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  1. Is there a way to unlock the FPS? If not, please add a function, would be nice
  2. I would like to add to "Keep the game sciency" that data like mass or gravitational pull would enhance the game for the space-freaks. Maybe an option for disabling such would be nice for everyone right?
  3. Okay thank you, going to try it out next time I play!
  4. Yeah would be nice. My old laptop reaches only about 20 ...
  5. Hey community and hey developers! I have some few suggestions and ideas I wan´t to share with all of you. I like my ideas but maybe anyone of you won´t like them, they are created with support of my opinion and style to play this lovely game. So please don´t hate if you see an idea you don´t like. I am a german so please don´t judge my grammar if its bad. "Unlock-tree" for the suits: You could unlock the new features with skillpoints. A leveling-system could be the right choice so you get an amount of skillpoints with wich you can unlock upgrades. But I am not s