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    1 Million Bytes!

    Congrats on joining the Million Bytes Club. 🤩 You're the 3rd person to join that I know of. Myself & time_trial did it back in January 2018 in the Megabyte Challenge.
  2. Mak-a-Face

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    If you download the trainer from, you can do the same thing. Here's what you get. Easy Resource Gathering Unlimited Bytes Super Speed Super Health Super Jump/Fly Mode Infinite Oxygen Unlimited Battery Looks like it's pretty much the same thing. I guess they won't need to put out anymore trainers for Astroneer now that Astroneer has it's our CHEAT MODE.
  3. Mak-a-Face

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    What kind of creative mode is this if you can't place different astroneer characters in your scenes or start on an different planet? They should of just call this "Cheat MODE Update".
  4. Mak-a-Face

    The Exploration Update - September 4th, 2019

    Why are you still wasting your time with SES. They aren't listening, so move on.
  5. Mak-a-Face

    The Summer Update - June 20th, 2019

    Ah, people love soccer. What's wrong with you, haven't you ever played soccer. It's a really fun game. Plus you'll be able to use the buggy to knock it around just like Rocket League. This idea alone will increase the player base. All that is needed now, are stands to sit and watch the game from.
  6. Mak-a-Face

    Patch 1.0.15 - April 11, 2019

    Yes, the intermittent crashes in version 1.0.14 were pretty bad. Every 6 to 10 minutes but this new patch is still causing crashes after 22 to 30 minutes into a new game. I even had a crash before I could start a new game. That's a first. Will try again next month.
  7. Mak-a-Face

    What to do now?

    Well put that aside for now because today is the DAY that.. " Astroneer Royale " is coming out. The posted date is just a typo. 😙
  8. This bug has been reported before. My old savegame will lockup the game, others have reported that it doesn't load when they click on "Load". Knowing if your savegame is corrupted is impossible to know and if it is, there's no fix for that. It's not like he hasn't been playing this savegame before. And if the last patch was the cause of this problem, There's no way we can rollback the patch that steam installs. So we are left with little to no options but to wait for the next patch to come out.
  9. He means he can't load his samegames. I had the same problem, my first savegame won't load either. The game just locks up. I don't know if it was the last or previous update that caused this problem. Alex_Hods, You're better off to start a new game and when the next update is released, check to see if your old savegame will work.
  10. Mak-a-Face

    Upgrading to pc (had xb1x)

    I'm averaging about 100 fps but I am unable to run for more than 10 to 30 minutes before the game crashes. So I can't really tell you how much it's dropping after 1 hour of play. As for my rig, I'm running AMD Ryzen 2700X with a Geforce GTX 1080.
  11. Mak-a-Face

    Is Atrox bugged? I can't get to the chambers

    Oops, that's right. You can't carry large platform A on yourself. So you'll need to being some with you when setup the landing pad.
  12. Mak-a-Face

    Is Atrox bugged? I can't get to the chambers

    If building these ramps takes too much time then you could just build a ramp steep enough and wide enough for a character to climb then build out a small platform to place a landing pad. After that you'll just need to setup a large shuttle with a couple of large storage then add some batteries and RTG. Just need to carry a few large platforms "A" in crates and use them to connect on the gateway.
  13. Mak-a-Face

    Is Atrox bugged? I can't get to the chambers

    There's only one way up there and that's building a ramp. If you ain't able to make it up there using a ramp then you may have to start a new game from scratch.
  14. Mak-a-Face

    Research Pods

    3 more and you'll receive a achievement for " Mastery of Knowledge ". 🤗 But seriously, why not have a achievement for collecting all the unique research pods or harvestables? Instead of these silly ones like Galactic Boogaloo ( Dance on every planet).
  15. Mak-a-Face

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    These questions should be posted on the Help, Questions, and Support. Short answer, check the mountains and the mushroom caverns.
  16. Mak-a-Face

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    Okay, tried the new patch on my Windows machine and again it still crashes, on my first attempt got 11 minutes, second attempt got 25 minutes. Still not up too snuff, keep at it.
  17. Mak-a-Face

    Multipurpose Extender

    I keep running into extender sitting on top of small platforms or damage rovers but with the introduction of the RTG, I don't use them much anymore. So why not give them other uses besides connecting to derelict solar arrays. If you've ever played around with the rover with a drill and a few trailers, you would of noticed that it will collect and transfer resources between trailers until they are filled. The idea is to give this same ability to transfer resources from one platform to another using the extender. The direction of the extenders will dictate the flow of the resources. So if you're running a smelter and have two other platforms on either sides, one could hold the unrefined resources and the other platform would receive the refine resources. I'm guessing that you'd need to limit the extenders to one between platforms otherwise players would run extenders all the way down to funnel resources up to the surface. Hmm, now that I think about it. You could probably even use the splitter also to redirect different resources to different platforms. On another topic, the deployment of extenders seems to be more cumbersome than it used to be. I still think they should be treated the same way you use the tethers. You press the "T" key and then you place it. The "tether" key should allow you to choose between tethers or extenders. Just a thought.
  18. Mak-a-Face

    Multipurpose Extender

    I must've missed that one but I'm kind of looking at the existing assets in the game that didn't make much sense in the first place, let alone be that useful. Directional extenders would be more suitable to funnel resources or fluids but not current. Exactly, having different kinds of deployable items like tethers or extenders would be easier for placement is treated like the current tethers are. If only the current tethers would have a slight delay when they max out in range, it would be much easier to maximize the tethers. We are starting to see it being overused by other developers who are trying to mimic games like Factorio.
  19. When clearing a path down into a cave with obstacles like the spikers in the way or when digging underneath exploders and or acid pots or even the polygon columns on Tundra in the search for artifacts, I will end up with a full pack of power nuggets or organics, so I end up constantly dropping organics or power nuggets to make room for resources. So I was thinking it would be neat to have the ability to rapidly drop your backpack's inventory(8) by simply pressing and holding a key for 3 seconds. By having a 3 second delay before dropping, this would prevent premature droppings.
  20. Mak-a-Face

    Smelter Upgrade

    After two years of development, you would think that the smelter would also have been upgraded besides its looks but it hasn't other than requiring you to have constant power to smelter instead of having to charge up the smelter to use it. Currently the smelter will output 1 to 1 ratio but that's doesn't make much sense especially if you have one Organic and the smelter will output the equal amount as one Carbon. Normally smelters don't return equal amounts of material placed in them, it should be more like 4 to 1 ratio. So four Organic should output one Carbon or two Malachite should output one Copper and so on. Just something thing about.
  21. Mak-a-Face

    Backpack Dislodge DLC

    It's been suggested before.
  22. Mak-a-Face

    Smelter Upgrade

    Ah, but someone's downgrade maybe somebody else's upgrade and vice versa. When System Era upgraded the trading platform and remove the trading of organic, a lot of players were upset. Was that a upgrade or downgrade? Depends who you talk to. What does smelting organic have to do with survival? It's not like we're extracting moisture or nutrients from these plants to survive, we're just burning it to produce carbon.
  23. Mak-a-Face

    Smelter Upgrade

    That's happens when you burn something, there's less of it. Organic is mostly made up of water, so removing all the water, it should be more like 8 organic for 1carbon.
  24. Mak-a-Face

    Patch 1.0.9 - March 1, 2019

    Terrible? I thought the final alpha was bad enough but this is just horrible. You can't even drive around anymore with all the garbage that litters the caverns now. On top of that, there is holes everywhere is going down to the next layer. You try to get around without tethers and you can literally get lost so quickly because everything looks the same. We used to be able to drive down into the caverns and now we have to build ramps down to each layers to get around. It was so much fun sliding down the tunnel to know nowheres, just to find a Astro Doll. It would have been nice to slide down to find something grander.
  25. Mak-a-Face

    Galactic Suit

    How would anyone know? The only time it says anything, is when you receive a achievement. So my guess is, you need to unlock more achievements to unlock the suits and colors and the emotes.