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  1. Mak-a-Face

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    How is this suppose to be a test when Terrain Tech Test Planet isn't even generated at own end, this is pre-generated! It's the same planet every time you start. On top of that, we're given 100000 bytes to start, why not just unlock everything? And talk about super rich deposits, just touching them and full.
  2. Mak-a-Face

    I LOST 20 Hours of work !!

    Well, join the Club.
  3. Mak-a-Face

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    You can't be SERIOUS? So the final alpha is the PAX WEST version with a different suit.
  4. Mak-a-Face

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    The question I have " Why can't we start on this new Exotic Moon right off the bat?" I really getting tired of start on Terran. It's been just about 2 year of start on Terran. What ever happened to the option in the config file to start on different planets. (AllowInitialPlanetSelection=True) Why was the disable? Why don't you guys turn it back on, it's the FINAL version of the Alpha anyway.
  5. So if you press "W", does it move forward? If it does, you didn't change the right one. In the GameUserSetting.ini file, look for this line. AxisMappings=(AxisName="VehicleThrottle",Key=W,Scale=1.000000) Then change it to Key=Z instead of Key=W. Like in the example below. AxisMappings=(AxisName="VehicleThrottle",Key=Z,Scale=1.000000)
  6. Hold the ALT key and click on the backpack also reset.
  7. Mak-a-Face

    Can't mouve forward with vehicle (buggy rover)

    The answer is in this old thread.
  8. Mak-a-Face

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    When using the backpack printer, something that I'm finding very annoying is when flipping through the different items. There seems to be a slight delay "about half of a second or so" in displaying of the UI card with the item name. This delay is really inappropriate for interactive menu systems, you don't see these delays in any other menus. I know it looks cute and all but really, do we really need more lag in this game.
  9. Mak-a-Face

    UI Card Interface

    Here's a few more examples I put together to show how you could use the UI cards to change settings or choose options on certain items.
  10. With the admission that they were working on two separate games, this pretty much confirms that most of our savegames a lot of us have kept will end up in the recycle bin. Oh well, easy come, easy go. As for the last early access update, we won't need to report any bugs because they won't be relevant to the final game but I'm guessing they will still need feedback on the terrain 2.0 moons. Well I know where I'll be spending most of my time until the final release 1.0
  11. Mak-a-Face

    UI Card Interface

    With the introduction of the UI cards back in June, some found that they were interfering with the immersion of the game. I myself found it created too much white noise on the eyes. Over the weekend, I put a few more hours in the game again and was thinking about the UI cards, how to use them besides giving players information and I came up with something that might work better than the current control panels that takes up a quarter of the screen when you bring them up. The idea is to use the UI cards as the interface with pretty much all of the items in the game. The current small printer is what I'm going to use as an example. When you hover over a small printer, a UI card pops up and tells you to hold a certain key to examine the small printer. Well how about changing that so you can interact directly with the small printer without opening a huge control panel. Here's a example picture I put together to demonstrate what I'm talking about. Instead of holding a certain key to open the control panel, you would hold down a key then use the mouse and directional keys to directly interact with the UI card. As shown in the example, holding down the CTRL key and using the A key or D key, you can change the item that you're going to print. When you're ready to print, you would hold down the ALT key then use the A key or D key to change the amount that you'd like to print then click on print all or print queue. Another example, using this on tethers, holding down the CTRL key over the tether UI Card then selecting a color from a color swatch. I just thought I'd throw that in, maybe someone could add to this.
  12. Mak-a-Face

    Need to way speed planet rotations

    I would beg to differ on this, shuttles should have a certain range or a ring of range similar to the current ring that reaches to Sol. For example, the small shuttle would have a very small radius, limiting its range to barren and any other planets that comes into range. This would limit you to Tundra or Exotic and this also means that you'll have to wait a long time for those planets to come into range. If you're using the hydrazine thruster, the range would be a little bit bigger, maybe reaching out to Arid. The large shuttle would have the largest radius that could reach across the system but would also depend on its fuel reserves. Range consumption could be shown by hovering over a planet, it would indicate how much hydrazine would be consumed if you travel to that planet. In my opinion this makes more sense than the current system. I know for myself, I can't stand having a full tank of hydrazine on my large shuttle and having to wait for Tundra to come into range.
  13. Mak-a-Face

    Medium storage disappeared

    Check underneath where you place them. The same thing happened to me and I found some of them below the base in the caves.
  14. While on Tundra, I ran back to a old area in the cave where I remember seeing something that I needed and notice that the Cavern Lure were piling up on top of each other. I'm guessing this happened because I reloaded this savegame a few dozen time now. So when I dug them up, it dropped a bunch of Lure droppings. I collected about 2000 bytes with all those droppings.
  15. Mak-a-Face

    Research Pods

    I've seen one for the value of the pod but not the locations.