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    Xbox and Steam

    Ah alright, I am currently running a non genuine copy of windows 7, can I still get it?
  2. Zetrick

    Xbox and Steam

    Hey if I own this game on my xbox will I be able to get it for free on my PC, or on steam? thanks.
  3. Hey there, my names Zetrick, I am new to the forums, anyway to the point I have a few ideas on how we can improve the game, Ill list them down below.... 1 : Mapping - I can't even tell you how much times I went out looking for ore and artifacts to find myself in the middle of nowhere, then to spend an hour of my life trying to find my home, its the worst, I am sure some of you have had this problem, but if we could get a map and set markers on it, the map doesn't have to show our location but we could unlock an item that shows our coordinates in which we could then find out where we are on the map, this would save me so much time, even though the trips are great because of the landscape its still getting annoying. 2: Base building - I am not a fan of the current way the base works to be honest with you, I think it could be better, I think we should be allowed to construct our own base out of the trees we find on the map or any ore, as it would be good to have a base to go into in a storm or just to go in and store stuff, inside the base you wouldn't need oxygen because you would be linked to tethers, this would just be so good to have and so much could come out of it. 3: Storms - I like how there is storms as a enemy they are a cool thing in the game but they are really easy to live through, it would be cool if storms could be really strong and break things and leave marks in the ground where some storms can be really weak and do practically nothing, and if tornadoes were in the storms that like suck up your rover or truck and you have to find it would be cool, add more of a challenge into the game, because right now the game is fun and all but it feels to easy, and another quick thing that maybe be good is that we can grow potatoes like in the martian Anyway thats all I have to say, id love to hear your feedback on my ideas down below, would be much appreciated, cheers
  4. The Xbox 360 is already dying and its dying fast adding new games on it at this point would be useless, it would just take to much of system eras time (if it were possible), they'd get like no profits if it was on x360, I mean it would be pretty cool for those who can't afford a xbox one but yeah, doubt it will happen.