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  1. Bron

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    thanks, Allan, for pointing me at this. don't know how i managed to miss this, but there's a lesson for me. always go check every bit of release data before making assumptions. d'oh! i'm sure the SES guys are pretty straight up about stuff. if they say i will pay no more, then i have no reason to doubt that. still, i did feel that there was a level of waffling in that interview regarding their reasoning for holding back on new content. updates were slow because the game was live? really? i've seen other game developers do regular updates whilst not breaking the game for the players. but, perhaps they were not attempting something as dramatically different and radical as 1.0 is being held up as being. we wont know until we actually see the content, so roll on Feb. let's see if ASTRONEER: THE SEQUEL is more a toy story 2 than a Matrix reloaded, mmm? glad my faith in the future of the game could be restored, somewhat. sticking around now seem more like a fun idea than it did before.
  2. Bron

    beacons are kind of useless

    i like draconis' drone's eye view idea, but how about combining it with the little rocket used for fireworks? you build a single shot high-altitude rocket fueled device that takes an image of directly beneath it and beams this to your astroneer, just before blowing up. the image has a compass' points burned onto it, and you can store it in a map-file you can be building for later reference.
  3. btw, i was thinking, shouldn't there be a separate thread here for bugs related to the new moon preview? it's early terrain 2.0 and should probably be differentiated from other bugs. if i dont see one soon and i can be bothered i'll start one.
  4. Natã says: The game can not access the save games, they are there when I search on the HD but the game does not access them, I bought another Xbox one and the game accessed the old saves the first time I played later, when starting the game even after the synchronization only appears the new game option and tutorial. Xbox one.
  5. Bron

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    ok, so i'm back again. i'm nothing if not inconsistent. i'm not so sure. maybe i am wrong , but the general tone of SES_joe's initial comment in this thread seemed to heavily imply that they were 'drawing a line' under the pre-alpha releases of this game and effectively starting again with the release of the 1.0 game. the emphasis he puts on how different and varied and new it is, combined with the emphasis placed on the pricing point for the game's release, strongly suggests that the policy is to leave the early adopters with the 'pre-alpha' game as it stands, as this is the game we payed for, and to market the 1.0 new terrain game as a new purchase. economically, this would make some sense. the community built up here is a pre-existing market for the game, and if they (we) can be monetised correctly the initial release phase would receive a built-in financial boost. outside of the early adopters, the buzz about Astroneer doesn't seem too strong, and they will need to finance a marketing campaign to reach a lot more people if they hope to make their game sell. for some time I've suspected that this policy has been the reason behind their reticence to let their early adopters play with any of the later newer content. it cant be because it doesn't need play-testing (the new moon severely proves that). the only theory that fits the existing evidence is that they want us to want it, therefore they want us to pay for it, above and beyond what we have already payed. the stupid thing is that i get it. in other circumstances, ones where we had not been cut off from the creative development food chain, i might have been happy to answer a request from the devs that, as an early adopter and fan of the game, i might cough up some extra dough to get them off the ground. i understand that games don't get made or sold on fresh air. maybe i'm wrong. it would be nice to think i was. but if i'm wrong, i only have one other theory to explain why they wouldn't let any of the new stuff into the hands of their unpaid game testers, and it doesn't bear thinking about. perhaps the new stuff just isn't that good.
  6. Bron

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    so, here we are at last. the end of a long and bumpy road, that started with a sparse, open, beautiful looking world full of opportunity and potential, and concludes now with an ugly, garish, cumbersome world without even the questionable pleasures of a complex grind. progress? only time will tell. time, and the paying of the cost of this game once more. many of us thought we were paying for a great game when we stumped up our cash in that early phase. we didnt know it then, but we were in fact paying to soak test a game-style mechanism, reporting bugs and correcting gameplay errors because we had faith that the game will be worth the effort. after all that free input, we were left with the decayed husk of a game, neither playable as a game nor upgradeable, not even configurable by the community. the best of this game has been stripped away, and will now inform something they are calling a 'release version', with a new terrain system, new graphics engine, and all the great new content we had such great hope for. progress? i'm angry. angry that these fellows think they can pay us off with a frankly lacklustre suit freebie and a 'preview' of the new system that, by their own admission, is no preview at all - seriously, this new moon has so many caveats attached to it i don't know what to take from it. the awful rendering? the regressive navigation? the cumbersome vehicle control? the flaky sound, the unnavigable (and therefore unexplorable) landscape? what's the point of commenting at all if any or all of it could be deemed 'only basic, it will be different in the release'? no, this new moon is actually worse than nothing. will i be buying the 'release'? dunno. not at the full price. where's my money off voucher? this could well be my last post here, and on this topic. it's been a ride, guys. most of you have been great, truly excellent people whose smart thinking and time and effort deserves more. i salute you. but im gone.
  7. Bron

    I don't know about this 'scrap' thing.

    really interesting thread this. there's a lot of thought going on as to what the game is, or should be, all about. sometimes the eternal dichotomy of games is that they try to give the player both a challenge and an escape. the challenge can be in the form of puzzles or combat or grind or some fusion of these kind of elements. the escape tends to be about allowing the player to be successful in a way they might not ever be in their real world. managing that tension effectively is the hallmark of a great game. there are players who like grind because it's appropriate as part of a simulation of how the real world works - and yet other players hate it for exactly the same reasons. when a game fails to engage with it's players its often because they haven't gotten the formula of grind quite right. i'm an old school Diablo 3 player from way back. for me, the grind in that game (and there was a heck of a lot of it) was superbly offset by the other factors - the character development and diversity. the engaging missions and small tasks. the design and rendering of the world and it's occupants. it wasn't by any means a perfect game, but it balanced well, and i played it for many many hours. another gamer friend of mine recommended i tried Fallout. 'you'll love it, its got a lot in common with D3'. so i tried, but i just couldn't click with it. yes it has all the elements, but for me, it didn't seem to gel quite as well, and the grind began to show through. not the game's fault, because not all games will work with all players. i've played a boatload of hours of Astroneer, so there really has to be something going on here, otherwise i probably wouldn't even be on this forum. but grind is everywhere in this game now, and it's important they do something about it. not remove it, but find a way to infuse it with some meaning. in a way, that is the major difference between our real life and our game time. sometimes in the real world we lose control, we feel that all meaning has gone from the stuff we do just to get to the next day, the next pay packet, the next cup of coffee. in games, we should NEVER feel that, no matter how repetitive the mechanic becomes. that is our escape. my major issue with Astroneer as it stands now is that i stop. i build a base, research stuff, dig stuff up, build more stuff, do a the minimum of planet hopping, then i stop. because i cant see the point in keeping going. try another planet. why? it's pretty much more of the same, the challenges are identical if mixed a bit differently. go exploring. what for? there's literally nothing to see that i haven't already seen. make a shredder and shred scrap. to what endt? exchange for stuff i have already or can get from somewhere else? it's only then that the grind begins to, well, grind. i guess after reading the smart and insightful comments on this board my new definition of grind has become 'that game mechanic that reveals itself when the rest of the game has ceased to engage it's player at some other level'. lets hope the final game content can provide this level.
  8. Bron

    The sad truth about the game.

    i'm seeing this strange tension a lot in the early access community for this game; builders want to build, explorers want to explore. i think Astroneer can be both. the move to mobile, position-able platforms was a big step in this direction, and i think we will see more construct-able components in the 1.0 game. i believe the builders will have plenty for them to be happy with. me, i'm an explorer. i am looking forward to there being more great discoveries, more strange mysteries, more wonders to encounter. i'm sure the game will deliver these in the long run also. but lets not forget; to be able to build, you need to make discoveries, find stuff. you need to explore. and to be able to explore, you need equipment, transport, tools. you need to build stuff. see? plenty for everyone.
  9. they are keeping the end-game objectives and content under their hats. and i totally get it. right now, the mystery that surrounds how Astroneer will change in 1.0 is probably more compelling than any sneak peek info they might release. it's also prudent for them to keep key elements of the game a secret. after all, secrets, and the unraveling of them, is what space exploration is all about. i much prefer games that allow their players to discover for themselves the world they are in. i am a bit concerned, however, that SES dont seem to want our input on these vital elements. we have been their game-play testing and feedback team for many months now, and i would like to think that our input, however fractious or extreme it may have been at times, has helped to shape their game for the better. whose to say that wont be so with this other content? it's strange. if this were a novel, then the idea of a writer allowing their work to be seen by their fans in an early draft and letting them comment and suggest changes would seem pretty avant-garde at the least. not so with games, however. and yet, maybe, for a strong clear creative voice to shine through it has to be allowed to develop unchecked. maybe a purer vision of the world of Astroneer needs to emerge without compromise. maybe that's the only way it will be truly excellent. let's hope so.
  10. Bron

    Need to way speed planet rotations

    there is definitely plenty wrong with the planet hopping mechanism in Astroneer, but i don't believe the implementation of orbits is one of them. OK, nobody likes sitting in their spacecraft waiting for a planet to get in range, it's dull and frustrating, but if you're in that position at all it's because you launched at the wrong time. the addition of a 'Fast Forward' control on the orbits is incredibly counter-intuitive - if you can push the planets around when you want to, you may as well not have orbits at all - just put em all equidistant from each other and forget trying to create a compelling simulation of space travel. Space travel is all about picking your moment and knowing your launch window. a better solution for this might be to be able to build an observatory, or launch a series of orbital satellites, that will relay back to you information about the positions of the planets and give you 'green lights' for good launch windows on each planet. that would provide more mission based objectives for players to undertake and expand the game creatively. it would certainly make up for the player's inability to look up at the planets properly in the game! no, my major gripe about planet-hopping is the landing spots. i don't really know what they are for - why are my landing choices being limited in this way? it feels very much like a throwback to the earlier versions of the game - these blue domes should have gone the way of the random research system or fixed platforms by now. with more flexible base-building being the way a lot of players like to go now, isn't it time that a better method for landing choice was devised? something that involves an informed choice, rather simply picking a spot at random? my preferred method might be to have the Astroneer initially build and launch a probe to his chosen planet. this probe will orbit that world and send back a single preferred landing site based upon terrain and resources available. the Astroneer's first landing spot is that site - but in order to land elsewhere he has to explore the surface first and put down 'landing site' markers (maybe like beacons, but they need power and take up 2 slots). these beacons show up from orbit as landing spots, and mark your exploration of the planet too. what i'm looking for is a mechanism that feels like a genuine progression of exploration - at the moment i still feel like i'm piggy backing on some pre-existing choices about the best landing sites rather than making my own decisions.
  11. Bron

    Barren FTW

    Seriously tho, i cant help thinking the game devs got this stuff all wrong. i think Exotic should be where Terran is, with Barren as it's moon. put Terran in a wider orbit like Tundra is now so it's harder to get to, but make it the only world with a real breathable atmosphere. start your Astroneer on Barren, then let them explore out to exotic, arid etc with Terran being a primary goal - find and build on the only world with an earth-like environment
  12. Bron

    Barren FTW

    have to say, this is how Ive been approaching Astroneer gameplay for the last few versions. once i get up to Barren i set up my main base there and fetch back stuff like Iron and Titanium. in my most recent game, my land site on barren was on the side of a big red hill, on the other side was one of those oxygen-providing platforms. perfect ready-made main base site! i dug out the hill insides and created a flattened inner space open at both ends, and built my base modules inside it, apart from solar panels that ranged around the outer and top of the hill. put a shaft down inside at a 45 degree angle, pretty quickly hit a deep cavern system with all the lithium i could eat and more to export to Terran and the other worlds. living the dream!
  13. Bron

    I don't know about this 'scrap' thing.

    martin, i like the thinking behind putting the trader and the soil extractor into one device. something that responds to the amounts of different stuff you're putting in and puts out an equivalent resource. you could maybe have different value levels of scrap - nothing too fancy, just, say, two different kinds of scrap, call 'em 'Gomi' and 'Trove'. you might get more trove from specific rarer crash types, and they would result in the rarer materials. when you say: you cant be talking about me. when i spoke of a randomly spawning recycle method, i said: not really interested in making the game easier here. it's one of the reasons I'm against the introduction of fully automated systems for the bases. a game that basically plays itself is not my idea of fun. to answer your last point: i would not argue that some level of grind is inevitable in any game that aims to be as grand in scope as Astroneer does. and i would perhaps also agree that the grind process can indeed be an enjoyable one. but i think that game balance isn't simply about reducing or removing grind, it's about adding more purpose to those elements, maybe expanding the variety of grind activities even, in order to make them seem less restrictive and 'grind'-y. choice is always good in games, even if the choice is between two or more paths that might take as long as each other - you get to choose the view on the journey, at least. i believe that much of this discussion may be moot eventually - that the full game will include story elements and diverse 'nuggets' of background colour that will offset any grind for those who choose to engage with it on that level. but for those who just enjoy grind, i'm sure that style of play will still be there for you to choose.
  14. Bron

    Extenders vs Splitter

    well, isn't this one hot little thread! Ive never played Astroneer without tethers. but i am aware that, if i chose to, i could simply not make any tethers. the early stages would be much harder, but you soon develop alternative strategies as your game progresses. I have played Astroneer without splitters, however. in fact, all the games ive played since they were introduced have been without them. ive yet to find a single instance of needing to split power outside of using a platform. there are some good arguments being made for the development of a 'hardcore mode' in this game, with lots of stuff made easier and with death being final. there would be nothing wrong with including that for those who wanted to challenge themselves in that way. as it stands, making the game more challenging is currently in the hands of the player, and players are rarely likely to eschew the cool toys that make life on their chosen world a little easier. you only have to look at topics on this very forum, and you will find innumerable people with crazy or cool ideas for stuff in the game that, in general, makes life easier. conveyor belt resource feed? robot helpers? detection of deposits of stuff from orbit? (hand on, some of those are mine) so tethers are not going away any time soon. power distribution can have a dramatic effect on your base construction, particularly if you like creating widely distributed clusters of platforms and linking them together. (side note: did you know that it's relatively easy to switch the flow of a long line of extenders? i did this recently on Barren when i linked my landing site with a derelict platform base. whatever end i was at, all i needed to do was disconnect that end, then stretch out and reconnect that final link the other way - all the other links flip to reverse the flow and presto!) i tend to break up any long line of extenders with platforms every so often because i like to put solar or wind generators on them to spread my power generation. i believe that eventually this game will have some kind of modding community, and when that happens, you can pick your own special method of hamstringing your Astroneer. i look forward to that day, because that will probably be the day that Astroneer as a game phenomenon comes of age. but until then SES have to make some money from it, and i don't believe the vast majority of players are looking for an incredibly hard game experience, they just want a fun time. and it's definitely that!
  15. Bron

    Designated landing spot

    a game mechanic i personally wanted to see: take a buggy out exploring the surface of the planet. when you find an area that looks really cool or loaded with resources, you slap down a landing beacon. then scoot off home, get in your shuttle and do a quick HOTOL style trip to your new spot. as a mechanism, this would definitely encourage more exploration of the surface. and you could get rid of most of the opening preset landing places, since the new game idea would be to populate the planet with useful and interesting landing spots, instead of random ones.