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  1. TheLegend28

    Grappling Hook.

    It would be awesome to have a grappling hook incase you fall down in a cave so you dont make a mess with your terraformer
  2. TheLegend28

    Some ideas for the game. Especially xb1

    Just some ideas, really hoping theres less lag on multiplayer
  3. Im thinking you should add space stations you can live in so you dont run out of fuel as quickly. You should add a feature that alows you to fix your rocket ship/shuttle if you add a meteor shower feature so you can walk iutside of the space ship and repair it. Also you should add different ores so its not just the same ores you have to use to make ingots for an example there is just one type of malachite so you could add other ores that you can smelt into copper,etc. And finally you should add ropes so you can use them to get down caves without dying or leaving a big mess of rocks. Also if you could make it so on xb1 when your host it lags less. -TheLegend28oops almost forgot something and you should also add rivers on different planets and making it so if your on a cold planet you can freeze to death and on a hot planet you can burn to death and make ways to prevent that. So the rivers so it makes the game more lively and you can use the water to put bubbles in so you can breathe into them.
  4. TheLegend28


    You guys should add a feature that you can use ropes to climb up or down things
  5. TheLegend28


    There is alot of lag as you get further in the game