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  1. Oh video shows literally 20 fps and I froze and game made horrible buzzing noise and kicked me to main menu, lost all progress
  2. I play for maybe one hour and the game freezes or becomes so unbearably laggy that I can't enjoy it. I know they state this will be fixed but holy Jesus I literally can't play like this . IMG_4011.MOV
  3. These look awesome and all but if the game doesn't run well now, how will the better graphics effect it.. 20 tethers and the frame rate becomes potatoe.
  4. I know the next update focus on known issues and that terrible FPS just curious if anyone knows anything?
  5. Sorry I didn't get to play today I am usually on between like 2pm-6pm then 9pm-2am
  6. Hi all add on Xbox if you want to play, do some testing or are ever bored ! Gamer tag is Cup O Noodle5
  7. I'm live now on astroneer to show any issues but also to have some fun ! Join me
  8. I play on Xbox one and the frame rate issue makes the game unplayable, after about an hour you have to restart and if you join a friends game you lose all your items in your bag .... love the game have some great ideas for it but the performance issue should be up on the priority list, atleast for consol
  9. So my friends game that I join every day, I spawn in the ground and always ALWAYS lose every item in my back pack....these need to be fixed, last patches said they fixed falling trough the ground...I lost two trucks...
  10. Better then my sketch lol since my handwriting is not the best, you play on Xbox one?
  11. Hello there, my names Matt I'm on Xbox as "Cup O Noodle5" add if you'd like I'd like to message or speak to a developer directly as forums can often get cluttered and some posts may not be seen. I have ideas for you guys and shared one on the forums earlier but would like to speak to someone who can push these ideas. I'm hoping I can be taken seriously and we can speak out opinions together. Thank you in advance dev team.