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  1. Client player disconnected on the solar space station. Now whenever he logs into that save, He appears briefly and then crashes out. Reloading as host also didn't help. He was originally unable to use the odd stone after I (host) put the Atrox trytpic (first one activated), and was trying a reconnect to fix that. MULTI STREAM$2019.08.07-17.47.15.savegame
  2. wondible

    Shiny outline

    I think this is a new effect to clarify what object is selected - sometimes the collision testing doesn't line up perfectly with the visible model, and it matters a lot for what gets picked up or activated.
  3. wondible

    Twich streamers interested in 1.0

    Joe Tirado, https://twitter.com/staymighty, Business email in that profile. Note in particular these tweets
  4. Sometimes I could dig up the Wheezeweed. Sometimes I could not and they would just float there in space. I believe that I was able to dig them up when it was the first time visiting the area, whereas when I went back to ones I had passed by before, they would be invulnerable.
  5. Seat on bumper? I call this Sideways Seat Storm Syndrome. The game seems to be determining "in storm" using the axis of your character; in a sideways seat that axis goes shooting out the front and back, so it depends on how you are facing relative to the storm.
  6. wondible

    Pysics glitch.

    I've had this a few times. Sometimes small hops, twice fatal. Here is the most recent one: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/312148908?t=01h42m11s This was multiplayer, previous were single.
  7. wondible

    New Craft update broke the game?

    You can go to other planets, but you may have to wait for their orbits to come close. You might be able to see when the planets are nearby from the surface to minimize waiting in space.
  8. wondible

    small shuttle

    Is it not working the way it used to, or is this your first time in space? To go to other planets, use the same buttons you used to launch the shuttle to zoom out to planet selection view. To land, select one of the blue bubbles on the planet you are orbiting.
  9. wondible

    Tether Lag

    One time I poked around in the tutorial. I ended up walking around the planet via tether. Speed was fine until two long tether lines crossed and then I had a huge hitch. So try to keep the network from having multiple paths for the game to consider. I also don't use tethers much anymore (mostly vehicles and an oxygen tank or two), so you could try out that play style. I did use tethers when I first started playing, but never noticed lag - perhaps I never crossed the networks.
  10. wondible

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Allow starting prints when the player is standing in the target area - in front of the device is a pretty obvious place to walk up to it. Would like to be able to start things when there is no power as well, to allow it pick up when the sun comes up or a generator starts etc. Make printers less likely to throw resources all over the place when changing blueprints or modes (vehicle bay moving between body and addon mode)
  11. wondible

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Consumable balancing. Looks like Filters have already come up. Filters used naively are not really worth it, except for panic situations. Filters used optimally (removing when oxygen near full) are annoying and cumbersome to carry around. They would be a great option if they had the optimal duration without all the juggling. (I also see they have been renamed oxygen filters, although I always thought they were CO2 filters after reading The Martian. This despite the condenser not listing oxygen as an available element.) Power cells seem to exist mainly for looting these days (and even then I often pass). I'm struggling to think of a current use. It used to be you always had compound handy so they at least worked as emergency power, but refined zinc? 1. It allows you to use the backpack crafting slot to carry refined zinc. 2. You could use abundant base power to smelt and craft for remote use, making them a kind of battery, but still not a very good power source for the trouble. Interior camera. Small tunnels and wrecked ships are dangerous mostly because you can't see what you are doing or where the exit is.
  12. I've had a few small incidents in Tundra caves, and one large one on Tundra surface that dropped me from fatal height.
  13. wondible

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Fix Sideways Seat Storm Syndrome. Bonus points for making bumper seats that look better and having the headlights facing forwards. Extenders. Maybe Use from the shoulder slots so it's more intentional and less micro-targeting. Second for showing when there are more research catalog items to left or right. Extra nice if it shows whether there are unlockable items that direction. For anti-second... The magic plug platforms bother me slightly though I guess adding more would make it less arbitrary. But adding T1 platforms would be a feature addition.
  14. When you set up the starting platform and starting medium fabricator, the hologram box showing where to place the fabricator package is sunk halfway into the platform. And since that is doing a broken embed in the preview, here it is again www.twitch.tv/videos/306811840?t=07m45s
  15. wondible

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    It is weird not having the entire crafting/progression tree in my head anymore. Nice change of pace I guess. I do find that I spend a lot of time just paging though the catalog trying to figure out what is even possible. And then I spent a lot of time going back and forth between the catalog and the chemistry lab trying to figure out what I could make. Still at the point where I can short circuit anything with gasses and iron, but sometimes I have to take the complex materials back a few steps to hit the nope. Having materials is in the catalog is a big step that can cut out a lot of (temporarily) wasted byte purchases, but it is also throwing a lot of information at the player, and it takes some work to figure out your position in the progression. After playing for a while I wondered if perhaps the furnace should take some clay. Sure ceramic would make more sense, but you couldn't actually bootstrap then. Maybe quartz for research as well (once again glass would make more sense, except for progression) I find it a little confusing that the same style of UI is used for both the backpack and the other controls panels, but the the backpack does not respond to the direction keys. A bit awkward because I'm pretty sure I open the backpack while walking now and then. Small shuttle is working okay so far (I had seen enough that I didn't really have to figure it out). It does feel like the small shuttle should be grabbable, given that the shuttle is much smaller than the platforms you swing around with ease.