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  1. First idea is a simple change - there's the issue of nearly-empty resource deposits still showing the HUD layer of resource one used to contain. I believe it is caused by small amount of resource left in the deposit. It is hard to completely empty every single layer of resources you find and making the HUD go off as you empty for instance 80% of resources in layer would make the game look much more clear to me. The other idea's a little bit more complex. I find that almost every single action in the game is controlled by either E or Q key is a little bit annoying. I'd change the Inspect/Backpack (Q key) and Use/Diggy thingie (E key) in a way that allows player to choose between 4, not 2 keys. That is: to make 4 keybinds for each of these actions (Whilst allowing keybinds to be the same for few actions as it is for now). The last thing I wanna mention is a small problem. As you remove grass/cave stuff (Stalagmites, rocks and stuff) it will always pop up back after a time. It is hard to do stuff if these get in the way. Would be best if you had a device for removing all of these things appearing everywhere around. By the way, I found out that you are able to start and land any spacecraft in a cave. I believe it wasn't intended. And The last part: Will the game be compatible with GeForce Experience? I'm using it to make screenshots and these save into the "Desktop" folder (Not Astroneer folder. Such folder doesn't even exist, duh). Idk have a g'day or smh, sincerely me
  2. An_Ancap

    Anyone knows how to make surflace flat?

    I certainly enjoy Minecraft. Fun game with simple mechanics and lots of potential - wanna build castle? Minecraft. A village? Minecraft. Wanna do anything creative? Minecraft. Astroneer is just like Minecraft - but with more building potential and more possibilities. There's nothing bad about it, but my bad news would rather be that playing this way would be quite a waste of time. Since you are just looking around, you are probably searching for beauty - and you won't find beauty in Astroneer, especially if you stay in one place for couple of hours.
  3. An_Ancap

    Anyone knows how to make surflace flat?

    Ya know, in this game you actually don't need anything expect habit. Exactly - you can stay and look around, waiting for storm and hide in ya house... But if this is the purpose you put in the game - I have bad news for ya...
  4. I actually would like to see this game as Spore - in aspect of multiplayer stuff. In Spore it works like one map has 8-32 players at once. Since each map is a galaxy, players can never find themselves or not realize they did (You find civilization and it can be both AI and real player, it is always hard to say especially there are like thousands of civilizations in one galaxy and it is like 32 to 1-5 thousand chance of finding real player). What I mean is that you can start a game in which on one map there are lik 4 players. Since planets are quite big, especially Terras - players can never find each other. Or they can actually find and co-op or fight with each other.
  5. An_Ancap

    Grappling Hook

    You can basically ground the mountain though
  6. An_Ancap

    Groups / Clans / Factions

    That would make sense if on-line gameplay was really a thing
  7. An_Ancap

    не могу сохранять игру

    Same problem here
  8. Nope, lodsa people got same shit 'round here. Hopefully next patch fixes this Damn, I haven't used French for so long...
  9. An_Ancap

    Anyone knows how to make surflace flat?

    Randomness like researches...
  10. An_Ancap

    Hoarders Challenge

    Going in. Or maybe not, since I would have to do all this shit at once, because of constant game crashes
  11. An_Ancap

    Anyone knows how to make surflace flat?

    I actually managed to do it few times, using technique I mentioned before. It appears it is not working now. ((((f l a t)))) for life
  12. An_Ancap


    Happens all the time. It appears everyone has this problem, must be shrugged patch. Will be fixed shortly though, but anyway try to re-install game. Though it is not helping in most cases I saw.
  13. An_Ancap

    Player's gear

    I've noticed game has mods for player's terrain tool. Not working though, but that's good direction. I would like to suggest even more stuff. Magnetic/hard boots, to make low gravity less significant, and jumping boots, to make high gravity less significant. Another thing is adding special slots for backpack - changing one item slot to two item slots (Max. 16 items in backpack), but slots created with this mod are prepared for special resource. Making this real would let player go deep down for much longer and going back with giant ammount of certain resource. If player finds interesting resource that is not one he picked before going down to the mine, he can eject this mod and replace it with one resource.
  14. An_Ancap

    Tether question, possible bug

    I think your problem will be solver if you put another oxygen source nearby Tethers. Habit with 3D printer
  15. An_Ancap

    Is this possible to craft dynamite?

    Alright, at least I know what to hunt for now Thanks!