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  1. Inhibitor mod is it really needed

    juggling items such as mods, batteries, O2 cylinders and resources in the backpack is either: a) a fundamental mechanic of the game that adds to the pleasure and playability, or: b) a pain in the ass. i know which one of these it is but i'm not telling.
  2. Space ships

    i always thought that a landing platform could be a backpackable item - like an enhanced beacon. you craft it, take it out to where you want your shuttle to land and drop it down - it automatically clears a zone of debris and vegetation and gives you a 'landing beacon' blue hemisphere once in orbit. if placed close to your habitat, it effectively switches off your habitat landing zone in favor of it's own. it could be taken out on a vehicle to further corners of the planet, placed down and, upon return, you could take your shuttle up and land on the new zone. this way, you could have a lot less landing zones at the start (barren would only have one, for example.) it would only function on the surface of the planet, not in a cave. it would have a 'ghost' hologram for placement like the new platforms have, and it would go red if not placed correctly, such as if a large rock or plant was in the way. i think this method would encourage more land-air integrated exploration. additionally, your idea of a large spaceship is very similar to my idea of having a large space station as one of the endgame play objectives. great minds think alike.
  3. Walker - The heavy duty vechicle

    do you think you could put a little more detail on this idea? good lord. that's more work than i did in my actual job most of last week. these devs should be paying you. but they wont, so don't go hoping. looks interesting, though, as well as properly developed, smartly reasoned, well presented.... goddamn it i'm going back to bed. just can't compete with the kids these days....
  4. Agriculture System

    space asparagus! i knew i'd seen those giant plant thingys somewhere! now all i need is a lightly poached egg the size of a cadillac and i'm good to go.
  5. I'll tell ya, tell ya what, pally. just having habitat/vehicle/terrain flags that didn't get obscured by clouds would go a heck of a long way towards making this place navigable, ya see? Now looky here, a little semi-transparency on the clouds would do it, for sure. Listen, pally, just take it, take it, OK? I'm giving it ya, no ones gonna miss it, it's yours. But if anyone asks, you didn't get it from me OK? Now run home to yer mother.
  6. Reduce amount of rocks by 99%

    rocks are the natural enemy of rovers. see how they cunningly make themselves invisible to the rover until the last minute, then appear just in time to send it head over heels again? they know what they are doing. it's clear some kind of malevolent force is at work here. perhaps this is the true alien experience of this system... they were here all along, pretending to be mundane rocks, now they want revenge for our harvesting their earth-mother.... ...or perhaps i'm just SOOO desperate for some kind of story-driven gameplay now that it's sent me over the edge. I'll let you decide. but before you do, just take another look at those rocks.....
  7. An Idea For An Elevator

    I.... actually like this idea. a really interesting halfway house solution. not sending your minerals home via a belt or drones, but just sending them to the surface, no matter where that is relative to the base.... you still have to go fetch the stuff using a vehicle (or perhaps later, a robot that will just do this). it's really interesting. i kinda like how it sort of allows for cave mapping, too... you can see from the surface elevator beacons where bits of the underground caverns are..... and you could build a modular base in a cavern system, and have it as directly beneath your surface base as possible, so the elevator will take you straight from cavern to surface! it actually makes multi-level base-building more interesting and useful. sold. i don't care if it costs a small fortune in rare minerals and resource units to get, i want it.
  8. observatory module

    information gathering. i agree, it's really important to the central stated goal, which is exploration. there are many ways you could achieve this, like having a scanning map that builds as you explore. or like sending a satellite into orbit that can give you a realtime feed of the other side of the planet. or like having drones map a tunnel system (Prometheus, anyone?). i would hope the search for more information would form part of a narrative being created to make astroneer more story driven.
  9. Suit Mods

    i fear that suit mods are going to be one of those mostly cosmetic things. shame, because i really like the idea of adapting your lifesupport unit to suit the hazards of other worlds. eminently sensible, when you think about it. high-radiation pack, extreme cold pack, jumping jet pack (using propellant to give assisted jumps to further exploration). sound good.
  10. Base Protection: Shield Generator

    this is exactly the kind of thing that could be made of partially recovered scrap from downed spacecraft. think of it as a modified space debris deflection shield.
  11. Vehicle Ideas I guess

    here's an idea for a vehicle: one that doesn't upend itself every few seconds, that doesn't run aground on a bit of low rock, one that can manage a trailer without becoming absurdly unstable, one that travels in the direction you point it in unfailingly, one that doesn't float away with it's cargo, one that doesn't slide down gentle slopes once parked, one that doesn't run out of power without any warning at the least opportune moment. here's a crazy idea: since a lot of the issues with the vehicles in astroneer are to do with it's center of gravity (too low and you stick like glue but cant move fast; too high and you're constantly inverting the damn thing), how about a gearbox? just make it a center of gravity adjuster, and you get a speed/stability trade off almost right away. would make it more effective on low-gravity worlds, too.
  12. controller

    it's a health and safety nightmare. ordinary blue-collar astroneers like us shouldn't be sent out to work the space mines without clear and proper instruction with the equipment. i'm taking this to my union rep!
  13. I've just mentioned this in someone else's thread, but it's getting on my nerves SO MUCH now, that i felt it needed a thread of it's own. the new 6.0 update has given us a new set of selection controls. now, we select some stuff with one key, some with another. I've yet to fully identify the logic behind which key does what exactly, but i imagine I'll get used to it. i'm able to customise my keyboard controls to my needs (Steam, on a PC). i don't like having controls spread over my keyboard, i tend to group them over at the right hand side, around the arrow keys and the enter button and numpad. i'm not unusual in preferring this. what is really getting to me is the keyboard hints. i don't appreciate being told to press the wrong key all the time. keyboard hints should update dynamically to the current configuration, not stay stubbornly locked to the out-the-box settings. almost every other game i play with keyboard hints is able to do this, so i don't see a reason why it doesn't work in astroneer. at least twice in the new game I've died in storms due to a combination of this, and the new mechanic of requiring the pointer to hover over the habitat to allow access - previously proximity to the habitat was all i needed. and whilst we're on the controls, how about some multi-mouse support? cant be that hard, surely? my mouse has eight buttons, and i could really do with being able to assign them actions in the game. do i really have to get the mouse control panel out and fudge some temporary key bindings? oh dear. i think small stuff like this should have been sorted out way before we got to six versions of the game.
  14. controller

    OK don't want to hijack your post, but i'm not sure if it's console controller or mouse/keyboard you're talking about, so I'll just add this: on steam/PC, from the very beginning, the game has had customizable keyboard buttons. however, the visual interface button hints always stay the same regardless of what you changed the buttons to. back at the beginning this was not much of a problem but now with the 6.0 update and the new control mechanisms it's becoming annoying and distracting. it's bad enough trying to remember which selection button does what now, without having the game give you incorrect prompts all the time. I've played plenty of mouse/keyboard controlled games that dynamically adjust their key hints, so there's really no excuse for this. and whilst you about fixing this, how about some multi-button mouse support? that would really be useful.
  15. Does coal even exist

    the people will allways need coal. be a miner, it's fun!