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  1. Mak-a-Face

    Patch 1.0.7 - February 21, 2019

    Ahhh, still not working for me. Tried it twice, first time got 20 minutes, second time only got 10 minutes. Keeps crashing.
  2. Mak-a-Face

    Liftable Rovers

    Now that I've thought about it, I think it should be the other way around. If you want to move something that's over tier 2 in size, it would require you to use the packager to return it into a crate form or cube. After that you'll be able to move it and re-deploy it. They need to start adding weight restrictions because lifting everything is just plain silly in my opinion.
  3. Mak-a-Face

    Patch 1.0.6 - February 15th, 2019

    I tried the game again on my Windows machine and it still crashes after 20 to 30 minutes of play. Wait for the next patch.
  4. Mak-a-Face

    Printer Auto-Filler

    No, let me try this again. Let's say you have just smelted a copper and place it on your backpack. What you want to make next is a work light. Instead of going through the complete list of items that you've unlocked on your backpack, items that use copper will be the first to show up when selecting your work light. If you unlocked the small solar panel or extenders, they would also show up at the top of the list. If you have nothing on your backpack, the list of items returned to the default order. All this is really doing is changing the order on the item list temporarily. Placing priority to resources that you're carrying on your backpack, greatly improving productivity.
  5. Mak-a-Face

    Printer Auto-Filler

    When you've unlocked most of the items from the catalog, it gets very annoying having to flip through all of them to find what you're looking for, especially with the slight delay of the UI cards. So how about having a auto filler on all printers, this is similar to autocomplete when typing a word in a search engine. If you only have resin or compound on your backpack, the auto filler will automatically give you the items you can print with these resources first then it will give you the rest of the items that can be printed.
  6. I found my savegames in the following directory. C:/Users/Mak-a-Face/AppData/Local/Astro/Saved/SaveGames AppData folder is hidden usually. Just need to turn "Show hidden files, folders and drives" on.
  7. Yeah, it works fine. I transfer one of my old windows game that kept crashing when I played it in Windows. You'll just need to find your savegame directory. tty command: find . -iname savegames then just transfer your savegames over to that directory.
  8. Was driving around, stopped to go look at something then came back and jumped in. And nothing completely dead, battery fully charged with the organic generator on it. Tried digging underneath it but nothing worked, completely frozen with the wheels turned. Finally got it working by connecting the organic generator to the rear of the tractor but I'm not sure what caused it. Another time, I jumped in to the tractor and I was surfing on the seat. Very strange.
  9. Mak-a-Face

    Is this a joke?

    I'm what Martin on this one, I can't get 10 minutes of play without it crashing and locking up solid. I think the most I've spent was 30 minutes and had to restart because is no autosave that you could set. At least with the tractor, it will save every time you jump in but that's annoying when playing multiplayer especially if you're hosting. At least with the pre-alpha, I never had it crash once, Okay maybe once or twice and it was buggy as heck sometimes but it still ran pretty good. I just landed on Calidor and start exploring and out of nowhere, the game has a hiccup and launches me into orbit, eventually falling back to the surface. So now we're getting the best of both versions. It's kind of sad to see the state of his game so unpolished but I have to give them kudos on sticking to their release date.
  10. After researching and building my first new tractor, it seems that having a tractor in one tiny little cube just seems far-fetched even some of the other tier 2 items can be placed inside such a small cube. So I don't know why we don't have other sizes of tier 1 cubes that could be placed on the medium storage or on your backpack. Of course they won't be able to be placed on the two-tier slots but that doesn't seem to be a problem because the medium storage is unlocked at the beginning of a new game anyway. You'll be able to rotate them too. Here is something I put together to show two different kinds of tier 1 cubes that can be placed on the medium storage or backpack. Oh, by the way the old medium storage looks much better than the new ones, IMO.
  11. Picked up a extender and tried to use it but it wasn't working for some reason. Do I need to unlock it first?
  12. It's there, look closer. Right above the Forward.
  13. Was playing for about 20 minutes without saving and while digging up resin. Out of nowhere, it lockup the game. No auto-save so looking like I'll have to make a point of saving often.
  14. Mak-a-Face - Steam - Tethers not working

    Didn't need it when playing the tutorial. Launch the shuttles without it.
  15. Mak-a-Face - Steam - Tethers not working

    Really? WHY!! I'm getting oxygen from the habitat. Also why would they include the power plant with the habitat but not the Oxygenproducer?