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  1. Dose our little astroneer ever get hungry or thirsty? Maybe a greenhouse would be handy. Kale anyone? And while we are on the subject of sustenance, maybe a water treatment plant, or well, or rainwater collection??? Then again, maybe a water recycling system. Human waste recycling?
  2. foreverjeff

    Impacting ecosystem

    Agree. I can go trash a huge plant with no recourse. I think that some consequence would be reasonable. Being able to "reforest" would be cool and a way to offset the negative affect of toppling a huge plant for the gunk under it.
  3. foreverjeff

    Mountain climbing gear

    I like the idea of climbing gear. The character would have to "print" a rope and piton spikes. However, I don't know if that defeats the purpose of the terrain tool.
  4. foreverjeff

    AI to interact with

    Interesting idea. One of my early problems was simply not knowing what I could do. It took me days to find out what to do with organic matter. having an AI that could give hints or suggestions might be nice. But it would be limited by the research achieved.
  5. foreverjeff

    Multiple Display Support

    I think it would be nice to support multiple displays on a PC. I have two but I'll bet a lot of gamers have 3. It would be awesome to get a wider view of the terrain, compound, or whatever.
  6. I have experienced this as well. I find that I can "walk", and one time I was able to walk out. Another time, I was dangling on the tether for a while but eventually died. In a similar experience, I was driving the rover up a mountain ridge and it eventually toppled and ejected the character. Somehow, the character ended up underground and, well, died. Platform: Steam Events leading to defect: Driving rover up steep incline and toppling Controller device: mouse/touchpad