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  1. "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    Not doing anything wrong, this hotfix seems to have included a few "issues" of its own, but that often happens (it's even mentioned on the screen when you launch Astroneer). Most aren't too bad, just minor niggles I'd say, I've been playing since late Jan. They always get stuff resolve, I would imagine since nothing (afaik, but of course I don't know about every little bug maybe not even all the big ones lol) there won't be another hotfix until the next update comes later this month, which has been hyped to be a pretty big content update and I think everyone is pretty excited about it (I know I am!)😆 I'm sure they'll address as many bug fixes as they can at that time. No game is ever 100% bug-proof, as long as things aren't game-breaking the Devs are quite good at getting stuff fixed👍 I have noticed this issue to though, on Xbox One where I play. I often run the Inhibitor so I don't have to dig holes everywhere especially near my base. I always cover them over if they're nearby because I don't want to fall in them or have a vehicle meet a similar fate. Still blotches of ugly grey terrain nearby don't look good, and it's too much effort (for as long as a game save file typically lasts me) to go around and try and paint each one either a color matching the terrain or something that looks decent. However, sometimes I need a material, whether compound, resin, ore precursors or ammonium, and I'd like to know where they still are if I've run over them with the Inhibitor. Up until last hotfix I guess, running the Inhibitor didn't remove the resource tag above it's location, and that was incredibly handy for my use. So I do hope this is one of those things that won't be too hard to fix, hut you never know really. I remember one time Wyvyrias (hope I spelled that right, lol) posted a great gif about coding and squashing bugs. It showed a person trying to hit one of 5 switches to turn "off" a bug, and each time, another one would light back up. Everytime you made a choice to kill a bug, another one popped back on. I suspect it hits pretty close to the mark when it comes to debugging programs esp games. Too bad it can't all be fun for them, right? They have to actually work at making the game (although I know they must enjoy it, and often when people really love what they do they often say it's really doesn't "feel" like work at all), but still there's deadlines and keeping the company running etc. Lots of not-directly "having fun making game" related business stuff. Pretty much always is some of that, no matter what you do. At least we get to enjoy the fruits of their labors, and early at that! A few other notes about bugs, some of which aren't new to the hotfix: -when retrieving a pack from your deceased location, items are sideways (ones that aren't circular that is). Basically tethers, ore blocks, anything that has a rectangular dimension (normally items appear with the longest dimension along the horizontal, but when you recover them, they now have the shortest dimension along the horizontal or x axis in your pack. I hope that makes sense, I don't have an account with which to share my images, sorry. -as others have reported, also when retrieving your items from a deceased location, one item invariably is stuck partially in the ground. This makes the process of retrieval even more time-consuming esp when you're running low on oxygen, so it'd be amazing if that could be fixed. One time I got caught by a storm just as I was about to enter my habitat, and I ended up with a piece of resin permanently stuck in the black "support terrain" for the base. Luckily it wasn't an important item. If it had been something difficult to fine, I would NOT have been happy😆 This isn't a new bug, it's been around a LONG time, but I feel it's way past due to be addressed. When you try to pick up an item and your pack inventory is full, the game puts the item in a very awkward "state" You no longer can just select by proximity (via the blue circle highlight, or another color if playing co-op it would be whatever color your player is etc) because the game now treats that object like something completely different, idk how else to describe it. Unless you move the cursor over it (I'm on Xbox One, so believe me it's much more of a pain in the behind for those of us using gamepads to manage a lot of the in-game controls involving the cursor than I suspect it is for PC players, because not only do we not have shortcuts and keybinds, we also lack the ability to continually access and control the cursor, at least, not the way one can do with kb/m. I'm not sure about sensitivity, but from videos I've watched of those playing on PC, it still seems like terrain tool control is easier/superior to that using a gamepad but I must admit the SES team has done an amazing job making the tool feel much more responsive and accurate than it was when I started out! It used to be a nightmare, it's much smoother now and really becomes a problem only when the game is lagging). What I believe "should" be happening when your inventory is full, is the item should return to the location it started from, i.e. the ground, a machine, etc, basically wherever it existed prior to your attempt to grab it. In fact, I'm not sure why the game attempts to perform the animation at all of pulling the item into your backpack when in theory the game should already "know" you pack is full, right? I don't know much about games & programming, but that's what makes sense to me. Shouldn't the "inventory full!" sound and visual alert pop up immediately upon selecting it? It's almost as if the game acts "dumb" (not as an insulting kind of dumb, I mean as in a "not aware of something" machine type of dumb, again hope that makes sense) and has no idea what your inventory count is until you pick up and object and it "attempts" to put it in your pack. When it realizes you don't have enough room, it can't figure out what to do so the item changes "state" it doesn't go back to where it came from, it doesn't fall to the ground (if appropriate) and the worst thing of all is, the item is no longer highlighted by the colored interaction ring which allows you to otherwise quick select & pick up things. It doesn't sound like much of an issue, but I play a lot and this is happening quite frequently, so after awhile believe be it does get very frustrating. I'm sure this wasn't the intended behavior either, because it just doesn't really make sense. Thats probably enough for now most other things I can recall right now, others have mentioned. Like how if you're trying to craft something, the resource in the bottom row you use to print in the pack, won't be withdrawn automatically anymore. Think that's new to the hotfix but also have seen people are aware. Looking forward to the big update! P.S. We just got a Switch, love it although I've only messed around with it a little bit not really sat down to play through Zelda yet but looking forward to that. I'm hoping once Astroneer gets fully launched and has been out a bit, gets recognized etc, maybe there will be some consideration brining it to the Switch? I know there's no way to answer something like this right now, it's only something to keep in mind, consider perhaps. The screen for the portable alone is quite generous I think, I don't think it's too small to play a game like Astroneer on. And then there's the docked TV view, which is as big as your TV. What I don't know, is about the internet connectivity, that might not work out. The Switch is designed around the idea that people playing it won't always have constant internet connection, so yeah that might not work at all. I just don't know. But it's just an idea that's all, no worries if it can't happen it would be quite awhile in the future and down the road so to speak even if it were possible for it to be considered. Thanks!
  2. guys what is this kind a radio???

    Is it a radio? I've found 2 of them now. Before digging them up, before they "crack", they appear to hold a very teeny weeny pair of Astroneer pants. I thought it was a modular closet for a future enclosed habitat-base I'm actually not kidding though, it does look like a tiny pair of pants. And I think eventually we'll have some sort of enclosed base environment (it simply makes sense) and we'll have suits we wear (they've talked about having different types of suits) so where would you keep them? In a modular closet!😆👍Once at my base it looks more like a lunchbox with Thermos on the end, but with buttons and switches of course😆
  3. Backpack printer holds item

    Have noticed this also, I'd started to wonder myself about it but I thought this isn't the way it used to work? Anyway, I'm on Xbox One. Also, upon death when I go to retrieve my things, two issues I've noticed: (1) items appear in my deceased body's backpack sideways (so items that normally stack in the pack that are rectangular with longest dimension horizontally now will have their shorter dimension placed that way, yeah, basically you view them as sideways-ore blocks, tether packs, oxygen tanks, anything that's not circular etc). (2) There's always one item, usually compound or resin in my case but that probably just depends on what all you're carrying at the time of death, that ends up partially "embedded" in the ground. I'm often running out of oxygen to pick up my things (because I've lost everything I had now, instead of being able to keep my oxygen packs like before, no I don't like the current system at all) so it is a huge pain something I may need is stuck now and I really don't have time to dig it up. One time a storm caught me at my base right before I got inside my pod, and when I respawned an item was permanently embedded in the black base mattix. Luckily for me it was just some resin, but it could have been something more...vital. Hope this embedded object issue can be fixed. The sideways items in the pack is just visual issue, I'm sure we all recognize there's no need to hurry up & fix something like that😆 Just whenever. Can't wait for the big update, love Astroneer❤️
  4. Awkward shuttle enclosed seats

    A-ha! So that's how people have ended up with moveable spacecraft seating! I'd seen a few vids here and there in the past in the Astroneer club I'm part of on Xbox One, from other gamers especially in co-op, and I'd wondered how they'd managed to pull that off (quite literally in this case, because the items placed by the Vehicle Bay are permanent). They would be moving them around, setting them down around a satellite base on another planet they'd traveled to, etc. Now I know! Thx!👍 It does raise another question however. I "thought" the Devs said as part of an update a little while back that we'd now be able to remove seats placed by the V.Bay, is that not the case? I don't really leave Terran, and most of the time I find enough open seats around (for the few vehicles I build that is, because I generally find foot-travel easier & faster the majority of the time so I don't rely on vehicles much either) so I rarely need to build a seat. When I do need to, I just build it on the printer "just in case" I hit a glitch or something and it doesn't detach (knowing my luck). But tbh I haven't tested it out to see "if" in fact seats are removable if they're added on by the V.Bay (they may not be, not saying they are, only saying I thought a past update was supposed to make them removable; I haven't tried it out so I have no idea if it was ever implemented or not). Another thing, idk if the whole concept of "removable items" specifically seats is/was supposed to be "limited" to open seats only (meaning that only they can/could be removed) or if it applies or would ultimately apply to all seats including the enclosed ones. I just don't know. From what you are saying, it sounds like that V.Bay update never went through and everything the Bay adds is still permanently slotted onto each vehicle chassis. It'll be interesting to get some feedback on this, because I've wondered myself about it. I also see a lot of people (again in their shared video clips posted in the club) just using an open seat at least on the shuttles. It's a "nice shortcut" as many planet hop with the shuttle rather than travel between planets, so you can trade the seat out to vehicle or shuttle as needed, it essentially pulls double duty.😆👍 I do know the Devs are moving to a more "modular" design not only with the base but with the vehicles as well (vehicles are already quite "modular" in a sense, it's more about being able to remove pieces & switch around to customize your build but also to be able to build several "purpose-oriented" types of vehicles that your Astroneer will need in-game. A recent VLOG where they were answering questions touched on this, and they said for example one vehicle may be more like a cargo truck for your Astroneer & their base, yet another might be more like a mining/resource truck (by truck I mean whatever size rover you're using, probably the bigger one but I'm hoping we get some new rover models similar to some of the expanded ones shown in another VLOG. They were just concepts at the time but I thought they looked awesome and so did everyone else I know in the club! We all would love bigger (and hopefully more stable) vehicles that can run over rocks and not come to a halting stop or launch into low orbit😆 Anway, if the seats don't come off currently then I'd expect they will soon will be able to, just going off what the Devs have said they have planned. Never know what sort of ETA we'd be looking at, but that's understandable. We'll just have to wait & see I suppose🙂👍 P.S. For the original poster, if you're going to blow up your first spacecraft or shuttle, DON'T have any fuel in it! The hydrazine is flammable so if you were already planning a trip and have fuel on board, you may have to go for a quick spin to burn most of it off, or perhaps craft a small secondary base with just a Vehicle Bay somewhere nearby on Terran where you can land and "dispose" of the craft more safely. That way you don't have to worry about endangering the rest of your base, it's equipment and all of your supplies👍 I totally understand the OCD thing, though. Ultimately the placement needs to be fixed so when the enclosed seat is added the hatch opens up to the direct outside of the craft. It shouldn't work the way it tries to do things now, it's incredibly frustrating! What's even worse, last time I built a large spacecraft I TRIED to avoid this issue by putting a habitat in the place where it wants to put the first enclosed seat (which is the awkward position), which forced the V.Bay to build it with the opening hatch "facing forward/outward" like it should, right? Well, I thought everything was just dandy, I was going to eat something and come back later so I saved and had the thing fueled up but I needed to quit the game, no problem right? WRONG! I came back signed in and loaded my save file, only to find AFTER I'd done all of that to build it facing the correct way, the game had "FIXED IT backwards" FOR ME!!!😡 That's right, I'd saved and shut down (on Xbox One) after making the Bay build it the right way, facing outward, and the game changed it between the playthroughs. I didn't think a game could even DO THAT but it apparently can😖 So I gave up trying to trick it. It's one of several reasons i just stay on Terran, surely it'll get fixed soon? Devs? Perhaps for next update you could please fix the spelling on Thruster? It looks really silly that y'all have left a spelling error (or intentional gaffe) go on this long so yeah maybe fix it back (currently it's spelled "Thru$ter" you know, the way some 10-12 yr old would do while thinking they're hilarious? Did someone leave their kid alone at their workstation for a moment perhaps? Jk jk😆) Unless there's something I don't know about, such as there being some reason for which it was changed (not really sure what that'd be, never know sometimes), it'd be great if y'all could fix that😆👍
  5. "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    One thing I've been meaning to add, just haven't got around to it, something from Patch 182 got broken and it's one of those "quality of life" things that over time has become annoying. The"decorators don't spawn/respawn" on deformed terrain? Yeah please look at this because it's totally not working and hasn't or quite some time. It's really frustrating too, because I like to keep my base neat after I've smoothed it out (a sometimes quite laborious process, believe me, at least on Xbox using a controller). I like to craft an Inhibitor (which brings me to ask, why did y'all remove those from cave goodies? It's pretty much all just dynamite, and who needs tons of dynamite? Please put some inhibitors back in the loot table? The Terrain Analyzers never worked so I'm fine with those staying out, and apparently some have issues with Wide & Narrow mods too. So maybe just Inhibitors then? Pretty please?). I know anything I've made, bridges, slopes, my smoothed base, before I can turn around there's grass & crap grown all over it again (in the case of caves, it gets even worse, I've found not only rocky stuff like stalagmites & stalactites which some may enjoy I find them a nuisance, but I've even had poison pots spawn directly in the middle of a bridge spanning across a vast underground cave system, way up in the "air" so to speak, now that's REALLY crazy!). I really would appreciate not loading into my game, one where I've already painstakingly smoothed my base and rid it of organic "debris" then first thing I'm compelled to do is "mow the base" again When convenient please fix this back the way it was supposed to be. People aren't going to run out of organic just because pixelated grass doesn't respawn on their base In fact, I must admit I've never understood the game logic behind how the decorators work. Seems to me if during the base building process (or any terrain-adding process really) if I cover over grassy bits or other "decorators" including rocks, why wouldn't they disappear? They're covered, and if I do that to a block of resource, the game "eats it" meaning "it's gone" forever basically. Of you cover real grass with a bunch of dirt, most likely it's gonna die as well. It doesn't come back. Sure you might get a few weeds and such grow in it, but that's more likely because the dirt had some weed seedlings in it already, or seeds landed on the dirt via wind or traveled by other means (birds, etc) and happened upon a new growing spot with light and nutrients and voila. But the grass that's covered, pretty much smothered & destroyed if it's a significant depth of dirt, enough to completely cover the grass by a foot or more. Usually in the game I'm covering these decorators (grass etc) by what I'd gauge is 1-3 ft at least, hard to say of course and it's all relative, but yeah I don't really see why that should snap back to the top at all, much less return from the dead after being mowed down the first time by an Inhibitor pass. I know many will say, this isn't important, but the little things do matter and when the game is release people who play for the first time certainly will judge the game on annoyances like these. Maybe not everyone, but some will. Like I said, I'm just pointing it out because a past update had fixed a lot of this, and now it's broken. As always, thanks for reading! Because im such a fan of the Inhibitor (total genius!) I'd love to ask if possible please make it so that use of the Inhibitor doesn't knock over the tethers. It is incredibly time-consuming to be runnning the Inhibitor back & forth all over and it always is knocking those things over. It's worse now that storms knock them over too (it seems anything knocks them over in fact, I think they just topple over for no reason at all now). I preferred tethers that stayed put, tbh, I kind of liked "ghost tethers" at least they were reliable You can't mine near them, can't clear decorators around them, any strong wind even when the storm doesn't come close and they blow down, they're wimpy shadows of their former selves I want industrial strength levitating tethers!
  6. "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    BIG PROBLEM! Affects new saves and old as well. Oxygen tanks aren't, well, oxygen tanks! (I explain more below, but they say "ITEM, TYPE" then "Item, Description") Went into a cave like a normally do, to find some dead explorers and relieve them of their goodies (which respectfully, they no longer need). Hooked up an oxygen tank, the most important find imho, but it didn't fill. That's a game killer for me. I don't like running around all the time hooked to tethers or vehicles, they slow me down and restrict my freedom to much. As to the "plinths" being removed? Doesn't make much difference to me, tbh they hadn't been properly functioning in my games for months, the wouldn't refill properly the way they used to, so the utility was quite limited other than getting me out of a few close scrapes here & there So far in the one new game I've played, it "feels" like surface oxygen crystals are more common, I'm fine with that and think overall that's a better choice so long as they do repopulate frequently. The game actually has had an overabundance of power for a long time imho (so much organic at least most places, not to mention so much of it in caves plus the crystals on surfaces as well, how anyone runs short of power is beyond me lol). It's oxygen that's always the big crunch item, and that's why the tanks are so crucial. I hope we will see larger oxygen tanks before final release. Ones that are 2x or compressed somehow, not taking up so much space in our packs. That's one disadvantage to the roaming exploratory lifestyle, the tanks take up too much space. One thing I am grateful for, the oxygen consumption rate seems to be normalized back to where it was, or at least, it's much better. Difficult to compare when I can't play old versions of the game, but I know back late Spring sometime myself and several other players agree something happened (intentional or not) that significantly increased the oxygen consumption rate in game. I went from doing just fine, to suddenly dying all the time. It was a very frustrating situation, one that I never really adapted 100% to, despite playing the game 100s and 100s of hours. It was just too punishing. When you started out you barely had enough oxygen to get much beyond your Hab to find starting materials. I had a few times where within my spawn range I simply couldn't get to one item (compound or resin) and back without suffocating. I could've just started a different game, and sure it's procedural gen I get it, but that's still frustrating when it happens to you, and you consider yourself a "veteran" Astroneer So thanks Devs, was very pleased to see when I spawned into a new game, my oxygen wasn't turning into vapors immediately and I actually had a bit of "breathing room" for once to gather a few supplies. I think it's in a pretty good place now, but I'll get a better sense of it as I play more games with the new rate Now, if those tanks would just start working... So I'm guessing someone perhaps forgot to enter the proper code for them or something. Oxygen tanks don't work and aren't recognized as such, saying instead "ITEM, TYPE" and underneath "Item, Description" Now while I don't know anything about coding, that sure sounds like a programming issue to me. Please fix ASAP and please don't wait until the next update this is game breaking in terms of playing the game & enjoying it. I run with average 3 oxygen tanks in my pack everywhere, every game I play. I'm usually not on tether nor am I using a vehicle on average. I enjoy the gameplay freedom Astroneer brings, I couldn't imagine the game without this as part of the experience. I certainly look forward to the day when on Xbox the game is more stable allowing better and greater use of tethers so that the game doesn't slow to a crawl. It's not there yet, nowhere near in fact. I think it has become worse over the last several updates. I'm not sure why exactly, though I have a few ideas about the potential causes (and I'm sure it's multifactorial, the new soil containers modules, etc no doubt must play a role as well as that's more objects in the world, more to track, etc). (1) there's the new beacon system, which I do love, but it may play a role. We now have not just beacons but ones that retain color information as well as one setting that strobes. They also seem to have improved visibility and perhaps had an added height (stalk) as well (not sure about the last bit) all of which has helped a great deal. There are only a few distinct times I have tend to have trouble with beacon visibility. Clouds obscuring beacons remains an issue, and while the bolder (more opaque? thicker?) stalk for beacons has helped this situation, there are still times when clouds are bunched up on the horizon nearly obscuring the stalk. Also doesn't help the clouds & stalk are both white, so can be very difficult to distinguish from one another. The other time I have difficulty is when there is extremely bright light in the game world, but particularly as the light draws near the horizon (so right after dawn, or as dusk approaches). The light is very intense (as one would expect, it mimics our own starlight in these respects, maybe we could get a toggleable "solar shield" like Astronauts have on their suits to help with the glare? Hmm? Maybe?) and makes it very difficult to see anything on the horizon in the direction of the light, but beacons (including home, vehicle) extremely hard to make out. Light also interferes with colors picked for beacons I've noticed, idk if that's something that can be remedied, it's not a priority of course, but it would be nice if the colors werent always changing at different times of day under different lighting conditions As an aside, I still find the game to be overly bright in daytime and extremely dark at night; this may be an issue players using TVs run into more than those using monitors, but I have no way of knowing that. I have tried many different settings (I have a Sony Bravia 4K 65" TV, I use bias lighting because I play more at night, I use Game. Mode, I've tried adjusting backlight, gamma, contrast, and fiddling with all sorts of other settings most of which are left off as recommended when gaming). I do use the game's brightness but it's more a blunt instrument than anything else. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them (2) paining bases, terrain. Now that we have all sorts of tool mods at our disposal, I've used the Terrain Analyzers more than ever before. I have found myself wondering however, if my painting my base in colorful vibrant camouflage patterns doesn't also contribute a little bit to decrease performance. I'm sure it's not a major player, but I do think a possibility exists. (3) all the new little stuff, it adds up. Things like worklights, new mods (I don't use the boost, but some do I'm sure). Now we have soil containers, I'm mostly just collecting them so I can always build if I need to and I die in some remote location and need new stuff (sorry Devs but I really dislike the whole "you die you lose everything" situation, it seems too punitive especially at this stage, you're just not gonna convince me this was a necessary move, games are for fun and hunting down my corpse for an Inhibitor because I don't have the means to make another yet, yeah that's just not fun at all, same with my oxygen tanks if I lose those I'm unlikely to be able to make it back out to my body without them, unless I use a thousand tethers that will likely crash my game anyway, or use a vehicle that I don't enjoy driving because it gets stuck on every single rock in the universe while thinking forward is reverse and vice versa on Xbox anyway, so yeah, a little "help" or "cheat" whatever to call it is ok if it makes the game tolerable imho but that's the end of my little spiel). All those items, plus tethers, beacons, and whatnot, how could these not impact performance? I'm sure they must, especially on machines y'all lovingly refer to as "lower end PCs & Xbox" As an Xbox player, I'd love to see this game run much better and always am thankful when y'all can improve gamepad control. I'm sure that's never an easy task, but us Xbox players sure do appreciate it whenever y'all are able to direct some attention our way I started back in late January and wow the controls are much better than they used to be! I remember having to really battle to use the terrain tool and it's was quite dreadful, but if you reall love a game, your persevere I recall watching a VLOG that talked about streamlining objects within the game, using a bunch of colored balls that remained in sync no matter whether you saw them on your screen. Don't know which one it was, but I'm sure it would be obvious which VLOG that was. Anyway, I thought it was an amazing proof of concept, but also thought we'd have heard something about improvements of this kind coming out sooner rather than later especially to help those "lower end PCs & Xbox" While I know I can't ask for a timeframe or ETA, I wonder if any of the Devs could speak about the progress in this regard, such as how work on this is going? I'all admit hearing about this big content update has me more worried than excited at this point. I want to be excited, but as the game stands now it's not enjoyable after a while on Xbox, and the problems just multiple with co-op. I don't even play co-op. I don't really even leave Terran. Still waiting for the performance to improve markedly before I waste much time building on other planets, because right now it just wouldn't be worth it (to me, everyone is difffent I know, I'm not saying it's not worth it for other people). So I do hope as part of this next big update there will also be BIG performance improvements baked in for Xbox One because without them, we won't be able to enjoy them. I want to be excited for the new content, so I hope the Devs can maybe say something about this to allay some Xbox players concerns. Thanks as always everyone, it's always a bit of s long read but I hope it's worth it & I love this game!
  7. I can verify, this does happen on Xbox One. It's quite strange. I never notice it actually happening as I'm usually distracted by something else (reading up on something game-related on my iPad etc) but it does occur and once it has it has its very difficult to read those save times (most info is cut off the bottom of the screen). I also never noticed exactly over what time period it occurred, thank to those who have some idea at least how long it takes. Hope it can get resolved soon. There's a lot of little bugs like this in the game, each one not a big deal, but together they add. Enough so they do make the game look more unpoloshed than need be (even though it is a pre-alpha, the Devs said it was soon time move into the alpha phase). Overall love the game though, just hoping over time as the game expands and improves, that little items get cleaned up along the way as well
  8. "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    Just got Patch 219, but I don't see a Patch Notes or new topic? Hello? Care to share some new info folks? I'm sure we're all dying to know what cool stuff might have been added, tweaked or at least bugs squashed and glitches tamed etc. Thanks! Love Astroneer! Edited to add, I'm on X1
  9. Just remember it's NOT my video, and I really was just trying to post the link to it but I guess when you are writing a post and put a URL link in it, the darn thing is too intelligent and just grabs the content itself and automagically inserts it for you! It's incredibly convenient I have to admit, but I can't take credit for this, so let the person who actually made the video know just how amazing and incredibly useful their visual demonstration is! I know I'm a very visual person, and this really helped to explain things a lot even though I don't collect the marbles or take them near my bases I did repeat the "experiment" shown in a cave using some dynamite and one of the marbles, I have to say it's even more impressive when you're the one seeing it with your own eyes with your own character it is just amazing how large the hitbox is for these things (I'm guessing it has to do with their original, actually their only true purpose, that being in-game testing). Perhaps the testing process necessitated an object with a large hitbox? Hmmm, we may never know
  10. Here is the video another player and member of this forum posted which illustrates (quite ingeniously imho) exactly why people are running into so much trouble with these marbles, and just how big these hit boxes are. This is NOT my video, I am only providing the link (well I copied and pasted the link actually, the video just "showed up" on its own without my doing anything else lol) so I am I no way taking any credit for this wonderful illustration of the true nature of the problem. So everyone thank the author of this amazing informative video, now we all have a better grasp on the situation! Cheers
  11. Somewhere on this forum, not sure which section I saw it in but I know it's around, is an amazing video a player posted explaining why these behaviors and observations occur. It's not a "bug" specifically, not in the way we think of other bugs with updates. The problem is these marbles have enormous hit boxes, it's really hard to fathom just how large they are until you see what he did, or reproduce the experiment yourself (which is quite easy). Grab some dynamite (collect it or craft it, he did this in a cave and so did I). Go up to whatever marble you find, zebra balls are most common. It's probably easier to leave it partially embedded in the ground but you can let it roll about as well. Dynamite works well because it "sticks" to surfaces so in this case it "sticks" to the hit box which is otherwise invisible (I guess that's why, idk for sure, I don't really understand much of anything about computer programming). Take a piece of dynamite (you aren't going to arm it or explode anything, it's for "visual reference" ok?) and kinda "drop it" from a good bit above the marble. The actual hit box is I guesstimate 2 maybe 3 Astroneer characters in length sticking out in all directions (not exactly a radius, but hopefully you get some idea of about how far out the dynamite will be stuck to it). Like I said, the hit box is enormous on these things! Now that I've seen it, it's no wonder people have issues with these things. I'm surprised there aren't more issues actually. I guess I've never noticed because I've never attempted to collect them or take them back to my base. FYI if you leave and come back later, the dynamite will pop off the marble (I can't recall if that was after leaving the game completely then reloading it, or if just leaving the area for awhile and coming back was enough, probably doesn't really matter but I suppose if you reallly needed that dynamite back...). Iirc the person who did this amazing demonstration was in a cave and had the zebra ball rolling around, and you could see the dynamite that was attached to it rolling around with the zebra ball as well! Hilarious!
  12. Floating/Zero Gravity Medium Rover

    I'm having most of the floating issues with resources, which is strange because I've seen just about everything get all floaty before besides resources. This is a first for them. One interesting thing I've noticed is that once a piece of resource starts to float, no matter what I do (such as place it in my backpack, or on a storage unit or just on a node on my base) if I later "release" it hoping it will drop normally back to the ground? It doesn't. It retains its float, basically like it's changed "state" in the game. I'm not sure how else to describe it, but yeah so if we call this a zero G state, then the resource blocks that at some point demonstrate this behavior, seem to permanently retain this state and manipulating them does not alter this state (it has memory). Very strange. What's even more disturbing, is how this floating up and even floating/blown away behavior adversely affects the game now that we have so much more "stuff" to collect. Sometimes we simply don't progress fast enough to have a place to put it all (especially at the beginning of a game). I've been used to storing resources and such in open pits-a practice that's been traditionally quite secure. The floating and having stuff blown away isn't just an inconvenience, and it's definitely not creating a "better experience" through increased "realism" instead it has quite the opposite effect, resulting in much more frustration and a sense of "why bother if it's all just left to chance?" Even without these additional challenges, I'm having problems getting a base built with this new terrain resource system, and I'm very experienced at the game. There's little question in my mind, the system needs a lot more balancing for solo players especially at the beginning of the game, because right now it looks and feels much more challenging than for co-op players, both in terms of getting started as well as progression, something my co-op Astroneering friends tend to agree with as well. I hope the issues with floating resources (and other objects, such as items we need to set down until we can come back to collect them later like soil canisters and such) can be fixed quickly in an upcoming patch. There's also an issue with prior death locations. I had seen a video clip of this posted in the Astroneer club I am a member of, but now it's happened to me as well. Sometimes when you come upon a death location, it seems to affect locations where you died but didn't recover your items afterwards, so you later happen upon your stuff when there's no longer an intact pack holding your items together at least that's my working hypothesis, but when you enter the location or area you find your items are not only floating, they appear as if they "exploded" into the air in multiple directions! This makes it incredibly difficult if not impossible to recover your items, as some pieces can be moving along drastically different vectors at significant velocities. When they do this in a cave tunnel, most of the items may be confined to a reasonably small area and so recovery may be possible for most items. For locations above ground or even underground in the vast caverns where things are quite "open" as well as very dark with many branching passageways and high ceilings, the odds of recovery may be heavily stacked against you especially when there's wind blowing (which can happen either place, above or below). That brings up another interesting point. I was watching the VLOG, which was actually a Q&A. One question (which wasn't entirely new) was about why storms don't generate wind, more specifically, make wind turbines turn (I think). The answer was something along the lines of storms don't actually generate wind specifically that right now it's more an aesthetic (they're obviously more, or they wouldn't hurt even kill Astroneers). What I wonder about, is if they really aren't wind per se, then how do they damage tether networks? I still get upset when my tethers get blown out by storms, especially because this was never mentioned anywhere in the patch notes. In fact, I thought there weren't any plans for storm damage to be writing into the game any time soon, and when they did, they'd be optional. The changes to tethers are quite annoying at times, although most I've adapted to and have moved on so to speak. The storm damage to tethers, though, that's something I'd still like to see addressed (as in, fixed). We rely on our network, and right now just doesn't seem the time to be "pulling out the rug from under us" so to speak. Sorry if I got too far off topic here. As far as the floating resources (the "on-topic topic") I do hope that does get resolved. I do believe vehicle are better which is good news.
  13. O2 Tank Bug

    This happened to me but it was a long time ago, it certainly wasn't something that was caused by this patch at least not that I'm aware of, or in a way I could easily conceive of but that's for the Devs to investigate & decide I suppose. Back when it happened to me, as I understand it, it happened because the backpack mechanics were such that tethers, when picked up to be stored back into your pack, always wanted to be stored in that upper left spot. They didn't want to go anywhere else (this was the way it was when the game released, up until several patches ago). So most people including myself, just sorta learned to always keep tethers, and ONLY tethers, in the upper left slot (not counting the uppermost "power slots" or what I call the "shoulder perches" where most keep small solar panels and such). Hope you're with me so far. Anyway, what happened to me one time, I had picked up an O2 tank, or maybe I had crafted one, and in doing so it auto-equipped to that uppermost left slot. I didn't have any tethers on me. I don't recall specifics but I guess I picked up some tethers I had already deployed. Not realizing where the O2 tank had been stashed, after picking up 2 tethers, I encountered issues. When I looked at my pack, I had an O2 tank that was a darker color blue, now labeled "Tethers." It would hold only 2, it could deploy the 2, and stow them again, but was ruined in terms of oxygen Soon after that, an update was released that allowed tethers to be stowed in any backpack slot. Now it wasn't a big deal of something else was occupying that uppermost left slot. As long as there was another empty space, the tethers could be picked up and they'd collect into the free slot (or whichever free slot was "first available"). Make sense? I hope so. Im not sure how this is happening, but no doubt it is, I can see from the pictures it's the same thing as had happened to me and others before. I'm curious though, for those encounting this issue, at the time did you have an empty oxygen tank and no space for tethers? And you were trying to collect tethers (and didn't realize you had no space for them)? Not saying that's what happened, but I could see how that "might" be a circumstance by which this could occur. Otherwise, maybe y'all could indicate what the circumstances were? Like what all was in your pack, and where, and what were you doing when you noticed this had happened? Unfortunately the tank is ruined
  14. Platform: Xbox One Version: Affects current update, but this bug was actually introduced with the patch that altered tether behavior (physics changes, including new drop animation, gravity effects, etc). It's not a problem with tethers per se, it's a problem with their behavriour in association with storms. Bug: When storms blow through the envirmonemnt on Terran, they will knock over and often disrupt tether networks, including tethers not in line of sight of the player. For example, a few hours ago I was playing a new game (current update version) and I got caught out during a storm so I decided to take shelter in a nearby cave. I didn't need to dig any around the cave, I just laid out some tethers forming a basic oxygen supply line from the nearby hab I spawned in at (no base at that time). As I went further into the cave placing tethers I noticed they weren't lit/active. I started to ascend (the storm was short-lived) and as I reached topside I noticed the storm had knocked out some of my tethers (toppled over & strewn about). This has been happening for awhile now, but nothing has been done to fix this so I decided to file a bug report so it can be taken care of. Storm damage & subsequent damage to structures has been discussed before, but nowhere have the seen it mentioned being placed in the game. I must conclude it's a bug at this time. Later if some wish to have storms damage things they can then repair for an extra level of challenge, then that's something that certainly could be introduced along with other "survival options" for the game. Now is not the time however, with so many other priority changes occurring. Having storms and other random factors cause your tether network to come apart all over the game world without having any idea what's happened or where, other than all of a sudden you're now cut off from your vital resources, that just won't do! Severely hampers the exploration & discovery part of the game. Please do fix this. Thanks!
  15. "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    Just began playing couple hours ago, I'm on X1 only so I've not played experimental. Not liking many of the changes but that's expected. I will have to give myself time to adjust, before I can arrive at any real conclusions. A few notes though: -Too many things weighted to copper in the backpack. When you're first getting started, exploring etc (that time when you don't have a base built or haven't added a smelter yet), you don't know what you'll find in the environment. It's certainly not going to be 99% copper. So PLEASE make some other items craftable with alumnimum! Not many of us (if any at all in fact) are going to be using a Terrain Analyzer right out of the gate to color our bases & surroundings. I'm pretty sure we're all going to be focused on learning the new system and trying to survive, build useful things, etc Of note, I do recognize the fact that "unlock all Tool mods* at the beginning part" was likely done to help ease the transition to the new style of play, so this may have something to do with it, but no matter, still needs some balancing with the ores used in crafting in pack. -As someone who likes to smooth their base to a glass finish as one of the very first things they do in the game, I'd much prefer this be left alone and not included in the whole TAR project upgrade. I'm not sure the is feasible (I don't know much of anything about game programming, computer coding, or the like), but I have an idea or two Perhaps at the very start of the game, there could be a very short window of opportunity in which we could use the flattening tool around our base (perhaps limit how far we could go, out to a predetermined distance). This would be more than sufficient now that we can use infinite power without need of solar (it would be accomplished much faster without being tied to the need for solar power), I would throw in the caveat however that this would apply only as long as we stayed within that pre-determined range. How best to determine that range then? Just off the top of my head, one way this could work would be to use the hab's initial spawn location (x,y) as the center, and base the calculations off of that. It's simple math then, calculating area of a circle and what's acceptable, so long as it will encompass most bases excluding those who run huge lines of extension nodes off in one or multiple directions (I'm only talking about a core base plan in this regard). Any flattening outside of this predetermined "area" would have to meet the game's TAR restraints. This "grace period" should be limited to the initial spawn location (when we get around to placing satellite habs, we should be familiar with the TAR resource system so an initial grace period for them shouldn't be necessary). It also makes sense that, when returning to a previous game save (for this new patch specifically), any further refinement to the initial spawn location in terms of flattening should require adherence to TAR restraints. When considering a minimum area, I'm sure that wouldn't be exactly easy. I know I certainly make a fairly large base (I extend out a minimum of 3 nodes in the 4 cardinal directions and create hubs off those in what resembles a crystalline lattice of sorts). I actually call it my "Snowflake Base" and it works incredibly well because all the repeating units make it quite flexible and adaptable to terrain features like trees & other obstacles, and well as things like caves/canyons etc. Still, I think it would be possible to define an area most users would be satisfied with, and something is better than nothing. Any exemption at the start would be such a blessing. As it stands now, it severely hampers smoothing a base (something y'all had said had been tweaked and balanced, but I'm sorry to say it still feels way to punishing and limiting). -While the repeat "Capsule fly-in on death" feature is kinda neat in appearance, truth be told it wastes time when you've died and you just want to get on with the game. Sorry folks Nice effort there, but we gamers often are just an impatient bunch lol what can I say? Not sure why this was instroduced? To see where we died better? If that was the case, adding a further zoom out setting would have been preferable, perhaps. Right now, this is I'm afraid a distraction and frustration. Just want to get back to base and start finding my stuff. -Losing all perch items (upper backpack slot items) and all Tool items. NOT happy about this. Sure it might be more realistic, but it's also much more punishing. Here we are, with a LOT to adjust to, and we now lose everything. It's irrelevant how easy some things are to craft, it's about making the game less enjoyable and more a grind. Please, just don't do this sort of thing. Not many games make you lose every single thing upon death. In fact, I don't think I play any that do. Says something about how I feel about such mechanics. But interested to hear what others think. -When I go to tap resource reservoirs like power and oxygen using Terrain tool, there's some off sort of double vision or ghosting with the view. Appears to be some bug. I'm sure others will report too so I won't go into more detail. -IMPORTANT! This is one issue I've been saying over last few patches needs fixing and I'm here to say again. Please FIX tethers so they stop being knocked over in storms! How are we supposed to survive in the world if our vital link is destroyed somewhere else? And yes, they do get knocked over "out of sight" which breaks oxygen supply (now more important than power supply). Storm damage & repair were discussed a long time ago, and it was put on the back burner so to speak. Nothing with regards to storm damage was included in patch notes (I've re-read them to make sure) so this has to be a bug. It's incredibly disruptive. Please just fix this ASAP. -I haven't built or experienced using any of the new base buildings/modules, or field-tested the vehicles yet, so I can't comment about them. I was "trying" to smooth around where my base will be, I kept running into resource issues, and that's what prompted me to come write this. I am playing a new game. I don't think we should be restricted to resources when smoothing around our base initially; an exemption would be appropriate and appreciated. I went to hide in a cave during a storm near my Hab location, and I almost suffocated because the storm blew out the tether system attached to my base (the tethers affected were out of view, I did see the damage once I emerged from the cave). That's definitely NOT supposed to happen. I will give more feedback once I've encountered more of the update. As always, love the game, always excited to see updates and uncover all they contain, keep up the great work! I ❤️Astroneer *no matter how much you want us to all call them "Augments" I'm sorry but to the general playing community at least on console, people are going to call them mods not augments lol, no offense though )