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  1. Even beacons disappear from the markers eventually.
  2. I was thinking for, like long rover/truck trips. How could you find your way back without the compass system or a map?
  3. The vehicle options in this game are very limited so far. I was thinking a drill/mining tool, an aircraft (not a spaceship), and something that is like a construction truck, and can lift up, like a shovel, certain things, and you can carry them back to base for decoration and what not.
  4. Apparently, one of SystemEra's goals is to improve the crane.
  5. I would recommend trying this: go to the windows key search, and type in %appdata%, then leave the roaming folder, go to local, find the folder titled astro, then delete it. WARNING: THIS WILL DELETE ALL OF YOUR SAVES, BUT MAY BE A WAY TO GET THE GAME BACK.
  6. By restricting I mean you are kind of forced to stay at your base because if you are too far from base, it disappears from your markers. You could argue that you could take note of which direction base is, but that seems like a lot of work.
  7. Yeah, I don't know, try building up to it?
  8. Yes, I believe that is possible, I heard about this.
  9. Have around the same specs as you, and mine runs fine.
  10. One of the things I found in the new patch was that for some odd reason, I couldn't connect to multiplayer with friends for a while, then it was patched.
  11. Sometimes happens to me, but if you stay away from them, they will eventually load in.
  12. This game is amazing and wonderful, but for being an exploration game, it seems oddly restricting. If you leave your base, you may never be able to find it again, so a map would be nice, and that would make all the difference to how I play the game.
  13. Seems like good ideas, and the clipping has been sometimes troublesome, but it allows me to leave caves easily. As far as I'm aware, there is no map yet. It wouldn't be too difficult for pressing M or something to zoom out and show the entire planet.