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  1. Underminer, I agree; possibly we could have story paths that are available to follow in no particular order. That way people can essentially complete the missions in the order they desire. New missions can be added and players simply start the new missions if that is what that want to do. Total freedom but also purpose. Plus, missions give opportunity for achievements.
  2. Yes, the game itself is still short of content while they continue development. In the mean time it is fun to be creative. Most survival sandbox games like this have a creative mode option. The story is disabled and the player is free to play uber-multi-quadrillionaire who can just do as they and groom entire plants to their will. Want to level the whole planet? sure... Want build some crazy structure? Want to explore every cave ever? Whatever you want to do you can do. Creative mode is simple. Press M for menu. (M or whatever button works best) Select what you want to spawn in and it appears. Make anything with no material costs. Everything is already unlocked/researched. No oxygen requirements. No energy requirements. No damage/infinite health. Use that vacutool and build a giant city. The planet is your play-dough. It does not detract from gameplay. Because it is entirely separate from a normal game.
  3. Actually maybe this could be a separate tool from the terraformer. Instead of just adding to this tool, make it a researchable tool that is only for terraforming and cannot collect things like the regular vacutool thing.
  4. I actually support both ideas. Sure the angle tool would not be needed; but it sure would be nice on occasion. I had an idea similar that was a second separate tool for advanced terraforming. Leaving the mining tool to do its job as is. Also, the transport thing is cool. You could give each platform a little crane arm to hold the cable and the carrier moves between the two like a ski-lift.
  5. You said it well, Gwido. Fly Boy; I too would like some more things that get unlocked over time and would enable more efficient and prosperous operation. You mention shoes that let you survive falls. Which could be accomplished by having a Hydrozene consuming mini-jet pack that the player could use. That would let you soft land or super jump using short pulses of jet pack. Now look what you did, I have to make a new thread with a sweet jet pack idea you just gave me!! Keep pumping ideas and good things will happen.
  6. I can agree. I was just hoping to recycle the crashed ships. Maybe it could be carried but have to be placed down again to actually work? Or be its own vehicle I suppose.
  7. This. Most wind generators fold their blades or pivot their rotors away from the wind when the wind gets too strong. The vertical type wind generators could simply automatically face the wind to reduce their drag and stop turning. Or the blades could slide up until they are tight against the center pole rather than bowed out to catch the wind (they could also retract into their base when this happens. This could be a way of warning the player that the storm is coming.)
  8. Sounds fun! +1 I have been a proponent of having multiple 'endgame' options and I really like these ideas. I also like having an open ended endgame where the player can keep playing after the game is done.
  9. There is a trainer mod that I use sometimes that allows you to make basic materials without any material costs. (you just select what you want and click make and it appears even though the needed material(s) are not there. If they had that feature built in it would be nice.
  10. Just a small addition to my idea; In my original post I say that the recycler 'should' be mounted on the truck. Its a typo. I wanted to say that it 'could' be mounted on the truck.
  11. Thank you for the compliment. I am glad to share and help where I can.
  12. I can't disagree with you. I would like more storage on the vehicle though so making a trailer would be nice.
  13. Not a bad idea. That could work and just use the recycler for everything else. Then a person could fix their base layout before needing to research the recycler.
  14. +1 With one change. Have a flat conveyor that the player can tether. While tethers are cheap and easy for exploring.