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  1. Bron

    Eject button!

    +1 i think this is inspired. i too am tired of repetitive unloading of stuff. i spend way too much time unloading organics I've accidentally acquired whilst gathering useful resources, for example. of course, it rather means having to go back and put in all the stuff you always keep there, like O2 cans, batteries etc. and would it affect the top sockets also? they often have semi-permanent kit in them, but it they are empty they get filled by resources from the deformer tool. mmmm. lots to think about. this may be a three pipe problem.
  2. Bron

    Methane powered generator

    ok, ok, someone here has to be the five-year-old in this group, so i guess it's going to be me.... PPHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!! *Snicker* 😄
  3. Bron

    EVA idea

    EmeraldGamerr is right, the development of space activity within the game is a huge project and one that might bring fundamental changes tot he game as a whole. i could imagine players electing to spend almost all their time in space and avoid going planet side entirely, especially if they can get their resources out there from asteroids etc. the game as it stands doesn't really have a space exploration component at all at the moment; space is just the mechanism they use to switch planetary environments for the players. changing that means much more than just a bolt on, it's a whole new source code for the world. right now the game is in need of much remedial work, from code tweaks to implementing multi-player mode properly, to game balance and player motivation enhancements. it's great to dream and to want bigger things for Astroneer, but before we fly, we must run properly. eventually i believe there will be more space borne exploration and activity in the game. i see it as inevitable, when the game is ready. it's not ready yet.
  4. Bron

    Naming storage

    you know, that smart mouth of yours is going to get you into trouble one of these days. now say sorry. no, not to me, to the nice newbie poster who put some effort into coming here and expressing a perfectly civil idea. Bobthe28th, i've wanted to be able to label stuff in this game since i first started playing it. starting with beacon tags and base tags, but i can see how this might benefit pretty much anything. you could name your Rover Christine, or Kit. makes looking for it after it falls through a glitch into the planet more personal.
  5. oh, sorry, Trashy Survivor, where are my manners? welcome to the forums. you may find that some of use are often a bit rude, but that's mostly because many of us have been around this block quite a few times and are getting tired of seeing the same old sights. the fault isn't yours I'm afraid, its ours. but mostly we don't bite and we're relatively bug-free, so we cant do you any harm.
  6. 1) you can do this already, you just cant run with them. or move particularly fast. you can fly with them, tho. 2) to paraphrase another game, the winch is a lie. it promises whole levels of object manipulation and delivers woefully uncontrollable, jelly-mold wobbling action that delivers only frustration. 3) objects printed can be packed and unpacked any number of times, you just need lots of graphite. a reuseable packager would be a waste of a wish; personally i would rather have a packager that packages full storage for effective transportation.
  7. Bron

    Backpack Improvements - Levels 1 - 7

    all this talk about different kinds of backpack is very interesting. FrobeniusDF, youve clearly given this a lot of thought and i admire what you've done with it. i don't want to take anything away from that. however, my thoughts here are that backpack improvements are really only worthwhile if they do one thing: provide extra storage sockets. everything people want in an improved backpack can pretty much be resolved by having extra sockets. there are a number of possible ways to implement this: 1) create a single socket item that somehow provides multiple single sockets of extra storage - sort of a pocket medium storage unit. it's not elegant, and i cant imagine what it might look like in the game, but it might work. probably a 1 to 3 ratio would work. 2) allow the packagizing of medium storage units that are full of items. this might require some new holographic displays to show off the contents, or just indicate a full storage with a different colour - orange boxes instead of blue, for example. you could take four packaged storage and four packagizers out, unpack them as you find resources and fill them, then package them back into your pack for transportation. 3) tabbed backpack. for, say, 10,000 resource points (and an item of rare resource, possibly synthesized) you could purchase an extra level of backpack sockets and craft them using the on-board printer. this gives you tabs down the side of your pack (up to four, i think) allowing you to carry a great deal more stuff. each tab would cost 10,000 points and a new, rarer resource. personally i'd go for a tabbed backpack - seems elegant and effective and isn't without precedent within collecting style games.
  8. Oh yeah. this multispawn thing is driving me nuts, lost track of the number of overlapped resource module thingys I've had to try and separate. it smacks of multidimensional incursion if you ask me. it's yet one more example of something i could deal with myself if only Astroneer was a little more liberal about it's object interaction rules. seriously, why can i pick up the module covers but not the bases? and trying to use terrain deforming to prod and poke stuff out of the way is a pain in the fundament. let's have more objects we can actually lift, guys.
  9. i thought it was just me. Seriously, i assumed it was my set-up or a glitchy mouse or something. but if you guys are getting this too, then sure, we have a problem. but it's not like Astroneer is a heightened response combat game. I've yet to die from sticky ground. i usually clear it with a little jump, but it is irritating.
  10. Bron

    Holiday Update Terrain Glitch

    thanks for the reply guys, i appreciate the grit it takes to compose a sensible, intelligent response to a premium grade wise-ass like myself. i know you're only doing what needs to be done to keep the game working, but sometimes i let my inner sarcastic voice take over. it's been my downfall on more than one occasion. and compliments of the season to all of you. may 2020 bring us all many more adventures.
  11. Bron

    Holiday Update Terrain Glitch

    well, shucks. Ya know, there are oodles of posts on this forum questioning whether ASTRONEER is a real survival game. They say it lacks the danger, the outside imperative to keep trying or start fresh after a disaster or assault. Well listen up those guys. Turns out ASTRONEER is a survival game after all. your challenge? to build something of any lasting value before the Devs release a new patch that borks your entire gamesave and forces you to start again. smartly done, Devs. way to think outside the box. Seriously though, you should promote this effect as a feature, that way we can all get on board with what you're doing.
  12. Bron

    Holiday Update Terrain Glitch

    just to add: when i walk away from the glitch this new terrain derezzes/ disappears much sooner than any of the rest of the mountain. at one point it looks everything used to, with my tunnel access and hillside power road properly exposed.
  13. loaded my gamesave after the Holiday update and was confronted by this very strange terrain glitch. it appears that where i have tunneled into and shaped the surface of my local mountain, new chunks of angular terrain have appeared. these sort of float over the changes, capping them. most of them don't touch the ground at all. they have very regular ridges. its almost as if the terrain is trying to reassert it's original shape in some way. whilst it's irritating it isnt borking my game or anything. but seriously, what's going on?
  14. so i had a sort of fever dream a while back, probably the result of meds for a virus i got, combined with too much Astroneer and too little daylight. thought id share some of the strangest parts with you guys. it may act as inspiration for some. let it be a warning for others. ASTRONEER: THE NEXT PHASE it starts with a rain of meteorites. something has entered our system and has flown by many of the worlds, showering them with debris both small and large. the small stuff looks like nothing we've seen as yet in the system. Ditto the large debris, but these are few and far between and are clearly hollow. their melted exterior has markings unlike those of our own words, cryptic and alien but clearly some kind of language. finding what these symbols equate to becomes a key to opening these capsules. inside we find components to a device, each one strange. we find the parts, bring them back to base and slowly create a strange device.... a dimensional portal that lets us cross into a new universe... a new system of planets, orbiting a binary star.... each world different and strange... a world with a surface densely clustered with moving, living shapes.... a world with an atmosphere thick, like a distorting piece of glass... a world tormented with electrical storms, but rich in beautiful crystal sculptures.... a world whose surface is covered in the broken ruins of a planet wide city, bizarre and grand as if populated by world seems hauntingly familiar, yet wrong... it's as if someone took a world from our dimension and turned it inside out... the outside is crafted like the core, a dense grid of purple energy, yet below this is stone and earth, with caverns and minerals....beneath this still, at the core, a great empty chamber with an inner sun, and the inner surface covered with trees, mountains and flora... another world seems wholly artificial, like a great machine that stopped working millenia ago, it's surface unresponsive to the tool but tunnels and passageways dive inside it to hidden treasures.... the new language can, in time be understood enough to describe the raw materials analogous to those from our own world, but some of the power forms such as RTG's don't seem to function properly here.... studying the remains of these ancient civilisations give us new research opportunities, for technologies more suited to this world.... geothermal power must be found and tapped to run bases.... new materials and new combinations of materials allow the crafting of gravity devices, such as gravity engines for power... and gravity manipulators, allowing some of the huge remains to be moved and configured.... eventually a new portal device can be constructed, to allow the return to our original world - or perhaps to move on, to discover the place those beings eventually left this universe for. have to say, i'd play the crap out of that.
  15. Bron

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    So, i had a go with this creative update thing..... didn't ask for it, but what the hey, might as well take it for a spin around the block, see how it handles, right? Astroneer has been a little dull of late, there's at least a slim chance that this could bring some of that old spark back. first off, switched all the limitations off. power, fuel, O2. ran around for a while, kicked over a few rocks, turned the valley floor vivid pink. chewed through the planet like it was a peach and i was a worm. Went to the core, did a little dance there, peach - wormed my way back. fell out of the sky and didn't die. wrote my name in mountains. fun? for a while. what else can i do? I decided to walk to the moon. because it's there, right? So, froze time, shot a sloping ramp up to where Desolo sat. got past the clouds, things started to get super slow. Desolo got bigger, but flatly refused to rez up, just stayed a bunch of kiddie blocks in a rough sphere. eventually hit a magic wall of nothing that ended my fun. actually got caught on it, couldn't move in or out. quitting the game and reloading didn't fix it. in the end i switched my O2 back on and died myself free. so, can't do that. beginning to feel the real limits of the so-called 'unlimited' creative mode. I probably wont be going back to this. modes that remove the play restrictions also remove the reasons to play those games. There's a genuine reason why these kind of things are called 'God Mode'. Gods lack mortal limitations, but they also lack a real reason to engage with the world. Gods are aloof, uncaring, bored, and frankly rather boring. I don't want to be a God. I want to be an explorer, a pioneer, a researcher, a daredevil, an architect, a genius, a child. I want to be an ASTRONEER. You guys give me someplace to be those things, and we might just have our spark back.