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    [Merged] Partial Nuggets Stuck/Immovable

    If the ports on the smelter are blocked and the player decided to move items to make room while the smelter is still in process, it will create a "half block" of that resource and wont allow you to pick it up or add more too it. I'd like a way to delete these unfinished resources or at least be able to move them. Because as of now the ports are half taken up with unfinished resources and I cant add additional storage or even have enough room to smelt a full load of 4 resources. Windows 10 64 Mouse/Keyboard
  2. Finn Williams

    [Merged] Stuck In Platform/Node/Base Terrain

    I built a second habitat that isn't yet connected to the rest of my base. It's completely free standing, no connections. While trying to get into a vehicle next to the habitat I accidentally tabbed into the habitat instead. Now I'm stuck inside it with no prompt to tab out. If I'm not mistaken, items that are created from the printer when places on the ground have a little tire like base that appears around them for stabilization, this habitat does not have that. It's like it's floating in the air about a foot off the ground. I think a quick fix especially during early development would be to include a suicide button or reset button in the menu as the menu is always accessible and would account for any weird sticks or clipping out of the map. Windows 10 64 Mouse/Keyboard