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    Flatten tool 2.0

    I think a really cool idea for the flatten tool would be to give the flatten tool an organic way of moving. I mean In the sense of making it so you can have perfect 0° degree angles, or move even change it to a different angle to make ramps and such. So for example the flatten tool would still have that green circle as its icon, but instead of moving around on the floor like all the tools usually do, it can float in mid air, and depending on the circle's angle it would either create or destroy terrain until the terrain is raised/lowered to look like the angle of the circle. Does this make any sense? Im trying my best to explain it haha. Edit: i think the word i was looking for was gyroscope. The way it moves is what i mean by adjusting the flatten tool to make specific angles that fit your need. Correct me if i used the wrong word.
  2. Hey, so i found that sometimes when my friend lags out of my game when im host, or even when we just start up the world, i cant invite him. Like i go to the invite menu and when i click on him, or anybody, the "invite to game" button is transparent. I have to reset the game and sometimes the xbox itself to be able to invite him. It seems random though and doesnt always happen.
  3. I found this nice cave that had lots of researchable objects so i decided to bring my truck in the cave to efficiently move the objects to my base. The entrance to the cave was big enough for me to fit in but too small for the truck. I also saw this video explaining how the flatten tool worked, and it looked awesome, so i wanted to give it a try and make a little garage-like room in the side of the cave. It started out alright, but then as i made the room bigger , i started falling through the floor into a cave system right below the room. I died upon contact with the floor, and spawned back at my base. But every time i try to continue flattening that specific room, i fall through. This happened multiple times and i still cant flatten that little room. Im on Xbox One and im loving this game soooo much. Its great. Aside from the lag generated from too many tethers being placed, and little things here and there, ITS STILL THE BEST GAME EVER.