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  1. A new healing module

    Ah, don't sweat the little stuff. It looks good though, I'm guessing you put a few hours designing that. I'm thinking you should of waited until they release that update with the aggressive flora, that way you'd have a better idea on how the flora and other threats interact with the player. Also in my opinion, I don't think it's necessary to make elaborate 3D models to convey your ideas. Just using a simple drawing would also work and save you a lot of time but if you don't mind making 3D models then go nuts.
  2. New idea for research

    I totally agree with that. I'm the same way, never used the trading platform, nor do I use the mineral extractor. I just find it way too easy as it is. It would be more suitable to replace the trading platform with a transport platform. This way you'd be able to requests resources that you or your friends have placed on the transport platform that wouldn't be available at your current location.
  3. This isn't really a bug but a very "Extreme Annoyance" when driving over. Constantly getting stuck on these little buggers is so frustrating, especially when you don't have the inhibitor yet. Just thought I'd report this.
  4. This was discovered by accident when I was powering up the smelter thru the large ship using the wind turbine off the truck. I tried to leave but it wouldn't disconnect for some reason. I've had a hard time duplicating this problem on a few savegames. One of the savegames, I used the small rover and it wouldn't disconnect but when I launched, it disconnected. So I tried it again and this time when I connected to the ship, it worked fine. It disconnected when I pulled away from the ship. I've tried this on four different savegames and I got different results on all of them. I did end up losing a truck and trailer though.
  5. This is a glitch that I've been hesitant to report because I've been exploiting it for a week now but I guess I should report it. When placing a drill head or anything else on the top of the crane, you'll get a selection ring with a line around it but if you remove it off the top of the crane and place it back. The selection ring will stay on. You can move it once anywhere you want and the selection ring will stay on, that is until you grab it or something else. I've been using it to make perfectly straight tunnels back to the base by leaving the selected item back at the base where I want to exit.
  6. I think it's time to bring back the ability to raise and lower terrain to the deform tool without having to use a canister. This has grown out of frustration of losing canisters on a few rare occasions. This is happened on Radiated & Tundra and there's seems to be a hiccup when wandering around and out of nowhere's you're literally thrown into the air, this even happens when exploring the caverns, you'll start floating up to the surface and if you're lucky, you'll end up back on the surface. But lately my last few games, ended up dying because of this hiccup. Floated right into spiky mushrooms and of course ended up losing my canister, couldn't retrieve it. I even had it happened this morning, where I was running into a cave to avoid a storm and got hit on the way in and out of nowhere's again, ended up floating through the caverns back to the surface and got hit by a cube and die. I couldn't reach my stuff because I was running on oxygen nuggets when I died. So the idea is to have a built-in canister on the deform tool that will allow you to deform as soon as you start the game. This built-in canister doesn't have to be a full size one. Something smaller, maybe a quarter of the size of the original. If you carrying canisters on your backpack, they will be filled first before filling the one on the deform tool. At the same time, this is the perfect opportunity to create a new deform tool that doesn't look like a tuba.
  7. Toggle Augments

    That's actually a good idea but for myself I'd prefer the ability to just turn them off without removing them off the deform tool. You could use the existing key that activates the deform tool but instead "Press and Hold" that key and it will bring up a small icon with arrows that will let you turn on or off the augments you want. Here is a example.
  8. Beacon Locator

    Yes, you're right. We definitely need a compass on the vehicles.
  9. Things like that happen but It's not a problem, just build a habitat and place it on top and you're good to go. I find that it's best to leave the base before the storm hit, that way less of my junk doesn't end up flying away.
  10. Found an interesting glitch when playing on Arid. Was out exploring with the truck and jumped out to grab some resources then out of nowhere I was attacked by a barrage of tumbleweeds from all directions. Of course I ran towards the truck and "BAM", got nailed in the back by a spiker and die. But just before I died, I press the enter the truck key and ended up dying on the seat. Re-spawned back at the base and that's when I notice that the lights on the Astroneer's helmet stopped working. So I exited the game and started it again, it was now working again. Also had it happen when jumping into the crane when a spiker got me from the back just before jumped into the crane and ended up dying on the seat. Same result, lights stopped working.
  11. Exiting Rover issue.

    Yes, join the club. It's a known issue for over a year now.
  12. Tattletale signs of resources

    I thought I'd bring this suggestion back to life because lately I've been starting Arid (toughest & best caverns to explore) and after six hours, I've only found four resin minus 1 for the canister. I'm not having much luck on this game but I'm not giving up. Of course this idea of a tattletale signs of resources popped into my head again and I'd like to expand on it a little more. As we know, resources are made up of clusters so why not have a large sphere that surrounds the resource with small particles on the outside and when that sphere touches the surface, it will deposit small particles that will show up on the surface but if there's no surface, nothing will be deposited. These particles will also match the textures of that surface, making it very difficult to spot if you're not looking closely at it. Here's a couple of examples.
  13. SES Vlog 027 - A New Habitat!

    I'm guessing this new habitat will be a one time use when first starting a game because of the sheer size of it compared to the old one. You'll probably won't be able to print it or it won't be attachable to the large shuttle. Basically once it touches down that's it, it's not moving. It should make for an interesting launch sequence from the space station, that will be something to see when they introduced it. Didn't seem any maneuvering thrusters on the side of it though. Here's a size comparisons between the new and the old, based on the size of the two storage slots. One of the problems that I can see with this new habitat because of it's size, will be the landing zones on certain planets, some of these landing zones are puny. Especially on Exotic if you land in the Swiss cheese areas, they may need to be expanded. As for the Q&A, most of these questions that Joe picked, weren't that interesting or even related to what's going on at the moment in the current game development. Talk about softball questions for Veronica. But heck Joe, if you want a question for next Q&A, here is one for you. When are they going to fix the vehicle controls so it will operate like a vehicle? So when I looked left, I don't want it turning to the left, same when I looked to the right, I don't want it turning to the right when I'm holding down the forward key.
  14. Beacon Locator

    With all these new players getting lost and not finding their way home, maybe just having a simple beacon locator built into the compass would make things easier. If you don't have any beacons out there, it will point back to the home beacon but if you do have beacons deployed, it will only show the last beacon that you've placed. If you pickup the last beacon, it will point to the next beacon that you've dropped and so on. As for other player's beacons, I'm not sure how you could integrate their signal into your locator, it may cause a bit of confusion or headaches to implement. As for the beacon's signal strength, this is something that has to be worked out because having unlimited range could cause directional confusion. Also this beacon locator could be added as a new blueprint too.
  15. While exploring the caverns of Arid and Tundra, keep running into a lot of coal. So I decided to try to run medium generators as the main base power but I notice that running the coal generators that I get about 1minutes and 45 seconds worth of power per nugget, requiring constant feeding of nuggets to maintain the base power consumption. So I thought maybe having some kind of upgrades to the coal generator like a auto-feeder, where you could load it up with coal nuggets. Another upgrade to the generator could be a "thing of ma bob" that attaches to the back of the generator making it more efficient.