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  1. Version: Running same updated version on Xbox One and Win10 PC 0.3.10190.0 Platforms affected: Xbox One and Windows 10 Issue: Cross play used to work flawlessly for me since launch. However, after the last patch I have an issue I am able to replicate. When running a session on Xbox One the PC player is able to join flawlessly. However, when the PC session is running the Xbox One account constantly gets the "Failed to join: Could not find session" NAT is open, Works one way but not the other. I was using the PC version solely as a "dedicated" server for the Xbox players to
  2. To get rid of all the saves including the Xbox cloud make sure to click on the save file then select delete from everywhere. The delete all option only deletes are local saves and settings.
  3. This is the update I have been waiting for! Cross playing does work though it took me a couple tries. I have now purchased 3 copies because of cross play. Have my PC logged in to run the server and then connect with our Xboxes. Well done on the updates!