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  1. Niko Bullis

    Cargo Trucks

    Someone thought this out way more then I have but I thought because in the current state of the game there is not a single thing that requires more than one type of material this would make sense.
  2. Niko Bullis

    Cargo Trucks

    Vehicle assembly + 4 titanium for the base model truck then for the storage or cargo that I speak of more titanium.
  3. Niko Bullis

    Serious question

    Serious question, if you guys have time and wanna have a bit of fun, will the developers play Astroneer with me for a live stream?
  4. Niko Bullis


    Is this game okay to play on twitch and is there a way to make Astroneer run faster on Xbox?
  5. Niko Bullis

    Cargo Trucks

    Cargo trucks, this would be a vehicle that when fully loaded with materials can hold 30 items (ores, ingots, etc.), 2 big batteries, and a solar/lunar panel on the roof of the cabin of the truck where up to 2 passengers can sit. The back of this truck will have a door that when closed will protect the materials inside from sandstorms. This truck would have 2 wheels, 2 in the front and tank treads in the back for maximum traction. Tell me what you guys think by leaving a comment. -Niko
  6. Niko Bullis

    How Space Stations Should be implemented.

    Both of you have great ideas and I think it would be great to try and play with some of the best, and most imaginative players if you guys are on Xbox add me @konabeardog.
  7. Niko Bullis


    What does everyone think of a base that you walk inside and go through an airlock then you have an everyday house? I think it would be cool but I don't know if it would match Astroneer's theme. I'd like to know what the developers think of this idea so if anyone has any feedback please email me at
  8. Niko Bullis

    My thoughts.

    Hello system era team, let me introduce myself. My name is Niko Bullis and I am 15 and have recently come upon your game. I would Like to congratulate you guys on your great work and the launch of Astroneer. I would like to help in any way I can by explaining a few glitches and a few ideas I had for the future of the game. Bugs/problems: When the character attempts to build or dig near themselves it causes the player to glitch through the map into a void or into a cave, which in Astroneer means almost certain loss of life. Landing a shuttle or spaceship anywhere in the vicinity of a vehicle will cause the vehicle to be crushed. If one attempts to attach a crane module to a rover it renders the rover immovable/useless. In the case that someone places and abandons tethers the engine of the game begins to slow. As the player builds their base and explores the world with the aid of tethers that are vital for survival the game begins to lag quite a bit. Requests: Better engine to handle bases, vehicles, and tethers. Make spaceships larger, and more expensive. Cargo vehicles/mobile bases. Animal/Alien life forms. Thunderstorms. Suspension for rover and truck for a smoother ride and to reduce probability of either one flipping/rolling. SPACE STATIONS, to make this space station the player must craft each piece, launch them into space, assemble the pieces, and find a source of power. One such source of power could be the giant solar panels at the crash sites of satellites on planets. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work on this amazing game you have built. -Niko