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  1. There is this slightly weird thing right now where you can drive from seats on the bumpers
  2. wondible

    Extreme Large Storage

    Extra large platform, large rover, or in theory large shuttle (which would be completely useless as far as I can tell) Extra large platform is in the medium fabricator (you might need to redo you cargo drop or make a new one to get new items in it's menu)
  3. wondible

    Extreme Large Storage

    Vehicle bay. I think it transitioning into a general large printer.
  4. wondible

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    Had a lot of fun trying out rover module combinations. Didn't do a whole lot of driving yet, but burned up most of my power trying get out of some holes on ramps I had made. Did make a short excursion with a smelter truck; needed more power it was nice to have some stuff going while was making trips down into the cave. Getting out of a crane on a rover puts me under the rover. Front and back slots are odd. It used to be that the cable and connection points felt like the same connector so it made sense that they could not be used together. The new design does a better job of communicating that an attachment point exists, but it is also frustrating to have stuff ejected from the slots. It is incredibly practical to drive from the bumpers. It also looks extremely awkward. The large rover bumper slots especially bother me. They are shown as t3 slots, but neither vehicle bay or boxes will go there. It feels like a violation of the design language that a plug of a certain size will go into any socket of that size. Now I have to know about the special cases. I had to deliberately scroll over on the research catalog to find some of the new items; it is not obvious when a row in the catalog has a 3rd+ item. I still tend to lose track which item in the catalog I am focused on.
  5. wondible

    Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    Id have to see how it plays, but my thematic vision for the mineral extractor is that it depends not on player selection, but on the type of soil captured (which would be a terrain 2.0 feature if ever) So a full load of terran green surface soil might be 3 compound, 3 resin, 2 organic, with a chance of malachite. A brown soil would have more resin, with chance of laterite instead. Deeper down, there would me ore with a chance for coal, and other planets would have increased chances of the rare ores. Not sure if the rare stuff should function on a sort of accumulator at the extractor (e.g. each load of a certain soil contributes 10% towards a full lithium), or simply a chance based on the soil mixture captured. Players would still have a degree of control over which soil they gathered, but there would be additional experimentation and exploration to find the soil that was best for each situation. This could be doubled-down on by making the exact ratios a little random with each new game, so that it isn't strictly wikiable.
  6. wondible

    Are small platforms relevant anymore?

    You can also get slightly more distance with small platforms than extenders per extractor-load, more of a pain to space them out though. In practice, I pretty much never use them, and have been using the leftovers from that distance experiment to dispose of excess dynamite.
  7. wondible

    Stuck on the starting line

    Put your cursor on the fab and hold Q. (Other big one is hold E to activate most things) Also, it may refuse to show the start button if you are standing in the fabrication area - which is also the obvious place to stand to while using it, and there is no direct feedback besides perhaps a red hologram.
  8. There is a mini tutorial that gives 70 bytes, for tethers and canisters. Follow the prompts, I think you just need to craft a generator and power it to get the free bytes
  9. SES may be way ahead of me on this and only able to do so much at once, but I've got a vision. I've had a couple of things swimming around in my head lately, and they all came together: - Extenders are awkward to use. - Tethers are awkward to use on controller, and in general are a special case that can't be easily extended to new items. - Small 1-slot platforms magically appear out of nowhere, and only for certain items (batteries and power nuggets being two in particular that I might want to attach). - People keep asking for augment toggles. - Shoulder toggle is barely used - small generator is the only practical use I know of. Collapse all of the above into the shoulder buttons. - With extenders on a shoulder slot, press the button to drop one, just like the tether button. - With tethers on a shoulder slot, press the button to drop one. The special key disappears. Might want to remap z/x to something easier to reach, but it would be really nice for the controller. If more items are available when the shoulder pack is depleted, it autofills into the shoulder slot. - Small platforms can be printed from the backpack in packs of 2+. Put them in a shoulder slot and press the button to deploy one. (Initially I thought this could work implicitly like current extenders where the platform appeared if you had it anywhere in your backpack, but would probably be just as weird as extenders.) Small platforms could be 1-slot like present, or two disjoint 1-slots, to maintain half the size of the medium platform, and be really nice for attaching power to the small fabricator in one platform. - Put augments on the shoulder to make them togglable? Would be limited to 2. Another interesting bit - shoulder toggle has the same effect as Use on the generator. Could you Use a pack of extenders to grab one? (and so on) One hitch might be discoverability. Tethers can currently be explained with "Press T", but now the slot matters. The counterpoint is that extenders are not very intuitive, and this would make extenders and several other things work with a single mechanic.
  10. Summary: - Steam - Opening found body backpack made nearby platform disappear Description: I was playing around with medium platform as an infinite oxygen method, and stopped to loot a dead body in a cave. The backpack opened into the platform, causing the platform disappear. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/232047235?t=19m38s Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 16299) (16299.rs3_release.170928-1534) CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4590 CPU @ 3.30GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 RAM: 16384MB RAM Drive: 166GB SSD System, 874GB spinning Astroneer.
  11. wondible

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    Took another run at controller. Overall a lot better, but still not competitive for my tastes. - Camera while moving things was the biggest pain. Aggravated by changing y axis based on current camera/cursor mode. Maybe I should try not inverting, but I always take inverted camera when I have it. - Selecting cables vs. modules can be a little frustrating without bringing up the cursor. I was however able to go quite a while without remember how to bring up a cursor at all. - On counter point, I was disappointed that Z/X did not change catalog categories like the bumpers do. - Proximity grab can pick up unknowns under plants without digging anything
  12. wondible

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    Patch notes review: Platforms working pretty well. Persistent oxygen on large platforms seems too good. Sticking to walls and ceilings is cool but kind of crazy. Love that I can put vehicle modules on platforms. Fabricators and being able to bootstrap a base from nothing are cool. (assuming you can get power to the small fab.) Although I was somewhat surprised that small crates were not built in the backpack. Love using materials from backpack. Neat how they stop running when the area is blocked. Crates are neat, but I think I'll mostly be taking raw materials to set up new bases - a 2x crate usually represents 2 resources, and takes up the same space as a storage with 8 resources. The medium platform crates are least 1-1, but I have not used them much so far, since most platforms are being built for large modules. I'm still playing with stuff, perhaps crates will be better for nearby expansion bases. Looking forward to officially being able to unpack crates on vehicles. Extenders are a neat trick for adding UI, but are really figity. I often end up stacking extra ones to of each other trying to plug things in, and find it's best to carry them at little as possible. I have not used small platforms as much as I probably should, will still take some getting used to. When I think about bootstrapping, I find myself wanting more of them - power nuggets, batteries, maybe power cells. Interactions are still a bit awkward - I don't mind the holding much, but I pull out the tool or catalog a lot, forgetting I have to point at the object I want. Did not think of rotating non-platforms for a while. Not always clear when modules (in particular fabricators) will accept a rotation or reset to a fixed rotation. Glad I can finally rotate oxygen tank to be more visible on shoulder slots. Overall I know things are in transition at the moment, but discoverability took a big hit. I assume the different interaction styles will get resolved, although I think the post about couch visibility summed up some of my feelings about the control panels, even though I play at a monitor. Getting basebuilding started used to be matter of finding the extension point and then filling in the provided holograms. I ran across a streamer stuck on getting a fabricator running - power being the main issue. I gathered that he and a friend had been having fun digging through the planet in a previous session, and were now beyond the reach of any tutorial.
  13. Dig near them. Not all drop things (used to be organic)
  14. wondible

    "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    Day one feedback: Points based research was pretty well foreshadowed. Kind of ordinary, but the game doesn't need to innovate everywhere, and probably shouldn't. Makes for a a much smooth progression. Main thing I liked about the old system was that as an experienced player, it was nice get new combinations of tech thrown at me and make the best of it (e.g. using thrusters for storage, and it might have been interesting to have shuttle but not rover) Slightly disappointed to see the UI moving to a 2D interface projected onto a zoomed up object. Not as heavily as say, Subnatica's PDA, but I did like the interfaces have been largely part of the machines, and shared among players (sync bugs notwithstanding) - I constantly find myself looking at the wrong item in the research menu (roller, catalog left side) - Don't like cycling through research interface to close backpack - I want a keyboard interface to cycle through the catalog groups - Technology grouping feels arbitrary, and icon's didn't really help tell me what was there. - wrench - mining, printing, storage - stopwatch? (maybe compass, realized later) - exploration? worklight almost more mining - fire? - power and oxygen - flask - research, soil, misc mods, fuel. Chemistry? - Green light showing on side of research catalog is nice passive notice, but the selection often changes when I have it closed, so I can't monitor my favorite next research - I want to research found objects to get closer to making those objects - e.g. open 1 seat - Green/red stripped unknown disappeared instantly when I tried to start research. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/210636989?t=03h19m26s - Disappointed that researching a soil canister deleted the canister - Power no longer prioritizes recharging players, have to manually grab a power source - Compound going into build platform spots on built platform modules (such as research chamber) - Cannot change backpack printer target to enable storage spot when no power - Driving away while attached to giant solar panel does not disconnect https://www.twitch.tv/videos/210636989?t=03h32m53s - Hard to detach winch, mostly tested on large wrecked solar panel - Empty slots in wrecks?
  15. Video of three consecutive crashes. Logs to follow via email. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/201068572?t=01h18m40s