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  1. Tom Heath

    "119" - January 21st, 2017

    Managed to get co-op working after a lot of tries, ended up restarting my router etc and it worked! I played host on Win10 with partner playing on X1, Performance was good to begin with but degraded over time. The X1 version began suffering from FPS drop quite early on but some other issues occurred, If I pulled out the terrain tool it changed the camera on the X1 version making it difficult for my partner. Power began overwriting every other resource which stopped us from being able to gather additional resources, and when the partner died it dropped REALLY TINY versions of their backpack, terrain tool etc. Other than the above issues it's been a great experience and my partner and I are enjoying the game despite the issues. Keep up the hard work guys!
  2. Tom Heath

    "119" - January 21st, 2017

    Yeah, both are up to date, both games are coming up as joinable. We have tried multiple permutations for eg. Tried to just join. Tried joining from X1 Tried joining from Xbox app on Win10 Tried joining from party Tried parties from both ends All end up the same, when joining from X1 if the game is loaded to the main menu it restarts the game and then hangs on the loading screen before restarting the loading screen and then loading into a separate game When joining from dashboard it starts up the game and follows the same as above. When joining X1 from Windows with game closed it just loads up solo, when joining from loaded game nothing happens.
  3. Tom Heath

    "119" - January 21st, 2017

    I've been unable to join a cross platform game between W10 and X1, I get the options to join but it either hangs on the X1 then eventually loads a separate game or it just loads a separate game on Win 10
  4. Tom Heath

    XBox 0.2.10119.0

    Im on Win10 and I now have the option to join players on the X1 and vice versa however it doesn't seem to work, I just load into a different world and on the X1 the game restarts and hangs for awhile on the loading screen before doing the same....
  5. Tom Heath

    New update

    Ok so the crossplay between X1 and Win10 options seem to be there now, I can select to join friends on the X1 version and vice versa however when I do it doesn't work, If the person on the X1 version tries to join mine it just reloads the game back to the menu