Preview, so I'm very invested in it emotionally and intellectually, not to mention all the great moments I've experienced and plan to continue to experience. Astroneer has given me the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful club on Xbox, an experience I'd never had without this amazing game, and I'll remain forever grateful for that as well. As I said, I've received well more than my money's worth from it, many times over, having played idk how many hundreds of hours at this point All I do, all any of us really can do, is what the Devs ask us to do...come here and leave feedback, and discuss with each other what we think is the state of the game and how it can, or might, improve. Sometimes we agree on things, sometimes we all have differing opinions, but that's not a bad thing. If we all saw things the same way, nothing would ever change, or improve for that matter. Ideas would stagnate, progress would come to a halt. Fresh eyes, fresh minds, fresh ideas, these foster creativity and generate solutions and such. So no big deal I don't agree with some and vice versa. When it comes to gameplay, outside of absing game systems, using exploits, etc, I'm very much "to each their own" sort of person. I'm not here to sit on a pedestal and tell people they shouldn't do this or that, although when it comes to things like "omg resource module is SOOOOOO OP" that's the sort of thing where, as someone now almost 50 yrs old, I call the line and say "grow up, stop whining, it's called 'willpower' you'd better figure out now how to use it". If there are extraordinarily unbalanced systems in games, yeah those do need to be remedied. One already has been fixed within Astroneer, although truth be told that "fix" wasn't "just" because of exploits, there was an existing imbalance corrected as well. The resource module itself is only unbalanced if people use it improperly. It actually fills a great need in the game, i.e. when traveling to other planets and esatblishing a base of operations (resin & compound are often scare, difficult to find on the surface of the non-Terran planets, so the module saves you the time & frustration of wagging loads of those resources with you each & every time you travel to those planets, and also saves you likely many deaths searching those planets for those same resources where now you can just gather soil nearby instead). A final note...with regards to batteries, powering the base, etc. I know some say "you just need excess power for you base, then your batteries will stay charged" Sigh. My response would be, thanks for stating the obvious I'm not interested in gathering container after container of soil to chain-mine Lithium for batteries. And by the time I've done enough research (solo) for space travel I'm usually hitting performance issues, meaning I'm not that keen about the whole thing anyway. Now that I've thought about it, perhaps there could be "very limited" deposits of Lithium & maybe Titanium on Terran, same as there is coal. Probably not generated into every game, so it's not a guaranteed thing. It could be somewhat like how coal is encountered on Terran. You have to look for coal, it's not going to find you. I know I certainly don't find it every game (can't say I purposely look for it though, but I look through a lot of caves for sure!), and when I do find it I usually don't find much, but I know it's there if I want to try & find it. Don't see why it should be all that different for the other rare resources, and I have a hard time seeing how it would be game-breaking (certainly no more than the way people are currently exploiting trades or TAR w/resource module). It's no big deal really, of this would be too much trouble to implement or the Devs just wouldn't like the idea overall. I usually get by fine with what I grab off of dead explorers and crashes because I simply EXPLORE, a lot. That's what the game is all about, at least imho. In one thread, someone complained about the number of dead explorers, but I must strongly disagree. I think they're just fine, although lately they do seem more clumped than usual as I mentioned above. Spread them out a bit more, and I think they're fine. It's the other clutter that's problematic, because tons of thrusters, space marbles, and dynamite lying everywhere is, for the most part, useless. Because of length, I'm forgoing proofreading this "essay" so forgive me any & all typos, grammatical errors, and whatnot. I could've left out whole words, it's even possible I didn't make sense the whole time. Stuff happens! Have a wonderful Astroneering day!
  6. It’s FEBRUARY!!

    Well, I was kinda hoping they'd add something into the game for Valentine's Day...not necessarily something all mushy or overly cute lol, I may be a female player but even I'm not that all into "cutesy flowery stuff" nor would I expect it to be "THE update either. More along the lines of something they could've seeded into the game at any point so it would just simply "hatch" at the correct time, like with the holiday tether lights (loved those, at least for the most part, a few colors worked out better than others, *cough*green*cough). So yeah, if anything had come out of Valentine's I think it's would've been a nice touch to see some subtle difference in our gear or gameworld appearance, not some big or overwhelming change (no matter how temporary). I think flowery pink suits would've been too much, though certainly quite hilarious in a way When you think about it, Valentine's is one of the few rather "global" holidays the Devs could easily celebrate. While I would've LOVED to see Halloween celebrated, I'm not sure how global it is. And certainly others like 4th of July, well that's pretty much just America & her territories, so can't expect that one really for a more global game of this type. I'm guessing they (1) don't want to spend too much time on holiday themed items in game (as it ultimately requires having some Devs focus attention away from what they're normally doing in order to create whatever holiday-themed content there is to be introduced), and (2) they want to tread carefully with the fan base so as not to alienate anyone based on religion or nationality. So that does make it a bit tricky in terms of selecting holidays and the like, best I can figure anyway.
  7. "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    As far as I can tell, nothing has changed on Xbox One with regards to how you open and close backpack, as well as open and close the research catalog. Of course it goes without saying we don't have the keyboard shortcuts that PC users enjoy so I can't speak to that. Insofar as returning to the "old way" of opening & closing the backpack, while having an altogether different button/stick press/other gamepad "maneuver" used to open the catalog instead (which is how many of us would like to see things done, simply because we've all grown so accustomed to using a certain button/keyboard shortcut to open & close the backpack during the pre-alpha period) nothing has changed on that front as far as I can tell. Still hopeful in that regard, as it appears to be something many players prefer (that's difficult to ascertain though, even when using tools such as polls to gauge interest and opinion, these instruments aren't without their issues and drawbacks). While I haven't paid attention to games I have played, saved, and re-entered to know if the bug persists, I do know for sure there is a bug associated w/dying in game where, after you've respawned, there is a persistent "suffocating" message that overlies the habitat at least for the remainder of your gameplay. I run saved games across several GTs so I can't keep up with which saves on which GT I have died in and which I haven't (usually I'll end up dying in each one at some point, but I likely haven't reached a 100% mortality rate in all my new patch game saves...yet lol!). So I can't provide any meaningful data about the "suffocation" bug persisting past a save and re-entry, but if I see that occur I'll certainly report it.
  8. Drill working light

    Fwiw, I didn't perceive your comment to be "angry," calling the Devs out, or otherwise particularly negative, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Those of us who love the game and play it a lot, and spend a good deal of our time posting here in the forums for the Devs, do so not only to provide feedback (which at times, out of necessity, will be of a critical nature) but at the same time provide constructive ideas and suggestions on how things might be improved. While you did mention your concern (about inadequate lighting) perhaps some didn't realize you were making a suggestion as well. I read you comment to include your suggestion for a lighting attachment point on the crane-drill apparatus along with your referring to a place where you said a mount point "appears" to be located, but currently the game won't allow anything to be placed there (certainly not a light anyway), assuming this mounting point is separate from the reasouce collection ports etc (you've used the drill and crane so I have faith you would know the difference however it's always good to remember that, on rare occasion, "sometimes" a person will post something in a forum about something, and it turns out they just weren't familiar with how something works or which end is what...again, not saying that's the case here, but it's always important to keep that in mind, like I said, "in general" because we all know what happens when we "assume.") In terms of how the drill-crane setup is currently designed, its appearance and use, well I plead ignorance. It's been very long time since I've used the combo, many months ago indeed back when there were a lot of issues with partial resource stacks coming off all the time and sometimes the drill wouldn't even do it's job (wouldn't engage with the terrain) not to mention vehicles were floating all around themselves, it was quite the grand mess lol. Seems the Devs have squared most of that away now. I haven't traveled afar to require the setup lately, and I don't personally find a need for them on Terran. However, others certainly do find them quite useful even immensely helpful, and I always say if they do, then they should go ahead and take advantage of whatever helps them But I certaindly didn't see any comments or anything else that seemed "angry" or otherwise "specifically targeting" anyone much less the Devs, so idk why your comment in particular raised those subsequent comments unless you had other comments that were moderated and/or removed. We all want to keep this a civil place and support the Devs, of course, but tbh didn't see anything unsuitable etc. I do hope the game's brightness, darkness color and contrast will improve as time goes on. I know this latest patch brought with it a lot of changes and upgrades to apppearances. Whenever there's a lot going on in terms of visuals & graphics, I would guess it's going to take awhile for stuff to settle out into a "new balance" of some kind. I'm sure they're not done either, there's probably a lot more cool stuff yet to come. No doubt trying to get all the light levels and other stuff all balanced right now would be premature. My only wish with regards to this topic is to specifically get the issue of intense darkness (and the problems it creates for players) along with the enormous variance between that darkness on one hand and intense brightness (almost blinding) during daylight on the other, "on the radar" so to speak as an issue for the Devs, basically so it's on their "to do list." I'm fine with being patient while they continue to improve how the game looks, just so long as they realize (and I'm sure they do, it's just we don't really hear from the much, so we all get a bit frustrated by that) after so much of this work is done they don't forget to go back over things and make it look nice and somewhat leveled (if you know what I mean). I know they don't need me to tell them that, but somehow I feel better knowing I am doing something that feels like I'm helping lol. Also, it's a big painconstantly adjusting brightness settings depending on whether I'm outside in light or dark, or deep inside some cave, and personally being someone who suffers from migraines enough I'm on a preventative medication, I do worry when lighting varies so much, about it triggering migraines. So far so good, no issues yet, but overall the differences between the bright light and depth of darkness have only continued to grow, and that's why I continue to bring up the lighting issues. Once the game nears completion, all this stuff about changing the brightness setting in game all the time is something players should no longer need to do anymore, and that's something I believe we all can agree on. Most games don't require changing your brightness settings unless it's a very special situation. As for the need to change brightness settings every few minutes in the game currently, I have very mixed feelings about it. I do believe the Devs should be continually working to balance the lighting and avoiding such extemes of brightness and darkness in the game as they go along making changes, but I recognize the game is in Alpha (as someone mentioned). I've been playing over a year now, starting late last January when the game hadn't been out a month into pre-alpha. I love it and I'll stick with it, whatever I have to do to play it That doesn't stop my retinas from crying for a little mercy though.
  9. Drill working light

    I do think the Devs overall don't seem to appreciate just how dark it is in caves, it can even be incredibly dark above on the surface at night as well, and I've been saying that for months as it just seems to get darker with each update. I will add one caveat, that I can only speak in terms of the darkness on Terran, because I haven't explored the other planets and Barren in many months (which I briefly discuss below* but it's optional and not related to this topic). As I have mentioned repeatedly in the patch notes, I don't have this issue in other games, and it's not a matter of screwing up my TV settings (I play on Xbox One). I use a bias lighting strip to help with nighttime viewing (although I think it's designed more to reduce eye strain iirc), but I've tried all sorts of manipulations to improve the view and decrease the darkness, including making used of the game's brightness feature but it's all inadequate (and anyone who understands how these settings should realize that, because if you increase overall brightness, it will also increase daylight brightness as well, which is already too bright on Terran imho at full "sun." It's almost blindingly bright at the spawn point now, it does diminish some as you move further away from there because the "sun" (not sure what to call the "star" of this little system) isn't rising and setting directly overhead (ever notice the "sun" rises in the west and sets in the east? I thought that was kinda cool). I don't currently have a imaging sharing account so I'm glad to see others sharing some pics; it's quite apparent just how dark the game really is underground and at night. I said of the most recent update they really need to increase the headlamp luminosity because it's reached a point I just about can't see or navigate at night or in caves without tether or worklight illuminating my path. I don't ever use the crane and drill combo on Terran. The last time I used them on other planets was a very long time ago and the drill was so unwieldy it wasn't worth it. Next time I go traveling (which I plan on doing soon) it would be nice, as suggested, to have some sort of light attached to the end of equipment. It makes sense, because IRL all such equipment would basically have the equivalent of a flood lamp or such at the end so the operator could see clearly what they are doing. Thanks for posting this, I do hope the Devs will take notice because I haven't had any luck getting anyone to listen to my pleas for increased lighting on your character (sounds like equipment needs it too) and perhaps an overall increase in illumination at night across the board. I do think it hasn't helped any that the power crystals are no longer a glowing element, and I wish they would return to being so. Imho they are difficult to locate now, unless you already have a strong source of light like worklight or tether, in which case that is beside the point. Still love the game though, and the visual upgrades are very nice. *I haven't felt very compelled to leave Terran in many months. I don't think moving high-Byte research chests or ultra-rare unlocks (such as ones they keep speaking of, items that can't be unlocked via the catalog "ever") is the way to go either in terms of motivating people, at least not until the game is much further along in development (aka has more of a story, progression, sense of achievement, etc) rather than just arbitrarily saying "hey you! Player! You're gonna have to go to x, y, and z planet in order to get this and that" sort of thing. That doesn't sound appealing, in fact it sounds very counterproductive at this stage.
  10. "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    I'm usually a stickler for detail, but tbh I just look at the Patch number/version and click on the most recent Patch Notes in this section without really paying any attention to date or time of original posting. I only pay attention to subsequent replies people make in the thread. My reasoning is, the most recent Patch Notes listing in that section should be posted right around the time a patch or update goes live, so I guess I don't really see need to split hairs about it. However I do agree, for a few reasons such as historical purposes (i.e. when someone decides to look back at these notes and other items to get a sense of how the game progressed through development, just to give an example) it would be nice if things were corrected at some point to be accurate so there won't be any confusion or misleading data down the line. That's really all I have to say about that. I'm sure it does save some time for the Devs to have posts written ahead of time and queued up for eventual release onto this forum particular whenthere are announcements, news, patch notes, etc. As I mentioned so far I've noticed a lot of visual FX and graphical upgrades, including some nice restyling of the art which looks amazing (huge kudos there). I also wanted to give a huge shout of thanks to the team for finally making it possible to look out from a cave (while still inside the mouth of its entrance) and actually SEE the skies and weather beyond!!! That's so AMAZING as well! Before all I could see was a nondescpt grayish "blob" that told me nothing about the state of the world above/outside. Could be a raging storm (although usually I'd have some idea about that because the storms), dead of night, full sun, or anywhere inbetween. Now I can see quite clearly what it looks like gazing upwards and outwards from the cave tunnel that exits out onto the surface, and that's wonderful! A great improvement and monumental change in the game! So thanks again for this, I love having this in the game it's a nice QOL addition to be sure! I hope in a future update that will be coming soon, the Devs will fix storms penetrating into caves because on Xbox One in particular they slow performance quite severely! Its very frustrating having storms limit visibility in caves and also blow things around that you've collected making it difficult to find them again. It makes no sense they would penetrate anything more than the most superficial tunnels at most. When you're deep in cave systems, there should be wind (we've long known caves "breathe" it's not exactly wind iirc from what I've read and specials I've watched about them iirc it's more a situation where wind flow is created by differentials in air pressure between segments of large cave systems). I think it's safe to say the cave systems we explore are quite massive, at least the ones I've seen are quite big. I know I've walked for over an hour below ground and when I finally surface I'm lost, can no longer see any trace of my home base or tethers or even any of my beacon system I had laid out. With no more plinths for oxygen, this can be truly catastrophic /: This is why the filter can be an invaluable item (or a chair, lol) to bide time to help me find my way back home (I usually manage to do so, IRL I don't think I have a great sense of direction but in Astroneer I seem to have an uncanny sense, it's interesting, perhaps I've played so much I have learned how to use different things in the game world to navigate often without being consciously aware I'm doing so, but idk maybe it's just luck Ive been meaning to write this as a suggestion for a very long time and I've reached my wits end and have to write this now. The death mark system is woefully inadequate. Please change it with the next update cycle. I don't want to make this post any longer but I'll write again later about the details as I've saved the recommendations in a journal I keep when I don't have time to get everything posted here. The reason I don't want to post in Suggestions? Stuff gets lost and buried there. And most has to do with changing game systems, adding things, not refining them and that's what I'm about, refining the death locator system rather than introducing something totally new. I'll go ahead and say in a nutshell I propose using the existing beacon system instead, because it offers many wonderful advantages over the death mark system (which isn't well-suited tbh, it disappears on you as approach the death location, it is wiped away as soon as you die again which happens a lot because once you lose your supplies your rate of repeat mortality at least the observed rate I personally see, is astronomically higher following that first death no matter what you choose to do, whether it's attempt retrieval or continue setting up or completing your base, etc, plus many other variables involved such as dying in a cave at distance you may not see a marker at all which isn't helpful getting your things back). The existing beacon system offers many advantages: better visibility with higher "stalk" along with persistence though other deaths and saves/exits/reloads, wouldn't "sink" into the ground as you approached you'd be able to track the beacon all the way up to its location, and some other benefits. I'll go over how it could be made to differ from standard existing beacons including some special restrictions so it wouldn't be collectible and reusable. More on than later. But please consider it, as the current system is awful and not helpful unless you die basically within sight of your base, which the it becomes arguable whether a beacon is necessary for much of anything (it is helpful, but those retrievals aren't the most difficult ones where the existing beacon system would significantly improve success and satisfaction overall).
  11. "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    Yes I have used the brightness settings in-game since they were added. They do help a little, but I find the issue is whatever I do to make the cave areas brighter makes the outdoor areas so much more bright they're almost unbearable in full daylight. I've also tried different TV settings as well, but I've given up on that being a cause or issue. I don't have problems running other games, and my settings don't generally change (other than I do have one custom set I use when it's day at home and there is quite a bit of "ambient light" I suppose you could say, and a different custom setting for nighttime which is acutely when I play the most, as well as a "bias light" strip that's located behind my tv which is supposed to help decrease eye strain by reducing the relative intensity of light or something like that I'd have to read about it again tbh to know for sure. I just know it helps people who view tv or play games at night, reduces eye strain etc. Mine is just a simple cheap adhesive lighting solution that runs off a USB outlet on the tv itself so it turns on automatically whenever the tv is on, and shuts off automatically too. I don't tend to save games that spawn in the bright green terrain. Not only is the light intensity just too much, I also have found there is a sort of haze that is often seen during the day, at least there was in older versions of the game. I can report there does indeed appear to be some sort of bug going on after you've died and reepwaned showing the word "suffocating" somewhere above or "inside" your hab at least this has been happening for me. Haven't been back into a save to see if it continues to be visible but I've had 2 games now in which I've died and the same message continues to be displayed. At night in darkness I like how Resin has a neat bit of contrast too it, but I don't really notice so much Compound having the same effect? Laterite seems a bit more visible in caves, but I still believe Malachite needs a color better distinguishable from the "cave green" it simply blends in too well and should stand out more plus have better contast imho. And speaking of caves, Thruster is still misspelled I know one thing that still hasn't been fixed, I know many like myself are hoping will eventually be fixed, is the problem of approaching for example a node on your base where you used have it actively select an item that was on that node you were next to. Since the last update, that behavior unexpectedly changed to where now when you're next to a node, instead it wants to actively select to extend the node in your direction, something most of us don't want it doing unless we select it to do so. Please fix this whenever you can. It's extremely annoying to have to move the cursor everywhere each and every time you need to pick something off a node (or sometimes even off a storage pallet) especaillly those of us on Xbox where using the cursor isn't as straightforward as simply pointing a mouse and rolling it about. It's a real pain. It was much easier before, and much more user-friendly, I know some have complained they're making mistakes because instead of grabbing an item they want, if there is resin in their pack the node is building a base module instead. Thanks!
  12. "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    I haven't tried using any old saves, but can report I've created new games on Xbox One, saved them by jumping in the hab, exited using the menu option, made a 2nd new game file and played on it for awhile then saved it as well in the same manner, went back to the in-game menu and loaded up the first game (I had deleted any old saves) and it loaded just fine. Just wanted to share that because it wasn't clear if there was an issue with any saves for this patch or just saved games people were trying to use that existed prior to this update (because those always run a risk of not working properly, and are never guaranteed any compatibility). About the game, in absence of any patch notes, all I can say is wow the game looks pretty amazing y'all sure have done some cool work with how it looks (I've only been on Terran haven't made it anywhere else so far). Lots of neat detail I know I've never noticed before (some may just be I'm looking with a more heightened sense of awareness trying to see what might be different so idk) but some plants and research pods have silvery iridescent touches which look amazing, especially in low light situations. Really love the new (I think they're new) colorations and/or color touches and contrasts added to Ammonium and Lithium. Titanium looks the same; I think it would look much better if the shiny finish were extended to the outside of the "nugget" instead of it being dull on the sides, but that's just me.When underground in caves, textures really seem to "pop" although rendering times for stuff to come into view for my Astroneer seem quite sluggish (for example I might be almost on top of a Spiker or bunch of mineral before it decides to show up, that's not good). This has always been an issue but in the past it's been more of one when games get older, having played many hours on them. I worry because these are fresh games, ones I'm only playing 1- 2 hrs on and I'm having issues with rendering delay. Idk how the game tends to run on PC (probably a mixed bag depending on the specs) but we sure could use some performance upgrades on the Xbox One please. As for the skybox, dawn and dusk really look amazing, at least I know I like how they look now (I liked them before too, but now they look less cartoonish I suppose?). Howver, night seems to have become even darker (yes, again) and day even brighter (again). The only issue I have beyond the darker night is the full daytime light, which is overall ok, but it's too washed out and somewhat hazy all around at least at the place where you spawn (seems less so as you move further away). Again I haven't played long enough to really wander all over the planet lol, but around the spawn the daylight is almost blinding esp around "high noon" and when you're looking for the home beacon it's still very difficult to see often in that level of brightness. Caves on the other hand are almost to the point I can't navigate without either tether or work light. My suit light just isn't cutting through the darkness anymore, it needs some buff, pronto. I'm sure there are many things I've noticed but haven't registered fully, not enough to write down anyway, but I wanted to say how amazing the game was looking so far! Some of the things in the new tutorial pics, including the graph thing, don't really jive yet with what I'm seeing on the research machine (which depending on the pod, now looks more like one of those interval trainer exercise machines with all their steps and levels lol). I'm guessing the patch notes will explain all this further (I hope). My first research pod had me hopeful the daytime power issue had been fixed (I had observed some weird power numbers, almost like some arbitrary limit, on daytime power using mostly the solar panels but at night using just small wind turbines they would shockingly exceed by a significant amount the daytime energy production which just didn't make any sense). Howver, that hope was short-lived, as the next pod had a much smaller amount of power production associated with its run (for no apparent reason, as I had no base modules built yet, there wasn't anything drawing any power and solar units producing power and all other possible variables appeared the same as far as I could tell). Apparently there are still some oddities in power production and consumption with regards to the research complex. The colors and readability has improved, but y'all seem fixated on using that blue and pink huh? Still think there must be some better color combos out there I was really hoping (from peeking at the new "help/guide" images) we'd be getting a power graph but it doesn't look like that's what is being depicted in the new research interface. What it actually does depict, like I said, I'll have to wait and find out. Research seems to run a bit faster overall, but that could just be my imagination. Haven't built anything other than a research machine to see if anything else new is in store or has changed. One game I had died not far from base, but after I had picked up my things (they still show up sideways in the deceased body's backpack by the way) and returned to save in the hab, I saw a persistent message over the hab (for some odd reason idk why) that said "Suffocating" even though I clearly wasn't in the hab or suffocating. I haven't gone back to reload to see if it's still there, but thought I'd mention it in case it shows up as a repetitive bug. Thanks for all of your continued hard work making the game great. I guess this is what you'd call an "early" Early Release
  13. How to make a leveled ground surface?

    At one time there was talk of us actually getting a tool mod that would automagically create a "flat plane" for us, but that idea seems to have either died or been put onto some really distant back burner (probably to never be spoken of, again). It would be really nice to have such a tool, since the one we got instead doesn't so what I believe many of us hoped it would. Sure, it can make some itneresting things, like towering curved walls and such, but those aren't really "needed" by the majority of the player base I would wager. Having the ability to make a perfect slope up or down, or create that perfect glass-smooth base at whatever angle you'd like (and not only at the fixed angles the polygons in game limit you to) would be golden! I know I would love to see that happen. I've played so much Astroneer these things are fairly straitforward for me, but that certainly doesn't mean I wouldn't like things to be smoother, easier and faster to do, etc. Plus I know some still struggle. Occasionally I'll encounter a spawn where the angles just won't allow me to make a base with a smooth flat surface around it and at an angle I'm satisfied with, so I'll completely ditch the game and start another. That's just how important it is to me.
  14. "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    About the "eating crow"? Yeah, it's funny with my son (who just turned 14) finding out some of the sayings that have been around you'd think "forever" and he's never heard of them, even in this "Information Age" with the internet etc. Yet they rename a lot of stuff too, things that aren't really "new" but then again neither is a generation's concept of their "inventing" something "new" either. I remember my mom telling me every generation thinks they invented cussing, and that they are supremely better at it than anyone who has ever come before, lol. It turns out she was right, every gen does indeed seem to believe that at least to some extent As for the example "situation" I cited, I was exaggerating of course. I've never had anything like that happen before. But I have played with some younger folk and told them I did want to make sure it would be ok and there wouldn't be any concerns from their parents etc. More so with younger adolescent teenage boys, as it provided a good opening convo to make things clear (mostly for them, but I could avoid an uneasy convo by shifting the subject off more to a parent etc) by saying "hey I'm older but married, have a kid of my own, I'm disabled can't work so I play a lot for my own mental health lol" but making it clear I'm not into any weird stuff I'm just like any other gamer same as friends you age etc so parents don't need to worry I'd even be happy to speak to them if need be) that way I've done all I can at least to prevent anybody from thinkiing I have some interest beyond being just another person online to play a game with, definitely not interested in any online entanglements no matter who they are etc. Never had anything like that really happen either, but I had one teenage guy ask me a lot of questions like wanting a female opinion about very intense issues (women's rights, stuff you just DON'T ask someone in a casual online atmosphere, similarly to forums there are topics off-limits like religion, politics, and those were the sorts of things he was asking my thoughts on, and I said to him I wasn't comfortable getting into those discussions with him and that was just too deep and serious when I just wanted to play games that's it). As one might expect, after that convo things were very awkward between us, plus his dad came in while he was talking to me and that was something that sorta sparked the idea for the scenario I listed above. Don't think the dad knew who he was talking to, but it was right after he'd been asking me all those personal questions so if the dad heard all of that stuff even just the one-sided bit, I wouldn't have blamed him for telling his son to get off and never speak to me again (even though it wasn't my fault, the dad couldn't know that). It can be tricky navigating the social online experience lol. Usually once people are older say high school certainly college age and beyond it's no longer an issue, other than sometimes you find trolls or other psycho people. I've met some toxic players before but mostly in clan settings where there are larger groups of people who get all power-hungry. It's so silly and yet potentially dangerous at the same time (if they actually do manage to get a following going, and weasel their way into some position of power, depends on how sneaky they are, many betray themselves by being such obvious sleazebags but some can be pretty slick). Sometimes I've run into a few odd scenarios. I've been told I sound like a guy (which I don't, but I will say playing with headset & mic, these can drastically change your voice so much so that in party chat my son & I agree we don't sound much like we do IRL, but a different gender? No not really lol!). Only once have I run into someone in a group chat that, upon learning my age, said something like "you're that old and you still game? Why?" That comment was immediately boo'd and challenged by everyone else in the party, people who all knew me fairly well and who also appreciated the fact I'm a long-time avid gamer, probably from a time well before that dude was born lol). So it actually felt good to be supported by friends, and that guy got roasted Most people respect my experience, even if I'm a bit slow or not the best at PvP. They seem willing to cut me some slack. Now if I could just get my son to understand that "memeing" or however you spell that, isn't something new at all. It's basically, from what I gather, the same or very similar to what we would call imitating someone, mimicry or emulation. Like copying behavior of someone or something. And that's not new at all. They'll also play games like RPGs and when they really get into a character they call it "role-play" which I laugh so hard at, because my generation grew up with this term having more "adult-play" connotations, if you know what I mean They don't mean it that way, they only mean "getting into character" lol, but when you play something like an RPG, I argue that tee really isn't necessary because you do that by default. Whatever. They do love their terms, especially the ones they "think" they "created" lol In terms of the person who was saying they wouldn't buy the game again, in response to the person who said they would, if I'm understanding correctly the one who said they'd pay again only meant they'd do so as a way of demonstrating their support for the Devs, recognizing they will need the continued monetary support for funding the game and getting paid for their hard work etc. That's all. I don't think they were in any way implying everyone had to buy it again, I'm not aware of that being a requirement anyway. I could be wrong but I thought that, by supporting this game early, we already have a guaranteed purchase of the final release (but I've never bought an early release title, I could be mistaken). They did say, iirc not 100% sure without reading all over again, they wouldn't support most micro transactions in the game, that this was their line they wouldn't cross. I think most who have played Early Access likely feel the same. I wouldn't mind paying for a limited amount of cosmetics, but that's the ONLY type of micro transaction I think should be considered. Definitely no loot boxes, no pay to speed up things, no pay to win, no blind loot crates or rng systems with them either, those are too much like gambling. If you buy you should know exactly what you're getting. And anything you bought should be able to use in any game, any save, any version, it should never be made unavailable to you after purchase, and should never be offered for free or by another means. It should also never confer any advantage in terms of gameplay. Items which affect gameplay should be included in the game, or he part of DLC (which I hope will be free as part of the game's purchase price, or if that's not feasible then I hope the DLC will come in packages that's are reasonably priced and comes with regular updates and future support). That's all I have to say about this for now, because micro transactions is a very hot topic I don't think I need to enter into a highly detailed breakdown of the issues, pros and cons, etc regarding them. I play Warframe, and it has one of the better (not perfect but decent) micro transaction systems out there to date, especially considering it's a free-to-play game model. My son plays Overwatch, and no matter what their Devs say Overwatch does not have that great of a loot system. Not sure who they're kidding besides themselves. There are worse systems to be sure, but that doesn't exactly make them saints.
  15. "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    I'll pitch in my 2cents fwiw... I started playing late January last year, idk was something like Patch 118 that had just come out, so I've played most of the game's "lifetime" so far. I instantly fell in love, played nothing else for 2 straight weeks. Idk how I did that, considering how terribly laggy the game was tbh way back then! I play on X1, and wow the terrain tool was a pain to fight with, my hands literally hurt from playing (partly the controls, partly arthritis, partly playing way too much lol). I got used to it, even the weird controller scheme, its long since become muscle memory. The thing that attracted me to the game was the trailer that was posted around that time, which looked so incredibly fun. Basically just co-op for the most part, people running around, bouncing around across planets, shaping terrain as they went (with none of this ugly grey stuff, that's one thing I still remain very bitter about as it's made the game extremely ugly and I still see no purpose it has served). Just light-hearted fun and exploration, no tedious sitting around bases watching power levels, or fetching research pods. Yeah i know I'm way oversimplifying and also being overcritical too, because your right the game does have to evolve, and I'm glad the old rng system is gone, but there are some things that changed that not sure were the best choices. I realize, this isn't my game. It's the Devs. Ultimately, it's their choices that rule the day. I'm not really entitled to anything, no player is but that's something I believe players may occasionally forget (not anyone writing here, but I've seen some "interesting" comments in the general forum lol). I have a license to play the game in its early stages because I paid for that, but I don't "own" the game and I don't have a "right" to have a say-so in how it's made or turns out as a finished product. As it says on the game's loading page we are invited here for a "discussion" that's really it. The Devs have chosen to provide players with a forum on which to express their opinions, feedback, and report issues and bugs, but no one ever promised players their input would make it into the game. So far I think the Devs have listened quite well, much more than you'll find on average in today's gaming world. It's certainly a more common thing for indies but even then not all are receptive, and triple A game studios forget about it they aren't listening at all for the most part. So I'm glad I can come here and leave my feedback, because I know someone reads it (and I'm very thankful someone did in fact adjust tethers so they are no longer uprooted when I pass the Inhibitor around them, yay! - that's a great example). In terms of lengthy research, a few comments. Yes indeed, a few pods take an incredibly long time. But that's not all bad. Remember, no one makes a player research those pods. And by now, anyone can look up the point value of any pod (not sure if the Wiki is updated yet though). I have seen a list in the forums here in fact. So that data is out there, but you can also see the points when you place a pod in the chamber and decide if you want to run or not. I think one of the best options is to craft at least 2 research chambers and if you have one of those pods with super long run-time, then place it in one chamber and use the other one (or several) to run more short-to-medium range point value pods. That way no one needs worry about having too much power draw all the time or being stuck etc. Honestly I'm not sure why it's so bad to have something running all the time unless it's a power drain issue. But there are a few ways around that, and most of the time at least for me it's really only at night I struggle so I just let them stop at night until I get adequate wind power or whatever. I haven't even made it off Terran in any new update games so can't speak to any of that stuff or about need to leave, I've never found a "need" to leave but I wish I had more desire to explore. I don't think moving higher point pods off world is the way to do it. In fact, I think that's a terrible idea, makes it feel forced actually and I don't think that's the way to go with Astroneer at all. I never liked TAR and still think it's a bit, uh, strange in concept and how it's employed. When hydrazine got removed and later retooled, the reasoning was "it's unbalanced making hydrazine from nothing using just sun/power" Ok. That wasn't the whole of the argument, because people were choosing to exploit the trade platform with it, but I don't want to bring up the whole discussion again I'm only trying to point out it's a bit similar to how you gather a bunch of soil and now we can just make lithium and whatever out of it? Like, wut??? And that's....okay??? Yeah idk, seems just too bizarre to me. I can imagine it sure helps on other planets when you can't find compound and resin, and avoids the need to truck a ton of it with you when voyaging about the planets. Maybe the resources module shouldn't be able to craft nothing but the common resources, so it's really only useful for those situations. I'm sure some people would hate that, but imho it would fit a need and not be used in some OP manner . Players don't need to erase half of Barren to build a billion batteries lol. May be an interesting experiment, but I'm guessing once the game is finished there will be a creative mode for just that sort of silly fun Back to the point though about those really long research runs...I often spend long times in caves (on Terran of course) so I really don't mind having some long run in a research chamber on-going. In fact it's kinda nice now knowing something is actually being accomplished back at base in my absence since I play solo for the most part. Don't really know anyone to play on Xbox with, other than the club I'm part of but many of those players are a LOT younger than I am Don't want their parents freaking out or something lol (Parent walks in on kid playing co-op Astroneer...Parent: Who are you talking to? Kid: This lady I'm playing co-op Astro with. Parent: Lady?? As in how old a lady? Kid: She's um, I think like your age? But she's cool. Parent: You get off! Right now! ...mutters to self..omg my kid was playing online with some pedofreak). No thanks Never happened before, but I could see that happening, you know how parents worry these days (I did when my son was younger, didn't let him play online for longest time and then didn't let him use chat features for a good while after that). Last thoughts....if I caan do one good deed today, it's to convince one person who plays Astroneer of the immense value of oxygen filters. It saddens me greatly whenever I see or hear anyone mention they think they're useless. They aren't. I think they're extremely misunderstood because they never have been explained properly and really are misnamed if you think about it. A filter removes something harmful from the air. When I first started playing, I assumed they filtered out the poison from the Pumpkins. I know I'm not the only one who thought that too. They don't, died very quickly anyway But it just so happens that one time I equipped one, and guess I managed to avoid the poison enough to live long enough to see what a filter actually DOES. They REFILL your oxygen supply. ALL OF IT! Doesn't matter (afaik) if it's just your main tank (if that's all you have, which is still useful imho because it's just 1 compound to make a filter, how cheap is that!) or if you have 4+ extra oxygen tanks, one filter will fill it ALL. Now the more tanks you have the faster it runs out. Say you just have the main tank you always have and pop a filter. Well, it will last a fair bit even after topping off your tank (similar to having some oxygen nuggets in your pack). If it has to refill several extra tanks, well it's not going to stick around very long after it does the refill process. If it just refills 1-2 tanks, it might stick around same as (and I'm only guesstimating I've never clocked it) one oxygen nugget in your pack, maybe? Someone could probably test this out, I'm sure, if they were motivated to do so. If it's filling 4+ tanks, it's going to disappear rather shortly after finishing up. I always say I often travel on foot off tether and without vehicle, so filters are an absolute necessity and I'm glad I can unlock these babies right away (which I do!). They're absolutely required for my survival (just need compound, luckily can find that above and below ground on Terran fairly easily, and can print out from soil as well). I try to find as many tanks as I can, because even if I unlock the tank, finding Titanium on Terran is hit or miss (crashes, dead explorer packs). Used to get a fair bit from duplicate research but that's gone now, but I'm glad no more rng so it's all fine in the end. I hope someone will realize after this explanation though, that filters are FAR from useless. They can save your Astroneer in a tight spot, and they're quite economical too! Most of the time you'll have compound accessible so they're not difficult to craft. I'm not sure I would classify any items in the game as "useles" I would agree power cells are quite low on my priority list, simply because in the wake of the most recent update with its power-hungry research modules, the power cells are just too weak to be much use for anything. The new power steaming mode also doesn't play well with the other modules around the base, simply because they aren't using the streaming mode (yet, I presume). Any modules you use won't get power restored (plus your batteries will likely remained drained as well) unless there's either no research ongoing (so no drain) or you've reached a point where you have exceed the overall research power drain. I've reluctantly gone to a system where I keep a storage pallet with my small batteries in a small pit right off my base (hoping it doesn't fall through the ground clipping into a cave - this does still happen on occasion even though a past update was supposed to fix all of that, at least now more of a rare and isolated occurrence). Hoping eventually the overall power flow situation will be balanced and somehow batteries can stay charged for some uses, and also be used as backup power (maybe have a storage module that is isolated so if we store batteries on it, they won't drain? Not sure, but something like that would be nice, to have a choice to keep some charged and some for use as backup power for the base). Well that's enough for now. I do hope the game can remain fun, but we all have to remember we don't really know what's to come so I'm just going to be patient and hope for the best. Nothing else we can do anyway Why did the Devs stop having Twitch streams about Updates and such? When I first started playing, those were so nice! But there were only a few, and back then the team was very small. I like the VLOGS, but they're just not the same. Really wish there would be some longer streams as well. Never see Adam anymore, and he was always on the streams in the beginning. Oh, I keep forgetting to write about this! Will have to be short. With the Devs trying to make resources more true to their real world counterparts in terms of color, I wanted to mention one thing that has always bugged me immensely from the time I started playing Astroneer and that is the color of oxygen crystals. It's blue! Why? Blue is usually an aquatic color in games. Or maybe a team color (like red vs. blue). Anyway, as someone with health profession experience I just wanted to inform y'all that oxygen is supposed to be green. Just look up the international standards (I realize they are for medica oxygen, which is a gas, but what can I say oxygen is generally stored & administered as a gas). Doesn't actually exist as crystals on cave walls lol, but it really threw me seeing it "blue" for some reason. Just wanted to let the Devs know that. I've seen games display it as green as well, I guess someone let them know There's interesting history there, some tragic too, about how the standards were developed for labeling all sorts of gases not just medical ones. I think bright yellow like the power was (which I can barely see now on cave walls now, much prefer the glowing yellow come back please) is how chlorine gas is labeled, but I think it isn't as uniform as some others. It is highly corrosive. Medical oxygen gas is a dark green but I think a bright glowing green in place of the bright glowing blue would actually work fine in Astroneer if the Devs are really serious about making things more scientifically correct in appearance. I read about how before the strict labeling rules there were quite a few accidents in operating rooms where mixups occurred. Sometimes air, mixed air, even CO2 was accidentally used instead of oxygen and all sorts of bizarre combinations or situation reversed (for example, you don't want to use oxygen to insufflate an abdomen for laparoscopic surgery because oxygen is so highly flammable, and they need to be able to do cautery inside to control bleeeing so having oxygen used by accident is really, really bad!). To aid in safety there are strict labeling requirement including the color coding as I mentioned (which is green for oxygen) but there are other means too, such as the fittings on the cylinders and how those attach to walls and hoses. In a medical setting at least, they're all specific to the gas. All of these things are designed to minimize risk in the hope these mistakes won't be made anymore. We all know human error is impossible to eradicate but these things do a lot to reduce that risk. Now if an institution has outdated fixtures (which may happen in some countries with older equipment that doesn't meet current guidelines & requirements) or if stuff has been tampered with (like the actual cylinder or the hose and/or wall fittings etc) issues with the wrong gas being used can still occur, but overall it seems the situation has greatly improved. Sounds like it's more a problem of there being buildings/equipment not being up to code, I would guess more commonly found in poor countries where the lack of funds for newer equipment and facilities is more problematic. P.S. As to keeping previous versions of the game, and a possible reason as to why that wasn't chosen? I can think of a big reason: Xbox One. Maybe on PC y'all can do that, keep other versions of games, but idk how something like that would ever work for players on Xbox. I don't think it could, and that's my best guess as to why something like that wasn't ever considered. The Devs maybe never wanted to consider it anyway, but even if they had, I don't think there's anyway something like that could be supported on a console. If it were PC only? Hmm, yeah idk, maybe?