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  1. I hope you see the multible posts and threads in your forum and reddit about game crashes. the game is UNPLAYABLE since the patch 196. It crashes on multiplayer games since 5-10 mins of gameplay. We CANNOT wait 3-4 weeks for a new patch, we want that fixed in "days".
  2. sir moc

    Buglist Patch 196

    Hi, me and my friend are playing Astroneer since release. We had a lot of fun with it, many thanks for that (+100 hours of play for both). But we think this version is the WORST VERSION EVER... It set up a new record in terms of having bugs and the client (coop partner) crashes so often thats its nearly unplayable in multiplayer at the moment Starting on Earth, building up a new awesome colony, here is our list of interest: Positive: The Rover physics are much more better than before, now its driveable! The client synchronisation is better but far away from beeing perfect. The new exploding particle effects (with dynamite) - e.g. hydrazine - are very nice. The game performance is ok, but always can be better Negative: Multiplayer Bugs: Crash to desktop for client player. In 1,5h of playing we had 11 crashes in multiple situations. After joining a new game, resources, which were crafted from the host, are partially flying and invisible for client player. Rejoining the game solves this issue. Client player can't put the tethers back in stack - only as a single tether. The glowing of the "Arbeitslicht" is not visible for the client player (Das Leuchten des Arbeitslichtes ist für den Client nicht sichtbar - german version Randomly long loading times for client player on joining - from 20 seconds up to a few minutes. Client player can't see building effects like smelter after rejoining a game. Some tethers are upsite down after rejoining a game for client player. Bugs for both players: The Sun is a white planet and not glowing. Background music is in loop or crashing. The Rover can kill the player just by leaving him. The Rovers are pushed away by the storm - above ground level and in caves too. Driving with two large Rovers is broken. When one player jumps out of the rover, the other rover stops driving. By building base expansions, the expansions are jumping away. The augments doesn't work anymore and have no effect on terraforming. The Unreal Engine Crash Reporter seems not to work properly - the logs under user/appdata/astro/logs are partially empty. Background information: After every patch we start up a new game and delete old cofiguration data under user/appdata/astro. Both: Windows 10 professional x64 with Steam and a MSI GT72 Skylake based configuration with GTX 970M and 16GB of RAM.
  3. i realy like the idear of giant mushrooms for exotic planet or deep caves. what do you think? like this:
  4. sir moc

    I draw a buildorder chart

    i have updated my chart and mixed it with my buildorder chart. i uploadet it on my steam artworks:
  5. sir moc

    Planet - Recource - Chart

    i have updated my chart and mixed it with my buildorder chart. i uploadet it on my steam artworks:
  6. Hi, i draw a chart about the planets in excel. its bases on the astroneer wiki. what are your experiences with the planets and the recources about them? are these chart information correct?
  7. Hi, me and a friend are playing astroneer in coop since release. we have now ~ 50 h experience with the game and everything multiple times discovered. here are our bug experiences: i think the terran, barren and exotic planet works fine in multiplayer, here they happend the same know major bugs. everything is still very playable. the tundra, radiation, and desert planet are very buggy. sometimes unplayable for my coop partner. here happen major terrain / asynchronos bugs. where my friend fall through the planet and die. mostly the second player cannot see the recources in caves oder run into invisble plants (asynchron). basebuilding on this planets is asynchron too (invisible buildings). i suggest that some improvements in this direction would be good for multiplayer players in the future. all of these bugs happens in every version and savegame since release. what are your experiences in multiplayer?
  8. sir moc

    I draw a buildorder chart

    now i have build the base following my layout. everything works like planned, very well.
  9. sir moc

    I draw a buildorder chart

    Hi, i updatet my chart after some testing. Here i share it with you:
  10. hello community, i have created a buildorder chart for me an my coop friend. i want to share this with you. the chart ist available in english an german.