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  1. Davers73

    My base is broken

    Refer back to @Okito Musuko's post.
  2. Davers73

    "119" - January 21st, 2017

    @Wyvyrias regarding the forum rules. The top result on a Google Search for "Astroneer forum" provides a link which skips the homepage of the forums; the same is true of the link found on astroneer.space. This means that anyone coming to the forum via those two routes is unlikely to see the pinned post regarding forum rules. I've been visiting the forum for a few weeks and have only just seen the rules post. It might be a good idea to replicate that pinned post in each of the 'sub forums'.
  3. Davers73

    "119" - January 21st, 2017

    I'm confused...why would you expect me to post my reply to a question asked in this thread on an entirely different thread? And by the way.....when did you become a Mod??
  4. Davers73

    Invert look

    Playing on Xbox One patch 119. It would be good if the game 'remembered' that I've selected Invert Look in options. I have to reset the option every time I start playing again. It's a minor inconvenience but frustrating all the same!
  5. Davers73

    why block the sand?

    Subconscious action?
  6. Davers73

    Platforms 'crashed' into each other.

    Just to note....I did this intentionally to see what would happen.
  7. Davers73

    Blue rectangular pillars

    Fair enough.
  8. Came across these blue rectangular pillars.....does anyone know what they are?
  9. Playing on Xbox, patch 119, I've managed to create a platform which 'crashed' into one that was already in place.
  10. Davers73

    Vehicle Bay bug

    This is probably a silly question but did you add the two remaining copper needed to make the crane?
  11. Davers73

    "119" - January 21st, 2017

    On Xbox it doesn't matter if you are in the habitat or the seat, either way you won't be able to launch the shuttle; you can only use the 'enclosed' seat printed from the vehicle bay to launch the shuttle. This means that you can't actually use the large vehicle storage on the shuttle as attaching one renders the shuttle useless. Rather than being a bug I believe this intentional, as travelling into into space in an open seat is rather silly.
  12. Davers73

    Setting Waypoints

    Is it your original base? If so, the base will be on the equator and so directly beneath the 'Milky Way'. If you drive until you are also directly underneath and then set off either East or West you should eventually find your base.
  13. Davers73

    Can i run Astroneer?

    Which version of Windows are you running?
  14. Davers73

    Suggestions: Flatten Tool, Landing Areas

    The terrain tool is certainly tricky to use and takes a bit of practice but it's good once you get the hang of it.
  15. Davers73

    Can i run Astroneer?

    Have you considered downloading the free trial version and giving it a go?