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  1. wondible

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    After two play sessions, I still prefer the old power indicators. They were differentiated in shape, which made them more distinct. The new icons have the bolt as the dominant visual element, so it always reads as "something happened with power" Shredders are interesting to play with now; I'm not yet sure I'll use them often in the future. Still not sure what the smaller one is for - I'd like to put it on the crane and start demolishing the big wrecks, but it doesn't even open. Seems odd that I can scrap large wrecked platforms but not T2 platforms. Would like to scrap leftover extenders and other items. Would like to see some debris get thrown off when blowing up the large wreckages. (Perhaps organic bits from trees) Batteries does seem to be in a fairly good place. Mobile shredder was a bit of a bit trial at first, but once I got a medium battery on it, I rarely have to feed the generators. The harvestables feel a little out of place. Running around clicking on things that disappear in a shower of sparkles feels more appropriate for a game about fairies or magic than space exploration.
  2. wondible

    Why don't I explore more

    Was this pre-launch? I think I started about a month after, and the person I first saw playing had tethers.
  3. Dynamite will destroy the one thing it is directly attached too. I've heard some things about it damaging the black terrain in the latest build though, and have not used it myself since the update.
  4. wondible

    Abandoned Bases?

    BTW, you can link directly to a timestamp https://www.twitch.tv/videos/272418272?t=04h20m00s
  5. wondible

    3 seat capsules, npcs?

    The game has very non-obvious multiplayer, up to four players. It functions implicitly through your platforms social system (Steam/Xbox) Use that to invite/join your friends.
  6. wondible

    Dead Astroneers

    What I really want to find on dead astroneers: what a real player died with. Maybe a load of laterite or compound. Though maybe a lot of worklights and canisters. Also record the planet and whether underground for added realism.
  7. wondible

    Camera Steering

    I don't mind steering as much, but I also have the right mouse button down so often just looking around that I sometimes forget to release it, and find my hand cramping.
  8. wondible

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    Make a canister, and then alt/ctrl with your tool
  9. I suspect you also found extenders on the astro, and the game is trying to tutorialize you through, because they are a little odd to use - it is basically automatic when you grab a cable if you have them equipped.
  10. wondible


    It is random in every save. Might be by biome but I haven't paid that close attention. Sometimes I have a harder time finder malachite, sometimes laterite. Once I went to Barren and there was resin everywhere, but it took hours to find compound, other time resin is rare.
  11. wondible

    Controllable Filters and Power Cells

    Heck, make controllable everything. Replace the tether key with activating tethers so we don't need a special key. Then with the vehicle controls you could lay a tether line from your rover. Activate extenders to place one so you don't end with cable spagetti every-time you click something with extenders equipped. Makes it easier to have more packaged items as well because you don't have to worry about special controls for placing them. Could even have passive items like resources play their ping so players could make music.
  12. Related note: In a multiplayer game, I died as host, and the guest was unable to pick up any of the items from my body, even after I placed them on the ground or on his backpack.
  13. wondible

    Superbase Tour

    If you are using the mineral extractor, small platforms will actually cover more distance per tankful. They are less convenient to place though, as you have to move the platform and then test the cable distance.
  14. When I first saw the extra large storage, I had a teeny tiny hope that it would act as a tank for hydrazine and/or soil.
  15. There is this slightly weird thing right now where you can drive from seats on the bumpers