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  1. Hi Everyone! Let me start off by saying how much I love this game. I think the game should add more vehicles such as more type of rovers/trucks. I hope the developers could add some sort of sub-atmospheric aerial vehicle such hover craft, helicopter or airplane that allows the player to transverse the planet much faster.
  2. Hi everyone! I have played the game about 28 hours so far, and I think that the game is missing one MAJOR element. JET PACKS!!!!! Players should be able to upgrade their backpacks, and attach jet packs onto the side (much like how solar panels and generators could be attached) The jet pack should either be pre-built onto the backpack, and requires Hydrazine to operate. OR, the jet pack must be crafted by the player (a possible use for Astronium) and attached onto the backpack or vehicle. (Flying trucks would be fun)
  3. Hello Everyone, I think that System Era should add graphic options for the game. Have low, medium and high graphic options for the game so that players with low performing PCs could enjoy the game at 60 FPS and players with high-performance PC could enjoy even more detailed game play. The low graphic options should be less graphic intensive so that players with integrated Intel Graphic could play the game as well. I myself have 2 PCs. On my desktop, I can run the game at 200 or 300 FPS at max viewing distance. However on my Laptop, I can get maybe 30-40 FPS with minimal vi
  4. This is a GREAT idea! Have some NPC in the game will be amazing! I was thinking we add like a robot companion.
  5. Hello Everyone! First of all, I LOVE Astroneer. I have built everything available, harvest every resources, research every technology and explored every planet. I hope that System Era could introduce vehicle upgrade to the game. Here below I will list some the ideas I have for vehicle upgrades. Rover: -Larger wheels -Higher suspension, -more space Truck: -More space -More power -Higher suspension -More fuel storage