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  1. this is interesting... SES Flat Earthers confirmed
  2. It helps to use your head to figure out what to do. If do not possess the small amount of imagination it requires to set simple goals for yourself, then a sandbox game is probably not the game for you.
  3. I have an i7 6700k and a GTX 1080FE and I'm rocking 60fps the majority of play. It does dip, but it's been mostly 60.
  4. Found this interesting cave on terra. I call it a caldera but that's probably incorrect too. When I found this, I honestly felt like it was a completely different game. I was just imagining that this was some derelict portal device of a bygone era. Never found anything like it since. (Although I did locate that specific piece near another crash)
  5. on terran there are definitely less trees. My last world had a couple sparse forests. This run has zero trees. That, however, was balanced out by the fact that exotic was overflowing with mushrooms, thankfully.
  6. before forests used to be... thicker? Now trees spawn in clumps. sometimes a few bunches will spawn together and create a pseudo-forest. Mushroom forests do, indeed, exist. the current exotic world I'm on had those mushroom forests in the 6 locations I've touched down on. You just have to get lucky on terrain gen. Unfortunately, the last tundra world was 90% that ugly red terrain and 10% actual snow.
  7. The game needs to entice you to explore other planets other than the fact that there are other planets. Minecraft is completely sandbox. You can stay right where you are if you want. But there is definitely a lot more to explore that can benefit you. The distinct biomes offer new opportunities and unique elements that can enhance your play. The planets are similar, but the problem is that they're not as extreme. They are essentially recolored terrans with slightly different terrain offering little in the area of unique, enticing reasons to *stay*. They are unique, yes, but what exactly makes m
  8. Is it an IPS monitor or something? My life changed when I got one of those. Next in line is an OLED in a few years!!! Good luck! This game is gorgeous!
  9. I've discussed my disdain for this system on the discord, in detail. I'm probably biased against it due to my extensive play with Black Desert Online, an MMO that is entirely RNG, but that's for another time. I'd like to start by saying that RNG isn't a bad system. It's actually a very good way, and it really does encourage me to go out and explore. It satisfies that gambling center, cause I'm sure that THIS TIME I'll get what I want. However, the game goes too far with it. The old system was easy because it was predictable. You could guarantee when you'd stop being able to research
  10. HOLD UP!!! The Satellite Game is on the wiki!?!?!?!?! Also, that's a really interesting find. I'll have to dig deeper into this. It could mean we can truck the satellite back to base and REALLY test it out... *off to start expanding my new save!*
  11. It's driving me nuts that I honestly can't figure out what causes the panels to spawn where... What kind of terrain, etc. But having the panels that high up is pretty funny. Very nice! I'm very glad that people have been constantly (but not consistently) getting the mini game to work. I was beginning to think it was a fluke as I have not been able to replicate it since I discovered it the first time. Please keep updating this thread with your discoveries. It will only help us get to the bottom of the minigame and hopefully have it work every time without fail. (to the best of our
  12. Storms are an interesting subject to me. I would assume if you excavated an entire planet, the storms would be located on the chunks of geometry that were left. This would carry into eternal storm because there is literally nowhere else for them to spawn or move. It also makes me wonder if multiple storms do spawn at once, would it create a mega-storm on the small chunk of space rock you have left. Non-moving satellites (such as the minigame satellite) and objects would also be interestingly affected, and for a COMPLETE planetary erasure, I would think you'd first need to build an interp
  13. This is great news! I've been meaning to start back into the game and this might be the tipping point!
  14. Hi, I'm back. It looks to me that they attach to the nearest piece of "natural" (not gray) solid ground. Perhaps, if you can replicate it, try again with pod that's more flush with the ground.
  15. Not a bug, but one with Astronium is one I haven't seen yet. Very nice of you to put a resting place for them. I might do that every time I see one now.