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  1. Securing Tethers

    I can't remember what update it was but the tethers used to get knocked over during storms. I thought this was a great idea but it looks like a lot of players were complaining that they would constantly be reconnecting their tethers. So why not have it so you could anchor those tethers to the ground or to the ceiling, like some sort of small button on a tether (maybe the top of the light) that you would push and it would anchor the tether to the ground securely or ceiling of a cave. This would greatly enhanced the complexity of the tether.
  2. Crane Lights?

    Working in the caverns with the crane is quite difficult when you have a hard time seeing what you're doing. Tried using the worklights but I find it completely useless when doing work on the ceiling or below the crane. So I was thinking that by adding a couple of slots on the top or on the side of the mass, you could add lights, something more directional like a spotlight. This would greatly illuminate the work area compared to the current worklights.
  3. Loose Wheel (223)

    Got this glitch with a wheel on the truck coming off after a couple of hours of playing. Had it happen twice in two separate games. As soon as I walk thru it, it returns to the truck or if I jump back into the truck, it returns. I didn't get this glitch with the previous release.
  4. Switching seats

    With the last update giving the truck more pulling power, I've been using it a lot more with the crane on the back. But the thing that is getting annoying is having to constantly exit the truck then run over to the crane seat then jump in. Back and forth, back and forth, plus the fact that the game will constantly save to boot. So I was thinking that it would be great to be able to switch seats between the drivers seat and the crane or vice versa. Even if you're in the passenger seat, you'd be able to switch to the crane seat and without exiting the truck. This could eliminate the constant saving of the game.
  5. When packing artifacts to the surface, I usually don't pack them one at a time, most of the time I'll pack 2 or maybe 3 depending on the hole size. I will constantly switch from one to the other, pushing them ahead but like clockwork I will accidentally end up clicking on the backpack, breaking my rhythm. So by having the option to disable the backpack opening by clicking on it, this would greatly reduce the chances of premature openings of the backpack. Same goes when your backpack is open because when I'm rapidly moving items over, I will inevitably miss the item and end up closing the backpack. While adding things to the menu setting, how about adding one that would disable the exclamation mark icon. This one is kind of a hit and miss, sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. This is especially annoying when running and the character will stop and point at the ground. I prefer to have it turned off.
  6. The latest update has one issue I have found

    Ah, it's always like that, they fix one thing and break two others. It's all about job security, you've got one engineer breaking things & 3 others fixing it.
  7. As you know when you dig a hole and start walking into it, the camera will zoom in to basically follow you in the hole. You know that great and all but it's when you exit the same hole and the camera view remains in the same position. I'd like to have it so it zooms out to the maximum when I'm on the surface or behind the wheel of a rover or truck. So how about giving us a camera view that we set when we are play the Astroneer character or driving a rover or in a shuttle. So when you come out of a hole, the camera will return to the position that you previously set.
  8. Ring of Power

    A solution to having 20+ batteries would be to combine them into one, so if they are all the large batteries, it would show as one on the meter. same with the small batteries and so on. You could do the same for the truck & rover, each unit if connected would show as one. Another thing you could do, is connect the truck or rover to the base and combine all those batteries together. But if the base power is going to add to much complexity then just have it for the truck and rover.
  9. Ring of Power

    I've been thinking that it would be neat if you could see the levels of the power that you're using from batteries when connected to the truck or rover, you could even have it work when connected to the base batteries through the tethers. Something similar to the soil gauge to the terrain brush that was added for the canisters. By adding an extra ring that would show the levels of the truck or rover's batteries and other batteries that are attached. Of course when you're not attach, it would only show batteries that you're carrying on your pack.
  10. "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    That's presuming that we're all on the same planet and besides I could make the argument that it's much easier to run get power for the truck or rover. With power on the backpack at least I'd be able to see where I'm going.
  11. "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    When consuming power for the deform tool, it is now or could of been in the previous update that when you're connected to a rover or a truck, it no longer consume power from the rover or truck first but your backpack and small batteries instead. This is quite annoying because you end up in the dark with the flashing red showing that your backpack is empty. I don't understand why this was changed from previously where the consumption of power came off the truck or rover first.
  12. "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    Why don't you guys roll it back until you fix this. I started a new game and it still shows invalid/broken items.
  13. Habitat Glitch (215)

    Got a weird glitch with the habitat when placing it on the shuttle and also on the truck with the large storage. The shuttle will start to shake but once launched, it would stop. As for the truck with large storage, it would start to cause the truck to drive sideways. The glitch on the truck & large storage only happen the first time I print the storage and place the habitat on it but once I remove and place it back on, it doesn't happen again.
  14. PC, two modes of tethering please.

    How about something simpler like, press & hold the tether key. This will attach a tether to your cursor and when you're happy with the placement of the tether, simply release the tether key. And of course, just tapping the tether key will drop a tether at your feet.
  15. Can you guys turn the Oxygen Tanks sideways so we can see the levels? Thanks