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  1. Bron

    Idea for oxygen system

    have to say, in all honesty, i got about 10% of this, but that's almost certainly my bad, because i can see that you've worked hard and thought this through, for which i commend you. I'm sure someone else will see this and be smart enough to get it all, and I'll let that person get on here and debate the details of this. i did want to say that it's great that this game inspires people in this way, and that those who take the time to work out stuff like this are not only an asset to the devs, but to the community as a whole. regarding the introduction of a finite oxygen resource in the game - i might be in favour of it if some of the planets had breathable or semi-breathable atmosphere. (i think some of this is covered in vovikilelik's post) adding oxygen to the condenser should be possible, and planets with low oxygen would still require an oxygen source for the Astroneer. tethers could still work if you keep a reservoir of O2 topped up at your base camp, but they wouldn't be able to refill empty canisters - you'd need to go back to base for that. and vehicles would not automatically provide O2, but could be fitted with a portable O2 condenser, plus tanks, to make journeys more of a challenge. the negatives on this system, however, would be that all of this would take up valuable carry space - so it would have to come alongside enhanced storage. and, of course, it's more resource accountancy. and some players think there's enough of that in the game already
  2. Bron

    Walking platforms

    i'd love to see some theo jansen walking action on the this: love me some of that strandbeest action! would work so well in ASTRONEER
  3. Bron


    i would agree with you on this point, but for one minor issue: draw distance. i frequently build tall navigation columns of planet-stuff with my terrain tool in order to give me some kind of visual navigation aid. problem is, you don't need to get too far away before your navigation marker de-rezzes into something abstract and unrecognizable, then disappears completely. visual navigation is hampered significantly by the graphics draw distance in the game. +1. totally a pain in the fundament. how this has not been added to the game yet is beyond me.
  4. Bron

    Patch 1.9.8 - January 24th, 2020

    to what end? why would i want to run a game that effectively plays itself? if you're looking to automate some basic functions in the game, then you have to have some kind of alternative engagement or activity to accomplish. ASTRONEER has none of that (some might say that's part of it's charm). when true exploration arrives, along with alien languages to decipher, ruins to explore and technologies to study and integrate into our own, then the need to automate the humdrum drudgery of scraping the dirt for resin and compound will need to be automated. until then, pass me my spade.....
  5. Bron

    The Use of Astronium (Some big ideas)

    i did the portal thing first time it turned up cos it was exciting and new and i needed something else to do besides the usual resource mining. since then..... nope. portals are not ultimately that helpful in the game, they don't change or significantly alter core gameplay, they are just another way to move from planet to planet, with the added unhelpfulness of not being able to take much with you. a key issue with this is the length of time it takes to 'cycle' through one portal trip. surface to core, core to core, surface to surface, probably eats up as much waiting time as flying a big shuttle might. and you still have to get up to the planet surface and out to your base. i'm all for creating new technologies that make portal function more a practical and useful game mechanic. the idea of build-it-yourself portal devices that integrate into the network and let you move about is a good one. of course, the devs would have to then implement a way for the player to be able to IDENTIFY EACH SURFACE PORTAL NODE! a frankly woeful omission on their part.
  6. Bron

    Walking platforms

    +1 on the weird. notice, however, weird is not a negative response. sometimes i like a little weird.
  7. Its not boring, you can make so many cool stuffs with true flat, the one in the pic is just for showing its true flat, let me give you an example to show you the true power of true flat - goddamn it, proven wrong again....... when will i learn? carry on, TMarcher74, you clearly have more patience and imagination than I. kudos!
  8. it's not too helpful that the game allows the wrong container to prevent function like this. perhaps a warning on the control panel that says 'please remove object from front port' or something? BTW if you look again at my first reply i did say that the condenser 'makes cans of gas'. no need for a canister.
  9. check your power cabling. are there directional yellow arrows/ chevrons on them? look carefully, they don't glow yellow unless there's power to flow. the use of extenders to connect stuff is directional, as is connecting vehicles. make sure you've connected everything so the power is flowing towards the condenser's platform. you have to pull them out from the power source towards the thing that requires power.
  10. i know it's been a couple of months - heck, a whole year has ticked over - but I'd just like to thank everyone for contributing to this thread. it's been good to see plenty of real positive comments and some thoughtful ideas. hope that continues into 2020, if not here then elsewhere in the forums. i'm still playing. i haven't seen Astroneer's evolution revolution happen yet, but lets give it some time, shall we?
  11. Bron

    Backpack Improvements - Levels 1 - 7

    by providing 'built in' equipment you are essentially freeing up sockets for resource storage. so, yeah, it kinda does give you more sockets. i'd be relatively happy with just getting my 10 sockets back. remember, the idea of progress within the game as it stands often revolves around removing the limitations set out by the original game..... the RTG removes dependence upon wind or solar, the soil system removes dependence upon the need to seek out basic resources, as does the scrapper to a lesser extent..... i agree that if done too much it can impact upon game balance, but i believe the RGT already messed that up, so.... we have to agree to differ on that point. i believe it would be perfectly in keeping with the game as it is currently to be able to research extra tabs for a lot of points, then feed in a rare resource to get an extra 8 sockets on a tab. or maybe tier them like the drill heads, so that each tab has to be researched separately and requires a different, more complex, resource to craft. I'm not against the idea of different backpacks as a solution, i just think there are many other possible ways to de-fur this particular feline.
  12. ...hang on, Jurgis, i just need to answer this post from my troubled friend here....... the condenser has a control panel, like the printers and the resource chamber and the pizza oven. hover over it and press, and up it pops. it has a menu, scroll through the options to pick your chosen gas. some are only available on certain planets, some are present, but not plentiful. pick the one you want and hit the big green button under the cover. if the button isn't green, you haven't got any power so check you connections (or that the sun is out or it's windy). once pressed, the condenser will make little cans of gas with five 'uses' in them. it needs to cycle five times to get a full can. each can is usable five times in the pizza oven - sorry, crafting chamber thingy - until it disappears. the condenser stops when there's no more power, or there's no more places to put full cans, or when you press the red X button on the control panel. ...ok Jurgis baby i'm back. if were doing season six can i be joey this time and you can be Phoebe? hey, how YOU doin?......
  13. Bron

    true flat

    and in all this engineering talk, what has happened to the spirit of adventure? true flat is, for some here, a holy grail, but for others it's a distraction. the game now gives us ever more ways to mould the worlds we discover to our desires, whilst removing the qualities that made these worlds places to explore, to participate in. i used to spend hours exploring the caves in the beta, because they were explorable and fascinating. the caves in the new game terrain are uniformly unexplorable, forcing players to cut and shape their own interior landscape. has anyone here gotten even halfway to the centre of the planet though cave travel alone? i rarely even bother seeking out an entrance anymore - just start digging, it's quicker and less lethal, and there's nothing much to see underground anymore anyway. Astroneer is often compared to minecraft. in the latter, the world is no more than a muteable putty to work at and craft with at your whim. in the former, worlds are supposed to be places of intrigue and beauty and terror and wonder, to be explored, not simply chewed up and 'made flat'. i know there needs to be a balance between both. i fear that balance has been lost. And i fear that the speed and willingness of Devs to respond to such a short post in such a positive manner says more about their existing plans than it does the power of forum posts to influence them.
  14. i am one of those who didnt really engage with the holiday challenges. my major excuse is that my old game save was borked from an update and i was just starting out a new game - it's fine chasing down charity points when you've got an established game and you're looking for new interest, but in the early game you have more important stuff to sort before you can go off chasing toy robots. I'm not anti-charity - i recognize the value of the work done to support a good cause and i genuinely admire it - but let's face it, it's not the future of the game, is it? unless something dramatic changes, i cant see players doing much of this unless it's an occasional one-off. your point about the nature of the task is a good one, but it rather strikes to the heart of the issue, which is, the nature of tasks within the game in general. there is a lack of 'bigger picture' gameplay (possibly driven by narrative imperatives) and a focus on simple, repetitive tasks, and the Devs seem resolutely unwilling to face up to or address this. events like this last one, regardless of it's good intentions, feel too much like distractions from that issue. my hope is that, in the future of Astroneer, the overall gameplay is evolved to be much more engaging and satisfying, and that these occasional charity events can continue to remain simple as a 'palate cleanser' from a much richer game.