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  1. Implement a Tunnel-Digger. This should be a vehicle to construct mines while sitting in it. It should allow the player to drill a tunnel (about the diameter of the truck) into the ground in different modes: - horizontal (only when already below ground) - 20 deg elevation - 45 deg elevation - straight down. The Player should be also able to Control the bearing of the vehicle. So basicly it would be: - hop in - turn into desired direction - set mode (see above) - drill baby! Construction should take 4 Titanium. It should allow 4 double-slots for a seat and storage.
  2. Backpack Upgrades should be set to either increase carry capacity or add equipment slots. This way you do not turn players in running warehouses. The game Needs a bit running-around to get things done:)
  3. You should be able to Research a "Station Core" which you bring up over a planet. Then you research "Station Modules" enabling you to fly up , leave the spaceship and build modules in the same fashion like the groundbases. You could use the spacestation for different things (here a few ideas): - ressource-management and logistics: build shuttles with only storage and they will autodock on a specified docking-module and transfer their goods to the station if there is room in a storage module , Vice versa you send down stuff, a ground base needs. - build cargo ships that can fly to and dock on other stations - generate energy with big panel-modules to send back to your planet-bases - weather-surveylance to warn for storms or other hazards with a Radar module (corresponds for e.g. with a radio attachment for your backpack) - grow food (if the ressource/need is implemented) by using a green house module (which of course would need water and oxygene to work) aaaand many more...
  4. +1 A configuration-option for different Icons on the signal flares might do the trick!
  5. Maybe we could implement this as Buttons in the forum..... Google translation:
  6. I second this one! Alternatively (at least when it comes to base-structures), each structure should have some red button that dismantles the structure (with an "are you sure?" of course) and refunds maybe half the ressources.