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  1. don't know about sources outside this forum, but in April 2017 i posted: and followed it up with: which seems to be the first use of this idea in this forum. I'm assuming the 'from hell' addition is a relatively common one, i do it all the while. but hey, let's not be obsessive. it's just a phrase, a nice bit of descriptive imagery. open for all to use. but i did it first.
  2. but seriously, who'd be a game developer eh? i mean, what a ball-ache we must all be at times. it was only a few short years ago we were all griping about how much of a pain storms were, how they were our least favourite part of the game, how we wished we could get rid of them etc etc.... now they've been removed and what happens? we miss em! we get all nostalgic about the challenging aspect of them! we want them to be 'an option' for our game! bloody hell, there's no pleasing us is there? just wanted to say thanks for sticking in there, guys.
  3. any thread that says so much about the importance of the individual, subjective experience of playing the game, that also draws the direct attention of the Devs is worth it's weight in gold. if we can infer anything from SES_Adam's response here, it must be that core gameplay direction and ethos are still up for grabs, and that our comments are not simply shouting into the void, which is heartening news. we love this game, but we all love our own visions of what the game could be. these can be pretty widely different, but sometimes you get a lot of very similar opinions converging, like in this case, and when that happens it must be a signal that there's real opportunity for growth in the game. I've made it clear what i would like to see in this game elsewhere and i don't want to muddy the message with more variation, but i want to say that i too have felt the shine fade from my gaming experience, and haven't found anything in the release packs that has restored that shine yet. oh, also: coined it! thanks for the repeat, Flyingcrowbar!
  4. Bron

    habitats, what are they good for?

    let it go, Greysie. it's been too long, were different people now....... it doesn't take much to see that the problems of two dysfunctional Astroneer players don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. someday you'll understand that.
  5. Bron

    habitats, what are they good for?

    kind of like a tent? you put it up when you need to, shelter, then take it with you in the morning? i like that idea. i also like TOGG's thought of using them instead if tethers (yes, i know), and you work your way from one to the other as you explore. i might want them to be less resource expensive, though, if i was just going to leave them hanging about.
  6. Bron

    Home Planet

    i have bases everywhere now. i guess Sylva is my main base, and Desolo is quite well developed but only because it's the first real 'off-world' base you start to make. i personally love Glacio, it's the only other place I've actually dropped a Habitat onto. i adore the colour scheme and the arctic soundscape with the cracking of the ice. in the end it's always an aesthetic choice. no world is an ideal, and that is entirely proper. it would be nice to be able to pick one of these worlds and terraform the atmosphere, creating a truly 'home' planet - one you can run around with your helmet off. i think that would be genuinely awesome. if i had to implement that functionality into the game right now i'd have the atmosphere condensers upgraded to produce oxygen - then have a mission where you need to place functioning condensers in specific spots on the planet surface to start the process. then let them run continuously for a long time, and have a process that can be incomplete - the breathable zones getting slowly bigger until they meet, and then after a while you can switch them off. maybe even, the condensers need to be upgraded with some alien tech that needs to be found. perhaps also they need to be supplied with another resource as well as power - Astronium might be a good fit for this. i like the idea that after terraforming, things arent just easy - the process might create atmospheric disturbances, and there may still be pockets of unbreathable atmosphere, particularly in the caves.
  7. Bron

    habitats, what are they good for?

    not much, anymore. they no longer provide necessary shelter. they aren't the only way to save your game (not even the most convenient way). they don't have access to any facilities outside of the rest of your base. they are a lump of vestigal game history that should be allowed to wither and die. i actually prefer the older-style 'capsule' drop from the early game. at least that made sense as an arrival on your starter planet. now, you could achieve the same with a medium spacecraft and a (burnt-out) solid fuel thruster. an entry level platform could just as easily hold the atmosphere generator. i'm not voting for losing the habitat, however. i'm voting for expanding it, giving it a much needed purpose. let's have an actual playable HABITAT to go along with our habitat. interiors with consoles that would allow us to run communications, track orbits, map planets, perhaps even design stuff, we gotta have that. this game needs a new perspective on it's gameplay, and perhaps a more functional habitat could be a key part of that. Mio, let's stay on topic. I've seen tethers discussed all over this forum, and good or bad, they are here to stay. TOGG doesn't need any encouragement to start talking about tethers, believe me. i haven't seen a good debate about habitats, and i'd welcome some real ideas about how they can be improved. speaking of habitats, where are my domes?
  8. Bron

    Thank you and New Direction Thoughts

    SevernFyre, that's quite the first post. first, welcome to the forums. round here's good honest folks, just lookin' to make a better world. if they get antsy or bullish on occasion, don't pay it no mind. they wouldn't do it if they didn't care so much. in that, we're all alike. second, i find much to concur with in what you say. it's funny, i never properly thought about this until you put it into words, but it kinda does feel like the game hasn't properly left it's beta days, does it? i mean, most full release games are pretty much sorted as they stand, but the changes that get released into Astroneer feel less like part of a plan and more like experimenting with ideas. certainly some of them fundamentally alter the game, arguably to the point of breaking it. you're right, it still feels like a beta test. and all that talk of ancient knowledge, orbital stations, discovery based progress, world engineering, trans-system travel and unique planetary experiences - well, you pretty much covered all the ground of a big chunk of the contributors here, in a few neat paragraphs. smartly done. you wont find a word of dissent from me. now we just have to hope the Devs are either listening, or have already got plans for much of that stuff and are just biding their time, waiting to roll it out. one can hope, eh? for now, SevernFyre, we'll all just have to keep dreamin' and postin', postin' and dreamin'. and playing, of course.
  9. man, i know how that feels. sometimes it's like the weirdest case of SAD ever, dealing with the dark and the long shadows this game tends to have. in the early game (sorry to go on about stuff long past, but it's important to remember how far the game has moved from it's early form) one of my great pleasures was bringing light into the underground - it seemed that all you needed was a decent string of tethers and you could illuminate the hall-like caverns and make it sort of cosy. now we no longer have hall-like caverns, and setting up illumination that actually works over a distance is almost impossible. i'd love to be able to set up a cluster of floodlights so they point directly upwards into the clouds, making a pillar of light that could;d act like a navigation beacon, but it seems the devs aren't even considering that. i know that there's a clear trade off between draw distance and performance, but i cant help thinking that this game needs more stuff to be visible from further away, just to make line of sight navigation a proper thing.
  10. of course. but i find that one RTG per base (and possibly one for a vehicle) is all you need, with maybe a couple of batteries. before, i was setting up 10 or more batteries per base just to keep everything powered. that's a lot less lithium, lads and lasses (sorry, got a bit alliterative, there).
  11. i'd rather see more uses for these limited use resources, and i would hope that the devs are planning on more stuff to craft using zinc, diamond, even astronium. it used to be that batteries were the key to solid base development, so lithum was much sought after. now the RTG has left power storage in the dust, and lithium is looking kinda worthless again. swings and roundabouts.
  12. thanks vvhorus, it's interesting to hear how much we seem to be on the same page with this one. ive never played ARK but from your description it sounds like there's an incredible amount of content in that game, and purely from the viewpoint of it being some kind of content treasure hunt, it can reward repeated play, regardless of it's user configurable sandbox play. but that much content cant all be procedural, much of it has to be generated, and that's a lot of work. i dont think Astroneer needs anywhere near that amount of scripted content, but i do believe that some kind of Lore or emerging backstory could help as discovering it could be a mission in itself. i have to say this does seem to be the oddest of play developments. back in the early game i remember many players expressing a desire to be able to build roads between bases. i did so myself. but my conception of this was nothing like the paver, it was a simple idea that you could flatten and clear strips of surface and (probably using the colour sampler) you could render those strips immune to plant 'grow-back' or rock re-population. this should have been simple to implement and minimal in it's impact. the paver, however, so dramatically overstates that simple request that it damn near breaks the game. i am left in total bemusement as to why it was done in such a way. perhaps the cries for more automation in the game has resulted in this. it has certainly made all kinds of mineral harvesting simple, but it's also made it dull. and we still have to hand feed all these bricks of ore into the same small smelter, so that doesn't work.....unless..... has anyone tried putting a smelter onto a large trailer and seeing if the resources filling up storage on other trailers will auto-feed as you dig? my god.... you may never need a static base again.... never mind. we shall have to see if the devs bring more player adjustable content into the game. i for one miss storms (i know, right?) as i wish i had a reason to build safe bases underground again. i like to think they might be back as user selectable content one day.
  13. hi Mio, thanks for replying. i hear what you're saying. i'm not pretending that i hold a monopoly on game-play direction, and i recognize the value the game has as a kind of sandbox game environment. there are some truly great sandbox games out there, after all, and they have a devoted following. Astroneer could become such a game, and although it would sadden me that it was not the direction i had hoped for, it would at least be a direction, a choice, which the devs should make and follow up on by tailoring their content to engage that audience. you're right that they need to fix all the things that are wrong right now with their multi-platform, multi-player implementation to properly do that. the fact that they don't seem to have cracked that yet makes me unsure as to whether they really know what they want the game to be. think about it: if i was releasing a sandbox type game after a lengthy period of early access, i might consider the cross platform multi-user game-play to be an absolute top of the list priority for that release. but the devs didnt. they released something that was still struggling in that area, which kinda puts the emphasis squarely on it's single player experience. for me, a single player sandbox game is pretty unsatisfying - if you create or build, you also want to collaborate and show off your stuff. if you cant do that effectively, you may as well go read a book. so where does that put Astroneer? it's single player doesnt have the narrative or challenge elements, and it's value as a sandbox game is limited because of it's poor multi-player. which is it? i suspect the answer the devs are looking for is; both. because they obviously want to appeal to as many players as they can, they want to be all things to all customers. and that is a much bigger, trickier ask. not impossible, but very special. they need something more than what they got already to properly pull that off. i don't believe that quest or narrative content is necessarily contrary to sandbox gameplay. i don't believe that you need to pick your niche and stick with it to the exclusion of all else. but i do believe that a lack of clarity and direction (as evidenced by a kind of malaise about implementing both good new content and/or better multi-user support) is choking this game. I also don't doubt that players will find great, fun things to do in this visually attractive, simple but effectively ordered game world, but that is down to players, not game developers. we are shouldering a lot of the effort here, and it's fine whilst it's fun, but how long will that last? as a side note, i'm not a great fan of excessively linear gameplay either. i recently brought the latest Tomb Raider game in a Steam Sale. it was a huge download, and it looks beautiful (i remember watching the reboot movie a few years back and commenting that the visuals were less impressive than the game it was based on). Ive played about a tenth of it, and it's a slog. the story is dull, and the gameplay is constantly fighting with the player's choices to force certain plot points. it's a bad game, even compared to it's earlier chapters. i would never recommend such a prescriptive course for Astroneer. but there's more than one way to harpoon a racoon, as the saying goes. humor can cover a lot of bad structure, for example (the Portal games have humor in spades and i replay them for my favorite gags as much as for the puzzle solving). just a quick skim of these forums show how many neat ideas there are about the Astroneer universe, all they need to do is pick a couple and execute them well and i'd be moderately engaged. there's still hope. the roadmap has a lot of vagueness to the later releases, and i'm hoping that it's because they have a killer idea that going to fuel every player with new excitement and start us on an epic adventure. because if it's the other thing...... now, where's that book?
  14. So. Nearly a year ago now i opined about the state of ASTRONEER as it approached it's official release date. back then, i was deeply concerned about the potential shape of the official release, about what i saw could be a betrayal of the possibilities of the early adopter version. i was underwhelmed by terrain 2.0, and dismayed by the lack of narrative content or challenging missions. i feared that this beautiful game could become a sort of 'faerie-under-glass'; beautiful to look at but impossible to interact with, and lacking in any substance. i made a decision. once the official release came out i would stop using the forums because 1) there wasn't going to be the same kind of opportunity to shape the nature of the game anymore (once an official release is under way most games companies have already gotten themselves a clearly defined plan and no amount of whining is likely to alter that) and 2) i should just shut up and play the damn game - i cant abide premature opinion forming and a game like ASTRONEER has to be properly soak-tested before getting a true sense of it's longevity or immersiveness. And play i did. many hours of play, across several release packs, for almost a year. and you know what? it didn't suck. no surprise there, as you'd have to be a spectacular kind of imbecile to foul up the play of something with such a great core of design and activity. but it didn't blow me away either. many of the things i feared would pass haven't, but many have. i enjoy the game, but i still feel frustrated by the game. but lets plunge headlong into the murky details, shall we? terrain 2.0 is still a big sticking point for me. in the original system, i used to take great pleasure in building underground bases. part of that pleasure was the exploring of underground spaces, which were huge, cavern like, and wondrous. terrain 2.0 gives us cavern spaces that are small, awkward and ugly, all sheer angles and impossibly acute surfaces. we all talk all the time about the beauty of this game, but the caves have little beauty about them, they are oubliettes designed to trap and kill unwary explorers. i know that this is arguably more 'real' (i am told by my spelunking friends that this is so) but this is beside the point. the design of caves in 2.0 goes to the heart of a bigger problem in the game, and that it that it no longer encourages exploration. " but how can you say that, Bron? look at all these planets, look at the transporter artifacts, the new vehicles and attachments! surely it's all about exploration!" says the imaginary reader that, for the sake of this post, i am visualizing as a tiny naked green pixie sitting on my shoulder in a yellow top hat. well, Bernard (he's called Bernard, you see), that would be where you're wrong. and go put some trousers on. when you look at how the game relates to it's undeniably surface-lovely worlds, you see a pattern emerging. tools are provided that dig, shape and transform it. we are encouraged to do so. whilst the early game had it's share of this, the official release makes it a key feature, a primary goal, if you like. ASTRONEERS no longer explore the world, they alter it to suit them. seriously, how many of you can say they got to the core of the planet through traveling down cavern systems? after the first few goes at this early on, i quickly abandoned this idea in favour of swiss-cheesing my way direct to every planet core - simple and effective, but ultimately unsatisfactory - i saw little of the deeper caverns, just a series of coloured tubes custom-made for single minded access to the core. and it's not just a gameplay choice either, in some cases it's the only way to achieve access to the planet core. it was fun in the early game to dig tunnels, holes, make flat surfaces, carve bases from mountains. it was fun because it was a challenge, the tools being simple and our plans being grand. we began to speculate about better, more precise or more robust tools to work the land with. but i don't believe I'm alone in saying I did all this earth-moving because there wasn't any other challenges - nothing else to achieve other than what we made. i for one was digging because i was waiting for a reason to stop digging and do something else, like learning about a long dead culture, or solving engineering problems, or farming the land, or protecting myself and my base form natural disaster, or, well, something. and we did it to ourselves. we went on to forums and spoke about the things we'd done with excitement and fun. digging a hole through the planet? cool! lets see pictures! building an elevated road that traverses the globe and then heads into orbit? man, you guys are crazy!! how could the devs not take this as meaning 'we love digging, give us more digging stuff!' truth is, we've been children playing with empty cardboard boxes, making forts and submarines, but secretly hoping someone will give us some real toys to play with. should we be surprised when all we get is more cardboard boxes? at the moment, ASTRONEER suffers too greatly from the thing that it suffered from in early access: great players. guys willing to cut a moon in half for kicks rather than look around for any real content to engage with (that's no offense to 204, mind you; only gods reshape worlds, so you know what that makes you, pal!) but a real lack of direction from the devs. so, am i still playing? sure. there's still a lot to enjoy, albeit viscerally. love the new jet packs, they are a life saver, literally. working in caverns no longer means certain death when you fall down a hole. the crafting mechanic is nicely implemented. planets have varied out a bit, but still not enough for me. i spend a lot of time on Glacio because i love the bleak aesthetic. But unless the devs stop with the cosmetic additions (horns???? really????) and focus on some engaging content then this game will never be anything more that a fun and colorful waster of spare time. well that's me done. see you all in another year, probably. enjoy your pursuits, be they hollow or hollowed-out. and have a creepy all hallow's.
  15. Bron

    splitting Barren in half

    ALSO.... "photo"??? get out more.