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  1. those are all really good ideas. unfortunately good ideas tend to come here to die. they wont be heard by anyone who matters, and they stand very little chance of being integrated into the game. ever driven the paver/drill combo to the center of the planet? it's a complete cluster-cuss, with the gravity inversion there you might as well be digging your own grave.
  2. it was a genuine inquiry. i see what you are saying, and of course each to their own when it comes to managing resources, but what are you doing with those resources once they have been removed from the silos? are you reinstalling them all into the same silos, but in a more organized fashion? i guess that would make sense. myself, i tend not to handle large amounts of random resources in the first place. i only dig up what i need, and i take the silo to the mine site, once it's full i take it back and bring an empty one. i rarely need to reorganize the contents. jet packs have made c
  3. i think i get some of the technical issues around the implementation of better navigation and signposts. as far as i can make out, because the game is a procedurally created set of worlds, one of the ways they reduce the amount of stress on the system is to keep everything 'low res' until it's actually being explored, then it 'unpacks' as it's approached. that's why stuff you build, or mountains, or the planet from orbit, all have that unfinished chunky look from a distance. in the early access game, if you covered a significant amount of the landscape with tethers it would slow the whole
  4. just another point on this Lazarus-like issue: if the devs were to introduce a weather system, and they wanted to start slow and small, there is an obvious candidate: Glacio really ought to have some kind of snow, hail, even blizzards. of all the planets this one feels like the most glaring omission. and dammit i love Glacio, i spend half my gameplay time there, it's a wild and beautiful place and the resource pods are the most valuable. weather on Glacio would mess up my time there, but it would also be logical.
  5. well, i remember the 'cardboard boxes from hell' (see past Bron posts) and i certainly remember those horrible spiky little buggers on Calidor - the limited rez distance in the game meant that they would sometimes just sit there in the middle distance, and wouldn't come at you till you approached them. but i have no memory of storms that gifted you items - are you sure you weren't just getting stuff blown about your base during the storm? there is weather. bright sunny days and cloud formations are weather. but i get your point. a little more variety in the climates might not be comple
  6. ah, the old landing pad debris unit. how i remember it. looks like you found it on the moon, right? yeah, Desolo is where i used to run into these suckers. they were great back in the early access days, they had O2 and you could power them up after a fashion. i would often transplant my base units wholesale over to this guy and build stuff around it, just so i had something different in my base. they wont move, though. tried all kinds of ways, will not budge one inch. of course now you can blow stuff up it might break down into junk. have you tried dynamite?
  7. I've always been so-so about the need for automation - i mean, i get how utterly tiresome it is to have to feed a process one by one in order to convert all the resources you have into a new product or resource, but there are other activities, core game activities that, if automated, would leave me wondering exactly what i should be doing with my time instead. And in this question lies the essential issue with automation: if i no longer need to do the repetitive grunt work of providing for bases, what then am i supposed to be doing? what other gameplay task will engage my interest and tak
  8. I didn't know if this is meant to be sarcastic or not. so i tried saying it in my head with the Simpsons' Comic Book Guy voice. Go try that now. Oh yeah, its sarcastic.
  9. so, the Scrap initiative came and went. it was played out as an incentive to 'clean up the planets and be more environmentally aware'. perversely, i ended up trashing more of the scrap elements than i might normally, as i abandoned the little stuff in favor of the bigger, more valuable, scrap items. the actual environmental lesson to be learnt here is this: if you try to monetize the clean up of the planet, you end up incentivizing the wrong kind of behavior and making the situation worse. still, like the rewards tho. nice Tyre hat and tube-frame-mask thingy. and the palette - who hasn't
  10. yeah, you cant do this. once more, the limited object interaction mechanics of this game pisses on our chips. go devs!
  11. just want to reinforce what Pippa has said. i personally tend to go straight from Sylva to the moon (desolo) for Wolframite (Tungsten), then pretty miuch straight to Glacio to make my next major base. the need for Hematite (Iron) in pretty much everything you build that's advanced kinda demands this, and hematite is SO DAMN COMMON on Glacio; look, its just lying about on the ground for Set's sake, in big red piles in the ice! and if you go underground you can get Titanite (Titanium), which is the next big thing after Iron, believe me. serioulsy tho, i dont know of any other resource (apar
  12. Fascinating, in a horrible kind of way. A lot of what The good Count is complaining about is, probably inevitably, pretty much what most players have been complaining about and requesting since the game was still in beta. when a new player (who clearly has a blast with the game at it's fundamental level) is perceptive enough to see that these things are not working properly, its a vindication of everything we have been saying about the game. and it's damn depressing. we all know that multiplayer has some serious problems, but that aside, we have some key ideas here that have been pla
  13. have to say, in all honesty, i got about 10% of this, but that's almost certainly my bad, because i can see that you've worked hard and thought this through, for which i commend you. I'm sure someone else will see this and be smart enough to get it all, and I'll let that person get on here and debate the details of this. i did want to say that it's great that this game inspires people in this way, and that those who take the time to work out stuff like this are not only an asset to the devs, but to the community as a whole. regarding the introduction of a finite oxygen resource in th
  14. i'd love to see some theo jansen walking action on the this: love me some of that strandbeest action! would work so well in ASTRONEER