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  1. Mak-a-Face

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    Revisited the small shuttle this weekend because of comments made by other players and also because I had nothing better to play. I'd have to say that the solid fuel thruster is pretty much our only option for leaving the planet to gather tungsten & iron to complete the build of the chemistry lab and the atmospheric condenser. Even if you have the chemistry lab operating, you can build the medium shuttle but no way to fuel it because you need the atmospheric condenser to produce hydrazine. So we are left with the fuel thruster as a means of transport between planets until the condenser is operational. Like I mention in a previous post, that the solid fuel once it's lit, it will burn until it runs out. So keeping with that idea, how about changing it up a bit by creating a new launch vehicle that uses the solid fuel but only as a means to transport you into orbit. From there, you choose to dock with the huge ship in orbit that we've seen in the E3 announcement or land in different areas of your current planet. Here's something I put together, it uses the old habitat plus the solid fuel thruster. It's not like we used the old habitat that much anymore and I'm guessing that in the future, we'll be able to build the new habitat. So I was thinking why not use the old habitat as a capsule and attach it to the solid fuel thruster. So once you launch, it will propel you into orbit and at a certain point, it will detach the solid fuel thruster from the capsule. In my opinion this better reflects the purpose of the solid fuel thruster, limiting it's range to what it's capable of doing. This also goes for every other shuttle designs, the larger shuttle, the more it's capable of reaching further orbiting planets. This will probably require adjustments of the current recipes to accommodate this option. On a final note, the reentry of the capsules at the start of the new game has been very uninteresting for a long time now and why not spice it up a bit. Perhaps during reentry, instead of using thrusters to land, have a parachute popout and descent to the surface. It would better reflect the abandoned capsules that we see littering the surface.
  2. Mak-a-Face

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    Speak for yourself, why do you think people travel or go on a road trip! Probably because they are bored stiff with their lives and want to experience new things, same goes with this game. Not all of us play Astroneer to build "Dinosaurs" or "Racetracks" or even build Bases. Some of us just want to go on an adventure, experience new challenges & danger. It's not like there's nothing to do in Astroneer, it's just that there's nothing "meaningful" to do, that's why I will constantly restart the game from scratch. This is a great idea, having prerequisites for you to land on a certain planet would definitely make the game more interesting. Besides different suits, you could also include different landing ships.
  3. Mak-a-Face

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Just thought of a few more QOL improvements. Displaying total bytes after you're done collecting harvestables. While picking up harvestables, it will show you the amount in bytes that was added. After that, it will display your grand total of bytes you've collected. This would be very helpful especially at the beginning when you're looking to unlock a specific item. Adding a "Little Flag" to the buggy whip on the small rover. 😀 Remove collision detection on these "green stubby plants" on Exotic. These plants are extremely annoying when driving over. Constantly getting stuck on these little buggers is so frustrating, especially when you don't have the inhibitor yet.
  4. Mak-a-Face

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    I've only have 2 QOL improvements I'd like to see. 1) Reset zoom position back to player setting, especially when exiting tunnels or caves. 2) A way to disable "Call-outs" or "Shout-outs" when clicking on the ground.
  5. Mak-a-Face

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    I had the weekend to run through this update, so let's get started because there is a lot to cover. Let's begin with the first thing, I'll be following the patch notes so I don't miss anything. 1) Crafting progression After reading a lot of the comments, I've noticed a common theme and that is "We are being forced to go to other planets". I've never felt forced to go anywhere in this game from the beginning because I'm a big proponent of exploration, hence the reason I bought into this early access but I do find that the team maybe pushing players to go to other planets for the wrong reason. I look at other planets as a challenge to overcome and to discover new mysteries & new recipes and even very rare exotic resources but when it comes to resource gathering, that should be the last reason for going to these planets. Instead of requiring players to travel to other planets to gather resources, how about requiring players to explore certain regions of the current planet (Terran) to gather different resources that are only available in these regions. This would encourage players to explore the whole planet. Well enough of that, let's get on with the progression stages. Going to skip stage 1 & 2 because it's pretty obvious. Stage 3 - I really didn't want to talk about this topic again but I have no choice. Soil as a resource is an idea I've detested from the beginning and I still do. I found it too easy but the thing is, I used to have no problem finding resin in abundance but after this update, now that the ingredients have changed on certain recipes, I had no choice but to use it. I've never in my year and half of playing this game had to use so much resin. As for compound, I barely use any. Balancing is going to be needed on this. Stage 4 - the new chemistry lab is quite interesting to use but I do find that it needs to be broken into two separate modules. A lot of the combinations just don't make much sense, like the carbon + iron + argon will make steel. This is where I see another module that is similar to the smelting furnace but runs on certain gases or coal and it would allow you to combine these two elements. This would give us different means to power this furnace besides electricity. Some of the other recipes like rubber or plastic also seemed a bit off too. As for the other module, it should be based on chemicals hence the name of this module. Stage 5 - The new atmospheric condenser is a great addition to the game, especially for planets with different atmospheres. I haven't tried it on barren yet but I'm guessing it probably works, just like the filter. The one thing I didn't care much for, was the tier 1 gas containers. I myself find it overwhelming that everything we handle is in the tier 1 sizes "cubes". How about a tier 2 canister or tank or even a hose that can be connected directly to different modules. It's cute and all, that the new condenser creates gas canisters but it seems it would be more practical to have larger tier 2 tanks that can be attached to other modules. While exploring Radiated & Arid, I did notice that Ammonium wasn't readily available so perhaps using a combination of gases to create hydrazine may be feasible. 2) New Resources and Recipes A lot of the new resources just seemed a bit too similar to other resources to easily identify them while exploring and other resources were nonexistent like lithium and carbon. Replacing coal deposits doesn't make much sense in my opinion, why not just use it for something else. As for the crafting resources, some seem a bit off with their ingredients and others like titanium alloy or nanocarbon alloy have a huge list of ingredients and multiple refinement. Interesting in all but its quite a pain when you have to keep opening the control panel in the chemistry lab to find out what you need. This is where I find that the catalog is lacking. Two new thrusters were added but only for the small shuttle. These thrusters seem a bit out of place compared to the existing medium and large shuttles that have built-in thrusters. And on top of that, the sheer distance that these thrusters can travel is just plain ridiculous, especially a solid fuel thruster. Thrusters this size would give you enough thrust to achieve orbit but that's about it. A better purpose for these smaller shuttles would be to use them to travel between one landing site to another on the current planet. Another thing you could do with these thrusters is put them into a construction set. This set could be used to build your own spaceship. It just seems to me that the dev team is really limiting us when it comes to vehicles and ships. 3) General Changes The redesign of the catalog looks much better but now that we have new crafted resources, they are nowhere to be found besides the chemistry lab. It would be nice to have a extra tab at the top for a resource wiki. That way we can read up on these new resources and crafted resources. Other information that was lacking, was the module required to produce or print these items. The removal of the power nuggets was a bit disappointing to see, especially when there wasn't anything else besides the small organic generator to use when operating rovers underground. Medium and large rover batteries are pretty much useless to operate on without additional batteries that tie up your limited slots on the rovers. Oxygen deposits and nuggets were removed, this did make running around in the caves & surface more risky now but in the end I don't see a problem with it. I do think that they should have left the blue oxygen deposits in the game but changed them to blue water droplets that could be sucked up into the canisters for other purposes. Well that's it, I pretty much played enough of this to get a feel for it and will probably wait until the next update to play again. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work.
  6. You may want to edit the "GameUserSettings" file. Look for "VehicleThrottle", just change the Key=W to Key=NumPadEight and Key=S to Key=NumPadTwo. Save it. But be warned, edit this file at your own risks. You might want to make a backup copy just in case.
  7. Had a bunch of medium storage filled with different resources and I was missing some zinc, so I took the small shuttle over to Radiated and pick some up and when I came back, all my medium storage were gone, even the tier 1 items that were laying around were also gone. I did find some of them in the cave below. Also noticed something similar on Tundra and Arid when deploying solar panels or medium storage on the surface, they would slip through the surface and disappear below.
  8. Mak-a-Face

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    The sad part is that there's NOTHING else (at the moment) besides organic generator to supply power when operating a rover underground and that's a shame. Using wind power is just too sporadic and as for the medium generator that now uses carbon? Carbon! Carbon deposits aren't readily available on the starting planet and smelting organic into carbon, is just silly. This all goes back to one thing if we had rover batteries that would last more than 2 seconds, perhaps I wouldn't careless. But this is just ridiculous, if they would of just left well alone (rover batteries), I wouldn't need to use power nuggets in the first place. These disposable thrusters would be a great idea for use in an multistage rocket during the launch to boost it into orbit. But as a means of transportation to another planet, are you guys serious? Once solid fuel is lit, it can't be stopped until it runs out, that means no thruster when landing. When you say it's a one-way trip, it would literally be a one-way trip into the ground. Who comes up with this stuff? Here's a better idea, place the disposable thruster on the ground and then place a open 1-seat on top of it and there you go, off to another planet.
  9. Mak-a-Face

    The Crafting Update - September 6th, 2018

    Instead of removing the oxygen nuggets out right, turn them into water droplets or moisture that can be sucked up into canisters as hard water. This water could be used for irrigation on plants or perhaps be purified for consumption.
  10. Mak-a-Face

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    The question I have for the team is "WHY the heck did you guys have to ruin a perfectly good savegame to implement this new update?" I'm guessing I'll probably never get an answer but here's a suggestion for the next time you release a update. Instead of having a message stating that you're about to play a unsupported savegame, replace it with "Some of the new features in this update won't be available in this savegame. Start a new game to enjoy the benefits of this update." So we don't get all the bells and whistles that come with the update like the new wreckage and new discoveries. At least we be able to show off what we've done to others instead of having nothing to show for it. And by stating that these issues will no longer appear in Terrain 2.0 is kind of laughable. Beside that I will probably wait until the next update to play because it's kind of pointless to work on something for weeks then end up being disappointed again.
  11. This has happened to me before but I found a temporary fix. Just by using "ALT + Click" on the backpack, it seems to reset it.
  12. Mak-a-Face

    Groundbreaking Glitch

    Is this a new game or old savegame? The update added a whole bunch of new debris & harvestables throughout the planets and this corrupted pretty much everything. All my old savegames are like this too.
  13. Mak-a-Face

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I haven't seen that before. Have you tried printing a open 1 seat from the vehicle bay on the rover? I know it prints it sideways but see if it connects. What about the other rovers, do you get the same problem?
  14. Mak-a-Face

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    That makes a good argument for why we even have batteries on the rovers in the first place. If we're going to tie up slots on the rover to provide power than were better off having replaceable batteries on the rover and charging stations at the base. Or perhaps maybe different types of engines that run on organic, coal, steam engine or whatever else they can provide. Using the buggy is a lot of fun but pretty much useless for hauling anything besides tier one stuff. Maybe adding a small trailer behind it could be handy.
  15. Mak-a-Face

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    Yeah, I know but I barely press/hold "E" anymore, the only place I use it, is to exit the rover. I've switch over to the ALT + Click and CTRL + Click to interact with pretty much everything, it's way faster. You just need to remember to put away the terrain tool before using it. What I was getting at with the harvestables, is that it's not like you can use them in the research chamber or anywhere else, so what's the point of allowing players to remove them off these formations or plants, that's what I was getting at. As for the smoothness, it seems more like the bumpiness is the creation of their own making. If you've explored the lower caverns on Terran, you probably noticed that the artifacts are still falling through. This issue was reported months ago but still hasn't been dealt with. This makes it quite difficult to get started if the artifacts aren't where they're supposed to be. I do agree with you about the nuts & bolts looking harvestables and notification tags, they seem to be lower quality work compared to the rest of the assets in the game so far. Perhaps it has to do with deadlines that they're trying to meet but who really knows. Well you seen people walking in ditches along major highways picking up cans and bottles, this is pretty much the same thing. How much do you value your time?