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  1. Good post. I can repro as below: 1. Yep. This is also fixed by killing yourself somehow (oxygen deprival, fall damage, hazard, respawn at starting base) and the tool will become usable again. Usually after stuff detaches and reattaches during spaceflight. 2. Confirmed. 3. Confirmed. Usually when loading back into a game where there are a number of items surrounding the player (eg, a base) 4. Usually stop them, but yes, can confirm. 5. Cannot confirm. Trade platform is the only exception, but requires changing the trade resource to something else and back again. 6. Usually occurs when the output storage is full, but won't retransfer nuggets until a nugget on the centrifuge is manually moved. 7. Confirmed. Related to 1) 8. Confirmed, but seems to happen when loading in a large number of assets or a larger save. 9. Confirmed, but for me this has been most often the rover 'skidding' whilst someone else has driven it. 10. Confirmed, but known by SES. Happens on planets aside from Sylva. 11. Confiirmed, but only slightly forward in the Chem lab where I can see the nugget before process is complete.. 12. Confirmed, but suspect this is linked to server framerate at the time. Larger saves or activity would have the server at a few FPS. 13. Extenders don't place properly in quick-extend mode whilst Player 1. Separately logged via email.
  2. I don't recall the Trade Platform ever needing power, since the game moved to a modular approach for items, which has been strange - I think power should be required and consumed tbh. (tracking the platform with a radio dish for returning trade could work!)
  3. I've had the same issue on a dedi server and can repro very easily. Let me know if you'd like my save file as well! v1.12
  4. This seems to occur after the server has become established and after travelling to another planet. Items detach/reattch from your backpack and tool multiple times, which means backpack attachable items like the Hydrazine Jump Jet need to be taken off and reattached to register properly, and the thruster's Hydrazine canister (or thruster itself) needs to be taken off the rocket and reattached as well.
  5. Whinge as hell. Pile of garbage. Entitled. Entitled. Constructive criticism is fine, and of course devs need to be able to take that criticism with the salt it deserves, but whiny forum posts are not beneficial to anyone. I wasn't targeting your post if it doesn't fit the mould I described.
  6. Amazing (fun) update @SES_joe and SES team! Had a load of laughs with a squad trying to mine away Desolo and blow up massive craters with hydrazine... 0.5FPS was the lowest I let it go before triggering the asplosion! As for the whingers, why all the ungrateful posts like you're entitled to something? Go elsewhere unless you're going to post constructive criticism and leave emotion at the door; how would you like me to tell you that your work is useless, because what you do isn't exactly what I want? Moronic. Yes. Despite being new to this forum (welcome!), posting etiquette across the entire internet says you don't quote a wall of text, with nigh zero following content... The option to Reply is down the bottom of each page, or quote a post and delete the irrelevant content.
  7. Can you stop spam posting (with whingeing)? Head into the relevant subforum and seek help there.
  8. As a workaround (but not sure why you wouldn't do it anyway), build a large platform and throw two medium storage units on there. Sanity restored.
  9. This has been around since I started playing the game in pre-alpha. It's very helpful for moving a load of large items around; might be intentional.
  10. Also chiming in on this one... tethers used to place just behind the player, meaning any new tethers placed while running and extending beyond the last tether's reach should connect. Not any longer, they either appear beside, behind or slightly in front and to the side; this means very often I lose the tethers off into an abyss or huge chasm I'm creating a bridge over.
  11. Can also attest to this issue. I used a packager to work around the issue however it appears there's a placement bug which may be causing the problem; I rotated the package and the silhouette oriented itself 90 degrees away from what it should've been, requiring me to rotate it again.