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  1. red_space_boots

    One Critique

    Beacons have become my best friend - drop one of those every once and a while as you explore and you'll never get lost again
  2. red_space_boots

    I think I found a surprise

    That might be a satellite for the minigame
  3. red_space_boots

    What are the seeds and w/o knows how to use them?-

    I dunno, I think it could add a cool element to the game. Maybe a selectable "survival" option - so if you didn't want to have those elements then you don't have to
  4. red_space_boots

    What are the seeds and w/o knows how to use them?-

    Some are speculating this is the first step in implementing a hunger system (aka seeds will soon become available for food and you'll need to plant them) and others are saying it could be the first step in including aggressive and/or malicious wildlife and these would be a way to protect your base from enemies.
  5. red_space_boots

    What are the seeds and w/o knows how to use them?-

    "As for the seeds, if you don't leave them on your backpack for too long, you can plant them and they will grow into fully mature spiker mushrooms... which you can then kill again for more seeds. To plant them all you do is set them on the ground. They will sink into the surface just a bit, and they will begin to grow rapidly after that."
  6. Can't tell you how many times I've had the same thought - or said to myself, "Does the night really last forever on this planet?!" haha
  7. red_space_boots

    Hopeful for the Future!

    Completely agree - have started playing, got in a groove, looked up and 7 hours had passed! I think I'm well over the 40 hour mark in total which is money well spent in my book. Not to mention the incredible future this game has.
  8. red_space_boots

    Suggestions on how to tip shuttle upright?

    I used this technique and after a food good hits it righted itself!
  9. red_space_boots

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    Wow this is incredible!
  10. red_space_boots

    XBox 0.2.10119.0

    Neat! Can you plant them?
  11. red_space_boots

    Please Do something about this

    If you haven't offed yourself yet - I read this elsewhere on the forum but align yourself with the stars directly above you. Once you've done that pick a direction, either east or west, start running (or rovering) and you'll eventually run into your habitat again.
  12. red_space_boots

    Xbox One Frame Rate Problem

    When your friend joins you on the planet you are now hosting the planet so your frames are going to drop but it may not change what he experiences. I've read on the forums that taking away unnecessary tethers helps with the frame rate issues. I can't confirm this yet as the only solution I've had is to not play with friends (unfortunately) and if I explore to far away from base I save, exit, and load back in which usually helps, at least some what. I'm hoping a patch is incoming that will help because I'd love to explore and play with others freely!
  13. This is a FANTASTIC idea! Coming from someone who searched for nearly 2 hours for her home base to no avail, I would absolutely appreciate this kind of feature.
  14. red_space_boots

    XBox 0.2.10119.0

    Fingers crossed!