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  1. "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    Nargg is expressing here what a lot of people are feeling about this game. somehow, the early excitement for it's potential has dwindled, and we find ourselves facing a future where Astroneer could become more and more like every other game - that is, unoriginal and repetitive. i dearly hope this isn't how things are going to evolve, but i do fear it. i think much of this comes from the expectation of early success. this game was so fun and different at the early stages that those who loved it really loved it, recommended it to friends, became involved, began to feel some level of 'ownership'. not surprising, as that was what the game developers were offering when they went for an early access model - to get a fan base and to make them part of the game's evolution. so if they have a lot of people on their case about how the game is moving away from it's roots, then that much is on them. the problem with having thousands of fans at the early stages is that you end up with thousands of people who all see different kinds of potential for 'their' game. some see a vast space-borne mystery to be solved, others see an epic battle against alien forces for these worlds. some want the persistent demands of crafting and maintaining a society, others want continual exploration opportunities that keep giving the player new experiences. with all these opinions its unlikely any of them will be fully satisfied, more likely that they vast majority will be unhappy. you cant please all the people.... it's a real dilemma: players don't really want the game to stay the same, because that way lies stagnation and boredom, but as the game evolves it's certainly more likely than not going to move away from what any individual thinks of as what made the game great, or what they hoped for it to become. what can the devs do? and then there's money: this game has to be a cash cow for the devs. they put a lot of time and effort into creating and evolving it, they need to see that effort rewarded, otherwise what's the point? but monetizing games can be a huge part of what can go wrong - i can see this game becoming heavily store-driven, with players making 'in-game purchases' for the good stuff and basic 'game purchase price' gameplay suffering greatly. i will probably leave at the point that happens. everyone has their red lines for this game, that one is mine. but i am sympathetic, i know the devs deserve to get paid for the work they do. which is why i am prepared to pay again for ASTRONEER when it eventually becomes a fully fledged world. i have no illusions regarding what i am owed. i have had a hell of a good time with Astroneer as it stands, and being able to contribute in some small way via these forums has been a pleasure, not a chore. i've had my money's worth. i say, let the guys go forward now and build a really beautiful, smart, exciting, colourful, fun game with new devices, more varied worlds and base components, built in tasks and missions, challenges and rewards and a smartly woven backstory to discover. put it all in, and i'll pay for it again. or if i dont like what i think i'm being sold, i'll stick with my basic astroneer and keep my cash - but i think i probably will like it, enough to support a well-priced full release. and just to finish, my opinion on the research update - works for me. admittedly i just skip the and pieces Ive never found a use for (filters?) and go straight for the big stuff, but surely that's the point? i can see this mechanism supporting a much more varied range of items for researching, which might lend themselves to a sort of play-style specific game, where your Astroneer type (explorer? engineer? scientist? soldier? physician?) would pick different items to support their missions (build an awesome base? collect and reassemble bits of an old spacecraft? find the ruins of an ancient civilisation? terraform the world so it has a breathable atmosphere? explore the mysterious plant life and discover some kind of amazing secret?) so, as a mechanism for future potential, i endorse it. right now, i find i do all my research before i even attempt to step foot on another world. still, onward and upward, eh?
  2. Idea to make storms more interesting.

    agree with more interesting storms, and with more interesting weather in general. and perhaps have some way of harvesting power from the storms? maybe research a 'heavy wind turbine' that only moves in storms, but has more generating power and maybe it's own battery (use combo of aluminium and lithium to make). perhaps even a 'lightning conductor' that not only prevents the base from being hit by lightning (more elegant than a 'lightning sheild' i think) but also stores that power in a battery (combo titanium+lithium construction). i'll throw in rain to this equation. not water rain, cause that would mean, you know, water. but perhaps an acid rain on the less hospitable worlds? again, dangerous, but something you could research protection against. and just one appeal for LESS weather: please please get rid of the wind on the moon ('barren')! that particular planet should have no wind and no recognisable life, certainly not anything that we see on the 'terran' world. perhaps some pools of slime that absorb sunlight and might be harmful if you step in them. it certainly makes no sense that the only life on the moon lives in the caves way from the only viable energy source! sorry, i know it's not a 'realistic' game, but wind on the moon really takes me out of the experience.
  3. Need Titanic expansion

    Valentine, just read this and your other post. i admire your enthusiasm for improving this wonderful game. we need more of that kind of energy so please keep posting with your ideas. there have been plenty of posts about the things you suggest already, but that doesnt mean your suggestions are less valid, in fact quite the opposite, you and others need to keep making these suggestions if we can hope for any to make it to the ears of the devs. i have said elsewhere that i would love to see more construction such as biodomes, orbital stations etc. i would also love to be able to use the space junk you can find all over these planets to help build those things - find them, drag them back, repair them using resources, add them to your base. however you do it, more variety in the bases is a must in my opinion. finite versus infinite living resources (water, air, food) is a long standing discussion, and we may never see a totally satisfactory conclusion. i get where youre coming from, i really do. but i dont want to spen time scrabbling in the dirt trying to stay alive when i could be exploring the planet and it's neighbors. i think the air line is a good trade off, it limits you, forces you to plan and think, but doesnt hamstring you over much. economy. well, wherever you have a need for resources, and a mechanism for acquiring those resources, you kind of have an economy, of a sort. unless you want to introduce multi-player trading of resources, which might be interesting. you would need greater marketplace pressures than what exist in the game at the moment, tho. like a world which absolutely needs to import all it's resin, or copper. we dont have that at the moment. in the end, its really about all about what kind of a game you want from astroneer. it cant be all things to all players, it's not got the scope for that. the best we can hope for is that the devs make whatever changes they make intelligently, thoughtfully and creatively, and that they listen to their fanbase once in a while when stuff really, really needs to be changed. i'm hearing ya, Valentine. devs, are you hearing this?
  4. bring back

    sorry about that last post. unforgiveable of me, i know. but so hard to resist. i'll work on my restraint in future (it's leather with studs on but it needs tightening up).
  5. bring back

    gathering resources is a pain isnt it? all that running about, digging stuff up, making stuff, i mean, what's that about? and those resource things, they are, like, sooo hard to find, and carry back, and put on that station thingy, i mean really, who can be bothered? what i like to do, is i launch the game, then i get to the launch screen, with the four spaceman options on it? i like to just scroll between them for, like, four or five hours, it's really calming. then i just quit and go have a lie down. sooo much less disappointing.

    wait - you guys can't save your keyboard bindings? ive been aable to do that for some versions now. i'm on a pc, on steam, if that matters. admittedly, the keyboard hints dont change - that's kinda annoying, i'll admit - but my keys are set up as i like them. you can do this from the main menu, in controls, i think. now all i want is to be able to configure my multi-button mouse, that would really help.
  7. Droid Companions

    (i just realised this whole post is best read in an old-timey gold prospector voice. dang nabit!) droids. mmmmm. you guys need to see other films as well as star wars. i dont see them devs implementing any kind of floating object any time soon - they seem to have gone out of their way to avoid doing it so far (apart from the crazy floating resources, of course, but they're a bug, not a feature). tracked or wheeled transport and reaction rockets are the order of the day - and who here can seriously say they were able to get any useful action out of one of those found thrusters, mmm? (i once found NINE of those bad boys in the bottom of a cave once. nine. just piled them up and let them rust like the junk they are). but i'm all for some additional help around the place - someone to help with the old fetch and carry would really take a load off. dont need no guard dog, dont need no builder or a butler or a 'wandering fully kitted base'. just need something i can load up and send back home, where it can dump it's stuff and get back to me without losing it's way or getting blown into orbit by a storm. simple and useful. boys, what i need is a mule. that is all.
  8. Securing Tethers

    yeah! and whilst you're about making tethers more complex, you may as well have them light up properly so they can help us see where we are, that would be really helpfu- oh, hang on. those darn devs, mak-a-face. one step forward, two steps back.
  9. i mean, Wow. just purely practically thinking - if you hit the planet from orbit, you could tear away so much material that your planet would no longer have enough mass for you to stay in orbit around..... this is the terraforming equivalent of sitting on the tree branch you are sawing off..... you would go spinning off into space. nevertheless..... Wow. Kafetist, youre my kind of crazy.
  10. Wow. just, wow. i always wanted to live on a donut, with this i can make my own planetary donut hole. also, re: wacom - i used to play Diablo2 with a drawing tablet, it make the process of click-clicking your way across the isometric map less tedious, just point with your pen and off you go. not tried it with Astroneer, amy have to try it now. but - back to orbital terraforming. (really long pause) WOW.
  11. Make Astroneer more trilling!

    welcome to astroneer, myprincelc. glad you're enjoying the game and want to contribute! i'll take your second point first.... it seems to me youre saying youre getting lost a lot whilst out exploring? you could do with some kind of built in direction guidance, like a display pointing the direction of your base? i agree it might be helpful, but many say that getting lost in astroneer is part of the experience.... perhaps if the direction finder was a researched item it might be acceptable - certainly more useful than the medium generator, or the filters....! first point now - i'm not sure what you are actually wanting here - is it more danger and more things to kill you? or is it a greater variety of encounters, where being hurt is a possible option, but being rewarded is too? personally i thinnk the danger of death ratio in the game is about right, but i agree that more variety of experience would make the planets seem distinctly different, and help sell the many worlds aspect of the game. at the mo, encountering the same plants everywhere seems a bit too homogenous for me. for example, i like the storms, i like that they could kill you if you get caught in them... but i also think there should be a way to harness these storms, such as with wind farms (an ongoing issue) or perhaps the storms have electricity in them that could be 'conducted' down to batteries.... of course, the lightning would be dangerous also... it's and endless trade-off. just a side point: when new members like yourself can come in and make perfectly valid suggestions that are mostly covering topics that have been covered over and over again by many others before you, and STILL they remain good and valid points because so little has actually changed..... it rather points to a lack of momentum in the development of this wonderful but rapidly stagnating game. You see, all of us here live in hope of a dream they call The Great Revision, which will have all of this in, and more....domes, droids, teleports, junk repair, packed lunches, orbital space stations, artifacts from ancient alien civilisations, weird beasts, mysterious messages from the unknown, non-laggy multiplayer and some kind of deeper meaning. i still believe. i really do. but for now, just enjoy the ride.
  12. Lights for crane head

    it's not just the crane. i've struggled harvesting resources in cave ceilings when on foot because no matter how you position yourself, those backpack lights just wont throw light where it's needed. fitting one on the tool doesnt help much either. I took a break from this game for a few months, but i'm back checking out how it's improved in my absence and i'm disappointed to find that a lot of the stuff people were reporting then is the same now. lights are one of these, they still dont fundamentally work properly. the fact that i cant place a light where i want to illiminate what i want to see is pretty basic bad thinking. make them free-standing and self powered. put a socket on them for power, or let them draw from the tether line, or something else, but please please let there be light! i can't see how this would break the game. am i wrong? let me know.
  13. Advanced Living Dome Module IDEA

    just want to add my very definite approval to the idea of an extended and/or more adaptable living base environment. yes, domes would be cool. it's always rather irritated me that these worlds are littered with space debris which you should really be able to salvage and utilise in some way - if we could 'collect' these bits and link them into our base in a meaningful way, they could provide us with domes, living quarters, storage space, power generation, enhanced vehicles... it's a missed opportunity in my book. i'm also getting behind the idea of launching your base (or part of it) into orbit and using shuttles to move to and from different spots on the planet. smart thinking would have special services ONLY available from a space station, such as types of manufacture, or more favourable trade rates. one idea would be to get rid of interplanetary flight altogether, and have the building of a larger space craft in orbit, with a one-shot 'habitat pod launcher' on it. this takes you to a new world where you are forced to start again 'fresh', or at least with only what you can put in your backpack. you build a base, dig up and refine some stuff, make a shuttle for same-planet and orbit jaunts, build and launch your orbital base - your arrival ship is still there, and it automatically docks with the new base. you can refit it and launch to another world. to me, that seems like a totally natural extension of the existing astroneer mechanic. opinions?
  14. several people in this thread have talked about some kind of 'master plan' final construct element for the game, and it's an idea i also think has legs. one or many bigger super-constructs that can be sought out, salvaged, researched or crafted, or a combination of these, would be something a player could move towards as a greater goal. i think the game could support a sort of 'multi-style' play, with different kinds of astroneers working the planets in different ways - some could farm, for example, others could mine and smelt, yet others could salvage and repurpose stuff. the 'end item' could be specific to the gameplay style, if this were implemented.
  15. just want to post here and say how much Lithium's work here is appreciated. you've done a man's job, sir! i think the list is pretty comprehensive and (quite properly) includes a bunch of things that counteract each other. my view on how things shold improve from here on in is more of a overview than a list of stuff, but i'll try to summarise: the devs have already stated that it is their intention to include more diversity in the game, items and worlds, and i think well placed diversity is the key to getting this game from 'cool fun timestealer' to 'awesome essential addictive'. i think the main issue at the moment is that you quickly feel like youve done everything there is to be done, seen everything there is, and found all the things you can find. i believe that more resouce types, and crafting recipies for those resouce types so that the process of creating is more involved, would vastly improve the game. i think also that the diversity of worlds and their contents is a fine start, but isnt too well organised. there should be stuff that is rare on one world but common on another. there should be worlds that can only provide you with a certain resource. improtantly, there should be mechanisms by which finding those resources is more than simply random wandering and digging. for example: ground colour (of course) can tell you something. the type of plants that grow in an area could tell you something. the shape of a rock, or of a mountain, might clue you in. the presence of a particular creature (yes, there has to be creatures at some point) might be helpful. all the signs a real pioneer might look for could be brought into play. i think this diversity, added to a more controlled and ordered seperating out of resources, would give the players a lot more to play for and a lot more satisfaction - particularly if you follow the 'no instructions' policy of game distribution - let the gamer community figure stuff out, and then being part of a community becomes part of the game.