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  1. Well I can say one thing... They state specifically that their updated can introduce bugs which are "hilarious". And these floating objects are amongst other things -namely annoying in my case - fully hilarious. Had another bug yesterday with a small terrain glitch. There was a space and while walking I suddenly was half merged with the ground. My astroneer friend (and world host) mined the ground under me and it launched me across the screen out of the ground just like the way the rover automatically rights itself. These are prime examples of funny as hell bugs... though annoying too.
  2. This huge solar cell just floated away from our base. It was being propped up by two rovers (don't ask b/c I don't know why). We moved one and it made the solar cell float and just get stuck there. One rover disappeared too. We have been trying to retrieve it...
  3. Need computer details CPU; RAM; Video card and video memory amount.
  4. You may need to enable viewing "hidden" folders. This depends on windows version. In Windows 10 click on the view tab on the menu bar and check the box to show "hidden items".
  5. I googled for that error message and found this Seems the person was told to check for an optional Windows update which "enabled" Feature 10 in DX11. The tech was vague of which update and didn't give a KB number sadly. Bottom line though it sounds like a DirectX11 issue.
  6. GHR

    Astroneer feed back

    There is another thread dealing with the devs planning some optimizations of this issue. Look for the thread from yesterday that was after they did a live stream.
  7. GHR

    [PC WINDOWS 7 64-BIT] Problem

    The error sounds like you could be running out of video memory or have not enough to run the game. What are you computer specs? Processor, RAM, Video card make and model and how much video RAM? Is it "discreet" (plugged into a slot) or built into your mainboard? The minimum specs require the video to be "discreet". In Windows 7 press the Windows Key +R to bring up the Run dialog and type DXDIAG. It should show your video card specs there.
  8. My friend's computer has an AMD Athlon 64x2 5200+ ;8GB RAM; Windows 7; nVidia GT710 video with 4GB RAM He is experiencing very low frame rate and nothing he has tried so far has been able to make him run the game. I suspect the video card is the weak link and perhaps he needs to optimize the gameusersettings.ini settings. Any tips for this? Thank you. I have also asked my friend to chime in here.
  9. OK. That makes sense. My friend's computer has lower specs (Athlon64x2 5x00 ; 4GB RAM; the rest is unknown) than mine, but most importantly he is using a lower grade internet than I do. I use cable; he is on DSL. I'm on Ethernet; I think he is using WiFi. All the above would contribute to a delay in what I see if it's being dependent on the host.
  10. We are both on Steam with Windows 10. My system is an I3-4130;16GB RAM;nVidia750Ti I do not know details of my friend's system. He is the host though.
  11. There seem to be some discrepancies between what I see and my friend is seeing in the game. For example he says "mine that Malichite" and I say "what Malichite?" He mines it and I hear him doing that but do not see anything there. Another example is the trade platform is set for Compound on my screen and he says it's set for Copper. We should be seeing same thing.
  12. GHR

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Me and my friend each tried that. It would let us drive it for a bit then turn over again on the terrain in the cave and dump us out again. Sometimes it did NOT dump us out and we would get stuck under it or in the terrain. The latter is what happened to me. But instead of getting stuck under the truck I was teleported to the surface. The truck then disappeared and later reappeared floating off into space. We still have not located it again either
  13. GHR

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Are you sure that isn't MY truck? I lost one by it floating up a mountain. See my post above. ;-)
  14. GHR

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Whelp the end result was a lost rover. My friend and I spent almost an hour trying to free it from the cave. I glitched OUT of the cave while driving it and my friend said he saw it go up the mountain and into space.... The pre-game notes some "hilarious bugs".... This was most definitely funny that is for sure.
  15. GHR

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I launched into orbit and landed what I thought was one spot away from the main base. When I landed I got my ship stuck inside a rover. I tried to drive the rover away and could not at first but the two objects were shaking and eventually separated. I then tried to drive the rover and it glitched into the underground cave beneath the base and whilst trying to free it it then glitched fully into the ground.