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  1. Are you sure you’re looking in the right place (after you’ve unlocked them)? I play on Xbox (not that platform matters, other than controls/keybinds, the game is essentially the same across platforms). Those items should be printable from the backpack iirc. You’ll notice in the catalog items are sorted based on where they’re printed. From left to right: backpack printer>small printer>medium printer>large printer (at least I think that’s the size “names” of the printers; I’ve played so long, and so much, I’ll admit I don’t even look anymore ;P) Hope that helps!
  2. I really REALLY hope y’all meant you fixed all the vehicle and platform sinking when terrain is modified anywhere nearby, with terrain tool, or in combination with tool mods applied (such as painting terrain, using Inhibitor to remove decorators, and whatnot). It makes sense y’all would fix it for all vehicles and platforms and not just the large rover, but just want to make sure. I know most folk are wondering about this as well, it’s been a commonly encountered (and frustrating) issue. While I don’t mind there being recreational-focused objects in the game, and perhaps it’s too early to
  3. I’m not sure it’s worth updating the page, probably just need to start over. As I said somewhere else on another thread (the Crafting Megathread I think) most of the threads prior to the full release likely need to be closed as a lot of them either won’t be relevant or will require significant adjustment to reflect current state of affairs (but what do I know, lol). Best for a fresh start perhaps, a clean slate maybe with discussions etc but I’m guessing (as I stated elsewhere) Wyv and any mods he has helping him are completely swamped for now so we’ll have to manage with what we’ve got. The D
  4. It did, but hey that’s ok, we all live and learn I’ve played untold hours and I’m always discovering new stuff it’s true!
  5. I agree with the “most people didn’t like storms” opinion because that’s what was expressed here on the forums by and large. There were many aspects of storms that lead to this opinion, it wasn’t just wanting to avoid some difficulty in the game or some nonsense such as this. I don’t mind adversity in games, I grew up with games far more challenging than most we have available today, games that certainly didn’t hold your hand, and with no internet yet available there were no YouTube vids, streams, or online guides to walk you through games either. No, I’m not saying I’m entitled to a cookie fo
  6. “Backpack” (small) printer, uses 1 compound to make it, there by default, and once placed (with power supply) uses 2 resin to make the medium storage just like before
  7. Performance on Xbox is pretty bad, but posting in an old thread like this won’t help anyone or anything. Tbh most if not all Alpha-related threads probably should be locked at this point, but I’m sure Wyv and others mods he has helping him have their hands full with not only this forum but the Discord and other places as well, Reddit and whatnot, so be patient and courteous it’s not easy but it helps. The Devs know performance is bad, they have a patch ready I have no idea what sort of hoops they have to jump through tho to be in accordance with Microsoft’s policies a lot of this issue is on t
  8. It looks like there’s power supplied to the platform, so I guessing it’s hooked up in some manner to the rest of your base or at least to the main hab. When you’re ready to print, you may have to re-orient it because it likely won’t have enough room where it is to print some things and certainly not with you standing in front of it, but I realize that’s getting ahead of myself... Have you unlocked anything you can build with the Vehicle Bay? That’s what it looks like to me, you have a blank blue screen which appears in my games when I’ve yet to spend Bytes to unlock something I can p
  9. I lost roughly 40 minutes of time spent on Exotic the other day. That really sucked because I’d gone off-Terran the first time that save to get mats, and I found stuff I was going to take back to home base. Hematite, wolframite and sphalerite, also some lithium. I was using my small shuttle seat as well as a salvaged seat to make saves about every 5-10 minutes (plus hiding from storms, geez they’re way too frequent on Exotic) thought I’d be covered. I play Xbox One and I know from experience the game is very prone to crashing once leaving Terran and trying to play on other worlds (even in just
  10. Back to the original topic... Everyone has their own playstyle amd comfort zone when it comes to how much detail and complexity they enjoy in their games, especially those centered around activities like crafting and building. I lean towards the more organized side, but I wouldn’t enjoy the game if I were “forced” to make some chore out of base planning as someone suggested. This isn’t an electrical engineering project or whatever lol. The game has become more than a bit grindy as is, and doesn’t need more imo. The Basebuilding update issued last December was an amazing one, bringing unpa
  11. I don’t mind them getting rid of power nuggets or oxygen so much as it would’ve been better perhaps to decrease their amount (a wean basically), and then discontinue them. Going cold turkey was a bit harsh when in addition to that so many other changes were implemented at the same time. I’ve said before, in terms of raw power, was stupid easy to get. As for oxygen, I was already using filters and had been for a long time. They’d been misunderstood for far too long, and imo misnamed from the start. Not surprised a lot of players never took to using them, and with them not functioning corre
  12. Mentioned on the (now official) Discord but we REALLY need some sort of running lights for vehicles. To me, running lights aren’t same as for most of the world (I remember my first car had “running lights” in the car manual, which I dutifully read, I think for Canadian versions; described as fog lamps or dimmed headlamps that otherwise are on anytime your principle headlights aren’t on, the ones you use in dim or dark conditions etc). What I’m talking about would be more for enhancing our ability to see our vehicles (primarily terrestrial craft but it would be nice to have for all craft, for u
  13. We’re all subject to bias. What really matters is how we handle it, particularly in our dealings with others. A biased person alone isn’t really doing much harm one might argue. When you’re biased and carry a lot of responsibility, such as to a community, that’s a big problem. Most people in positions of authority, which means they hold great responsibility, hopefully recognize their bias and try to compensate for it, for their own sake but mostly for the good of the community. When a person cares only that they’re right, when they argue continuously about how they’re right, when they threaten
  14. I remembered a good one, bothered me for ages. When you’re sitting in hab, vehicle, whatever, the game doesn’t (and don’t think it ever has tbh) take into consideration passage of time and how that should affect certain things. Specifically, charging your power and refilling your oxygen. Drives me nuts! Not expecting everything to charge up and fill up instantly (though, if that we’re the only way to do it, program it, I’d be fine with that of course! It’d save a lot of time lol). I’d be plenty happy if they’d fill based on whatever the equivalent rate would be (calculated based off how m
  15. Yes I agree. There does need to be much better visual cue. I happened to turn down the volume too much, had been watching a TV show with someone then switched back to gaming so overcompensated without realizing, and my oxygen got too low and I died before made it to tether to base. Luckily I was just smoothing (flattening) around base, and was almost right next to the main hab, so it wasn’t a big deal for me at all. That’s not the point though. Some people are deaf or hard of hearing. Some need to turn down the sound significantly because they aren’t allowed to or don’t want to disturb ot