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  1. Welcome to the ever expanding club. I have given up playing until this is sorted. Can't believe they were more Concerned about stopping people from Stealing items back from the trade platform than fixing a glitch that is absolutely destroying some players games and wrecking the enjoyment of Astroneer. I understand it is all part of the risk of buying a game that is still a work in progress but that does not make it any less devastating to have this happen after countless hours of hard work. Lets Hope that the next update fixes the problem so we can enjoy it fully once again.
  2. Please can someone go on and pester them about this issue Twitch.tv/ses_Dev Jan 26th 3-4:30pm est (-5 utc) Yes I know this is today but only just seen the post on the feed.
  3. I have got this problem, it has locked me out of using my best save! I play on xbox one. I can pick up items close to the Base but can't exit the undeployed habitat.this make me not want to put the time and effort into starting again if I can't create satellite bases for the risk of this killer bug!! I have also just notice that in my phot there is a problem with the deployed tethers.