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  1. This is a bit of an older post but I have this same thing happen to me all the time on my PC version. This is a glitch that happens on and off since alpha but it was usually when the ground wasn't flat. However, as the attached video shows, the ground is completely flat and it's still stuttering. Also, this is happening with all medium printers, not just the starting one. I purposely built a second one and it's doing the same thing. Doesn't matter what type of platform I put it on, this glitching keeps happening. Steam Version: (summer update) Windows 10 (this was a new game after the summer update went live) AstroneerGlitch1.mp4
  2. did you put the Inhibitor mod on your terrain tool?
  3. Was this energy node mined in the same playthrough or had you exited the game before trying to use it? There is currently a bug that's been around for awhile that any energy pods from a previous session will become unusable. Gotta make it a rule to make sure all pods are used before exiting the game.
  4. Summary: After "Exit to Desktop" is chosen, STEAM still says that game is running and it shows two "Astro" in win10 Task Manager that have to be "end tasked" to get it to shut down. Description: Not 100% repeatable. If I just open game and exit it closes fine. But seems to be that once I've been in the game for a decent amount of time it starts. I think you have to make sure that major changes to your savegame have happened for it to take effect. File details: "Astro-Win64-Shipping" EXE file Location: ...\steamapps\common\ASTRONEER Early Access\Astro\Binaries\Win64 "Astro" EXE file Location: ...\steamapps\common\ASTRONEER Early Access Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Experimental Specifications: OS: Win 10 CPU: Intel i5 2.70 GHz GPU: GEForce GTX 745 RAM: 12 GB Drive: 250gb Samsung SSD 850 EVO
  5. I have this happening as well on Experimental. Managed to record it while streaming on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/166433211 This node in particular is now bugged and can't be extended out into a platform either.
  6. I've had this happening as well. Only way I've been able to fix it is to exit to desktop.
  7. This is a known bug. Any power nodes unused when you quit the game will no longer be usable when you come back. Just before exiting make sure all nodes are consumed. I actually try to make it a point not to even collect them unless I'm doing a major terriforming project and will immediately use them.
  8. What I found out is that after you hit the 8 return it goes down because the max return you can get is 8. After that it has to 'refund' what extra sell stuff you've included and therefore decreases what you can get due to there only being 8 spaces on the tradeship to begin with. It's a juggling game at that point. So pretty much once you hit that magic 8 return number stop adding things. Found this out by accidentally filling something up with a bunch of stuff and sending it off. When it came back it had a ton of my 'sell' stuff still on it simply because it didn't have room. I wish there was a way that once you hit that "8 return" max it wouldn't let you put anything else on the tradeship to avoid this issue.
  9. Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz, 2712 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) I get absolutely no lag and typically have over 45fps. As for reproducing it.. It's not always the same thing. Last night in my multiplayer with my husband we didn't run into this issue at all.
  10. So last night my husband and I were trying out multiplayer with the new 119 update. He created the game and I was able to join no problems (multiple times in fact). We ran into several bugs that have already been reported but this one was new and VERY annoying: When harvesting, anything 'extra' that fell off my extractor I couldn't pick up. If I took something off my backpack and dropped it I could interact with it fine, but the 'extra' nodes that fell off I had to get my husband, the game host, to come get. This is extremely annoying and we lost quite a bit of material this way.
  11. Steam - 117 - Win 10 I had sorta the same thing but rather than the tops being buried the bottoms were buried in the the grey 'floor' around my habitat and I couldn't play the game. Haven't found another satellite in 119 yet.
  12. Tab or shift? What i found out is if the upper left slot of the backpack is empty or only a partial tether stack then they pickup fine with shift click (not tried tab). However if there is a full tether stack or something else in that upper slot the tether you pick up goes POOF. Steam - 119 - Win 10
  13. If you are asking me, I always flatten my terrain before building. I do this by holding the tool over the gray area that my habitat is on and holding ctrl. I do this several times and make several passes until I can't see anymore polygons and the whole thing is entirely flat. From there I make one node off my habitat and use that as a hub, building several platforms off of it and one node to act as another hub in the chain. Rinse repeat down the line. The hub nodes are the ones that have the generators and batteries so power goes to the platforms as directly as possible. In any case, one I start building the nodes they will occasionally make a small depression in the ground despite the ground all being on the same level. I don't know why it does this. It's a bit hard to see with this pink ground but here's a picture from my previously linked album: Now at first I thought it was this node that was breaking the power chain, but after building a few more platforms off this hub I found out that it's simply the vehicle bay that is refusing to get power from the cables. Odd thing is, my fuel condenser on this base is getting power fine but my vehicle bay is the one that's refusing to pull. *shrugs* I just started a second base on a new planet so I'll post if I run into the issue there. so far everything is fine.
  14. Sorry thought I posted it, my bad. I'm on Steam, 119. Though slight update, it seems that the one node isn't the issue but the vehicle bay itself.
  15. I can confirm that this is happening even without a 'platform' glitched into the chain. Every base I've built has this issue where a break seems to happen in the power line and the only way to get the platform power is to put power sources directly on the platform, be they generators or batteries. One thing i've noticed is that every platform or node that's broken has 'dipped' into the terrain rather than stay flat. I make a point to flatten out the landscape around my base before I start building so It's always confused me as to why they would suddenly make a depression when everything around them is the same level. At that point even the graphics of the cables starts to get 'glitchy' and seems separated from the 'port'. Full screenshots of this are here: http://imgur.com/a/cZMHk Would also like to point out that this even breaks connected teathers from charging the backpack properly.