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    "158" - May 5th, 2017

    Another Kerbal fan lol. See if we can drop the frame rate to a crash with all these explosions lol. ??❤?
  2. Chris Deel

    "154" - April 26, 2017

    So any news on when the next patch will be comming to fix a good bit of the bugs in the game? Be great if the could do something about the buzz freeze back to dashboard. Over all i love the game and can wait for whats next. I can live with the smaller bugs but would rly love if they could put a end to the game freeze and crash after a prolonged gameplay time. Keep up the great work though. ??
  3. Chris Deel

    New update

    Its a game, not your life... is it? But really, if it was the other way around then you wouldn't be saying anything about how long it takes. Just enjoy the updates as they come and when they come. ???