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  1. several people in this thread have talked about some kind of 'master plan' final construct element for the game, and it's an idea i also think has legs. one or many bigger super-constructs that can be sought out, salvaged, researched or crafted, or a combination of these, would be something a player could move towards as a greater goal. i think the game could support a sort of 'multi-style' play, with different kinds of astroneers working the planets in different ways - some could farm, for example, others could mine and smelt, yet others could salvage and repurpose stuff. the 'end item' could be specific to the gameplay style, if this were implemented.
  2. just want to post here and say how much Lithium's work here is appreciated. you've done a man's job, sir! i think the list is pretty comprehensive and (quite properly) includes a bunch of things that counteract each other. my view on how things shold improve from here on in is more of a overview than a list of stuff, but i'll try to summarise: the devs have already stated that it is their intention to include more diversity in the game, items and worlds, and i think well placed diversity is the key to getting this game from 'cool fun timestealer' to 'awesome essential addictive'. i think the main issue at the moment is that you quickly feel like youve done everything there is to be done, seen everything there is, and found all the things you can find. i believe that more resouce types, and crafting recipies for those resouce types so that the process of creating is more involved, would vastly improve the game. i think also that the diversity of worlds and their contents is a fine start, but isnt too well organised. there should be stuff that is rare on one world but common on another. there should be worlds that can only provide you with a certain resource. improtantly, there should be mechanisms by which finding those resources is more than simply random wandering and digging. for example: ground colour (of course) can tell you something. the type of plants that grow in an area could tell you something. the shape of a rock, or of a mountain, might clue you in. the presence of a particular creature (yes, there has to be creatures at some point) might be helpful. all the signs a real pioneer might look for could be brought into play. i think this diversity, added to a more controlled and ordered seperating out of resources, would give the players a lot more to play for and a lot more satisfaction - particularly if you follow the 'no instructions' policy of game distribution - let the gamer community figure stuff out, and then being part of a community becomes part of the game.
  3. just mentioned this discussion in my reply to this topic about telepor devices:
  4. Research Item Teleport Pads

    i just listened to the latest q&a chat where they were talking about using 'transportation methods' such as rail cars or conveyor belts to get stuff up out of caves to the bases. i would say that teleport pads were probably the easier and better option. apart from anything else, they arent an 'automation' requirement - you would still have to be there to operate them, so they wouldnt really chew up resources constantly in the game. my thought is that you could research a 'teleport receiver' unit at your base camp (ideally from 'mechanical' resource pods only). it would be shaped like a big inverted horn that spills the received stuff out into the ground in front of it. being linked to the base it would power up per use. the 'transmitter' units wouldnt be researchable, you would need to salvage these from wrecked space debris (or possibly in the bottoms of deep caves, like thrusters). they 'plant' like habitats, and cannot be moved from a spot. they would have two double connectors on their pad, to transport two research pods or four other items such as resources. they would need power, and a link to your tether line, because they are effectively using your tether to transport back to base. they can draw power from the base via the tether, or be locally powered. they can only transport to the closest base on the tether system with a transport receiver on it. they cannot transport astroneers or big equipment like vehicles. optionally, they may have extendable resin-craftable extra pads, but these would just provide extra storage, and not be active transport pads or be upgradable to station like facilities. i think this mechanism would allow astroneers to stop hauling pods out of caves one by one, would give them a new thing to explore for, and wouldnt stress the game engine much more than, say, the trader platform does. what do you think?
  5. did I just create an Astronium patch?

    this is awesome. it's great that this game still has secrets to give up, like this one. just went away and tried it myself, and can confirm it works, kind of. i still end up with a little lump of dark green that refuses to move no matter how much i 'paint over' it (using the analyser in 'grow mode') then eat into it. am i doing something wrong here? i tried combining it with the inhibitor and got no reaction at all.
  6. Oxygen tank in base emptied itself

    i've had this. irritating but not a game breaker. just swap your oxy tanks and the empty one will fill in a trice from the unlimited oxy at your base. i have had thm empty where i drop them in a cave network, tho. a little irritating if youre planning to use them as 'refills' for later use. although i cant imagine this being any more useful than tethers.
  7. basic stats first: i'm playing on steam on a windows 7 pc with an i5 core, a nvidia 1050 Ti and a SSD system drive. so i've played a few hours of 200, and several things have come to my attention. the music disappears when i'm underground. this happened with 199 and is still not fixed in 200. this must have something to do with the new music selection system, where the soundtack for underground is different from the above ground one. it's not working for me, all i get is ambient audio and lots of reverb. research pods float. not all of them, but about one in 5 or 6 seem to be immune to gravity. fun in a cave, watch them bounce off the walls. not so much outside, where they get blown away in the storms. speaking of the storms, they have some audio glitches going on. first, their wind sound 'switches on' suddenly when they start to approach - not a smooth volume slide, but a sudden on. also, i have experienced one storm with no wind sound at all, but the rest of the ambient audio worked. you could hear those cardboard boxes that come with the storms hitting stuff clearly. i lost some of my research between 199 and 200. specifically, my habitat, which got researched pretty early in my 199 test game, has vanished from the printer menu in 200. will i ever be able to re-research this? still kind of confused by the wind vanes not turning in the storms. you'd think that if my astroneer is walking against the wind, and if my loose raw materials are being blown about by the storm, then the wind vanes would be turning, right? i might hope so. but then i start arguing myself out of it. logically, i say, those storms are a danger to a delicate bit of tech like a wind vane. some kind of mechanism that locks them rigid during major storms to prevent damage would make sense, right? goddammit, i'm right. still irked by it, tho... generally, i think the new audio engine is a great step forward, but specifically, it's still kinda buggy and needs the kinks knocking out of it. it will get there, i have no doubt of that. your little game is still the best show in town, devs.
  8. Anti-grav research pod?

    sign in to watch the video? shant bother. however, i too have had trouble with research pods that ignore gravity since 199. not fixed in 200. one time i found about a half dozen of the beggars none of which would stay on the ground. it's fun in a cave, but not so much above ground, where they get blown away in the storms.
  9. My Astroneer appears to have lost his DHD

    does Jack o'Neil know about this? although seriously, how cool would stargates be in the astroneer system as an artifact of an ancient civilisation? go from planet to planet without all that rocket stuff? it's the only way to travel!
  10. patch 200?

    hey guys, i'm on patch 200! when did this happen? there's no announcement that i am aware of (i dont social network). so far, all i can see is that WE HAVE DYNAMIC AUDIO CONTOL!! thank you devs! still the crummy escape key and apply business tho. oh well. i will report more as i find it. i expect an announcement will be forthcoming anyways first impression is it's refinements. i still have no music in the caves, BTW, and reverb, whilst undeniably cool, is still BIG and LOUD. more later
  11. aah, the terrain analyser. the world's biggest box of coloured crayons, that you need a truck to carry around with you. all that fun drawing ronald mcdonald's face onto the side of a mountain, or recreating da vinci's last supper over one side of the moon. i wonder why i haven't spent more time playing with these? oh yes, i remember why. it's because i'm not five.
  12. my experience is that the new work light just does that - if you have two, and it's daylight, then you will get a lot of overexposed stuff close to your astroneer. i dont think it's a bug, it's just a rather inelegant implementation of the light. i believe that the 'worklights' which are the major cause of this problem are just an 'in progress' design and will be overhauled at some point. i do hope so, i am not a fan of them.
  13. dig that crazy echo, man!
  14. Audio glitch/No aduio

    gonna say it here as i have in all these topics regarding this problem or variations thereof: dynamic sound controls please! preferably with sliders, not rolling number values. everyone is struggling with this clunky sound control. not being able to hear what you are doing whilst you are doing it makes adjusting the sound to your liking impossible. the use of the escape key to go back a level is not terribly intuitive, and i have found that the selection of items with a mouse only works if you use the keyboard arrow direction keys first, which is highly annoying. just put an 'return' icon on the menu and use the return key to, y'know, return. and drop the 'apply changes' altogether. dynamic audio adjustment shouldnt need to be 'applied' it's a shame, because this primitive control layout is spoiling some really excellent changes to your sound design in 199.
  15. no cave music

    found my first real major bug. lots of music above ground, lovely. go into a cave - nothing. deathly silence. bit creepy, really. wouldnt mind but i would like to hear the 'new underground music' promised in the 199 patch release blurb. pc win 7 steam