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  1. Bron

    Help me understand the Small Rover.

    sorry, but driving around the planet ceased to be fun after the terrain became impossible to negotiate. also, you should try sticking a small seat on a large platform and carrying it around. the platform provides you with life support, it takes up no power, it can carry a great deal more than a medium rover, AND you can jump into the seat when the storms come and be protected. what's not to love? .... but whilst were all talking about the buggy, it strikes me that this is a game addition searching for a reason to exist. what is the philosophy behind it? what is it's real purpose? it's clearly not for carrying stuff. you cant run any amount of resources back to your base in it. it's been said that it's for 'exploring'. well, fine, but exploring suggests you are looking for something. if you find a cache of resin or compound, you cant bring it back to base. if you find a wrecked vessel with a seat or even a techno-research pod (valuable!) you cant bring it back to base. you could tag it with a beacon, but you could have traveled a considerable distance from home, and the beacon might not be visible from anywhere near your base. so tying them up together becomes a logistical puzzle. at least with tethers you are creating a 'road' of sorts, that allows you to retrace your steps and recover items in multiple journeys. the lack of a map of the world of some kind really starts to hurt here. is the buggy fun? is it fun to run around the surface of the planet, stumbling from one clump of rock or hole in the ground to another, never getting up any real speed or feeling like you can 'evade' items with any real skill? after all, it's not a racing game. maybe, if you could clear the junk from an area and create a race track of sorts it might be fun, but the rapidly re-spawning rocks and plants make that almost impossible to realize. so, is it 'fun'? i don't know. whilst i was writing this post i did have one idea about making the buggy useful as an explorer - if you could adapt the beacon or create a new type to allow them to function as 'drop points', you could go out and set them up where you think you might want to have new bases, or just in places where you could 'hotol' hop your shuttle and pick up stuff to take back to the main base. this would make traveling in the buggy much more positive, and give the player some other reason to fly a shuttle. you could even get rid of all the initial landing points on Terran - no ground exploration, no landing points. forcing the player to make his own landing points would also give them more a sense of decision making control in the game, which i think is overall a positive thing. but right now, the buggy is little more than a toy - and an expensive toy too, not so much in cost of points or resources, but in the way it has spearheaded a savage revision of the power consumption of the other vehicles.
  2. it's all too easy to be overwhelmingly down about this game sometimes, because we all think we know what's best for the game (when in fact we don't). but occasionally, something just quietly shuffles into your gameplay, not widely heralded, not trumpeted like a messianic event (yes, i'm looking at you, small rover), it just quietly arrives, gets it's boots on and does it's job without fear or favor. and yet, somehow it's a thing of beauty. for me, that thing is this: ladies and gentlemen Astroneers, i give you Large Platform D. Oh, what a wonder. it's made me want to dump all my platforms (save the operational device ones that need to be flat) and just have these beauties, creating magnificent colonnades of resource access across my bases. So much handier than the weird Extra Large Platform (what's it for???) and the surreal Extra Large Storage ('the Hedgehog of Storage'), this sublime beauty makes racking up your power, resource, research pods and all those little bits you took from those dead Astroneer dudes a pleasure. angled for easy browsing, it's an A+ Platform for ther Astroneer of next wednesday!
  3. Bron

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    no, it doesn't. no real vehicle will steal power from you for just turning the steering wheel, 'power steering' or no. power steering is an assist to movement, so no movement, no power steering. what should happen is that the steering should only work when the vehicle is moving, just as power steering does. you could keep the power consumption rate as it used to be, but just factor in additional power consumption for steering action, so that the more maneuvering your vehicle does, the more power it takes. that would balance up consumption of power in a fair manner. just want to say something on the subject of storms. it's clear that storms are at best glitchy and are obviously divisive. I've seen them progress and evolve in the game and, whilst often immensely irritating, they have become a feature of play on Terran. i wouldn't go so far as to say i like them, but i would be loath to have them removed just because they make life harder. games are all about challenges after all. it's true they need looking at still, and like the terrain glitches we've all been suffering recently, they seem to be in a 'two steps backward' phase right now. these occur often when the devs release a new feature, they re-break something they fixed ages ago - remember how many different variations of vehicle stability we went through? storms need a serious looking at. get them out of the underground, keep them focused, maybe reduce their frequency. but i dont really want them gone. anybody here chased a storm yet? i must do that, load up a vehicle and try to keep on it's tail and see where it goes to. do storms just vanish after a while? love to know.
  4. Bron

    World Cracks

    Bugged Terrain - Steam - Ground not linked I fell through the ground while driving on a completely flat area Rips in the landscape mesh. to show just a few. this looks like it needs a patch ASAP.
  5. Bron

    World Cracks

    i am also getting these line cracks, and i haven't seen these since probably version 5. looking around this forum it seems like there's a lot of people experiencing this and other terrain glitches. i also experienced a 'soft place' in the mouth of a cave - it looked absolutely fine, but when i walked into it, i disappeared up to my shoulders, bobbed about and then resurfaced if i kept walking. eventually after several passes i fell right thru and died hitting the bottom of a cavern. likewise on steam, PC windows 7
  6. Bron

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    They're trying to find a nice balance. Read through the replies here, one user absolutely isn't happy with batteries being weaker while you suggest to get rid of them entirely. This is the issue about finding a balance that everyone is fine with. It's not a hardcore survival game, so there's no point in making it THAT difficult, but it's also still a family friendly exploration game for everyone, so basic things should be easy enough.  i understand this. to clarify, it's because the new built-in battery drains so fast that i suggest it's taken out altogether. let's face it. look at the space on the buggy design the in-built battery takes. now, imagine that space taken up with a couple extra single sockets. more useful, no? more so with the larger vehicles - maybe four single sockets in a row each side. adding a floating message when the buggy is built saying 'add power source' would sort out the confused players. my experience is that, by the time a player gets to the point of building vehicles, they have already made a small generator, collected power nuggets, salvaged lithium off a space wreck, researched batteries and taken at least one single battery off a dead astroneer, all of which could power a buggy, as well as small solar and wind working fine during sunshine/windy times. none of that seems unfriendly, nor does it restrict exploration particularly. if you're concerned about it turning into a hardcore survival game, i would argue that the current, less flexible underpowered inbuilt battery option is more hardcore than allowing the player to load as few, or as many power sources as they can onto their vehicles.
  7. Ive had this, after the new rover patch was implemented. weird items in the backpack, too. couldn't pick up anything including stuff that fell of the doll onto the ground, which my hover identifier said was resin.
  8. Bron

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    I'd say to make the game easier and more streamlined. i would agree. which makes the decision to make the game harder by making those internal batteries so weak as to be almost ineffective even stranger. just get rid of them.
  9. Bron

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    just had a first play with the Rover update. here are my initial thoughts. let me say first that I'm playing on a PC, on steam, and that i loaded up an existing game for this test, because i didn't want to spend hours base building before i gained enough credit to get a dune buggy built. so some glitches might be down to version save incompatibility. OK, so, the steering. love it. forward is forward, as it should ever have been. love the way the POV swings round to just behind you, eventually. love the handling, although the terrain rock bumping is, as ever, massively unhelpful. will have a go at clearing a strip of ground to see if i can race - i do hope these terrain rocks don't re-spawn as they have been known to do in the past, because trying to make a racetrack will just be impossible if you cant keep it clear of obstacles. i had one weird glitch here, which is in the control bindings. i bind my movement to the up-down-left-right arrow keys for gaming, and it's always been fine with astroneer. now, i can still do that binding, but the forward and reverse controls for the vehicles wont work. i have to still use W and S. left and right will bind to the arrow keys but the drive stays with the originals. out of the vehicle, I'm able to move my astroneer about freely with all four arrow keys. what gives? battery life. i didn't think i would object much to the rejigged vehicle battery expenditure. seems like a reasonable thing to do. but then i got into my large rover and, WITHOUT MOVING, i just wiggled by steering left to right. after about eight wiggles i had a dead battery. and that just aint right. i've heard of power steering, but that is a phenomenal drain of power! so, yeah, i get the need to make power more of an issue, but no, your new drainage system is not fit for purpose. patch please! then again, you could always put extra batteries on board. whilst the usage from the on-board battery is like water down a drain, it seems the other batteries haven't been adjusted to match. i get more drive out of just one bar of a regular two slot battery than i do my reworked internal cell.. i figure you could pitch this rate up and the on-board rate down substantially and you have a working system. also, glitch time: the (rather clank-y) sound of the motor on the vehicles cuts out when the on-board battery dies, even if there's an extra power source in use. they keep working, but the motor has clearly done that 'death by power drain' noise already. the dune buggy is fun, but really that's all. it cant be used for any real exploring, it lacks enough mobility to make it a true racer, it cant carry much at all. I'm not saying it doesn't work well enough for what it is, but it could be more fun and more funky. heres a few suggestions. 1) make it carryable. if it cant carry, then it should be carryable. remove the usual vehicle mechanic of flip over for wipe-outs, and replace it with a simple pick up option, like platforms. also, add a control to 'fold' it, possibly in half, a movement that will expose a double plug for mounting onto any double socket. in this, you can have an outrigger, a vehicle you can unpack and jet about your location scoping the area. it can be loaded onto other wheeled vehicles, platforms, shuttles. you could even make it so light it will get blown away in a storm - but that wouldn't matter because you should 'store' it when not in use. if you keep the resource cost low, you could even make it trashable. 2) single sockets only, guys. this thing has two single sockets and a double socket, which is clearly for a basic seat. but this seems rather pointless, particularly given that you cant link this thing up and use it as a land train section. just integrate a seat when built, and give it, say, four single sockets. enough for some proper versatility in it's function, if not it's usefulness. 3) batteries not included. in fact, this really goes for all the vehicles. if no lithium was used in the construction, then no battery should be present. i would say, run this baby on a single socket battery instead, you get more range and (apparently) it's much quieter. add batteries to gain more range. that makes more sense to me than constantly tweaking the on board battery life to make power more of a challenge - you want range, you add more batteries. 4) old modules with new rules. come on, this playful little buggy is an ideal opportunity to experiment with more customization, modular design. single socket stuff might actually be useful for a change. for example, if you make the vehicle trashable, you could make it reinforce-able by simply adding aluminum blocks onto the sockets - each one will break down as the buggy gets bashed about, until it is consumed totally. perhaps a similar mechanism would work with vehicle handling - copper could be used to increase the electrical systems ability to respond to commands, making the vehicle less sluggish and better over terrain obstacles. the copper would break down the more steering you do. want to make your buggy speedier? then add the organic power generator - instead of transferring power to a battery for the duration, here it could act like a kind of supercharger, increasing the maximum speed by 20% for the duration of the organic 'fuel'. there are so many creative possibilities! and with four sockets, the astroneer can build for speed, performance or robustness, or a mix of all three. the dune buggy is a great little idea, but it could be so much more. it's becoming something of a truism for astroneer, in fact, that feature-richness is lacking in the implementation of much that is great. perhaps because of a desire to hold back on such feature-richness for the final retail version. whilst i can understand that, i feel i have to say - when you throw us early adopters a bone, you might check to see if it has any meat on it first, guys.
  10. Bron

    lamp to the drill head

    i know it's been a while since anybody brought this up, but i thought i would just add my agreement to this idea. i don't usually use the crane and drill combo but with the new version i thought i'd give it a go - oh dear. the basic problem is that the reach of the drill is further than the current reach of the lights you run. i tried fitting a couple of work lights to the front of a platform (i put my crane on a platform, it makes more sense and i can carry it to any required location) but even that doesn't throw enough light. i agree that a spot light that follows the pointer dot around would fix this, come on people, it's an easy fix, get it done!
  11. Bron

    Inhibitor mod is it really needed

    juggling items such as mods, batteries, O2 cylinders and resources in the backpack is either: a) a fundamental mechanic of the game that adds to the pleasure and playability, or: b) a pain in the ass. i know which one of these it is but i'm not telling.
  12. Bron

    Space ships

    i always thought that a landing platform could be a backpackable item - like an enhanced beacon. you craft it, take it out to where you want your shuttle to land and drop it down - it automatically clears a zone of debris and vegetation and gives you a 'landing beacon' blue hemisphere once in orbit. if placed close to your habitat, it effectively switches off your habitat landing zone in favor of it's own. it could be taken out on a vehicle to further corners of the planet, placed down and, upon return, you could take your shuttle up and land on the new zone. this way, you could have a lot less landing zones at the start (barren would only have one, for example.) it would only function on the surface of the planet, not in a cave. it would have a 'ghost' hologram for placement like the new platforms have, and it would go red if not placed correctly, such as if a large rock or plant was in the way. i think this method would encourage more land-air integrated exploration. additionally, your idea of a large spaceship is very similar to my idea of having a large space station as one of the endgame play objectives. great minds think alike.
  13. Bron

    Walker - The heavy duty vechicle

    do you think you could put a little more detail on this idea? good lord. that's more work than i did in my actual job most of last week. these devs should be paying you. but they wont, so don't go hoping. looks interesting, though, as well as properly developed, smartly reasoned, well presented.... goddamn it i'm going back to bed. just can't compete with the kids these days....
  14. Bron

    Agriculture System

    space asparagus! i knew i'd seen those giant plant thingys somewhere! now all i need is a lightly poached egg the size of a cadillac and i'm good to go.
  15. I'll tell ya, tell ya what, pally. just having habitat/vehicle/terrain flags that didn't get obscured by clouds would go a heck of a long way towards making this place navigable, ya see? Now looky here, a little semi-transparency on the clouds would do it, for sure. Listen, pally, just take it, take it, OK? I'm giving it ya, no ones gonna miss it, it's yours. But if anyone asks, you didn't get it from me OK? Now run home to yer mother.