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  1. I was in single player offline, so i see its on multuplayer also good for you
  2. Idk what you mean about making onther one, i haven't seen anyone post about the tether system.
  3. Its be better to post multiple stuff about the same bug, so they can get different perspectives and help narrow it down more, just saying
  4. BIG!!! bug on Xbox one with tethers: I have found there is a BIG!! bug with tethers, as the more you place down on a planet your FPS starts to drop, for example I had a tether line of about 60 or more from my bass to a cave, once I added the last one to my base my FPS dropped, once I disconnected it the from my base the FPS immediately spiked up and I was able to play again. There is also another strange thing going on with them that might be causing this, I have found that if they are placed in weird angles so like in a box shape they will switch out from one another then start to lag the game, there's also something, some of them will disconnect halfway in another line if they are too far and that will also lag the game. I think this one of the more crazier bugs that I hope you guys will find and fix, still super excited for this game and I'm not letting this bug slow me down, great game guys i know it will be amazing have a nice day.