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  1. I like the idea. Even if it is not "absolutly usefull". It is a role-play extra.
  2. If an item is not use for a period of time, it could be slowly covered by dust (or ice). The effect : power panels works bad and finally do not work at all. Beacon could work less. It means a approximate signal, difficulties to read the beacon's name. (when beacon will have names). You just have to touch once or several times the soiled items to clean it. More a planet is hostile, more the stuff will be dirty faslty and strongly. It could be ice on ice planet. I know it is just a detail, a visual aspect and not a priority but it could be a little extra for the player game'
  3. Yes great ideas. Small signs for cave and bigger signs for surface. And why not special signs, more costly, in order to name large area? (example a whole plain).
  4. Sorry for my bad English. As Mr. Badger, the renaming of the beacons is my main will. We should rename the vehicles and the bases also. It could be "advanced beacon" (for example which cost 1 compound and 1 titanium) which could be renamed and why not make and bigger signal. Actual beacons could be watching only from the ground. I think also about the possiblity to create an put "signs". Small as a reminder and bigger to name places (mountain , plain, caves). The signs are different from beacon : you do not see them from space, when you see the planet from the shuttle then make l