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  1. PopNone


    Alright, when you hover over yourself did the marker show up? to show where your base is.
  2. PopNone


    Exit the game and relaunch it, if that does not work i do not know. If you still can't find your base start a new save or keep back ups.
  3. PopNone

    Game running on 1 fps

    use my guide:
  4. PopNone

    How Can I Decrease Lag?

    Use my guide
  5. PopNone

    How do I edit a Topic on the Suggestions?

    Yeah, i saw that to ill still use my topic but i guess i post the updates in the comments or on my profile in the about me section. I wish that they didn't a 5 min window to edit.
  6. Hello, my name is PopNone and i will be updating this topic for better ways to improve the performance of Astroneer. 1. This will change your cpu priority. This works with windows 10. I am not sure if this is the same as other Windows OS. Ctrl+Alt+Del Task Manager Details (Game must be running already) Set Priority High 2. We will be changing the config settings for the game. (This will not work for everyone) Go to start type ‘run’. If you have Windows 10 go to Cortana then you can type ‘run’. Open run In the text box type %appdata% It will take you to the Roaming folder, go back to the Appdata folder go into Local Go into the Astro folder, go into the Saved folder, go into Config folder, go into WindowsNoEditor folder Open GameUserSettings.ini Edit the sg settings to the value 1 Do not change the sg.ResolutionQuality Make sure you SAVE 3. Coming soon.