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  1. The immersion you feel when you take a lump out from under a plant to a research pad using telekinesis and that lump tells you how to build spaceship? Come off it mate. You don't think it makes sense for the research station to keep a log of what materials its scanned?
  2. If I or another very expensive vehicle randomly plunges to the core of a planet through solid rock again I'm going to have to uninstall this game and forget it exists for a a few months. Please tell me they're close to fixing this! My latest loss was two tethered trucks with a one seat, a solar panel, a crane, a drill bit, and two large storage on which was a total of six storage and two fully charged batteries. This thing was a planet destroyer but it is now lost to the planet itself. I get it, its a pre-alpha so its going to be full of bugs but man, this is ridiculous.