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    Off ground propulsion vehicle

    I think this a very interesting and creative idea! It would be amazing to traverse a planet through the air and be able to scout areas. I mean air travel should be achievable if space travel is. Plus, any type of air vehicle gameplay would be so fun and without a doubt have some hilarious moments lol
  2. Mitchel Contreras

    5 ideas that could improve gameplay

    Oh, also a feature that allowed you to label beacons. Possibly just the option to give them a one or two character description such as "aa," "bz," "gc," or even allow numbers to be incorporated letting someone have the numbers 1 to 99 or combinations like "t7." I forgot to include this in my original post, sorry.
  3. Mitchel Contreras

    5 ideas that could improve gameplay

    - A suit modification station that allows you to alter your suit's attributes. Things along the lines of a lighter suit that allows higher jumping and less fall damage, but increases damage from collisions and other sources. Or perhaps the alternate with a heavy suit. Then an addition on the left side of the backpack that allows you to easily see which modification you have on. You would also be required to visit the station to change modifications. - A blend feature for the terraforming gun that allows you to naturalize terrain so that ramps or nicely angled ground is more achievable. Perhaps make the visual for it an empty or completely filled circle. - Allow the extensions of the base to manipulated or more easily controlled. For manipulation, permit them to be raised or lowered with the reach of the wires, allowing the ground to be lowered or raised within a certain distance of them. To visually support this, metal legs or stands could extend from the bottom of the platform to the ground. - A research journal that keeps track of known research. Just a quick reference to see what you can build, what it takes, where it's built, and if you have built it and used it for what it's used for, a small description of what that research/item does. By having only learned research in it, it makes adding more research in the future easier. (Plus, what kind of astronaut/engineer wouldn't have journals?) - A feature for the terraforming gun that removes only surface materials. It's understandable that those materials are gathered by "mining" them, but perhaps, conceptually, it would be a lower power setting on the gun that doesn't alter the ground, but is enough to remove items on the top such as organic material and loose deposits of oxygen and power. It could possibly even take less power to use this mode.