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  1. Desamii

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    Funny. Same here. See the broken planet at the sky and in Space while flying. I waitet for the planet and flew to it. It wasn't broken anymore. It was tundra. After leaving it was broken again. I also have this missing pices in the undergrund, in caves and its vanishing after a while.
  2. Desamii

    Copper & Aluminum Colors

    I have problems with this too. I'm not color blind, but every other ressource has its own shape and colour. I liked this design the first time a saw your game! So I would like to see copper in some reddish, brown tone and in some different form, too. I also have problems with recognition of sources in the open world, especially during the night or deep in a cave, while colors fading into gray on gray with gray shaddows White Composit, black coal and purple resin * are simple, because of its form. They are very different from each other and the rest. But Hydrazine, malachite and the other cristal-forms are too similar for me (if I'm not hanging in it with my camera). Every time I don't like something in a game, I first think about the reasons why this is like that and not something else. But I don't understand why you are NOT doing this, because there are wonderfull cristalforms and colors which would look very different. Simple forms, very easy to build. I know, you want something realistic (like this very green malachite in your game [okay, that was ironic]), but hydrazine usualy has no form. Its liquid. So, you can do, what you want ^^ (left: Thats nickel ^^ looks like composit *) (And some crystalized gold on the right) And last: I think colour blind people also love your game because of the forms. This game is working without colors. Well done! * PS: I'm playing in German on Steam, PC. I have really no idea how this stuff is called in english. So, if its not called composit and resin, I'm very sorry. I mean the white mixture you use for building everything. This lilac "Harz" should be resin, I think, but don't know. I hope you know what I mean ^^"
  3. Desamii

    [Merged] Partial Nuggets Stuck/Immovable

    This happened to me, too. It was my fault, I put 4 ore into the machine, started the process and put a 5th one into the machine. The full blocks i can use, the parts not. The Parts are not removeable.