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  1. Did that but you should have seen this cave lol. It was humungous. I had pipes running for miles on so many levels.
  2. Thanks guys, I started over. But looking at that picture I think I may start another base, mine is so bumpy. Trying to make a level area on xbox is proving tricky. I use right bumper to get the gun symbol to be all round with no arrows, then start on a flat area and walk forward to level. Is there an easier way to level?
  3. I've lost a lot of rovers underground and the symbol doesn't always show. I was thinking a sonar blip would be kinda cool to find it.
  4. You can also make it with a trade platform what what I can see. Not tried it but there is an option for it. I assume you have to trade a few other items for a piece of coal.
  5. Agree here. Lost a few rovers before I realised I was trying to drive with the right trigger like most driving games use lol. I must have also been pushing the stick at the same time but driving backwards.
  6. Found some fuel underground in the caves so got off the planet eventually. Lost my truck and rover as fell through the map when I got back. Couldn't make a new vehicle as I couldn't add any more slots at the base and the vehicle bay was for the shuttle. Started the whole game again but this time made a load of extra branches at the base. A destroy facility option would be nice as a workaround for the bugs. Glad I started again anyway as a bit more knowledgeable now. This should be an awesome game when or if it does go to retail final once the bugs etc have been so
  7. 1. Having lost so many vehicles it would be nice to be able to add a tracker. Maybe with a sonar sound which gets louder when close. 2. A better save game method. Let the autos ave always save in the same slot but also give you an option for your own save in a particular slot of your choice. Would make things a lot easier to use than the current system.
  8. I am unable to create vehicles since creating a shuttle. My truck and rover fell through the map and now unable to locate them. I have 5 bays off the main pod, smelter, fuel condenser, research, printer and transport bay with a shuttle. I have no option to make another transport bay and the original is now housing a shuttle. There are no more free slots on the main pod. How can I make vehicles now?
  9. Yes I noticed too. OK for guest but not host. Really bad lag unplayable really.
  10. Just found them and also 2 generators, in a cavern under the base. Need to find my storage racks now.
  11. Just had this happen to me. I was stranded on a planet without fuel for days. Finally get home and truck and rover missing.
  12. Ah I see now. I can extend from the shuttle. Need to find some more resin now. I'm gonna get off this damn planet lol.
  13. I have one piece of resin but there are no facilities here just my shuttle.
  14. I too am stranded. Made a shuttle and fitted with solar power and a seat. Flew to 2 planets but forgot all about fuel. I'm now stuck on a new planet and can't launch as I have no fuel. All I have is a battery, solar dish, generator (all small type for backpack) Only had a few supply lines so cannot travel too far. How do I refuel my shuttle? Do I need to find hydrazine? I can see copper fields and other unknown artefacts but no fuel. If a friend joins my game and has some in his backpack will this get me moving? I felt so lonely and afraid on this strange new
  15. When I die and respawn the game is automatically saved so if I fall through the map and die I cannot load my last save as it's already been overwritten. Not possible to go and locate my gear again as it's under the map. Also there seems to be no death location indicator in the paid for release after the test version.