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  1. Ideas: Add a sun in the center of the solar system star map when blasting off into space Be able to make space stations and satellites orbiting planets that can be docked on and operated Add moving alien life forms and weapons on some planets (ratchet and clank style) Add big star-ships that the player can walk around in. That can take you to new solar systems through a warp drive it can have a large cargo hold and fuel tank. Equipped with landing pods, the ship orbits planets and can land (advice building add-on) Space farming can produce new items that give buf
  2. Suggestions: Habitat add-ons should be able to turn to face the direction you want Increase planet diversity and keep adding more content Add more weather conditions based off planets attributs Have some planets rain and have water more earth like planets with life Add shooting stars/auroras (ice planets or ice areas) and meters/comets hitting the planets with thin atmospheres/none sometimes dropping ores or loot Be able to delete saves easier Single seats on spaceships look vary unappealing The truck flips too much for being the better vehicle a
  3. General list of found bugs: Solar's sometimes split and look funky when rolling a rover or truck Characters fall through the earth when building on yourself or when spawning from a spaceship The spaceship only deploys its cables and add-ons once then no longer works and will not reconnect to anything (conditions for this glitch unknown) After traveling and making homes on other planets, the star map shows random broken locations around the current planet off in space The small plant life on the surface of Exotic acts like tethers or Tundras ice spikes causing vehi