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  1. As a workaround (but not sure why you wouldn't do it anyway), build a large platform and throw two medium storage units on there. Sanity restored.
  2. This has been around since I started playing the game in pre-alpha. It's very helpful for moving a load of large items around; might be intentional.
  3. Hahaha, get an extra large shredder in there and haul.
  4. Colude

    Tethers placement

    Also chiming in on this one... tethers used to place just behind the player, meaning any new tethers placed while running and extending beyond the last tether's reach should connect. Not any longer, they either appear beside, behind or slightly in front and to the side; this means very often I lose the tethers off into an abyss or huge chasm I'm creating a bridge over.
  5. Colude

    Soil Centrifuge bugging out

    Can also attest to this issue. I used a packager to work around the issue however it appears there's a placement bug which may be causing the problem; I rotated the package and the silhouette oriented itself 90 degrees away from what it should've been, requiring me to rotate it again.
  6. Colude

    [Merged] Trapped In Habitat

    Ah, makes sense. The In terms of reproducing the issue, I try to be very careful in my handling of habitats because I know this is a potential issue. If there's no specific fix added in the patch notes then I'm sure we're all pretty hesitant to deliberately brick our savegames, unless you've requested feedback for it specifically. Whilst that would be awesome as a 'fix' I fully understand the reasoning behind identifying the root cause (if it still exists) to prevent it even happening. Making things harder, I have an Insider build of Windows 10 (16199) which refuses to allow game execution on my main PC so I'll use another machine and get back to you. Once again we appreciate your comms on this issue!
  7. Colude

    [Merged] Trapped In Habitat

    I loaded an old savegame with this issue and unfortunately I am still not provided with an option to exit the habitat. Happy to isolate the affected save files and send them to you if it makes things easier! All good mate!
  8. Colude

    [Merged] Trapped In Habitat

    Don't be silly. There was a direct question from a SES dev on the topic and the users are entitled to reply in conversation. Like @Marcksaid, I've also pored over the latest patch notes on release and there unfortunately no mention of this bug nor the state of implementation; happy to test on some tombstoned saves which I've kept around! I'll report back on my findings!
  9. Colude

    [Merged] Trapped In Habitat

    THANKYOU so much Joe! This is awesome news and should save so much frustration in savegames going forward!
  10. Colude

    [Merged] Trapped In Habitat

    It really is about time this bug was addressed; a simple code routine mod to allow a player to exit the habitat is all that's needed. Seriously. I have no issues with bugs but this seems trivial to resolve and it's a save breaker six months after release.
  11. Dynamite's ability to destroy nodes, vehicles and plants was added in the experimental version (122) and in the mainstream release thereafter; unfortunately the node ducting doesn't reset and there's nothing you can do for now.
  12. Colude

    Slowness in the image

    This is a known issue being worked on... some have mentioned improvements by not using long tether lines but you will inadvertently find a slowdown. A few of my savegames are down at 10-12FPS and it's like a fast version of powerpoint slides.
  13. Suffocate your astroneer just outside your base or vehicle's oxygen supply. Anything that isn't in your top two outside slots and craft slot will be left on your corpse's backpack.
  14. Colude

    Picked up buried research object

    Depending on the plant/object that has a research item attached, some are able to be picked up without deforming terrain or killing the plant. Not unique to your game in this instance but not sure whether the action is intentional (I'd say it is for the balloon plant (lol) you pillaged. Party time!
  15. Colude

    Logged back in and all supplies gone!

    My (mostly) successful method to prevent losing resources and trucks (!) completely in this manner is to excavate underneath the terrain you have them resting on, before leaving the area or game. Quite often I find them having fallen through the (unloaded) terrain immediately underneath but by the time the terrain loads, they'll still be around in your secure area. This has saved many resources also while mining, when the terrain tool spits out the nuggets underneath the terrain, usually losing it.