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  1. When I turn on the drill on the large rover, the rover stops being maneuverable. It feels like it’s sliding on ice. The only way to make a tunnel is to continuously toggle the drill on and off. Very annoying, especially on very craggy terrain like on Atrox. Please fix this.
  2. Any timeline on when the first "known issue" on the list will be patched?
  3. I agree 100%. Look, at it's essence I LOVE this game, this is not meant to be a hate post at all. But I have a strong computer and after 30 hrs. in my 1.0 save, my friend and I have quit playing (we have yet to even visit all the planets.) When I'm in my game alone I get 45 fps, which is way too low considering what my computer specs are, but still playable. But as soon as my friend joins me, I am the host, I go down to 15-20 fps, no better (his FPS is much better, around 90-110.) This is unacceptable. As alluded to in the post above, this is just not sustainable, to call this a ful
  4. This is also happening to a friend of mine, exactly the same as Ba'an Behringer described in the original post, I am the host and the client sees me "walk through walls". When he attempts to remove that land mass, it reappears, and if he is within the mass when it pops back, he is stuck, starts to float and dies. Thanks for your attention to this issue.
  5. Hi, here is exactly what I did. 1. Uninstall Astroneer (I did it through program removal in the Windows operating system, not through Steam). 2. Once uninstalled, move folder titled "Astroneer Early Access" to desktop, this folder is located at c:\programfiles(x86)\steam\ 3. restart computer 4. Open Steam and re-install Astroneer. 5. Launch Astroneer. this worked for me, I hope this helps!
  6. I found an additional folder within the c:\programfiles(x86)\steam\AstroneerEarlyAccess. After moving that folder to the desktop (kept it just in case), I uninstall the game again, reinstalled and now I'm all set and working fine, save files are still intact also. If anyone else encounters this problem, I hope this helps!
  7. Hi all, So, after the update 119 I am unable to get the game to launch. When I go to launch I receive the message in the image I have attached to this thread. I have clicked both "cancel" and "ok". Cancel just stops the launch, OK starts the launch, but after a few seconds I see my status in Steam change from "In-game - ASTRONEER" to just "online". I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and continue to have the same issue. Any help would be much appreciated!