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  1. I suppose it is remotely possible that you are both a youngster and not a computer programmer, so the idea of "premature optimization is the root of all evil" hasn't yet made its way into your understanding of the universe. Let me help you out. http://wiki.c2.com/?PrematureOptimization Now, the original context of the statement was directly in regards to programming – but strangely enough, it also applies to all fields of structural endeavor. In this case, game design. That the game is in early access is exactly why any efforts toward balance would be completely pointless. Meani
  2. My suspicion is that we could really use a placeable light source object for locations that we either want to mark or just for lighting the indoors of things. Tethers are really good for lighting up your base but no longer quite as useful for simply lighting a work area in a cave.
  3. Platform: PC / Steam Replication: Fly into orbit over moon after building base. Bug Description: Visual indicators/decorations seen from orbit hang in orbit exactly as a brick doesn't; possibly "on load from save" related. AUTOSAVE_1_2016.12.19-16.18.38.sav
  4. Given that "creative mode" things are on the Trello already, I'm absolutely certain that they already have ideas for how to balance things. As players, it's ridiculous for someone to suggest "the trade port is broken" or "the exchange platform breaks the game" to explicitly quote the subject line – because there's not that much of the game to break in the first place, it's still in pre-alpha, and to even make that decision requires an endless amount of knowledge about what's to come that simply does not exist outside of the developers' heads. The entire premise of this thread is ludi
  5. Now, I think I have the exact right end of the stick. And I can prove it from your own text. "Progression should be a hard task rather than being able to spam resources and get to "end game" stuff within 20 minutes of play." That is, observationally and definitionally, saying how other people should be able to play. Not only that, but it's wrong. You don't get in the game technology without going out and finding the actual research modules to let you build that stuff. I'd argue that it takes a lot longer than 20 minutes unless you get profoundly lucky. You have literally stated
  6. One day I will understand why people demand a game cater only to their personal play style and not allow for play in other ways. You know, in case someone wanted to run or play their game as a trading empire and not a driving simulator. If you want to strike out from your base and go driving into the hither and yon, go do it. At an early stage of the game, someone absolutely needs to get out and explore if only so that they get enough research to actually be able to make those devices and construct those vehicles. After that point? Why do you care? If you're into the exploration part