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  1. Mak-a-Face

    Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

    I think it was a vlog with Joe and Adam and they was talking about the new lighting and colors of resources. I remember them showing off this effect on the helmet's visor.
  2. Mak-a-Face

    Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

    Had just about a week to play the newest update and it's nice to see that quite a few things were fixed but also broke a few more. That's the way she goes I guess. V1 of the tutorial is coming along nicely, just needs a bit of refinement. A few new assets that were shown off like the launchpad on a pedestal, I'm not sure why they included a pedestal underneath it but perhaps it's something to do with the mentioning of water at E3. The only thing I would add to that launchpad would be a gantry with a crane, that would move up while building a multistage rocket. The other asset was the organic tap or extractor, another means of getting organic. They sure seem obsessed with organics, maybe it's something in their diet. The new UI cards are well done, I especially like the new icons for the resources. It's a great fit for the tutorial but besides that we need a way to disable it like a lot of others have mention. Perhaps a prolong hover over an object or like I've mentioned in another post, having a cleaner interface with less info. With the addition of the new UI cards, was the added sound effects. This can get quite annoying every time you move your cursor over platforms, I don't really think it's necessary. Had a chance to check out these harvestable research items and I'm not quite sure what to make of it, it's more of the same. We still have resources like Astronium and Hematite that still don't have a use besides research bytes but I digress. The question I have is "Should we kill the goose that lays the golden research?" Well that depends if the goose is worth killing. I still haven't found a reason to kill the goose because when I do dig up or dig underneath, I notice the goose is in worth much. This is where I would go in a different direction with this idea, currently these harvestable items will re-spawn after four minutes, that's all fine but why not have it so certain formations or plants will only spawn these items during the daytime or nighttime. As for the endless re-spawning of harvestables, why not link the total amount of bytes that the artifact is worth, to the amount that the harvestables will output. This basically links the artifacts to the amount of harvestable bytes that you can get from these plants or formations. Once it runs out that's it. I would also like to give kudos to the team for fixing an old bug that was annoying when using the crane or just standing, where the camera would wander on its own after a while. Thanks for getting that done. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next update.
  3. I was trying to rotate the winch to point towards the back but every time it would reset to the default position. Tried it on platforms too and got the same results. The winch worked fine on the medium rover without large storage because of the default position it was already pointing to the rear.
  4. This isn't related to but I thought I'd mention it. I was driving around on Arid and got a tumblespike stuck underneath the rover and that's when the camera automatically zoomed in to where I could see underground. It's like the camera recognizes the tumblespikes as a small tunnel and will zoom in. This also happens with the cubes during storms.
  5. Found this by accident when running tethers off a rover, once I drove off with the rover I notice that the tethers were still producing oxygen. After re-loading the savegame, they stopped working.
  6. Yeah, I noticed that too. At least it still works.
  7. Mak-a-Face

    Tutorial Feedback

    Here are my thoughts and feedback on the tutorial. Exiting dropship, I didn't see anything about zoom in & out. Having the option to enter the pod again isn't really necessary. Backpack tanks shouldn't be completely broken but have a small leak instead. Right now it looks like blue steam coming off the top, maybe having lines shooting out from one point would look more like a leak. Also adding a marker trail (footprints) on the ground showing where to go would help. Oh just about forgot, running, nothing about running. First rover, the icon above the tether doesn't make much sense. Perhaps a question mark or a magnifying glass would work better. When picking up the tether, the info is good but the blue lines coming off the player & the tether may be confusing for some, maybe the player line should be removed and also after connecting it to the rover, it doesn't mention anything about maximizing the full range of the tether. Another thing was the rover didn't have a seat and the broken tire was nowhere in sight, maybe replacing the rover with a platform and module would work better. It would explain why there's a line of tethers in its direction. Bunch of tethers, good info but it doesn't tell you to pick them up, I know most of us would figure that out. This would be a good opportunity to introduce the "shift" key to rapidly pick them up. As for the presentation of these tethers could be better, perhaps a few of them would be knocked over and the rest connected but in black state. This is where the leak scenario would give the player a opportunity to repair the fallen tethers. Rover crashed in a tree? The only tree in sight on the whole planet and he had to crash in it, that's pretty funny in my opinion. Damaged rover looks good but perhaps it should of been the buggy instead, just something different. The medium platform doesn't seem like the right item to be hauling in the direction of the base, maybe some resources or research item. Fallen astroneer, again the icon above him doesn't make much sense. Transferring tank is Ok but wouldn't it be more interesting if the fallen astroneer had a repair kit. When ask to open the backpack, it mention salvageable items and resources. Didn't see any resources in there. After opening the research catalog, it ask you to press "enter" to unlock. It should also mention something about using the green button too. Closing catalog is going to be a problem, new players will assume if you open with a "Q" key then they will presume that the same goes for closing it, not truth. Onto the terrain tool, after picking it up, you're prompted to press F1 to learn more. In my opinion, this isn't very interactive. Why not have a ghost image of your astroneer demonstrating how to use it. Press F1 again to stop the demonstration. Another thing was after looking the F1 info, you're prompted to remove terrain but why not remove terrain in the area of the resource you'll need to build your small generator. Sequence of events is a bit off here. After printing the generator, a bit of confusion here when asks to dig up the outposts then right away ask to place generator on the ground, needs some clarification. Placing generator on the ground or on the platform is a good time to introduce the rotation function. You could even use the medium platform B that's on the crashed rover to show that off. Outpost, dug up chamber and prompted with learning more about power system. Ask to grab cable and connect it but confusion with two icons show up on the research chamber, maybe one icon at a time. After connecting, no UI card popping up with the next task, just that weird icon on the generator and tree and research chamber, again some clarification would be helpful. Powered up the generator then after a bit of time, unlocked the tethers but then ask to open backpack without closing the catalog. Again the sequence off. Canister info was good but didn't mention anything about other uses for the canisters. Perhaps that is something that could be included, using a old fuel condenser to fill up the shuttle. The deformation of the terrain was also informative. Exploring the caves, that's pretty well self-explanatory. There needs to be a point where you stop holding their hands. Shuttle, the one seat isn't appropriate for this, it doesn't fit. Better off with the enclosed 1-seat. While searching the cave, the player would come across another fallen astroneer that would be carrying one aluminum ingot. The other one would be found on the first fallen astroneer. Overall the tutorial is coming along just great. The new UI cards are perfect for the tutorial but that's where it ends, it doesn't belong in the regular game. We need a clean user interface "less text and clutter" if someone needs more information then they can press F1 for that or run through the tutorial again.
  8. Mak-a-Face

    oxygen tank

    This just started happening to me after I started exploring Radiated. I just need to remind myself to re-seed the tanks when loading this savegame.
  9. While running around looking for compound on Radiated, I kept seeing the UI cards for Malachite & Laterite above the ground. Too bad it wasn't compound though.
  10. This is a simple one. When hovering over the planets, I noticed the names were missing.
  11. The patch notes mention that the "Position indicators have been removed from vehicles, so be sure to print Beacons and slot them on your Vehicles if you intend to walk very far away!" Well I tried in it on the buggy & the medium rover and I'm not getting anything.
  12. Mak-a-Face

    Uninterruptible Power Source Module

    I find the game too easy using these modules, I'll usually have the large rover, solar panel, wide mod, booster mod within an hour without them.
  13. With the new updating having dialog boxes with icons of the resources, why not take these icons and place them onto beacons. The work is half done already.
  14. Printed a small platform then opened the control panel to print the medium fabricator and found no control buttons.
  15. Mak-a-Face

    Astroneer - E3 Reveal Trailer

    Interesting thing I notice while watching Riley playing the new tutorial was that these maple syrup extractors, oops I meant organic extractors on a tree on Barren. I was surprised it wasn't filling canisters, that way we could boil the maple syrup, oops I meant organic juices and produce some oxygen.😀