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  1. deja-vu?, pretty sure I just locked a space station thread a few hour ago? Nevertheless, please don't make topic on subject that has been suggested over and over for the last 12 months Check the pinned post for more information
  2. Hoo boy, another space station thread, as and as of the usual.
  3. Even though I wrote these posts, it's still a necromancy to bump this very old thread. so yea Locked
  4. post image pls, idk what you're trying to explain, it feels so vague.
  5. Haven't seen someone made this suggesting for a long time (maybe because it seems more burdening than it is practical?) I though since the developer went for scientific accuracy during the latest update, Might as well throw in a few coins into this. Also just to make it clear, this isn't official or anything, but I'd still like to hear more from a fellow fans of astroneer. Titanium Ore BROOKITE Pretty looking orange colored mineral for titanium LIMENTITE Predominantly Black colored ore, this one is the most commonly mined titanium ore TITANITE Olive green coloured gem-like mineral, why do I choose this over the many ore titanium ore? Well it felt like more appropriate for Titanium, I find the name titanite more fitting even though it's not a common mineral. Lithium Ores LEPIDOTITE It's pink, and looks pretty for a lithium ore, this mineral is rare but provide an abundant amount of lithium once processed PEGMATITE The most common source of lithium. While I don't feel like going to the detail, It is said that this one is the easiest mineral to be processed into lithium PETALITE It's crystal white colored I suppose. in-fact lithium in video games commonly appear in this color.
  6. Cool list of suggestion dude, I love it when user make a well though out writing, I have some feedback to speak of to add to you suggestion What do with tree? The Fast Method (Harvesting tons of organic material via circular saw module for crane) The Slow method (Slowly sap off resin from the trees suing electric tap until it grays out) Hostile plant behaviour Last I saw the vlog, they are talking about different types hostile plant, such as the one that shoot acid darts, or lobs explosive bulbs, or even explodes within proximity. I would like those kind of plant to have more diversity, there could be pheromones that make plants temporarily react passively to player, or even giving a warning to not get closer before actually attacking. Wild coloring from aposematism says that colorful plants and animal actually says that they are very dangerous, telling of a warning. Maybe the hostile plants should get a recolour to trigger our instinct on telling which is dangerous and which isn't.
  7. Dig a very deep hole below the tree instead of chopping it down, that way, you can bury it out completely.
  8. Get yourself a crane and drill, that way your 2 hour will become a 15 minutes
  9. This has been suggested every week, and I myself still doesn't know the reason why we can't build large storage on bases Nevertheless, this is a redundant topic so I still have to lock this post.
  10. I mean, you already have a chance to earn rare research item from those space wrecks. And btw these research item can contain up to 8000 bytes
  11. You earn free byte (enough to buy tethers and canister) when you finish the tutorial. And the cost for canister isn't even that high.
  12. Makes some sense to have a shortcut there, since it's just leaves it would get dragged in with the trunk. Plus it makes burying these things easier.
  13. It's only been a couple of days since the research update, but it's always time for a good ol' constructive criticism and feedback for the new features. Take a few reference with these questions for starter. How are the new mechanic compared to the previous one? How can the new mechanic be improved? What improvements can be made for the new mechanics? What are the pros and cons of the new mechanic? What problem to do have with the newly added mechanic? While we're at it, I'll start a poll in this thread, since I always wanted to start one in this forum.