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  1. "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    WTF!!! where's the small solar panel & tethers? All I get, is the small generator. I don't want the small generator, I never use it. What ever happen to having a choice in building what you want. Why do you guys keep BREAKING this game. You're going to completely remove any challenges and motivation to be creative in this game. The question I keep asking myself, is why hasn't anyone been FIRED yet!
  2. Let's hear it for Riley!

    Ah, I think he should of left the sound effect for the extraction of resource alone. Blowing bubbles in water through a straw, doesn't cut it! Come up with something else Riley.
  3. I don't know if anyone has notice that if you rapidly click the start button on the research platform when researching artifacts. It will start playing the sound effect over and over and over again. This glitch might have been around before but yesterday I accidentally clicked on the start button twice and noticed it.
  4. Spend some more time playing around with EXP TEST 002 and this idea of Sediment and Sediment Processor kind of remind me of the old version of the fuel condenser. Where you're on Barren that has no atmosphere to speak of and you could literally suck the hydrazine out of nothing. Extracting resource out of any sediment is the same thing. Kind of cheesy way to do it. I still think a better option would be to use existing deposits where you've already extracted most of the big chunks and could gather what ever sediment that is remaining around that deposit. This would especially be useful when it comes to very rare resources that are hard to come by. Ammonium: There should also be another way to convert Ammonium into refined Hydrazine beside using the Hydrazine Refinery or the Fuel Condenser. Perhaps a new augment that would convert Ammonium into Hydrazine. Of course, this augment would be very wasteful and would also require power when processing Ammonium, maybe 8 Ammonium for one Hydrazine. This is a concern I have because when exploring landing sites with a small shuttle in the past, I would end up empty pretty quick and having the ability to use the augment on Ammonium would be a lifesaver.
  5. After 5 days of this experimental build, having terrain as "Ammo" is going to completely remove the fun factor and creativity of this game. Constantly having to fill these canisters then running back to where you need it is just plain counterproductive. You might as well go all out and have it so when the canisters full. That's it! you can't dig anymore until you empty it. Boy, this would really be a blast, wouldn't it? As for the power consumption issue, if they're worried about players running out of power then maybe what is needed, is a lower power consumption rate when digging. But again if you using augment like Wide Mod then the power consumption should go up.
  6. Yes, lack of power is usually only a problem at the beginning of the game for some and besides if you can't dig without power or use any of the modules then do something else. An option would be to go out exploring with your rover or perhaps bring up artifacts to the surface for research next day.
  7. No I'm sorry, this terrain as a resource is ridiculous. Using the canisters to gather sediment should ONLY apply to the areas around a resource deposits. The deposits are comprised of clusters of resources and having another larger cluster of sediment surrounding that resource would be a great indicator of resource deposits when digging in random areas, kind of like a tattletale sign. Right now it is sheer luck to find deposits when digging in random spots. The use of canisters should be a choice and not tied to the deform tool because at the moment, it is very painful to use of the deform tool to flatten or raise the terrain. The team mentions something about some players dug themselves into a hole and ran out of power and died. Well you know what, that's too bad. They'll do it a few times then maybe learn to stop painting themselves into a corner.
  8. Opinions on Worklights, people

    What would be more useful, would be a new augment. A "Spotlight or Flashlight" that would shine light directly at your deform icon. So when you're pointing it up at the ceiling or down into a deep hole, you'd see what you digging. Of course, it would consume power.
  9. Frame Rate Test on 1080 video card

    Yeah, I'm running a old i7 - 2600k 3.40GHz with 16GB Ram. I'll probably have to save up some money and get something a little faster.
  10. Frame Rate Test on 1080 video card

    Thanks for sharing Time_Trial. Looks like you've got a kick-ass system. Oh that collection is for the next patch, just getting ready. Maybe they will update the research system or some new content.
  11. I recently purchased a new NVIDIA 1080 card and was pretty stoked about seeing the increase in frame rate in Astroneer but I was shocked to see only a 10 fps increase (32 to 42) in my current game. So I was wondering if some of my fellow Astroneers could help me out and see what they're getting for frame rate with my current savegame. Just remind to save your AUTOSAVE_0_ before you replace it with this save file. PS. No research has been done yet.
  12. Friday Q&A: Research

    You got that right, a lot of nothing.
  13. Floating Habitat

    I was loading up my spaceship with a habitat and accidentally drop it but it didn't drop, it just floated there. I can move it around and snap it to the ship or let it float in the air. Anybody else getting this?
  14. New Research Functionality

    Yes I agree, the complexity of this game needs a extreme overhaul and that includes the research. In my opinion the whole notion of research artifacts should be scrapped. Players should be equipped with a portable scanner (Yes I know, it's being use so many times but this game is set in the 25th century) that is used to scan resources, flora, fauna, derelicts, satellites and so on. 1) Scanning resources would give you info from the Astroneer's periodic table and would unlock the basic tech combination for use in crafting and construction. If the resource isn't on the table, it will require you to obtain a sample for "Research". 2) Scanning derelicts ships, satellites, probes would give you info on salvageable components that can be used for building your own ship, vehicle, arrays or buildings. Again unknown components would require "Research". Beside components, you could even have it so you can extract data from the on board computer or data recorder, such as new schematics, flight logs and so on. Extraction of the data could be complicated by damage or fragmentation of the data. Requiring you to find multiple sources of this data to retrieve the new schematic, log or flight paths. To make it even harder, the data may be encrypted, making it unavailable until you find a way to decrypt or have it decrypted at a space station for a price. Scanning would be a big part of your exploration and discovery through out the Astroneer universe.
  15. I was thinking it would be neat to change the icon above the backpack that indicate the refilling of power. Right now it's a PLUS sign (+) indicating recharging of the batteries or battery. When I saw the plus icon for the first time, I thought it was for healing. So the idea is to have two new icons, one for power and one for oxygen. I know, there isn't a icon for oxygen.