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  1. FacadeKitsune

    seated reserch

    allow viewing the research pad or whole backpack while seated because I mean what better things do you have to do than plan your next move while waiting through the storm
  2. FacadeKitsune stray key prompt

    there is an E stuck in my vac it even shrinks when I put it away
  3. this is a minor bug with the tiny platform on the small turbines you can see the power demand on the solar's base and the far side of the wind turbine but the near side is not showing the shortage
  4. FacadeKitsune

    [Merged] Broken Planet the rovers are great until you drive into a chunk that failed to load collision for the terrain and you careen towards the center of the planet this has happened to me several times recently the ground ate my mobile base as I was running back to it and then while trying to find it under ground I clipped into a wall and it shot me to the surface so high it killed me
  5. I did not realize they changed the seeds now they are completely distinguished from organic so power farming might be nice but the seeds no longer claim to be organic
  6. so I did the math there is incentive to make medium solar panels (2p) over small (.5p) the small can produce more power when used on medium storage (4p) but at the cost of twice the copper and only when the storage lays flat but this dose not apply to the medium wind turbine (1p) the small wind turbine (.5p) produces the same amount of power exactly for the same number of aluminum and slots with the added plus that the small can be spread out for more coverage and use the medium storage trick (4p) so I ask this what makes the medium wind turbine worth 3200 for little more than cosmetic appeal and loud wurring?
  7. organic is organic the flag is already there can we please use them as power
  8. we need a way to tow the buggy preferably not just the winch
  9. the generic item ghosts (such as on the trade platform) are to generic grabbing everything when clicked including canisters and augments my suggestion is: add 2 bool to item class bool sell-able = False; bool smelt-able = False; trade platform: checks for bool sell-able and only allows placement of these items when clicked empty handed if you can trade it sell-able = True smelter: this could be applied to the new smelter code too where it has ghost inputs for the ore slots that check for bool smelt-able and pull that from the back pack when empty handed if you can smelt it smelt-able = True as a side note update the printer to be able to pull items from the backpack directly like the fabricators and vehicle bay
  10. now that the generator is back to the realm of almost pointless with passive habitat power maybe we could switch it for tethers I only ended up making a generator to get the "open backpack" out of my face
  11. FacadeKitsune

    odd printer restrictions

    and I am a dumb turns out my problem was I was standing in the way every time i tried to use it
  12. FacadeKitsune

    odd printer restrictions

    I'm trying to print on the cement around the habitat
  13. what is the point of printing packaged deploy anywhere modules if the printer can't make them without a large platform deployed in the printing range? so you have to waste a compact large platform to carry a module
  14. I have had to restart my save multiple times because it plopped me down in a valley with no research-ables within oxygen distance just give the 30 points as tutorial or unlock it outright but you should not have a case where a save is unplayable just because of RNG