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    Different Beacons

    Beacons are nice, but when you make multiple, you can't tell which is what. I think it'd be cool (and quite simple) to make them show different colors.
  2. The player loses the need to explore or find anything as soon as they have both the trade platform and fuel condenser. Need hard-to-find rare items? Just produce an unlimited amount Hydrazine fuel out of thin air and trade for all the minerals you want! My idea is that you need to make fuel out of ORGANIC RESOURCE, or something like it (sort of like a bio-fuel I guess?). If not, ditch the condenser. You can find Hydrazine to collect both on the surface and in caves anyway. It's just too unlimited to have along with a trade platform.That way, you still have to do a little something to make all that fuel. LOVE THE GAME SO FAR! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  3. SpaceLlama


    It is a little annoying how trees stay there when you take them down. Could they possibly despawn, or maybe be used to make a fuel resource?
  4. SpaceLlama

    Split Screen Play

    The only thing holding me back from buying this is the fact that I can't play with others on the same console. I played the trial, and it seems like it would be much more fun if I could get my little brothers to join me.