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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Never happened that to me, the only strange thing that happened was some texture problems but when i left the planet and came back, everything was fine. You can try that and see if it works.
  2. Nygma95

    [Merged] FPS Drop Reports

    Xbox has performance problems in 90% of the game, nothing new...
  3. Nygma95

    My PC runs the game very very very slow

    The game its in pre-alpha. This kind of games always have issues on performance (including on good PC) because of all the tasks allowed on the game. I think they will fix this issue until the BETA, but there would still be minor FPS problems.
  4. A friend was driving a Rover back to our base and suddenly his game crashed, the rover was driving by his own until it stopped, i wanted to get it back but after getting close to it (10 meters) my game crashed. After that, i started again the game on the same map and i noticed that my friend's pod was there (it's supposed to fly away after he came the first time to my map), i told my friend to join but he couldn't, his game crashed again. He tried to join again but his menu screen froze and couldn't click anything.
  5. This happened me too, i was trying to go up and suddenly i went underground and i died
  6. Nygma95

    Cannot delete buildings

    Indeed, i dont have major problems with FPS but with DESIGN I wish i could erase some buildings too.
  7. Nygma95

    Truck Storage Glitch

    This happened me too, i thought it will leave the planet with all my stuff In my case i put another seat inside the storage and when i pressed the "TAB" it started to fly.