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  1. I had this exact same issue, and resolved it the same way: uninstalling KB4550945 as noted above. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4550945/windows-10-update-kb4550945 From the above info page about this update, under "Known issues in this update": "After installing this optional update, some devices might have licensing issues with apps and games installed from the Microsoft Store." System Era, is someone looking into this? There are two separate issues here: The warning message that is displayed after the user confirms saving and quitting is cut off as shown in screenshot in the original post, above; this needs to be resolved so user can understand what is being warned about. Inability to save games in Astroneer on PC as sold by the MIcrosoft store. Doesn't occur in Steam version, only the PC/Xbox version.
  2. avitous

    The Groundwork Update - October 24th, 2019

    +1 I'd love to see some added game content that is... substantial. Exploration quests in pursuit of meaty, intricate mysteries. Scenarios involving large scale geoengineering to solve problems. Larger scale automation. I'd be ecstatic, though, just to see robust solutions to oft-reported bugs and issues that have never been addressed satisfactorily. I'd also love to see more robust QA to help prevent bugs from creeping in with each update, such as the chemistry lab not auto-unloading to attached storage.
  3. That's very interesting, that the issue is reproducible on PC using Xbox controller. I've never used the Xbox controller when playing on my PC, only console. This bug predates the Summer Update, though; I've noticed this issue as long as I've played on Xbox, and that predates even the 1.0 release.
  4. Ever since the new terrain system came out with the 1.0 release earlier this year, driving a vehicle (rover or tractor, doesn't matter) with a front-mounted drill is impossible while trying to use the drill. It's finally dawned on me this is actually a terrain issue where the vehicle gets buried and stuck in the terrain as the drill is cutting into it, as in my current 1.2.10 game my large rover train is half buried and gets embedded even deeper when I turn the drill on. Symptom: when drill is mounted on front of a vehicle and turned on, the vehicle cannot be moved by driving. The only way to effectively tunnel with the drill while moving forward is to first initiate forward motion, then turn the drill on and off rapidly while continuing to propel the vehicle forward; while this gets the job done (sort of) it is difficult, and infuriating because of how much easier this works when playing the PC version using a keyboard/mouse where this issue does not appear. In my current game I started noticing that when I turned drill on when vehicle was not moving the front rover in the train would sink into the ground. Repeated activations of the drill seem to slowly sink the vehicle further. When I exit the vehicle and use terrain deform tool anywhere near vehicle, whether digging or flattening terrain, vehicle would sink further even if terrain I was modifying was a ways away from the vehicle. Just now trying to dig my rover out of the mess it is now more than 1/2 buried, and will likely soon fall completely into the terrain. Earlier in this game I also noticed vehicles sinking partly into the ground when terrain modified anywhere near them, and this is what makes me think the issues with the drill operation on a vehicle in Xbox is actually due to these other terrain issues. Whatever is causing it, the Xbox version of this game isn't really playable until this gets resolved.
  5. avitous

    Vehicle and terrain problems

    I agree; this issue with vehicle movement while trying to operate a drill on Xbox has been around for months and it is infuriating.
  6. Just showed up for me as well; had to restart console to see it.
  7. avitous

    Xbox one s completely unplayable now

    Oh I'm sure they tested it, but given how much talk there has been of a "day one patch" along with some gameplay elements that didn't get finished (weather, hence no storms for now) it seems their expectation was to get "something" out there by the promised release date with a patch the next day (!) to address the most pressing issues which were already known. I don't have much hope myself that the xbox issues will be completely fixed, as it is quite an anemic platform for large scale simulations (only 8 GB of RAM, 12G on One X, shared between CPU and graphics) compared to a "high end" gaming PC, which will invariably have several GB dedicated graphics memory and 16GB or more of RAM. Still waiting for the xbox patch...
  8. avitous

    1.0.0 xbox low frame rate at tiimes

    I'm seeing performance issues too after only an hour of play on a One X. Frame rate is all over the place, often jittery and occasionally even freezing briefly. 0.10.5 was more playable than this.
  9. avitous

    Can't Remove Smelter From Platform

    Fair warning, though, that the dynamite will (likely?) destroy the platform as well, at least it has every time I've used it. My first item researched is usually the large platform B for exactly this reason.
  10. avitous

    Astroneer - E3 Reveal Trailer

    If there are going to be meteorites, then I demand anti-meteor defense towers. Perhaps as a later game extraordinary research challenge, but at least give us a way to counter them.
  11. avitous

    when is the next update due?

    There were a trio of hotfixes released end of March/beginning of April (the last, 0.6.8 was 4/2 or so) following the last update. So strictly speaking, it is not quite a full month since the last released code. Patience is a good thing...
  12. avitous

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    I also didn't notice until seeing this discussion about where the updates were in fact added. Looking at the first page of this topic, the updates that were added in red describing 0.6.6+ are below a large image announcing 0.6.5 and are therefore not visible in my browser at all unless I scrolled down. So the more recently added updates are easy to miss unless the title itself of the post is updated or the updates are added *above* the image so that everybody would immediately see them.
  13. Just tried with a second vehicle bay, and noticed that both the small and large shuttle require a mix of components: 2 compound + 1 aluminum for the shuttle, and 2 of each for the large shuttle. However, when selecting one of the shuttles, the correct components are not automatically loaded, but if I manually controlled loading of the components then the build button was displayed. Trying this on the original vehicle bay also showed the build button when the correct components were slotted in. So both shuttles can in fact be built with some intervention.
  14. Just spent bytes on (small) shuttle, and I cannot build that one either. No build button is displayed for either shuttle type in the vehicle bay, so space flight doesn't appear to even be possible on xbox. Will try from a second vehicle bay next...
  15. After all the hard work accumulating research bytes and acquiring the large shuttle template, I cannot build it. Vehicle bay shows a 'build' button icon for every vehicle but the large shuttle, even though I have the resources to build it (4 aluminum). Makes game unplayable for space flight as I have never used the small shuttle (100+ hours on Steam version) and have no desire to do so.